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Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Re: OVA 5 Info Thread
« Last post by Nonsuch Ned on July 26, 2021, 09:50:10 PM »
I know this is quite early, but does anyone have any info on anything important added to the OVA5 novel translation included in the vol. 6 special edition?

Someone who doesn't add much made an update to the Tsunami wiki page that describes details supposedly in OVA5 (a discussion about using the Tsunami ship as a possible training ground) but it's nowhere in the anime.

(other idea- was it maybe a discussion in one of the audio dramas? I remember catching one on YT, it was just a informal chat with Tokimi and others... but I don't remember the details, and can't find them now-- probably takedown victims)

12,000 yen:!%20Ryo-Ohki&lang=en

Interesting take on the original promo image for the cover:

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Re: Tenchi and Ayeka Appear in some NFT Card Game
« Last post by WaitoKon on July 20, 2021, 01:39:38 PM »
Other Anime / Re: What Anime are you currently watching?
« Last post by Nonsuch Ned on July 19, 2021, 03:47:13 PM »
Kind of funny, last season I started watching too much and am still catching up. This time, not a single original series caught my eye... although I still haven't tried the one about the idol working at an aquarium, that may be worth watching. So now it's only  sequels and continuing.

Hero Academia
All routes lead to doom
K's Dragon Maid
Irregular side story
The never-ending Detective Conan

Actually, once again trying to watch Tenchi Universe through* again. Last attempt  was probably over 5 years ago. All apologies, but certain aspects (i.e. "wacky shenanigans")  just drive be batty.

I skipped time and space adventures this time*- and plan on jumping through that one where they're all starving and Ryoko goes of to save them and retrieve food... but wastes all the money, gorges herself on food and alcohol, and lets them go on starving before leading the bad guys to everyone. Meanwhile Mihoshi "hilariously" keeps sabotaging Washu's repair efforts.
Ha Ha, they're all stranded and starving and Ryoko's a bitch... That's where I decided to "take a break" the last time.
I haven't actually finished a run-through in over a dozen years.
[edit] Finished it... it really is white label generic Tenchi, isn't it? Lots of filler, no explanation. "Jurai Power" eh? That's some awesome Jurai power you got there... Kagato gots Dark Jurai Power, Ayeka suddenly gets some.... BTW- who is emperor after Kagato is "defeated"?... probably a thread above to talk about it, just can't bother. But at least now I can watch the movies and get back to reading the manga (which shoehorns in an adaptation) without struggling to remember the details.
Other Anime / Re: What Anime are you currently watching?
« Last post by Nonsuch Ned on July 18, 2021, 09:39:13 AM »
Of course... Ranma was never actually "completed" - you'll need to search out the manga to get the last big storyline...but even then, you don't get a complete resolution of the rom-com story.
Other Anime / Re: What Anime are you currently watching?
« Last post by kikai ninjin on July 14, 2021, 12:18:59 AM »
Ranma 1/2 currently. Never finished teh series lol.

This is an interesting anime, with a cool and unique concept, especially the design of the main protagonist, 早乙女 乱馬 Ranma Saotome. Btw, Ryoko made a brief cameo in one of the episodes before the release of the TM OVA series. There is a thread about it here.

I'm watching Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995), recommended by WaitoKon. I'm really enjoying it.
Other Anime / Re: What Anime are you currently watching?
« Last post by RyannVonDoom on July 13, 2021, 11:45:32 PM »
Ranma 1/2 currently. Never finished teh series lol.
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Re: Tenchi and Ayeka Appear in some NFT Card Game
« Last post by WarOmnimon on July 13, 2021, 03:17:14 PM »
I don't know about the subject either, but yes, the artwork is nice. I did look into this game a bit for a little while after seeing this post; as far as I know, they have a licensing deal going that allows Tenchi characters to appear (Which means other collabs may come up later), with everyone else being original to the game.

What I'm curious about is why they went with Ayeka first instead of Ryoko or Sasami. That's a bit of a headscratcher, because Ryoko is usually right up front when AIC is promoting the franchise moreso than Ayeka is, and Sasami is the most popular of the girls in Japan. Not complaining about it, but it does seem strange from a marketing standpoint given what I just mentioned... :emot-iiam:
とことん魎呼 (天地無用!キャラクターブック) 'Completely' Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo! Character Book) is a "fun booklet dedicated to Ryoko. Contains character info, design sketches, an interview with seiyuu 折笠 愛 Ai Orikasa, a short story, (two) post cards, a small poster and more". It has 64 pages and some really cool artwork inside. Afaik, it is the second character book out of a total of 5, by ドラゴンマガジン編集部 Dragon Magazine Editorial Department and published by 富士見書房 Fujimi Shobo. I tried my best to remove the wrinkles of the poster and some pages, but I ain't no professional. Scanned and leveled by me. Enjoy!

Scan info:
600dpi color: covers, dust jacket, poster, post cards & pages 01 to 32.
600dpi gray scale: the rest.
All exported as JPEG 60%.

Download link (book+poster+post cards)


Post cards (60% JPEG):

Poster (60% JPEG):

Poster in a bigger resolution (lossless)
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Re: Bonsai Pop's vid on Tenchi Muyo
« Last post by Harls on July 12, 2021, 07:48:04 AM »
"I'm not looking for sympathy."

Have you come to the right place!  :getin:
Member Introductions / Re: Hey
« Last post by RyannVonDoom on July 12, 2021, 12:28:03 AM »
welcome! I like it here. Hope you do too.
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