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Started by paladin313, August 11, 2012, 11:44:56 AM

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Well, if it's part of the plot, it's part of the plot, and needs to be said.  No shame in that...
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I've been thinking about what might Urd's special ability might be.

Skuld's is being able to print whatever she says on anything.

Bell's is a compelling voice.

I think that  Urd might have a Special ability to be able to manipulate a person's feelings temporarily.
I would guess that it requires a line of sight between her eyes and the target's eyes.

The proof that Urd could have this ability is when Keiichi is in the bath and she asks him if he wants her to scrub his back. It's around Chapter 14, page 14.

A part of me wants to claim that Hild had this ability as well, but either I can't either remember the chapter where some proof might be in or find a chapter.

Maybe one could count the parts where Hild looks a person in the eyes and scares them, but that seems more like she's letting them get a small feel of how much power that she can wield, even if the vast majority is under seals. So I guess it might not count.

I am a member of the Goddess Relief Office website, and I might take that question to them to see what the experts think.  I'll get an answer back to you.
Fear is ignorance expressed through panic.

Here's an answer from one of them:

"Hmmm, seduction as a special ability...why not?
But Urd always struck me as the one who feels it's her duty to defend the others, and she has a flair for dramatic casting.
Making potions is a talent I guess, and she really seems to have 'transport' down, she can appear almost anywhere
in an instant (behind Skuld,K1 etc.) plus flight with or without a device.
She's proven to have focus (the way she smothered that bomb)
lol, going back to D&D days she certainly has rage/berserk down.
So, I don't know, I'd say Chemistry/Alchemy or some defensive enhancement maybe.
Thinking more about it, Urd's power isn't really seduction, she just IS seductive.

As for Hild....the way she can keep cranking up the power, I'd say boost. Maybe intimidation?
And Hild could use seduction, easily. She offers power at a price.

Oh, Urd can switch from goddess to demonic style, if that is a factor."
Fear is ignorance expressed through panic.

Huh, I'm tempted to join that place by sometime next week.

Well, time to argue about the matter in the PR concerning Gods, goddesses and their demigod offspring.

What's a good starting point?

Should someone make the wording of the potential rule and we then argue about it?

Or some other starting point?

Well, what has been put forth is that it is mandatory that half-human, half-divine beings must be separated from their parents at birth until a certain point, as put forth by that troublemaker.  Because she is what she is, I propose that it was some kind of half-truth, where there can be exceptions to the rule or rules dictating when such a separation is warranted.
Fear is ignorance expressed through panic.

Yeah, I agree that it would be some kind of half-truth. But the general gist was only the divine parent would be separated from their children until the children can face their destiny on their own.

There was a workaround that Urd remembered that went as sealing the powers and some memories of the divine parent, But that was shot down because Belldandy is too big of a target for Hild if Bell does that. Though, I think only sealing the powers would be good enough, now that I had some time to think about it.

Urd's demonic half pointed out that the wording applies specifies Demigod children and that Bell can work around it if she adopts.

Should there be another workaround? There can't be too many, nor ones that are easily met.

I think it should involve a similar trial...something along the lines of what we see happening now.  It would be something along the lines of being able to gain the same results without isolating Belldandy.
Fear is ignorance expressed through panic.

If you want to do a trial, then I suggest waiting until the current story arc in the manga is finished and find out what we can use.

We can have the one that Belldandy calls say something like, "We need time to set things up for a trial. We'll give you a call when it is ready."

Personally, I say the trial you're suggesting should be used to determine what restraints would be used on Belldandy, should she and Keiichi have a kid. With the restraint list going from having some of her powers sealed, but still being to be with Keiichi and her kids; to only being able to watch as her kid grows up.

You wanna know what's kinda funny? If we do make a rule about Gods and their children with humans, it casts a different light on Malek's argument with Odin.

Back then, Malek was trying to find out why Odin didn't create a avatar to stay with Dorothy. But if there was a rule, then Malek was trying to tempt Odin into breaking the rules.

It wasn't that there was a rule, Odin just felt it was best in Ian's situation and Ian's situation alone that he not be in the picture considering his position...the Almighty...the All-father...think about it.
Fear is ignorance expressed through panic.

I guess another possible reason for the existence of the rule, to prevent the divine parent's enemies from finding and attacking the child.

I think it would be something taken in a case-by-case basis: what could the child contribute in the future?  What would be his or her powers?  What would Heaven have as a purpose...different things.
Fear is ignorance expressed through panic.

That's something to consider as well.

I say the rule be that the divine parent undergoes a trial to see if they would be allowed to stay with their child, but with an addendum that if the divine parent chooses not to undergo the trial, they only only help indirectly. 

As for what kinda of trial... something like a TV courtroom trial? Or something that I was planning on using later in the Rp? The divine being plead their case to three judges, who then debate about it before making a decision. The judges would be... one divine judge, one demonic judge, and one neutral judge.

(Side note, Kakarine will not be the neutral judge, nor will she ever be one. She's burned too many bridges.)

I was considering a character trial, but the whole neutral thing, considering Auir's human characters, that may fly.  Perhaps it can be two-phase...character test, and then court trial.
Fear is ignorance expressed through panic.

Sounds good. Shall we go back to the rp or ask the others their thoughts on the matter?