Where is eveybody?

Started by Kokoro, August 10, 2023, 06:43:16 PM

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I mean, like online?  Seems pretty dead in here.  I understand that the forum scene is nothing like what it used to be (I'm having troubles getting anybody to be active on my own forum these days).  Just curious.  I know for me, I'm so busy working, that I don't seem to find the time to get online nearly as much as I want to.  Hopefully, finding a closer, better paying form of employment or a passive income stream will help remedy that...

It is frustrating. UT has a Discord and more of the frivolous chat goes on there. But it's not like that's super busy either. It's not a great place if you're uncomfortable with NSFW unPC content either. It bugs me because I'm not a gamer and have no use for Discord other than that one group.
...in my pants

I totally get that frustration.  I too have Discord server attached to my online forum, but I really don't like it.  Maybe I'm too OCD and too organized.  I long for the days when people would search out forums and collaborate together.  Life is much too busy, everybody running from here and there, these days.  Maybe I'm just getting old. ??? LOL

I see you.

I use discord on a regular basis, even run my own small free server for Eve Online related content. Handy.

 :night: Tenchi show has staggered releases, so this is often a quiet study forum unfortunately. There are some game threads that happen in General though.

People are here and lurking every day but forums are too old school for a lot of people, I view the forums as more of a archive for the more important conversations.

Well, appreciate you keeping the forums running all the same. 25th is six years I've been a member, if I do my maths.  :sus: