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Old-School fan, new post

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Old-School fan, new post
« on: September 25, 2021, 12:25:31 AM »


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Not sure how I missed doing this, but here it is.

Been a huge Tenchi fan since forever. Did a bunch of fanfiction work 15-20 years ago under the pen-name Dreamr. Even recently resumed working on Invasion (you can find it on
I also enjoy translating the older interviews and novels to find interesting tidbits and esoterica. If you have questions, I can probably answer them.
Favorite Character: Ryoko. (So much untapped potential.)

Other games/anime: Eve Online (captain of TEST's AT team.) Civ6, No Man's Sky. Occassionally League of Legends. Anything Leiji Matsumoto, pretty much anything by AIC. Really. Every time I find an 80s anime and say holy crap how did I miss this? its AIC.

Re: Old-School fan, new post
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Hail and well-met.
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can you put "Ybloc Ydodge" on a kill on sight list for me?

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Hello and welcome.
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