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Started by paladin313, August 11, 2012, 11:44:56 AM

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Who would you ask?
Fear is ignorance expressed through panic.

Whoever wanted to give their two cents on the matter.

I think we have it, but if you want to ask Auir, go ahead and PM him and let him know what we have discussed.
Fear is ignorance expressed through panic.

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I realized why I kept talking about putting more seals on Belldandy if she wanted to stay with her hypothetical  kids.

There's not many stories where the god lives with their kids in the old myths. I was going like they had to decide between putting more seals on that they couldn't remove themselves, but risking not having enough power if they are attacked by their enemies; or having enough power to protect their child from their enemies, but unable to interact directly.

The reason I say enemies instead of demons, is because I'm going with that some of the magical beings that you hear about in the old stories, Like Elves, brounie, trolls, goblins, and the rest of the fae, Some might decide that if the god has a child and is weakened, it's a good time to attack, even if the god is still more powerful then them.

After all, in the OMG universe, There's Lorelei, plum tree spirits, earth spirits, the engine trolls, and whatever Morgan was. Where might be more.

That could be, but then that throws Ian into the mix: what she can't do, he just might be able.
Fear is ignorance expressed through panic.

I made a few mistakes in my last post.

I said "seals hey could remove" I meant to type "seals they  couldn't remove"

And yeah, Ian could be a protector for Bell, but so can Skuld and Urd.

So unlike the previous gods, Bell would be certain that she, Keiichi, and her kids would be well protected.

Well, children would be later on.  We need to have a wedding, (and the chaos that could cause  ;)  and then the kids.
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But first...the Daytona 500!
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I'll be able to post in two hours.

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I was looking through some old games when I realized that I based Kakarine off of a video game character from an obscure fighting game. Thing is, the Kakarine I created is less powerful then her namesake.

I want Bell to be still a bit upset, and I was wondering how to reflect that in the cooking.
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Maybe have the plates and cups shake every so often during dinner?

Or have the food be a bit under/overcooked, but still edible?

The second one.
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