Invaders of the Rokujouma!? announcement coming in March

Started by Ryo-Okay, August 16, 2018, 07:36:09 PM

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Apparently in the afterword of volume 29 Takehaya said there is going to be an announcement in March to coincide with the light novels 10th anniversary. Here's hoping for a 2nd season or at least a couple OVAs or movies adapting The Silver Princess and the Blue Knight arc.

I'm expecting it to be something shitty like a pachinko machine though.

The announcement was just a new drama CD. Now we're back to season 2 never ever.

Quote from: Ryo-Okay on October 31, 2018, 09:03:35 PMThe announcement was just a new drama CD. Now we're back to season 2 never ever.

DANG, that's a huge hit to fans of Rokujima (I'm probably going to check it out at some point, actually).  But to be honest, that's not even the biggest bait and switch I've ever heard of with an anime, manga, or light novel with a "major announcement"... in fact, the guiltiest offender I've ever heard of came up earlier this year, and that's Moriarty the Patriot.

-October 2018, it was noted that there was a "new project" in the works.

-November 2018, that "new project" was revealed to be nothing more than a character popularity poll.

Seriously, like... WTF?  I don't follow Moriarty, but that's... I don't even have words.  Building up hype only to reveal a character popularity poll?  That's worse than building up hype only to reveal a drama CD or a pachinko / pachislot.  That's something that even any dedicated fan of their favorite franchise wouldn't do if they suddenly got control of it.  It's just... like I said, WTF?  :emot-frogout:

What I'm saying here is that it could have been much worse.  I feel bad for the Rokujima fans (I'm likely to become one myself soon), but on the other side of the coin, some franchises will from time to time end up victims of a REALLY nasty bait and switch like what Moriarty got.  A big tease leading to a drama CD is MUCH better than a big tease leading to a character poll is what I'm saying.
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The kickstarter for an English print run is live. It's only been up a few hours and it's already at $35,000 of it's $50,000 goal. Hopefully, it gets to the stretch goal for a physical release of the drama cds.

It was successfully funded in 6 hours.

The first and second stretch goals were met, so they will be releasing a digital version of the drama cds along with a pdf translation to read along with. Getting the physical release of the drama cds seems like it might actually happen. They need to raise $13,000 more in 28 days to unlock that stretch goal.

The kickstarter ended earlier today. They managed to raise over $160,000, and now I'm $300 poorer.

A couple of the voice actors are appearing on a radio show to celebrate the anime's 10th anniversary as well as the 15th anniversary of the light novels. I'm not really expecting much, but maybe a new drama cd could be announced.