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Is magic-tai "daimahou, which would simply be "great" or "big magic"?

Sasami and Ryoko teasing Tenchi about becoming their butler is sooo cute!

Makesshou could be ”magic/demon blood writing", or put more simply, blood magic. From the description, I think that fits. (魔血書) The first kanji is "ma", which most of us are familiar with (mahou, mahoushoujo, etc). Kessho only has two translations according to jisho, and the other one is property confiscation during the Edo period, so I'm pretty sure that one does not fit the context.

Later, the text refers to Tsukiko's "blood wire" and Jovia's "blood-gun", so I think that matches. (What is this, Deadman Wonderland?)

Unfortunately, track 2 uses masotai, but I like big or great magic. (マソ)
Track 5, Sasami actually calls it ブラッドウェポン.
In track 6, she uses ブラッドワイヤー and ブラッドガン.

This stuff would be easier to translate if they'd stop with the katakana!

I'll talk with my kanji checker/transcriber about makesshou and maekisho. Maybe we're missing something.


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Unfortunately, track 2 uses masotai, but I like big or great magic. (マソ)
Track 5, Sasami actually calls it ブラッドウェポン.
In track 6, she uses ブラッドワイヤー and ブラッドガン.

This stuff would be easier to translate if they'd stop with the katakana!

I'll talk with my kanji checker/transcriber about makesshou and maekisho. Maybe we're missing something.


ブラッドウェポン = blood weapon.
ブラッドワイヤー = blood wire.
ブラッドガン = blood gun.

masotai... using katagana? The only responses I get are from deepL. They are the Convict Sturgeonfish, the Masotai Buddhist sect, and the people and lands of modern Thailand. On the other hand, if it were マスター, I'd go with "master".

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Well, since it's an audio track I can only go on what Word transcribes it as and what my Japanese speaking daughter verifies it as.
The following three were pronounced as loan words, thus Katakana: ブラッドウェポン, ブラッドワイヤー, ブラッドガン.
As far as masotai is concerned, maso is Katakana. She chose 隊 for tai. We are discussing meanings and options.

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I just uploaded the PDF of the Season 4 Audio CDs to Eff.
I also received Shido Hen 6 today and have already entered the numbers to get the novel.
I'll get started on that when it shows up.

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im so confused... the audio dramas seem to mostly cover stuff that hapens in the animation what the heck ..
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im so confused... the audio dramas seem to mostly cover stuff that hapens in the animation what the heck ..

All totaled, there was maybe two pages of stuff that wasn't in the animation. Out of 111 pages!

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im so confused... the audio dramas seem to mostly cover stuff that hapens in the animation what the heck ..

That reminds me of the cheap Tenchi games full of nothing but recycled art.  Or the TU Filmcomics novels that had nice new art on the cover but inside was nothing but crappy screenshots of the show.

The collectibles are often disappointing cashgrabs. :spends:
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Alrighty, a bit of info about the CDs before Shido Hen CD6.
I had planned to drop 6 here, then re-edit it for stupid formatting errors and dump the PDF on Eff. Just my luck that when the book arrived it contained another CD. I'll put the PDF together once I get that one finished also.


Shido Hen 6

Dird   “Ah, ah, ahem. Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki Tenchi Muyo! GXP Paradise”
Palty   “Wait a minute Dird!”
Dird   “Palty…”
Palty   “Why are you making the title call? I'll do it. Ahem. Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki Tenchi Muyo! GXP Paradise Starts…”
Dird   “Wah-wah-wah!”
Palty   “Hey Dird, can you please get out of my way?”
Dird          “It was Palty who interrupted me first, wasn't it?”
Palty   “It's because you do things your own way, isn't it?”
Alea   “While we're at it...Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki ...”
Dird   “Alea!”
Palty   “You can't just run with it.”
Alea   “Aren't you quick to stop only when it's my time?”
Dird   “I’ll say it.”
Palty   “No, I’ll say it.”
Alea   “I’m fine doing it.”
Apuesta   “Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki Tenchi Muyo! Volume 6 bonus Drama CD is here.”
Dird, Alea, Palty   “Waaa!”
Dird   “Who the hell called me to this place?”
Alea   “Oh, Dird.”
Dird   “Alea, you were at the beach too?”
Alea   “Yes, I called someone. Oh, you're not playing a prank on me by any chance, are you?”
Dird   “No way. I thought Alea was harassing me.”
Alea   “I beg your pardon?”
Palty   “It's too loud, you two. Can't you two talk a little more quietly?”
Dird   “Oh, Palty. What's with the Apuesta sigh? What are you complaining about?”
Apuesta   “You're like a child.”
Dird   “What the hell, Apuesta?”
Alea   “No, before you get mad at me there, why don't you tell me that I'm making a machine talk?”
Dird   “Yes, you're right. Can you speak for yourself, Apuesta, or is your mouth just for decoration?”
Apuesta   “Shut up.”
Dird   “Your voice is too quiet. And Palty and Apuesta, did you come here too?”
Palty   “Can you not say that as if it's our fault? We didn't expect you guys to be here.”
Apuesta   “Unpleasant.”
Dird   “Hey, then who called us out?”
Alea   “Huh? Hey, Dird, what is that at your feet?”
Dird   “You’re right. What is it?”
Apuesta   “An empty bottle.”
Dird   “I can see that. Don't casually throw garbage in the ocean or on the beach, I say.”
Palty   “Is there something in that empty bottle?”
Dird   “Hmm? Oh, there's some kind of paper rolled up in there.”
Alea   “Could it be a letter? Maybe it's a love letter to the person you love, expressing your unexpressed feelings!”
Palty   “No, it must be a rapid southbound signal. Maybe someone released the letter into the ocean in search of help.”
Apuesta   “A prank?”
Dird   “That's ridiculous. These things are usually marketed as treasure maps. It's the blood of a pirate, you know. Um, what? It says thank you for purchasing Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki Tenchi Muyo GXP Paradise Instruction Edition Volume 6. What's this?”
Palty   “Oh, is that all? Is there anything else written?”
Dird   “Well, it does, but I don't understand it at all.”
Palty   “Let me borrow it. If someone somewhere is reading this letter, it must mean that I am not narrating this time. You’re right, it doesn’t make sense.”
Apuesta   “A last request?”
Palty   “Could be something like, “What is it?” I'll read the rest. Please, please. Please tell people about the charm of Banjo Island on my behalf. Anything that happened on this island, anything that impressed you, your impressions of living here, etc. is fine. Please do so. I, Ohtou, who was not able to narrate this time, ah...the rest of you are blotting out the words and cannot read them.”
Alea   “What do you mean, Dird?”
Dird   “How would I know?”
Alea   “That's true.”
Dird   “You just made fun of me, didn’t you?”
Palty   “Stop it, it's so disgusting. Apparently, they would like me to talk about Banjo Island on behalf of the author of this letter.”
Dird, Alea, Apuesta   “Mumble, mumble.”
Dird      “No.”
Alea   “You know.”
Palty   “What is it?”
Apuesta   “Nothing.”
Dird   “I don't have any feedback, do I? Well, if I had to say, I'd say it was a pamphlet scam.”
Alea   “Oh, that's right, it was not a tropical resort island at all.”
Palty   “There was a notice saying that the photo was an artist's rendering, but it was too small. I feel it is artificial.”
Apuesta   “Paradise.”
Palty   “Well, it’s an unexplored planet to begin with, so it’s not surprising that there is nothing more.”
Alea   “No, no, if there was nothing more, it would be just a jungle.”
Dird   “I'd have been flying around in the woods in a loincloth.”
Apuesta   “Pervert.”
Dird   “What? It's more perverse to say perverse.”
Palty   “I heard that's what this island was like at first. It seems they built enough ground and facilities for people to live out of a mostly untouched jungle.”
Alea   “Who told you that?”
Palty   “A woman from Earth who was with the caretaker.”
Dird   “Ah, Tsukiko-anego?”
Alea   “Dird, you know, the one who started the fight and then promptly submitted when she lost.”
Dird   “I'm the type of person who should not make enemies.”
Apuesta   “Too scary.”
Alea   “I can't believe I'm listening to a mad dog.”
Dird   “Shut up! Could you stand up to her, Alea?”
Alea   “I can't!”
Palty   “You are a strong man, Tsukiko-san. Not only in strength, but also in appearance.”
Dird   “That must have been a monster. When they proposed a battle in a subspace field where we had the advantage, I thought, ‘Oh, they're making up excuses for losing’.”“
Alea   “It was overwhelming, wasn't it?”
Palty   “They put us in a position where we couldn't make excuses when we lost.”
Dird   “By the way, that administrator, Minamida, is that guy, isn't he?”
Alea   “He seems to think he is hiding it.”
Apuesta   “He knows everything.”
Dird   “I guess so. I have a long-standing grudge against him.”
Alea   “I'm afraid of Tsukiko-san if I make a move on him.”
Palty   “Even if we leave him alone, he seems to be suffering from some disasters.”
Dird   “I think it's a pity, though. It's irritating to see him like that.”
Apuesta   “Dird is always angry.”
Alea   “You're right.”
Dird   “I'm not mad all the time!”
Palty   “You are angry as soon as I say it.”
Dird   “Shut up. I don't care about that guy right now.”
Apuesta   “I said it myself.”
Dird   “Anyway, as for my opinion on the island, I have none. That's all.”
Alea   “At first, they only provided us with an emergency tent.”
Palty   “That's no way to treat a maiden.”
Dird   “Is it still better that there are no toxic gases, super-high, or super-low temperatures?”
Palty   “It can't be better, can it? Don't be such a wild child.”
Dird   “You're a loser, you're a big loser. I guess nuts and fish are not for you, classy Palty-chan.”
Palty   “I understand. It seems that you and I do not talk fist to fist.”
Dird   “Good. That's what I want.”
Alea   “Yes, stop! Out-of-court brawling is not allowed.”
Dird   “Damn. Ah, I'm getting hungry. You want to go get some fish?”
Alea, Apuesta, Palty   “Huh?”
Dird   “After all, fish is best when it's freshly caught, right? I guess it will take a little longer to grill.”
Palty   “Catching fish with your bare hands...”
Alea   “It was like watching a wild animal.”
Apuesta   “Dird, you're good at catching fish.”
Dird   “Well, I guess so.”
Alea   “Yes, you caught fish over a meter long in the sea with your bare hands,”
Apuesta   “I saw her catch 50 big prawns once. That was amazing.”
Palty   “That's overfishing. Isn't that going to affect the ecosystem?”
Dird   “Fifty or so would be fine. No?”
Alea   “Haha, Dird got used to the island pretty fast.”
Apuesta   “Sounds like fun.”
Dird   “That's not true.”
Alea   “I'll be able to barter at the market because I'll be picking up all kinds of seafood.”
Dird   “Even Alea is a good hunter. Alea also gets a lot of meat from hunting.”
Alea   “Well, yes.”
Palty   “Dird is good friends with Luretta-san and her child Melisa-chan, right?”
Dird   “Huh? We don't get along with each other. I see them at the market every so often, so I just play with them.”
Apuesta   “Tsundere.”
Dird   “Who's a tsundere?”
Alea   “That's right, Dird is not a tsundere, she's a dere dere. And she's good with Melissa.”
Dird   “Stop it! It's not that I'm not good at it!”
Alea   “Dird was good at making funny faces, wasn't she?”
Dird   “That's just a goofy face, not a funny face.”
Palty   “Apuesta, have you gotten used to helping Tomi?”
Apuesta   “Yes, she's good at math. I'm good at math.”
Dird   “I'm not very good at that kind of system, so it's great.”
Palty   “It's just me. I'm the only one who hasn't gotten used to it.”
Alea   “That's not true. Your knowledge of wildflowers and plants is amazing.”
Dird   “Yes, that's right. I hear you know how to roast them, grind them up and apply them, and so on.”
Palty   “That's just trivia.”
Apuesta   “I don't have any trivia.”
Alea   “We've all gotten used to the island, haven't we?”
Palty   “Yeah, but I don't think it's really the right thing to do. But there are times when I wonder if this is really the right thing to do. I feel like I'm forgetting that I'm a representative of the guild.”
Dird   “You're so serious. Of course, it's good to have fun when you're having fun.”
Alea   “Well, I understand your concern. But, if I may say so, this is also a concern of menace for the higher-ups.”
Apuesta   “I'm tired of being pushed around.”
Dird   “Right.”
Palty   “True. Besides, I'm more concerned about what happens after this competition is over.”
Alea   “Hey, this means we'll become one country after all, right? “
Palty   “It would be sad if we were to struggle with each other while still holding grudges when that happens.”
Alea   “If I hadn't had this opportunity, I would have remained prejudiced against everyone.”
Dird   “Hey, I would still fight you guys with all my might if we were enemies.”
Palty   “I agree with you on that.”
Apuesta   “Yup.”
Alea   “What the heck. You guys too? Me too.”
Dird   “Really? You just now said you've made peace with your prejudice.”
Alea   “It's just that we're no longer prejudiced. Whether we can fight or not is another thing, and it's good to know that you guys are planning to fight, too.”
Dird   “Why is that?”
Palty   “I'm afraid that we'll be grouped into one country with such a distance that we won't be able to talk about it. All the time. I would have had to spend my time being aware of doubts and sleeping around.”
Apuesta   “I can't trust them if I don't know them.”
Dird   “It's not like that.”
Alea   “Maybe it's hard for Dird, whose brain is muscle.”
Dird   “I know I've been sold a fight.”
Palty   “Don't get into a real fight. Keep the fighting to a playful level.”
Dird   “Are we cats?”
Apuesta   “Dogs?”
Dird   “No, we are not!”
Palty   “There are still prejudices against each other in each guild. But I want everyone to know that this is not an idea that applies to all of us who belong to the guild as it is. I am sure that is the reason why we are all here.”
Alea   “That's a good point, Palty.”
Dird   “Hey. Can you pretend I said that line?”
Palty   “I don't want to.”
Dird   “Please, I'll give you the big shrimp I just took.”
Palty   “No, thank you.”
Dird   “Okay, that's a good burn. That's enough. Mmm. Yum! You want some?”
Apuesta   “Yeah.”
Alea   “Let’s eat!”
Palty   “Bon appétit.”
Alea   “Delicious.”
Palty   “This is pretty good.”
Dird   “I guess it is. Leave it to me if you're a survivalist. They don't teach this kind of stuff in school.”
Alea   “Miron Sensei seems to be good at it.”
Palty   “I mean, Miron Sensei is kind of out of the norm, though.”
Alea   “Miron Sensei is a strange one, isn't she?”
Dird   “It's good, Miron. She’s interesting.”
Alea   “When I heard they were going to be the Earth-side observers, I was a little leery of what kind of people they were going to be. It's definitely better than a greasy old man with a barrel belly and a beard.”   
Dird   “That's it. Jovia also said that if they try to sexually harass her, he'll be tied up tight like a boneless ham and sent back.”
Palty   “Most of all, though, Miron Sensei is intense in another way.”
Alea   “Ahhhh, the one who proposed to Minamida as soon as she arrived on the island.”
Palty   “I can see the similarity between her and me in that she is a devoted type of person.”
Dird   “The fact that she calls herself a “self-proclaimed” type is also very similar.”
Palty   “What is it?”
Apuesta   “Fundamentally, she is a Jovia type.”
Alea, Dird, Palty   “No doubt about it!”
Alea   “I heard that Miron lady tried to get him to sign the marriage certificate in a hush-hush manner when she was getting him to sign other documents.”
Dird   “How scary!”
Palty   “In the first place, Minamida-san is a married man.”
Apuesta   “She was trying to get him to sign the divorce papers.”
Alea   “Even if he divorced her, he might not want to be with Miron Sensei.”
Dird   “I'm sure she's not serious, she's just joking. Maybe.”
Palty   “I hope so.”
Alea   “Hey, but wasn't there a rumor that the manager has more than one wife?”
Dird   “Even if so, he doesn't want to marry Miron.”
Palty   “Miron Sensei was pushing with all her might.”
Alea   “Close Quarters Combat with military Special Forces training. Apparently, there was serious falsification of details.”
Palty   “Following him the whole time, why? What's wrong? I'll fix it. I'm going to make you happy, I'm telling you. Why? Why? Why? I heard he kept saying “Why?”
Alea   “That's a horror story.”
Apuesta   “Psychopath Miron.”
Alea   “What's that, it sounds like a stage name.”
Dird   “I thought at first, “Suck it up, Minamida,” but now I feel sorry for you.”
Apuesta   “But Miron Sensei is an Earth Representative Observer sent by the United Nations General Headquarters.”
Alea   “She's actually a crazy elite guy.”
Palty   “Actually, no.”
Dird   “She's a pretty competent idiot.”
Palty   “You should refrain from using straightforward expressions.”
Alea   “Do you know?” It seems Miron Sensei is the one who requested the establishment of a high school on Banjo Island.”
Dird   “Wow, and she’s even a teacher?”
Apuesta   “You just wanted to be called “Sensei”?”
Palty   “It's possible, but it's not that. It's more like they have a philosophy that they can't stop thinking about children's education in relation to the building of the country.”
Alea   “It was a surprisingly deep reason.”
Dird   “Isn’t she just a pale woman?”
Dird   “Okay, this is how you clean up after a fire.”
Palty   “It's important to return to the status quo.”
Apuesta   “Good girl.”
Alea   “She has to be a good role model for Melissa-chan, right?”
Dird   “It's not like that! Hey, now that you mention it, do we really need to study at school?”
Palty   “Perhaps it is important for us to have a space where we can learn together. You may look like that, but you are surprisingly good at putting things in place.”
Alea   “Miron Sensei is surprisingly good at putting things in place.”
Apuesuta   “Very capable.”
Dird   “I see. But you know what? I just wish they would have done something about that shabby school building.”
Alea   “It was wooden and painted white, and at first I thought it was reasonably beautiful.”
Palty   “I think it was well prepared for this environment.”
Apuesuta   “It's the teachers that I'm concerned about.”
Alea   “Well, I think Miron Sensei is a good teacher.”
Palty   “It's not good that I have too many problems in my daily life.”
Apuesuta   “Miron Sensei, I come to work from the sea.”
Alea   “Every morning someone throws her into the sea, Miron Sensei.”
Dird   “It's usually Minamida who throws her overboard, though.”
Alea   “The other day it was Fuku-chan and the others, the four of us working in tandem to take an over-damaging blow.”
Dird   “I heard that in Sentai heroes, there is a monster that gets knocked down by a coordinated move. Miron is just such a monster.”
Apuesuta   “Miron the monster.”
Palty   “That's no way for a teacher to look.”
Apuesuta   “I don't want to be like that.”
Dird   “Oh, if you think so, it means you are falling for Miron's idea. She said you should not be like this after seeing me.”
Palty   “She was saying that I should look at her and feel that I shouldn't be like this.”
Alea   “Who said she was a good teacher?”
Dird   “What's with Miron? She’s a teacher.”
Alea   “You're stirring the pot, aren't you?”
Palty   “I think you're infinitely incompetent as far as teaching goes.”
Alea   “In fact, you know, Miron Sensei, who can take that many attacks, fall from a height into the sea, and then teach a class is pretty tough for an earthling.”
Dird   “That must be the power of love for Minamida.”
Alea   “Yeah, how would a brain-muscle like Dird know what love or romance is?”
Palty   “Maybe she likes shoujo manga or something, surprisingly.”
Alea   “Really? Didn't Jovia-san say she have a huge collection of them? Why don't you borrow some?”
Dird   “Shut up! Don't make up stories on your own!”
Alea   “Ah..! Don't kick sand. You got me!”
Dird   “You're slow!”
Alea   “What?”
Dird   “Don't chase me!”
Alea   “Wait!”
Dird   “Phew, well, how are you guys doing with the pirate guild ranking battle that finally started?”
Alea   “Plenty of time to spare. It's still harder to shoot at flying birds.”
Apuesuta   “They trap you in an interesting way.”
Palty   “I don't understand why they don't make use of the terrain data that was published beforehand.”
Dird   “Well, I thought you guys would have won.”
Alea   “What about those Dird?”
Dird   “Some of them even get scared when I just stand in front of them. I'm sick and tired of it.”
Alea   “I think we're going to stay until the end, don't you?”
Palty   “Unless there are some irregularities, that's likely to happen.”
Dird   “Irregularities, huh? Well, I thought the people of Earth would mess with us more, but that's not the case, is it?”
Palty   “Surely there should be more interference. And I don't think it's not like they're not paying attention.”
Apuesuta   “Not trying hard enough, I guess.”
Dird   “I'm just saying that the people on the Earth side should be more desperate to approach this island.”
Alea   “Maybe so. Because he seems to be a very good manager.”
Dird   “It's true that we were tossed around by him.”
Palty   “Not so much tossed around as defeated.”
Dird   “Don't bother to restate!”
Alea   “Speaking of which, there was a story about an earthling boy moving to this island, though it's not so irregular.”
Dird   “Oh, I remember when Tsukiko-aneko asked us to be his guides.”
Palty   “I wonder if Miron Sensei gave him permission.”
Alea   “I heard they were very excited about it.”
Dird   “Tsukiko-anego was very reluctant.”
Apuesuta   “Otherwise, they wouldn't have left it to us.”
Palty   “I guess so. I'm sure they have their own opinions as fellow earthlings. Maybe it was the result of careful consideration.”
Alea   “Have you seen him yet?”
Dird   “Yeah, he looked pale.”
Palty   “I think it was because of seasickness.”
Alea   “But still, he was slender, wasn't he?”
Dird   “He doesn't train well, does he? It looks like he’s never even been in a fight. If you entered a ranking battle like that, you'd be beaten in an instant.”
Palty   “In a fight, you equip a guardian, so muscles have nothing to do with it.”
Dird   “It's about feelings. If you don't want to win, you can't win.”
Apuesuta   “I hope it won't be a quick exit.”
Alea   “I hope it doesn't come to that.”
Dird   “I'll at least give you a lecture on how to be prepared for a fight. What was that guy's name again?”
Alea   “Kukoma”
Apuesuta   “Shou.”
Palty   “Oh, yes, Kukoma Shou-san.”
Dird   “All right, wait for me, Kukoma Shou!”
Palty   “The sky is getting darker.”
Alea   “We talked a lot, didn't we?”
Dird   “Well, at first I thought there was nothing to talk about, but I was surprised.”
Apuesuta   “But we haven't lived here that long.”
Alea   “I guess we are just getting started, right?”
Palty   “Let's talk together like this again.”
Alea   “Yeah, next time I'll include a boy in that chapter.”
Dird   “Oh, I'm telling you, I'm not going to cut corners in battle.”
Alea   “That's a given.”
Palty   “That's what I want.”
Apuesuta   “I won't lose.”
Dird   “Haha, see you later, okay?”
Alea   “See you, bye-bye.”
Palty   “I'm looking forward to working with you again.”
Narrato   r   “Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki. Tenchi Muyo! GXP Paradise Start-up Volume 6 Special Drama CD Appearance.”
Dird   “Dird-Shank, Kei Shindou.”
Alea   “Alea Balta, Misato Fukuen.”
Palty   “Palty-Jurai, Sara Emi Bridcutt.”
Apuesta   “Apuesta Da Ruma, narration, Sawako Hata.”
If it jams, force it. If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway!

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This is the bonus CD that came with the novel.

I'll upload the PDF of all 7 CDs to Eff soon.

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, Tenchi Muyo! GXP Paradise Begins Bonus CD
Washu   Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki. Tenchi Muyo! GXP Paradise Start-up Edition, all volume purchase privilege CD.
Ryoko   “Phew. Oh, I'm bored.”
Tenchi   “I'm home.”
Washu   “Welcome back, Tenchi-dono.”
Washu   “How were the carrots today?”
Tenchi   “They are perfect. I'm not ashamed to show them anywhere.”
Washu   “I'm glad to hear that, because your carrots have become a brand name at the Yamada Shopping Center and are very popular.”
Tenchi   “It's a lot of pressure because I can't make something bad.”
Washu   “Don't be modest. The quality is only going up, isn't it?”
Tenchi   “I hope so.”
Washu   “Yeah, that's about it.”
Tenchi   “Anyway, I'll make you some tea.”
Washu   “Great. I'll just look over the information from Banjō Island and then I'll be on my way.”
Tenchi   “I understand. Hey Ryoko, I'll make some tea.”
Ryoko   “Hmmm.”
Tenchi   “I can’t understand you. I'll make some tea, so come down when you're ready.”
Ryoko   “Ahh... Okay.”
Tenchi   “Oh, Ryoko, you came down? Don’t you get tired of reading manga on your beam all day long?”
Ryoko   “I was bored.”
Tenchi   “Haha, you were bored? If you're bored, why don't you go to Yamada Shopping Center? People will be happy.
Ryoko   “I'm sure they would. If I went there, people would be happy to have me promote it.”
Tenchi   “Yeah, maybe. In fact, there was a time when Aeka and Mihoshi were extremely effective at promoting it.”
Ryoko   “I don't want to be made a spectacle of.”
Tenchi   “Then you could try cooking like Sasami and Noike.”
Ryoko   “I'd prefer to specialize in eating, though I'd be willing to cook for Tenchi if you'd eat my cooking.”
Tenchi   “I'm a little scared. I'm interested in it, though. Oops. Looks like the water is boiling. Hmmm, well, maybe you and Washu can do some something together.”
Ryoko   “I don’t want to be a Mad Scientist's assistant.”
Washu   “You're so kind to say that, Ryoko.”
Ryoko   “There she is.”
Washu   “How rude of me to have left. I wouldn't want an assistant with low aspirations like you.”
Ryoko   “What?”
Tenchi   “Now that you've both have your tea, you need to calm down.”
Washu   “Sorry, Tenchi. Thank you.”
Ryoko   “Well, I'll let Tenchi off the hook.”
Tenchi   “Ha-ha-ha! So Washu, how is Banjō Island doing right now?”
Washu   “We are in the middle of a pirate guild ranking battle. The representatives of the participating guilds are finally here.”
Ryoko   “I love battles. I want to unleash my full power and do battle too.”
Washu   “As a representative of the Earth, how about joining in?”
Ryoko   Really? You sure?”
Washu   “Of course it's not okay. I'm just kidding.”
Ryoko   “What's the point?”
Tenchi   “If you can't use a Guardian, you can't enter the game. You can't enter the battle.”
Ryoko   “You can handle that kind of thing with your willpower. If the need arises, the Guardian can just stand there and I can hit him from the pilot's seat.”
Washu   “Isn't that a straight line to losing due to foul play? Even though we are fighting, there are rules.”
Ryoko   “Well, how are those things won or lost?”
Washu   “It's a battle for position between the soft blocks of Banjō Island.”
Ryoko   “That's such a hassle. Make it a one-on-one fight or something.”
Tenchi   “I've learned that Ryoko is not cut out for this. So what's the current battle situation?”
Washu   “It started out as a 20-player battle, and after consolidation, it seems to have split into four teams led by the four major guilds: Da Ruma, Balta, Jurai, and Shank.”
Tenchi   “That's a predictable development.”
Ryoko   “I've heard those names a lot.”
Washu   “Unless there's some interesting trouble or betrayal, it's going to be a stalemate, right?” Glance, glance.
Ryoko   “What are you looking at me like that for?”
Tenchi   “Don't stir things up, Washu. If you poke around aggressively, it's not trouble anymore, it's just a conspiracy.”
Washu   “I'm joking, joking. Well, for my part, I thought the people of Earth would try a little harder, you know?
Tenchi   “Well, Seina is an excellent monitor.”
Washu   “He is the best when it comes to troubleshooting experience.
Tenchi   “He is the only one who has the experience to monitor the situation. He is not afraid of ordinary interference.”
Washu   “It's Seina-dono’s bias of probability that invites trouble. Even if he leaves it alone, won't it attract more problems?”
Tenchi   “Please don't raise strange flags.”
Ryoko   “I mean, he’s already attracted more trouble, hasn't he?”
Ryoko   “Lately, it seems he’s been getting followed around by a strange woman.”
Washu   “Ah, that girl who was sent by the United Nations President's Office to monitor for the Earth?”
Tenchi   “Miron Pham, right?”
Washu   “It is true that Seina-dono seems to be having a lot of trouble with her, and she is a perfect candidate for trouble.”
Tenchi   “I guess Seina must have a lot of trouble with her.”
Washu   “He was so fed up that he demanded a change of personnel from Seto-dono.”
Ryoko   “Hey, hey, what happened to the rule of thumb for trouble?’
Tenchi   “It depends on the kind of trouble, doesn't it?”
Tenchi   “Cases like Miron's have little resistance. Perhaps.”
Washu   “Well, the case of change was rejected by Seto-dono.”
Tenchi   “Poor guy.”
Washu   “That's my personal opinion also.”
1Tenchi   “But if the island's protection is neglected because of it, it would be a problem, wouldn't it?”
Washu   “If that happens, Seina-dono will have no choice but to take responsibility and commit Harakiri. Hehehe.”
Tenchi   “Why is she so spartan in that area?”
Washu   “Actually, she is a very capable worker. She even requested the establishment of a high school on the island.”
Ryoko   “Who needs a school to fight?”
Washu   “She's looking after the ranking war. She was very emphatic that we can't afford not to think about the education of our children in relation to building a nation.”
Tenchi   “Wow, she’s a surprisingly passionate person.”
Washu   “Because of Seina-dono's case, perhaps only the eccentricities are getting attention. Well, such things are self-defeating.”
Ryoko   “If he wasn't capable, he wouldn't have been selected as Earth's Representative observer.”
Washu   “Well, that may be the result of various probability fluctuations. Still, Ryoko is right.”
Tenchi   “A bit like Jovia, isn't it?”
Washu   “Do you think so too, Tenchi-dono? The moment they saw Miron-dono, some of them seemed to be sensitive to the same scent as Jovia-dono.”
Ryoko   “They're kindred spirits, right?”
Tenchi   “However, even if a high school were actually built, whether or not the students themselves would want to attend it is a different matter. I don't think forcing it will lead to good results.”
Washu   “There's no problem with that anymore. After all, Tsukiko-dono persuaded them well.”
Ryoko   “Well done, hey.”
Tenchi   “Come to think of it, there was a girl who challenged Seina-kun to a fight on the day of her arrival on Banjō Island and was beaten into submission by Tsukiko-san.”
Washu   “Although her Magic cold is over, it has only been a relatively short time since she learned magic, and yet she has the skill to take on Dird-dono and Palty-dono, who are used to fighting, all at once.”
Tenchi   “Magic cold? It sounds like it must have been quite painful.”
Washu   “Especially since Tsukiko-dono was suffering from it for a long time.”
Ryoko   “It was amazing that she used powerful magic right from the beginning, wasn't it? It was natural that the reaction would be strong.”
Tenchi   “It was like a mysterious fungus that suddenly created a jet-black skeleton.”
Ryoko   “She was absorbing not only the MAGIC she had, but also the external Magic, and also controlling it at the same time, right? On the first day she woke up after recovering from the Magic cold.”
Washu   “I'm told that she dreamt of the system records while she was sleeping with a Magic cold, but even so, it sounds like she saw some very specific physical data records.”
Tenchi   “I don't know if that's why, but I heard that Tsukiko-san was able to handle magic at a frighteningly fast rate!”
Washu   “Maybe it's because Tsukiko-dono was originally a martial arts practitioner. She is accustomed to mastering something. She is probably more physically fit than most people.”
Ryoko   “Tsukiko must have been in bed for almost two weeks with that magic cold. I wonder how she managed without eating or drinking.”
Washu   “When the magic organ grows, various organs are strengthened by magic. But she was still as emaciated as a mummy.”
Tenchi   “I understand that it is a path that everyone goes through in order to use magic, but it is a little scary to think that I could also catch a magic cold myself.”
Washu   “You’ve been physically strengthened, so you haveno problem with poor health.”
Tenchi   “That's true, though.”
Ryoko   “But a magic cold is different from an ordinary cold, isn't it? I wonder if Tenchi might get it too if he’s careless?
Tenchi   “Don't scare me, Ryoko.”
Ryoko   “Don't worry, Tenchi, I'll take good care of you if you get sick.”
Washu   “Can't you take care of me?”
Ryoko   “Hehe, I can afford it. If you have a fever, just let it cool down and leave it to you. I'll make it as cold as the North Pole.”
Tenchi   “You're overdoing it, Ryoko.”
Washu   “Can’t you cook or something?”
Ryoko   “I specialize in eating, so it doesn't matter if I can't.”
Washu   “If I get a magic cold, I'm talking about sleeping for 10 days or more without eating or drinking. If you can't even prepare a meal for a hungry Tenchi, it'll be hard to take care of him, won’t it?”
Ryoko   “What? Don't make fun of me. I can cook meat.”
Tenchi   “My stomach can't accept solid food after a long period of fasting...”
Washu   “That's right. On the contrary, the internal organs can't withstand the sudden movements and may even die.”
Ryoko   “But, Tenchi, wouldn't your stomach be strengthened?”
Washu   “Well, I'm sure Tenchi could eat solid food.”
Ryoko   “Then there's no problem.”
Tenchi   “Ryoko's health is going to get worse. I'll take care of myself.”
Washu   “Well, I digress....except for her crazy obsession with Seina-dono, Miron-dono is a very talented person. And she's beautiful, too.”
Ryoko   “There are too many beautiful women around him. I don't think having a good face is enough for status.”
Washu   “She's not just good-looking, she's a pervert.”
Ryoko   “That's already a bad thing, isn't it?”
Washu   “That's right. On top of that, she's a teacher.”
Tenchi   “A teacher?”
Washu   “The one I mentioned earlier about setting up a high school. She's teaching.”
Ryoko   “Is she okay with being a teacher?”
Washu   “She's fine. After all, the students think exactly the same way Ryoko does.”
Tenchi   “Doesn't that mean she's no good?”
Washu   “No, that's not true. She’ll do things properly.”
Tenchi   “In a way, it's like an example of what not to do, isn't it?”
Ryoko   “I see. You are an excellent role model.”
Washu   “You can say whatever you want.”
Washu   “But you know what? I am sure that they are far superior to those who would try to invade the island by force.”
Tenchi   “So there was. I thought there would be no intervention from the Earth side, since you said they would do their best.”
Washu   “It's not like there isn't any. There were boats disguised as fishing boats that pretended to be passing by and then sent divers, or attempted parachute drops from the air under the cover of night, or even disguised as fishing boats and called for an emergency evacuation.”
Tenchi   “Not at all, but they are trying to intervene more spectacularly than I expected.”
Washu   “That may be true, if you say so. Recently, there was even a guy who tried to launch a nuke from a nuclear submarine.”
Ryoko   “There are big idiots out there, aren't there?”
Washu   “That's right. Well, thanks to Seina-dono's ZINV, it seems that all of them have been prevented from happening.”
Tenchi   “That is, if we use the power of Seina-kun and his ZINV, we can defeat even those with nuclear weapons.”
Ryoko   “It's a good thing we have countermeasures, but bringing out nukes and nuclear submarines without that information is a pretty lousy strategy.”
Washu   “I don't think it's possible that they don't know our forces at all. Even so, it is only those in the upper echelons who have some knowledge of what is going on, and the spies who are actually doing the actual work are probably not informed of the important details.”
Ryoko   “But they still attack without thinking if they are told by their superiors? I don't know what they are wearing their heads for.”
Tenchi   “Well, I think they are afraid because they don't understand the situation at all.”
Washu   “That's right. If you suspect something, you should be punished. That's why Miron's excellence stands out.”
Tenchi   “Indeed, when you think about it that way, Miron's flexibility may be unique to the people of the Earth.”
Ryoko   “I think her eccentricity also stands out.”
Washu   “You can say that?”
Ryoko   “What does that mean?”
Washu   “Oh. An urgent matter has come up. Excuse me.”
Ryoko   “Washu, you can't run away!”
Tenchi   “Hey, hey, hey, calm down, Ryoko.”
Ryoko   “Washu picked a fight, right? It's not my fault, it's not my fault!”
Tenchi   “Okay, look, how about some tea?”
Ryoko   “Okay.”
Tenchi   “Sasami and Yoshiko's new sweets are here too.”
Ryoko   “New items again? Don't they sell new items every day these days?”
Tenchi   “Every day is too much, maybe once every three days?”
Ryoko   “Either way, it's an unusual pace, and if they do that, customers will pay attention and come to buy them frequently.”
Tenchi   “Maybe that's one of the reasons why the Yamada shopping center is thriving.”
Washu   “Here you go. Well, that was interesting.”
Tenchi   “Something funny?”
Ryoko   “What is it?”
Washu   “You want to know?”
Tenchi   “Is it that irritating?”
Ryoko   “It's probably something about a pirate ignoring the rules and starting a rampage during a ranking battle on Banjō Island, or an unknown force in space intervening in a battle, isn't it?”
Washu   “Oh, really? You have a good intuition, Ryoko.”
Tenchi   “But if it was that kind of problem, Washu would not have been contacted and Seina would have eliminated it.”
Ryoko   “Well, yes.”
Washu   “Actually, I heard that a Japanese civilian has moved to Banjō Island and has been asked to participate in the ranking competition.”
Tenchi   “What do you mean?”
Ryoko   “Don't tell me that the Earth government is planning to not only monitor them but also participate in the competition?”
Washu   “No, he’s just an ordinary person who has nothing to do with this.”
Tenchi   “How could a mere civilian, who couldn't possibly even know that Banjō Island exists, oh...?”
Washu   “I see you have noticed that, Tenchi-dono.”
Tenchi   “Is this due to Seina's constitution?”
Washu   “I think there is a good chance that it is.”
Ryoko   “What kind of circumstances could have led to such a situation?”
Washu   “It seems that Seina-dono's mother gave a pamphlet about Banjō Island to an acquaintance on Earth.”
Tenchi   “A brochure?”
Tenchi   “But where did she get it?”
Washu   “A sample of the brochure addressed to Seina-dono was delivered to Tsukiko-dono's house, not to Banjō Island, and Kai-dono took it.”
Ryoko   “I mean, isn't it the fault of the wrong recipient?”
Washu   “That's right.”
Washu   “It was the mistake of Seto-dono's people who delivered the brochure to Seina-dono's house when he was away.”
Tenchi   “However, is it indeed Seina's nature that the pamphlet was then taken and passed on to a completely unrelated person, and also immigrated?”
Washu   “You could say that. In fact, the coincidence is not only that, but the brochure with all the necessary information was collected from that family by the competent GP delivery department and then properly delivered the immigration permit, you know.”
Ryoko   “That's no laughing matter.”
Tenchi   “What are the odds that a mistake could go on that long?”
Washu   “There is no doubt that the probability is astronomical. Seina-dono is the one who attracts those kinds of probability the most.”
Tenchi   “GP delivery doesn't have to be so competent.”
Washu   “It reminds me of that one time with Seina-dono.”
Tenchi   “I don't think so, but you're not going to report it, are you? If we hurry up and rescind it, it's still not too late, right?”
Washu   “I don't know. I think it's already too late. Anyway, I've already sent an outline to Seto-dono as a first report.”
Tenchi   “I see. I guess that's a relief, then.”
Ryoko   “No matter how you think about it, there's no way you wouldn't take advantage of a situation that looks so fun.”
Tenchi   “Do you think so?”
Ryoko   “Washu must have been in a mood to enjoy herself when she heard about this situation and contacted Seto.”
Washu   “No, that's not true.”
Tenchi   “I think it is. When Washu came back from the call in the first place, her first words were, ‘Well, that was interesting’.”
Ryoko   “You're sure of it, aren't you?”
Washu   “Haha.”
Ryoko   “She's laughing.”
Tenchi   “So, if Seina's mother was the one who gave them the brochure, does that mean the whole family is going to move to Banjō Island?”
Washu   “Eventually, yes. The son of the family will be the first to go to the island by himself.”
Tenchi   “Wow, I have a feeling he’s going to end up following the same path as you, Seina.”
Ryoko   “So, what's his name?”
Washu   “I think his name is Kokuma Shou-dono.”
Tenchi   “Kokuma Shou, huh? I wonder if we might meet in the future.”
Ryoko   “We should go visit him at least once. Let's take a vacation at a resort, Tenchi.”
Tenchi   “Maybe we could?”
Washu   “If it weren't for the pirates fighting for position, the island would be like a paradise on earth.”
Tenchi   “Paradise. Maybe if we go there, something might change drastically for me, too. Anyway, I thought it would be a relief to have Banjō Island, but it looks like there will still be a lot of trouble. Hang in there, Seina-kun.”
Washu   Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, Tenchi Muyo! GXP. Paradise Start-up Edition, all volume purchase benefits, CD.  Appearances by.
Tenchi   Masaki Tenchi, Kikuchi Masami.
Ryoko   Ryoko, Horikusa Ai.
Washu   Washu, Kobayashi Yuko.

If it jams, force it. If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway!

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I love it when we get conversations with the main group. But if I were Tenchi, I would not be encouraging Ryoko to go work at a store. As soon as some ignorant guy pinches her rear, she'll blow a hole in the wall or something.

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“It’s a lot of pressure because I can’t make something bad.”

We know, Kaj.