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GeekyOmega - Tsunami / Incomplete
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Jibri Note:  This is a long defunct story, abandoned by the author (GeekyOmega) long long ago because he got Jesus and then suddenly writing about Goddesses became blasphemy or something.  I really liked this story, it's available nowhere else but here, so I'm listing it here as a sort of archive.

Entire story is also attached to this post.  I suggest reading it with Open Office or LibreOffice.


Dear Readers,

The following is assumed. That you have sufficient knowledge of the Tenchi Muyo! and more importantly, the OVA series. The author does not recognize Tenchi Universe and Tenchi in Tokyo as valid Tenchi fantasies as they are not Kajishima creations. The intention of this fiction is to explore the hidden aspect of the OVA, mainly, the perspective of Tenchi. I wrote the story to take place long after OVA3. I also have written in that Tenchi has already chosen, as indicated by an AIC sponsored interview of Kajishima. I have kept it vague on many details so that it will not be outdated when OVA3 is released. I might make some slight references to GXP as well. I hope you enjoy the story entirely as it is more intellectual content rather than conflict driven plot. That will eventually change though. Thus, join me in a romantic adventure with Tenchi and the girls. This alternate “universe” if you can call it that explores a rare pairing.

The author acknowledges that all rights and privileges are AIC, Pioneer, and Kajishima’s exclusively. The current story was written as a fan fiction and in no way implies or suggests official standing in any manner. Furthermore, no claim of ownership made by the author on any aspect of the Tenchi Muyo!  The author refuses to take any responsibility for abuse or misinterpretation of the following fiction. All Rights Reserved.

We Love Tenchi!
Chapter 1

It is amazing how nervous habits can relieve reveal so much hidden tension. One must wonder if it is some sort of hidden communication to those surrounding the nervous person. Well, much to Tenchi’s relief, there was no one around to disturb his peace while he rested in his carrot gardens. He was sitting down with his legs crossed, his tools stacked neatly behind him. In front of him you could see rows upon rows of his most recent work. It was tough business planting carrots. It was amazing that Tenchi did not get his brown pants and long sleeved shirt more dirty. Tenchi smiled as he could almost feel his nervous tension flow out of his hands while he grabbed dirt in both hands. It felt good to work the dirt in his hands.

That pleasure only reminded him of why he loved working diligently on the carrot garden. Tenchi found it much simpler to labor and sweat over land and dirt rather than try to understand the minds of those he lived with. They were much more taxing on his soul than his chores were on his body. Tenchi sighed and let go of the dirt in his hands. He scratched the back of his head and wondered why he always had such nervous habits.

It was almost like the girls made him restless. They stole his peace, but the truth being, Tenchi never valued having peace in his life until their very presence took it away. He always craved adventure and excitement and when his prayers to the Gods above where answered, he quickly realized his foolishness. Tenchi sighed and stood up and prepared to go back. Such is the price of wisdom.

He stood admiring he work one more time and smiled as the sun was bidding him farewell, ushering in the evening. He knew the peace he just experienced would help him get through the busy evening back home. Tenchi picked up his tools and began walking back towards his home. He couldn’t help but think about the girls as he was approaching. There was Ryoko, Sasami, Ayeka, Washu, and Mihoshi.

They all cared for him and were great people. However, when all thrown into one relatively small space called a house, it brought out the worse and best in the alien girls. Tenchi briefly stopped walking at the last thought, a small laugh and smile slipped on his face. He closed his eyes to briefly imagine how he would reacted if someone told him a years ago that six alien women were to live with him indefinitely.

Yet, when he started walking again his mood became more serious once he remembered the action packed first visit from the Emperor of Jurai. The horrible ordeal that he came to call the Goddess War, something he did not like dwelling on. Thank the spirits that war was over. What else had changed? Well, at least his father had remarried and with that his father moved out, leaving him the new man of authority.

Tenchi stopped again, how long ago had all that happened? Well, Sasami was no longer a little girl, but nothing short of a Goddess. One thing was sure, he thought to himself, only change is constant. Indeed, he might not imagine what the Tenchi a year in the future could tell him. Rather than spoil his mood by thinking about things out of his control, Tenchi decided to enjoy the rest of the walk back to his house. While he would never admit it to Ryoko, it is fortunate that his house is now by his grandfather’s shrine.

It provided him the perfect environment to mature into a successful young man. He also had the privilege to be able to take long walks from his chores in the fields back to his house. These walks took him through a wonderful forest. If you really think about it you realize that the forest is the symbolic fence to his home. It completely surrounds it and only a dirt road leads through the forest to his home by the pond. Tenchi was thinking about his relative fortune when something more than a slight breeze shook the trees above him. As always, Tenchi had his head down in deep thought and did not consider that the breeze in the forest was not natural.

Rather, Ryoko’s graceful flight through the trees was making them dance. However, before poor Tenchi could realize that something was amiss he was quickly tackled to the ground by her beautiful body. Despite his war filled past, Ryoko always got through his defenses…

 “Ryoko, get off me!” Tenchi huffed in slight annoyance, quickly adding “Look, you made me drop all my tools…” From Tenchi’s perspective he could not move any member of his body. All he could feel was her soft cloth pressed into his and her soft hands cradling his cheeks. Her face had to be only mere inches away. He could feel the slight breeze from her breathing on his face. Tenchi decided to close his eyes rather than stare into her face and golden eyes.

 It made him feel uncomfortable when they were this close. Why did he have to be put in such compromising situations? He could only wonder. Ryoko gave a muffled giggle and quickly pulled Tenchi up to his feet. “Oh, I’m sorry Tenchi” Ryoko said with a devilish smile, “I just wanted to get your attention.” Tenchi felt  sweat trickle down the back of his neck as he noticed that Ryoko was trying to look shy, grasping her hands in front of her and looking down. She wanted him to flirt with her and say something. Instead, Tenchi disappointed her by merely smiling; picking up his tools and began to walk towards the home again. This was his way of inviting her either to enjoy a walk home with him or to go away and leave him to his ways.

 It did not take long for Ryoko to make up her mind, “Oh Tenchi!” Ryoko seductively said behind him, “Let me take these! They are too heavy for you!” Before Tenchi could do anything he felt the tools being taken out of his hand. He looked over to his right to find Ryoko smiling at him as she slung the tools over her shoulder. Tenchi could only laugh and smile back at her. This was Ryoko at her best. They laughed without saying another word; they enjoyed the rest of the walk home.

Ayeka spent the last few hours preparing her for the return of Lord Tenchi. Her hair was completely and skillfully combed and she also tended carefully to her usual purple and white dress. Suddenly, Ayeka heard the door close downstairs, “Lord Tenchi!” Ayeka exclaimed out loud with glee. She quickly looked outside her window and judged by the sunset that Tenchi took longer than normal to get home. She shrugged at this and briskly walked downstairs to greet him.

When Ayeka reached the bottom step she noticed that everyone had gathered around the couch. Ayeka quickly spotted the Tenchi scratching his head while talking to Washu near the couch. Rather than interrupt her precious Lord Tenchi’s conversation she merely took the opportunity to observe his nervous habits. She noticed that he always had the habit of scratching his head nervously when Washu would talk with him.

Well, how could she blame her Lord Tenchi? Ayeka could not forget how Washu literally threw herself at Tenchi with an offer to bear his child. Remembering this event from long ago, Ayeka decided she had seen her Lord Tenchi suffer enough from the conversation and decided now would be the time for her to interrupt. “Good Evening Lord Tenchi” Ayeka cooed while softly walking up to his back. Tenchi turned and smiled before saying “Oh, hi Ayeka, when is dinner?” Ayeka could not help but be a little bit disappointed. When would he flirt with her instead of skillfully directing her attention elsewhere? Ayeka sighed softly, “Sasami told me that she was waiting on your arrival home before she would start cooking the rice.”

Tenchi suddenly tensed when Ryoko grabbed him around his waist. Ayeka’s eye began to twitch when she saw how Ryoko was curling her yellow and blue outfit around Tenchi’s body. “Get off Lord Tenchi at this very moment!” Ayeka huffed pointing her arms straight down to the ground. You could see the red in Ayeka’s eyes as she hunched over towards Ryoko’s face.

Unfortunately for Tenchi it seemed hostilities could not be avoided. Ayeka was the first to act by pinching and grabbing Ryoko’s hands off of Tenchi. Not to be outdone by the princess, Ryoko let go of Tenchi and kicked Ayeka in the head, sending her flying across the room. Tenchi sighed; it had been quite awhile since they fought. What he of thought as peace and quiet, they thought was boring.

It would be funny to watch to anyone, unless your name happens to be Tenchi. Realizing that he was the unfortunate cause or rather excuse to fight, Tenchi decided to remove himself from the room just like Mihoshi had done a moment earlier. After all, Tenchi mused to himself, despite what they did to each other…it was just playing. 

Rather than risk going outside and having the two follow him out there and continue the annoying fight, Tenchi decided to do something a little unorthodox. Tenchi scrambled straight for the closet that contained Washu’s lab. They would not bother him there. However, only after Tenchi entered the lab did he realize that Washu must have done the same thing. Tenchi nervously scanned his surroundings for something to happen.

If the girls were not playfully fighting over him than it was something else to make him run for cover and Washu’s mischievous lab attics was usually one of them. Tenchi let out a breath of relief when nothing happened. To his surprise he noticed that Washu was nowhere to be found after he quickly scanned the room. Granted, the lab was a very big place, but she usually did not venture beyond easy access to the Masaki house. Tenchi scratched his head, even though he was curious where Washu was, he knew that curiosity often led to trouble. Maybe Washu ran out of the house with Mihoshi or into the kitchen with Sasami.

Tenchi’s stomach growled at the thought of the kitchen, “I just want to eat” Tenchi said to himself, looking down to the ground in frustration. No wonder he took time to relax before coming home. Tenchi was once again a nervous wreck. He knew the day was fast approaching when they would force an answer from him. The household full of girls were bound to become impatient. They had no clue he already had the answer but it was not a day to look forward too. It would break up the loosely knit family and things would never be the same again. Or would it?

After all, they have been together for so long. Tenchi rubbed the back of his neck as he thought about how the girls would react to his answer. Well, that much he already knew, but what he did not know is how they would react to his wish and longing for ordinary things. Tenchi suddenly realized that maybe he was not so hungry after all. Every time he thought about such things he realized something big was about to happen. He could feel it in the pit of his stomach, making it feel that old excitement he had not felt in a long time.

Maybe it was instinct telling him another time of major change was fast approaching. This event however would cause more change than the previous battles and troubles combined his life. After all, Tenchi could gather that something was amiss in the galaxy when Ayeka’s father and mothers arrived personally for a short visit. That was only a month ago and their third visit to Earth. While it may have looked like a courtesy call and request for the girls to come home, again, Tenchi knew better. Perhaps, the only other man in the dark as much as he was would be the Emperor. Groups of women must do that to men…make them clueless.

 However, his wives seemed to know something.  Tenchi could understand his annoyance at the entire situation but was surprised at how engrossed the Emperor was in his family rather than the coming storm. One thing was different about the Emperor in the last visit; he was far more respectful to Tenchi than he ever had been. The Emperor treated him with great respect. Even weirder, Tenchi thought, was how the Emperor asked Tenchi to contact him more often. So that proves that Tenchi is the only one in the dark. Perhaps everyone knew that Tenchi, the perpetual bachelor, was ready to put down roots?

Deceptive simplicity, Tenchi decided, and he could only sigh at the immensity of the task ahead of him. He suspected that it involved Tsunami’s influence in a very big way. Why else would the Royal Rulers have been so respectful to him? Yes, they owed him greatly after the Goddess war, but it was more than just that. Tenchi groaned, he would have to talk to his grandfather soon, there was still much to learn about Jurai. Sadly, his teacher would soon be life itself rather than his wise grandfather, things were going to happen that even his grandfather could not imagine.

However, he was already resolved to the fact that he would be forced to live up to the rest of his destiny soon. That did not bother him, what did bother him is that he wanted more time. He could see that everything that he cherished was soon coming to an end. Was it the carelessness of youth? Tenchi could not help but give a bitter smile; all good things must come to an end. It seemed that everything in his life was thrust upon him.

Tenchi, with his mood turning serious after such thoughts, decided he better go back out into the world. He would have to enjoy these last precious moments with all the ones he loved. Maybe many years in the future Tenchi would even learn to regard the fights between Ayeka and Ryoko with amusement and nostalgia as well. That would have to be many years in the future indeed, but for the time being, Tenchi was glad he was in the present. Tenchi, not being a fool, quickly shouted “Thanks Washu” as he opened the door and left the lab.

Washu could only smile to herself as she watched Tenchi the entire time from the shadows. It would be easy to mistake him just for a simple boy, but the subtle things gave away his true power. That exterior of a boy really housed the heart of a wonderful man wised by his experience and surroundings. She grinned even wider when she heard him thank her for allowing him a sort breather from his crowded life.

Washu gave Tenchi more credit than the other girls in the Masaki home. She could not explain it, which was frustrating in itself, but she knew that Tenchi Masaki was probably the most important person that she ever knew. She could only rub her chin trying to figure that one out. Washu realized that it was probably due to the fact she could only remember things going back twenty thousand years ago. She was pretty sure that something she experienced or knew before twenty thousand years ago clued her into why Tenchi was so important.

 She performed every experiment she could imagine on him trying to figure it out. Washu walked out of the shadows were she was watching him and went to the spot were Tenchi was last. Who knows, maybe she could gain more insight on the man by standing where he last was. He obviously was getting ready for something major. Washu decided to sit down where he stood to think it over even more. Suddenly, Washu laughed aloud giggling, “I am your Angel of Mercy, Tenchi” She would never alienate her dear Tenchi.

That is why she refused to leave his presence. It was obvious to Washu that one lady had big plans for the young man. Washu could no longer think of him as a boy. She realized that much when she took care of Taro. Washu was surprised when she had to quickly wipe a tear away. She felt lonely at times like these and when she briefly took care of Taro, that loneliness briefly went away. Washu smiled when she thought of Tenchi again.

She could think of no other man who she would even consider having another child with. He was a great man indeed. Washu tired of thinking about the insolvable puzzle of Tenchi stood up preparing herself to join the others again. She could only wonder if her daughter’s love of Tenchi was so strong that through her link with her daughter also caused her to have similar feelings for the man.  Washu started laughing again, misery forgotten when she remembered that she was indeed Little Washu, the greatest genius in the universe. Despite the coming events, she would help Tenchi, and in the process solve the mystery that shrouded him and the universe.

Sasami was thankful that everyone had finally sat down to eat. Sasami sat at the end of the table across from Tenchi. Mihoshi and Washu sat on the left of the table while Ryoko and Ayeka sat on the right.  Since Tenchi’s father left, he assumed the position of the head male. That was many years ago, and one could imagine the fight to assume the position at the other end of the table, across from Tenchi. It was where a man’s wife would sit.

Sasami giggled as she remembered one of the last bitter fights between Ayeka and Ryoko was for the spot. While most fights since were all in good fun that one was for real. They were yelling such nasty things at each other and the threat of violence was becoming real. Sasami made her intentions clear that day towards Tenchi. She was in her mid teens at the time. She surprised Ayeka and Ryoko when she asked Tenchi if she could have the spot. It had worked; the girls were speechless and shocked.

It ended the fight, and Sasami sat there every night for all these years. Sasami’s self reflection was interrupted by the sounds of people eating. The meal had finally begun and everyone was relaxing. She went to great lengths preparing the meal for Tenchi. She wanted this night to be especially special for everyone and for Tenchi the most. The truth being, she had something important to tell him. Her red eyes shown with radiance of grace and beauty as she watched Tenchi eat.

Tenchi never seemed to notice but the girls around the table noticed that Sasami would always stare at Tenchi during dinner. You could see his image reflected in her enigmatic eyes. It always made the girls nervous. Sasami was no longer a little girl, but in truth the exact image of Tsunami. Her beautiful blue hair was meticulously arranged and her simple kimono was a pure radiant white. Every movement of hers was always graceful and slowly she became the envy of every female in the house as she grew older. The other girls had perfect reason to be. Sasami was becoming a Goddess.

“This was delicious Sasami!” Mihoshi commented after swallowing her last portion of her dinner. Everyone quickly agreed with her and gave their thanks to Sasami’s cooking; it was almost a ritual, thanking Sasami. Everyone would eat and then talk with each other for a few minutes before watching the Opera’s. Mihoshi noticed that Sasami said nothing, still staring calmly at Tenchi but she did sport a smile after the compliments.

No detail escapes this Galaxy Police officer, Mihoshi thought to herself. Mihoshi quickly scanned the group of friends she had come to view as family. Now that they have completed the meal, the conversation among them begins, Mihoshi thought to herself. Mihoshi scanned the table for more details. Ryoko and Ayeka started their usual, peaceful and playful argument over what they were going to watch on television in thirty minutes. Washu was gazing at Tenchi smiling, but when her face would turn to Sasami it became a little sad.

Washu always looks sad around me, Mihoshi thought. She makes so many beautiful machines…a pity I always break them! Mihoshi giggled at that thought remembering the many times Washu would whine to her “Just go away….” Mihoshi still laughing at the memories turned her head away from Washu and to Tenchi. He quickly noticed Mihoshi giggling at him. Puzzled he asked her, “What so funny Mihoshi?”

Tenchi wanted to know what was making her laugh. Mihoshi looked over at Tenchi and started blushing. She could not help it; she always started acting like a little girl around him. Tenchi could only smile and shake his head at her. Mihoshi, seeing Tenchi amused by her ditzy behavior made her giggle even more at him. She could not help but be attracted to him. ‘Oh he is so cute’, she thought to herself allowing her eyes to feast on him.  ‘His muscles are so fit for a …. Goddess’, Mihoshi quit giggling at the last thought. Her smile almost weakening at the idea.

Mihoshi, sensing that Tenchi was starting to consider that Mihoshi was maybe thinking something more than ditzy finally replied, “Oh nothing Tenchi”. “Huh?” was the response she got back from him.  It was times like this when Tenchi could only remind himself that girls were the only true mystery in the universe. Mihoshi looked at his perplexed face and began giggling again. It was funny to her. She knew he was perplexed again because he could not figure her out no matter what. Mihoshi noticed that even Washu next to her started laughing at Tenchi. They looked at each other and sighed, they loved him deeply.

Considering how mealtime was pleasantly finished, Sasami decided to finally talk to Tenchi. “Tenchi…” Sasami spoke in a voice almost like Tsunami, “I have something important to tell you.” The idle conversations immediately froze and everyone’s heads turned to look at Sasami, curious. Sasami rarely interrupted Tenchi while he conversed with the others and never with such an unusual pretext for conversation. The mysterious expression on Sasami’s face made the girl’s nervous…what did she want to tell him?

The girls all knew that Sasami was in love with Tenchi, but Sasami never indicated it directly. Tenchi, waiting for Sasami to continue, merely folded his hands into his lap, sensing the importance of what was to come and smiled at her…urging her to continue. “Tenchi…” she began again, “Tonight something special will happen.” Sasami said looking down. “Tsunami and I will finally and completely assimilate…” Sasami paused to gauge Tenchi’s and the others response.

It didn’t take long for collective gasps and smiles from everyone. “I am surprised it took this long, frankly” Tenchi replied smiling. The others quickly agreed and asked when and where they could witness this event. Sasami, smiling replied “Soon, I do not know when it will happen…maybe a few minutes from now or when everyone is asleep. I do not know exactly” This disappointed the group a little bit; they wanted to see an event full of fireworks and excitement. They would be sorely disappointed on that account.

“Tsunami and I know we are ready…but in order to keep me from being too nervous I asked Tsunami not to tell me when it will happen” Sasami added, hoping they would understand. The group did and Tenchi suggested that they continue the evening as normal and if anything special happens…well that it would then take care of itself. The others agreed and quickly went to the most important matter at hand: watch Soap Opera’s.

It was fast approaching midnight and Tenchi was positive that all the others were asleep in the house. Tenchi could only wonder how the others could sleep. The surprising announcement made him very excited. He knew both Tsunami and Sasami very well. He probably knew Tsunami better than anyone else besides Sasami. Naturally, he was going to be curious as to what the two would be like when they became one.

Quite frankly, he was shocked at how Ayeka actually fell asleep while watching television before inching her way to bed. The others were similar to Ayeka in all slowly falling asleep. Most surprisingly was Sasami, who went to bed earlier than usual, feeling tired. ‘Well, he did tell them to treat the night normally’, Tenchi thought. Too bad he could not take his own advice. Tenchi gave up on sleep minutes ago and decided to make his bed, change his clothes, and sneaked his way outside without waking anybody. This would be a restless night so he might as well spend it with nature. 

After walking away from the house for a little while Tenchi thought, ‘Given the excitement of recent events…walk to Funaho and reflect on things?’ It was a beautiful night. The stars could be clearly seen and the moon was a full one, casting a ghostly light on everything below. Tenchi stopped and decided to take a look back on his house. He always enjoyed seeing how the moonbeams danced on the pond in front of his home at night. There was no light coming from his house, only the dark outline of the roof reflecting a pale blue light. ‘Such a humble place for a woman to become a goddess’, Tenchi thought humbly. Tenchi scratched his head at that one…Jurai and the Royal family on their last visit insisted that Sasami come back home.

Sasami refused in the strongest of terms saying she was going to stay on Earth as long as she wanted. Tenchi honestly wondered what was so special about his home. It was a shack compared to what they were once used too. Tenchi thought that without the girls the home would be worthless. Sure, they all cared about him, even loved him to an extent. Yet given what they once had one would think they would quickly tire and return to their lives of luxury.

Tenchi, thinking about Sasami again refused to admit to that he could remotely be the only reason that she stayed. That would be too arrogant for his tastes. ‘It must be to look out for the others when she becomes a Goddess’, he finally concluded.  Tenchi, enjoying the view so much decided to sit on a nearby rock and gaze on his house and think for the rest of the night. Funaho would have to wait another day.

It had been two hours since Tenchi stepped outside of his home to think. During that time he found a nearby rock just adjacent to the path to the shrine and Funaho to sit upon and mediate. She could see his outline on the rock, barely reflecting any light from the moon. He was very courageous in the past and fought very well in the Goddess War. In truth, though he would deny it, Tsunami owed him her life and existence.

How ironic, she thought, that he owed her his life and she owed him hers. What she thought was even more special was her love for Tenchi. He was her champion and she knew even before he was born that he would be someone special. Tsunami was pleased that Tenchi became excited after Sasami told him about the coming assimilation during dinner. That glorious event would take place soon and once that was taken care of she would let Tenchi know first.

Sasami was already in a deep sleep and ready. Tsunami realized that her love for Tenchi, though quite arguable infinite already, will soon be the greatest love ever for a man once she merged with Sasami. Tsunami, reflecting on that decided that now was the time to merge completely with Sasami, a process that would take the rest of the night.

Tenchi felt tired. He had spent the whole night in deep meditation. It was early morning and Tenchi could see the sky slowly turning a light pink from the approaching day. Tenchi, though very tired, decided to slip off the rock where he mediated and began a few exercises to maintain his excellent condition. Tenchi finally broke a sweat at the end of his exercise. When he looked up at the sky he noticed that morning was just about in full swing. He decided to get back to the house rather than have the girls become concern at his uncharacteristic disappearance.

However, before Tenchi could even reach the pond he felt someone very gently laid a hand on his shoulder. One really should not blame Tenchi for thinking that Ryoko had once again managed to slip through his senses or one should say defenses. Yet, when he slowly turned around to see who it was he was shocked to be staring in the face of…Tsunami.

Tenchi immediately knew there was something different and familiar about this Tsunami. Gone were the simple kimono clothes of a woman he knew as Sasami. She was wearing the clothes of a Goddess. Yet, gone was the stoic expressions that almost always graced Tsunami’s face. In its place was a wide smile and her eyes shown with a radiance he never witnessed before. Quite frankly, Tenchi was at a lost of what to call her…Tsunami or Sasami? He was always curious and excited about what to do when this moment finally would come to being, but now that he was confronted with it he did not know what to do.

Tsunami or Sasami if you still prefer was not concerned about this. She knew who she was. Her hand slowly drifted from his shoulder and finally to his face…grasping one side of his cheek gently. Tenchi, still too shocked at the arrival of the important moment could only stare silently at her. Tsunami, inching her face towards Tenchi finally greeted Tenchi saying, “Tenchi, as there are many years as grains of sand I have waited for this day” she paused, bringing her other hand to his face before continuing, “to tell the man of my choosing how much I cherish and love him…”

I would really appreciate your comments. I really enjoy reading feedback from readers. Please send your emails to: I would like to give special thanks to lighthawkdemon for direct contribution to this story. He is a creative writer.

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Sasami’s Bloom
Chapter 2

Tenchi’s eyes widened at Tsunami’s confession to him. Tsunami was not going to give Tenchi any room to think and instead strengthened her grip on his face. She grinned when she saw how his mouth opened in blatant awe. “Complete and utter shock” she thought to herself with mild amusement. Instead of kissing him like he expected she merely slide her hands off of his face and brought him into a gentle yet firm hug. Tenchi began squirming under the hug. She giggled. “I did not bring you back to your room for that….Tenchi, but so you could rest. Sleep my dear one.” She whispered into his ear still hugging him. She felt Tenchi immediately relax and she gently laid him down on the bed. “Sleep Tenchi….” Tsunami said to him once more. She was pleased he had stayed up the entire night awaiting her assimilation but now was the time for him to rest.  Despite all the excitement Tenchi had just gone through, Tsunami’s voice felt hypnotizing and before he could think about it he was asleep. “Oh what wonderful things I have in store for you Tenchi….” Tsunami said to the slumbering man. Rather than tell the others of her glorious assimilation something in her told that could be neglected. She desired to stay in the presence of Tenchi. How often could a women gaze for hours upon the man she loved without interruption?

Ayeka awoke and was not happy. Her sister’s assimilation with the Goddess was already apparent. While the breakfast she had just finished was wonderful what was disconcerting about it is that the food seemed to make itself out of thin air. One moment Ayeka was looking up the stairs expecting Tenchi to join them and when she looked back to the table….food was there.  What bothered her even more was Sasami was nowhere to be seen. Yet, before Ayeka could begin wondering exactly where she was Ryoko interrupted her thoughts. “You know Ayeka” Ryoko began, “I can handle the weird stuff that accompanies Washu…but this breakfast was down right spooky.” Ryoko was sitting across from Ayeka finishing up her meal. Ayeka looked at Ryoko and then around to finally notice the others there. Washu and Mihoshi did not look particularly comfortable either. Ayeka decided to speak to them; after all, despite her Sasami being a Goddess, she was still the caring Sasami. “Well, despite the unorthodox delivery of breakfast…I think it does show that Sasami merely providing for us as she always does” she finished looking each of them in the eye. Washu was the first to respond, “That’s not what we mean…and I see the same look in your eye Ayeka” she paused, “It wasn’t merely the food appearing out of nowhere it was the fact that my dish was exactly what I happen to be craving.” Mihoshi sighed and interrupted, “Well, she does know us well…and despite her being a Goddess now and eh…” Ryoko finally had enough and decided to raise her voice to get everyone’s attention, “That’s not what I mean….it’s like she read my mind. I love Sasami…but Ayeka…how can we compete?” She finished with a small quiver in her voice. All the girls including Ayeka bowed their heads down. They couldn’t compete and they knew with each passing day the Sasami they knew would literally outshine them more and more. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing except the love of one young man was involved. Mihoshi only made it worse when she commented the obvious, “Uh, excuse me, but where exactly is Tenchi and Sasami?” The other girls, dealing with inner demons immediately snapped out of it and went searching for the both of them. They all had the same idea and were making a bee line for Tenchi’s room.

The girls literally piled through Tenchi’s door only to smash into one another at the sight that lay in front of them. There was Sasami…no….Tsunami, almost glowing, standing at the side of Tenchi’s bed looking down at him.

They were all shocked to see Sasami finally a Goddess. Ayeka was the first one to speak, “Sasami…what are you doing in here?” The answer spooked the girls. Sasami not moving her body turned her head to gaze upon her sister. “I am looking after Tenchi” she replied in gentle but commanding manner. The girls bowed their heads. Today was not a good day and it was just the morning. Just when the girls thought that their place in Tenchi’s heart could not be threatened even more, Sasami giggled and said, “He stayed up all night so he could see me first.”

Hours Later, Mid Afternoon with everyone in the midst of their chores.

It was the first chance the two previous friendly rivals for Tenchi had a chance to talk about the morning events with everyone else being gone. Washu was working in the lab. Mihoshi had gone on patrol. Tenchi gotten up and was tending the fields. Sasami was tending the kitchen. That left Ayeka and Ryoko to tend the yard outside in front of the Masaki residence. Ayeka was watering the flowers while Ryoko was sweeping.  Ayeka was the first one to speak, “Ryoko, now that we are alone I think we should speak frankly about what should have been a joyous event.” Ryoko immediately stopped sweeping and turned around to face Ayeka. Ayeka now having her attention continued, “I am glad that my sister is finally complete…and I thought I would be happy but instead I feel my dear Tenchi is going to slip past my grasp and into her hands. It is no secret that my dear Sasami has surpassed me in beauty and grace. Also her comments she made in Tenchi’s bedroom were hardly encouraging. I fear, if we do not do something drastic that our chances are going to be null with Tenchi.” Ryoko looked surprised by what Ayeka had just told her but did not take long to respond, “You know Ayeka, and there are too many getting in the way. Yet Sasami now being Tsunami is gaining the upper hand. Tenchi is the nicest man in the universe and that is why we are all in competition for him. There will never be anyone else as good as he is. Yet how can someone compete against a Goddess?” Ayeka put her watering bucket down and sat down on the grass considering that truth. The princess could only voice her fear and frustration, “On that point I agree with you Ryoko. There are too many in the way, but if I recall we have gone down that road before and it led to disaster. Regardless, Sasami still is my sister and is a Goddess. She is not Mihoshi and cannot be tricked into going away. My dear Tenchi knows we care for him deeply and he refuses to acknowledge what is in his heart because he fears breaking any of ours. I fear that our friendly rivalry has allowed Sasami to step unnoticed into his…” Ayeka trailed off almost wanting to cry. Ryoko read into Ayeka’s frustration and voiced it, “I know what you mean princess…why did Sasami have to fall in love with him too? As if there aren’t enough girls after him!” she yelled in angered frustration. “Hush! Ryoko” Ayeka responded, “Tsuna…Sasami might hear us, if not already.” Ryoko looked conspiratorially at the Masaki home and then back at Ayeka staring her in the face intensely, “Tell me Ayeka, what do you not want Sasami the Goddess not to know?” Ayeka looked up into Ryoko’s eyes with a fierce determination in her eyes. It was a look that spoke many truths. “Ryoko….”Ayeka began in a whisper, “I love Tenchi more than Sasami or anything. The man is virtuous, true, and everything I want in another person. We must force him to make a choice before he can be taken from us.” Ryoko smirked, “I like what you are thinking Ayeka.” Ayeka begin smiling as well, “Yes Ryoko. We need to plot…before Tsunami and my sister can doing any more drastic damage like pampering him even while he works.” Ryoko smiled bearing her teeth, “Something needs to be done…and this time Tenchi will be staying up to see one of us.”

Tenchi was very tired. The lack of sleep and the excitement of the past day had really taken it out of him. Once again, he was tending the fields trying to escape. The girls had wakened him up yelling in his room. Apparently, they were not happy that Sasami had come to him first. Tenchi sighed out loud. He was tired of using the hoe against the course and hard soil. He wondered if it felt hard because he was tired. Needing to take a break he dropped his tool and walked to the nearby tree. Sitting down and leaning his back on the tree Tenchi looked out to the field he was tending and growing carrots on. Regardless of the clear and sunny day or the wondrous breeze that blew against his skin, Tenchi still thought about the event in his room. Ayeka and Sasami had been the worst he decided. They had given him a look shock and bewilderment. Give the looks on their faces Tenchi could tell that they viewed his behavior as showing favoritism to Sasami. Washu and Mihoshi recovered from the shock of seeing the new Sasami and seemed to take it in stride. That is when Ayeka and Ryoko got their second wind. They asked Sasami why she did not wait to show herself to everyone at once. Sasami replied with the truth that he wanted to see her first. Those were fighting words among Ayeka and Ryoko and took them as fighting words from Sasami. He knew that would be silly. How to you goad a Goddess into a friendly game of pulling hair and calling each other names? Tenchi sighed thinking about it. Tenchi had enough at that point and told the girls that since he was up that he would go tend to the fields. This had usually smoothed over the ruffled feathers in the past…it was his way of telling the girls that the day must go on. However, what surprised him the most is that he could swear that Sasami became angry at Ayeka and Ryoko after he said that. Tenchi remembered that Sasami had sighed and told the girls that she wished they could just leave him alone and let him sleep. All of the girls retorted that they would leave him alone if she would. He could not help but wonder why his life was so strange. The girls might think him dense but in the truth he was merely perpetually confused. Did they think he enjoyed watching them all get at each other for him like he is some prize? Either way, the answer Sasami gave the girls in his room confused Tenchi, he ran his hand through his hand as he repeated her words out loud “It is impossible for me to leave my destiny.” Tenchi sighed.

Unbeknownst to the girls back at the house or to Tenchi, Tsunami was watching Tenchi relax in the fields. It always bothered her to see Tenchi frustrated or confused. Sadly, she had seen him like this many times. She gave herself a bittersweet smile when she remembered how as a little girl he would always hide that inner tension from her and the other girls. She loved him even more now for that consideration. The Sasami in her had no clue even up to the assimilation to how frustrated he really was. However, Tsunami always knew and the advantage of being assimilated from two persons was being able to remember everything. Even before Sasami had arrived on Earth the Tsunami remembered his torment over his mother’s death. It was becoming difficult for her to remember what memory was Sasami’s or Tsunami’s. All she could think of now is that those were her memories and she is now one person. She remembered that the excitement of the arrivals took that sadness away and provided him with a different kind of female company. Unfortunately for her Tenchi, that gave him new stress from trying to keep the peace all the time. If he only understood why he was so special. He had a moral code beyond reproach and despite his outward soft shell he was a man of steel inside. It would not be long and Tenchi would finally be a man. The girls would not be able to push him or manipulate him forever. She could see that even more clearly after the assimilation. What did not go away was her jealousy of the other girls. That surprised her. Her darker human emotions were now apart of her Goddess hood as well. What was different now that she had the power to give into these emotions? It was like the power of her human emotions had been enhanced by the assimilation…being reinforced by the power of being a Goddess. Her love for Tenchi was the strongest of them all and probably the very core of her new existence. She saw Tenchi wipe sweat off his brow while he relaxed against the tree. The poor man was tired and hot. If only the girls had kept their cool in his room and not waken him up. She could have made him sleep again but she did not want to manipulate her love in any way. However, the girls were a different matter. She help but feel jealous all those years while she watched them worm their way closer to him closer while she had to play catch up. The Tsunami side of her thought her impatience was amusing, but that side of her understood finally once the assimilation took place. She labored only for him…not for the entire family like they all believed. Just like now…she always enjoyed watching him. Her favorite time was watching him enjoy her meals. It really bothered her during those times to see all the displeasing glances she received from the girls whenever she did a kind act for Tenchi and received a compliment or thanks. Tsunami had enough of watching Tenchi and finally decided that her moment to interrupt him had arrived.

Tenchi was getting tired again and was seriously fighting off sleep. That was, until he felt a very gentle hand on his shoulder. Tenchi immediately came to attention. He thought it was Ryoko or perhaps even Ayeka at first. However, when Tenchi looked up he saw Tsunami standing, looking down at him in her regal splendor. Tenchi was going to stand up and properly greet her unusual appearance at the field when he felt her hand firmly, but gently holding him in place. “Tsunami…what brings you here?” Tenchi asked, rubbing his tired head with his hands. That is when he noticed the wooden basket she had in her other hand. She came to have a picnic. As if reading his mind, which would not have surprised him, Tsunami sat down gracefully next to him. She took her hand off his shoulder and opened the lid on the wooden basket. Tenchi noticed that the food appeared meticiously…perfect. For reasons Tenchi did not understand, it made him nervous for someone to go through that much trouble to prepare food for him. ‘Well’ he thought to himself, ‘Sasami always went through a hassle to prepare me any kind of food’. Yet, before Tenchi could think more on her kindness she had already placed food in his lap. He looked down at the carefully wrapped meal. He did not know what it was, but it smelled delicious. This new Sasami made Tenchi nervous. Her confession of feelings and her new gentle, attentive actions left him very confused and at the same time dangerously touched by it. That was an emotion he did not want to deal with. So he decided to blush in his usual manner and thank her for the food. She smiled at him when she heard his stomach growl. That was perhaps the best compliment she could have gotten from him.

Sasami was very pleased by his behavior. Granted, he hardly had said a word to her but his mannerisms told her the entire story. He had blushed when she touched him and he started his usual nervous habit of scratching his head when she placed food into his lap. ‘He is so helpless’ she thought trying not to giggle. Once he started eating he relaxed. She could visibly see that the food was doing him well. He was forgetting this was the new her and just remembering her as she was. She could see the distant look in his eye. This picnic was having the effect she wanted. It would be terrible if Tenchi were to be nervous around her after she had openly confessed her feelings for him. Rather hungry herself, she decided to eat the other portion of the picnic. That is when she started hearing Tenchi laugh rather hard. It made her blush with happiness. That was the most wonderful sound in the universe. Apparently, Tenchi found the fact that she was pulling the carrots out of the ground and putting them in his basket amusing. “Tsunami” she heard Tenchi say between laughs, “Grandpa might want you to replace me in cleaning the shrine.” She was amused because he was amused. It was funny, she had to admit, a goddess working for a priest. She blushed when she felt him put something in her hair. “Thanks Sasami” she heard Tenchi say, “You always knew how to lighten my load”. Her blush became even more pronounced when she discovered that he put a wild flower into her hair, just like he would use to do when she was a girl. Both of them, now finished with their picnic decided to stand up. Sasami with the flower in her hair and the basket in her hands hugged it as if it were Tenchi. Tenchi on the other hand picked up his tools and basket full of carrots. “Thank you for the picnic Sasami” She was so happy that he was comfortable with around her again, like when she was a little girl. Realizing that he was waiting on her to begin walking home she smiled and started walking. She did not even mind the fact Washu had spied on her.

In a lab of Washu

Washu was sitting on a red cushion pillow. She was surrounded by trees and was in her standard lab watching her visual screens. “Hmmmm” Washu said out loud to herself. “These new developments in Sasami are most interesting.” Indeed they were. She had seen the entire thing through remote viewing. ‘Apparently’ Washu thought to herself, ‘Tenchi is comfortable around Sasami again despite her slight behavioral adjustments and manifestations of blatant power.’ The Goddess had even finished his work for him so that he could enjoy his picnic. Washu could not help but be displeased by the fact Tenchi responded to such kindness in the way he used to around Sasami; by putting a small SOL3VT32S34567 flower in her hair. Regardless of Washu’s scientific interest in the manner she loved Tenchi. It was dangerous to allow such advances go unchecked in the battle for the heart of the nicest, gentlest, and most powerful male in the universe. Washu even pondered reverting to her adult form but such an action would only allow Tsunami to get even closer to Tenchi will Ayeka and Ryoko fought with her. The only alternative would to show Ayeka and Ryoko this footage before Tsunami and Tenchi got returned. She did not know why Tsunami was after Tenchi so ardently yet. Surely it was more than love, and if not they were in deeper problems than she could begin to imagine. Despite her personal feelings for Tenchi, science demanded answers and if she was to unravel this puzzle she would need allies to help her: Ayeka and Ryoko. Washu stood up prepared to show the girls today’s late afternoon events.

The Living Room of the Masaki Residence

The girls were not pleased. Even Mihoshi was present to watch the video Washu had just presented to them. Ayeka, Ryoko, and Mihoshi were merely staring wide eye and blankly at the freezed frame shown to them on the television screen. Their bodies were stiff as if they had boards tied to their backs. Their hands were strictly on their sides…it was if they were electrocuted. It was one thing to put a flower into a little girls hair but quite another to do it for a grown woman. Washu was standing on the right side of the Masaki living room pointing toward what they could all see. Ryoko, as if the spokesperson said what Washu was hoping to hear, “Okay Washu, you showed us this crap for a reason? I know you want us to know she is after my Tenchi…but she is going to fend us off him and she cannot beat all of us. We have known Tenchi just as long and no way is she going to take the greatest thing to ever happen to us away.” Washu smiled. All the girls nodded their heads, so it was agreed. They would think of something. This assimilation with Tsunami business was becoming a real drag.

All the girls smiled when they heard Tenchi walk in. However, when they looked over at Tsunami smiling at them…they did not return it. Tenchi however had one hand behind his back and when he pulled it in front of him he revealed a mass of wild flowers. The girls looked shock and all stood up. How could he do this in front of him? Even Tsunami turned her head over to him and looked worried. “Eh…uh…I pick these wild flowers for you ladies while I was on my way back.” The girls all smiled and laughed but Tsunami just turned her head down. Tenchi walked to each girl and all handed them one. Each girl thanked Tenchi except Washu who merely stated interesting.

Washu realized that it could only have surprised Tsunami if she was not reading his mind. Her sadness would only be a result of an unfortunate surprise. She was giving Tenchi his privacy…a preferential treatment.  As a goddess she could have the means to find out anything….read thoughts, know how much sand is on any beach on any world…but she was purposely keeping herself in the dark concerning Tenchi.  She was respecting his space. Tsunami gave Washu a look after she thought that. It made Washu realize something, ‘Yet, apparently we do not get that treatment?’ Washu wondered. She could have sworn she saw Tsunami slightly shake her head…but she couldn’t be sure. Either way, her thoughts were interrupted when she saw Tenchi walk back up to Tsunami and gave her another flower. Tsunami instantly became all smiles and giggled like a school girl. She had gotten two while the others had only gotten one. Apparently, feeding him counted for something. The author girls just shrugged their shoulders.

Later that Evening

It  was very late at night and the entire family was sleeping peacefully. That is except for a certain space pirate who was enjoying some late night Sake. She enjoyed watching the stars. At that same moment a young princess/goddess who was lying on her bed with her hands holding the two flowers given to her by Tenchi. She was thinking about her love. She suddenly sat up, a small smile escaping her lips. “That could prove useful,” she whispered to herself, “I would not be reading thoughts or manipulating…but just spending time with my love in their dream.” She looked over at Ayeka’s sleeping body, making sure she was asleep. Ayeka was and apparently dreaming about Tenchi. illuminated by the silhouette of the moon.  She brought the flowers to her nose and then set them on her pillow. Tsunami layed back down closed her eyes, the circles on her forehead glowing brightly.

A light blue aura slowly left her body and floated above her for a few moments. It suddenly moved away from her and out of the room. It traveled down the hallway to Tenchi’s room. The aura went into his room and went inside a certain unsuspecting prince who was sleeping soundly.

Tenchi knew he was dreaming. The gang was out walking around the shrine, all having a good time with various Shinto festivities. The prince looked around at everyone’s smiling faces. That’s when he noticed Sasami, who looks to be around eight or nine, when he first met her. She was smiling very sweetly at him. She had come running up to him…giggling. She stopped in front of him and put her hands behind her back, looking up at him expectantly.  He looked at her eyes, which were not the eyes he remembered her having, she had a part of her innocence mixed with the knowing look of Tsunami. It was how her eyes gazed at him during the recent picnic. For some reason, he could not take his eyes off of the little girl. ‘She has changed so much,’ he thought to himself. ‘She grew up in front of all of our eyes.’ Unbeknownst to Tenchi, everything around him, besides him and Sasami, were slowly disappearing into something else. When Tenchi finally looked away from Sasami he noticed that he was in the ship of Tsunami. It was all very peaceful and relaxing. When Tenchi looked back at Sasami his eyes went wide as he realized that Sasami is now Tsunami.  She looks at him in all of her glory. Tenchi could not help but think to himself, ‘I…I can’t believe how much she has changed. From the pretty little girl whose smile could warm even the darkest of hearts to the beautiful woman…no, goddess she is today.’ Sasami was gazing straight into his eyes. It was as if she could read his thoughts. He decided to ask her, “Do you read my thoughts?” She smiles warmly as she glides towards him. The goddess takes his hands and pulls herself closer to him. “Tenchi,” she softly mutters before continuing, “I would never invade your deepest private places…I cannot help but be in some places, but I love you too much to manipulate your mind or soul.” The prince feels his heart racing in his chest. Before he knows what is happening, Sasami is putting his hand on her left breast. “Tenchi…” she begins, “Feel my heart beat only for you…it will only beat for you. If you went away I would…die.” She finished softly. Tenchi was mesmerized by her statement. He started to lean in closer. She did the same. Their foreheads rested against each other and their lips were getting closer and closer until…

Tenchi sat up with a start as he was awakened by something landing on his stomach. His hand reached straight up and felt something very soft, circular and round. “Oh Tenchi!” Ryoko purred down at the prince, whose head is turning read at the realization of where his hands are, “You are so forward!” Tenchi began to pull his hands back when Ryoko takes hands and places it on the back of her breasts, holding it in place. “Oh Tenchi, I always knew you were attracted to my breasts!” The prince sweat drops as the pirate laughed at him. He tried to shout, but in his current condition, all that came out was a few muffled words. Ryoko suddenly got a playful look on her face. “What did you just say Tenchi? You want to do what?” She then reached down with her right hand and took his left hand and placed it firmly on her rear. The pirate shivers lightly. “Oh Tenchi,” she whispers lustfully down at him, “You have such a firm grip!” she began to laugh again as she feels his face heat up. Yet before he could jump out of his bed and run away, she forced herself down on him hard. This forced his hands to her waist and allowed Ryoko to press her breasts into his face. Tenchi could do nothing but feebly struggle.

A soft knocking on the door became more incessant until finally he could hear the door swing open quickly. It diverted the pirate’s attention. Tenchi could hear a small but sweet voice, “Lord Tenchi, I was up getting a drink of water and I heard some sounds coming from here. Are you…” she trailed off Ayeka’s eyes went wide at the scene in front of her: Ryoko is straddling Tenchi and groaning each time Tenchi tries to escape her grasps.
“What are you doing?” she hissed out at Ryoko, a look of venom spread across her face.
Ryoko gave her an innocent smile. “Nothing princess, just a little foreplay. There’s nothing wrong with that now is there?” she finished almost laughing. Tenchi sweat dropped again as a large vein started to throb in the Ayeka’s forehead. “That is not what I meant!” she shouted, taking a step towards them. “What about our….you know?” Ayeka finished with a whisper. Ryoko stopped and was quick to reply just as conspiratorially, “I didn’t do anything princess. I just came in to see if Tenchi wanted to come out and watch the stars with me, when he grabbed  my breasts and was going to have his way with me! Not that I’m complaining!” she added with a playful smile.  “Oh, you know I find this whole thing disgusting” Ayeka replied. Ryoko looked Ayeka in the eye and finally nodded, “Alright princess, I will let Tenchi go” she replied with a tinge of sadness in her voice. Ryoko immediately phased next to Ayeka. “You cannot blame me for trying…let me tell you the truth, he was having quite the dream when I interrupted him” Ryoko whispered to Ayeka. “Goodnight Tenchi….” Ryoko phased out of the room. Ayeka could not help but sigh at the whole annoying episode. It made her so angry, but no matter how hard she fought with her friend Ryoko, she could not blame her. “So Tenchi, are you alright?” Ayeka said. Tenchi slide over and sat on the edge of the bed, holding his hands in his head. “I think so…just a little mangled.” He replied. “Ah, I see, and were you having a nightmare or some sort of disturbing dream?” Ayeka fished. If he dream was about Ryoko it definitely would be a nightmare or if it was any of the other girls. She smiled when Tenchi immediately denied that, it was a quick and honest reply. ‘That may have been me in the dream!’ Ayeka happily thought to herself. “Well, Goodnight my Lord.” Ayeka cooed. “Goodnight Ayeka” Tenchi said, climbing back into bed.     

When Ayeka stepped back into her room she could not help but notice the slight crying coming from Tsunami. She decided to inquire, “Dear sister, what is the matter?” Her sister took awhile to respond. “I am just very disappointed by something.” Sasami replied. “Oh dear, whatever was it?” Sasami answered truthfully, “It was a dream.” Ayeka tried not to smile, but it sounded like perhaps Tenchi did indeed dream about her! Sasami quit crying and started to laugh. “What is it sister?” Ayeka asked puzzled. Her sister responded, “Thanks for putting me in a better mood Ayeka.” Ayeka smiled thinking she had done her sisterly duty. She was having a wonderful evening. She made Ryoko leave Tenchi alone, made her sister feel better, and her love had a passionate dream about her. Ayeka smiled as she drifted back to sleep, wondering what sort of thing Tenchi was doing to her. However, just before she drifted to sleep she wondered why her sisters laugh sounded slightly harsh.

Tsunami was very disappointed in Ryoko’s rude interruption. She knew it was going to happen. After all, she was a goddess but that still did not make the experience pleasant. The reaction she wanted to get out of Tenchi is exactly what happened. Unfortunately, the other girls’ manipulation was becoming tiresome and was taxing her patience. Yet, that would also soon be at an end with the message she was having Funaho relay to princess Seto on Jurai. If all went well the royal family would be visiting soon. Tsunami thought that perhaps she should be horrified about what she was beginning to plot. However, she only felt warm inside when she thought it would only bring her closer to Tenchi. She would do anything for him. Strangely, even that reality did not scare her goddess side anymore. Tsunami was enjoying this as much as her Sasami side…she wanted to do everything and anything for Tenchi. Her feelings from Sasami were very intense. Her love for Tenchi was magnified as she thought it would be but the emotions she gained from Sasami’s love of Tenchi had others attached. Jealously, anger, resentment, and deep competition against the other girls. The result was her feelings for other people when compared to the strength, intensity, and depth of her love for Tenchi were very small. It was like she did not have any feelings outside of Tenchi…just the word made her body, heart, and spirit react. Tenchi. He was her key. She smiled as she slowly started to drift back to sleep. Yet this time she would only look over watch Tenchi’s dream rather than participate.

Meanwhile, Funaho was beaming her message into space. It was a bright long light illuminating the night. Seto, the devil princess of Jurai was a cunning planner and the Machiavelli of Jurian politics. She had the influence to mobilize the political machine of Jurai like no other. The suggestion she would receive, from Tsunami herself would be brilliant. It would gather immediate support from the Holy Council and Azusa, thus making the trip to Earth immediate. Seto would smile indeed when she would read the message from Funaho dictated to her by Tsunami. It would keep Tenchi from the Royal daughters as Azusa had wanted. He would be denied marriage to them by Tsunami herself. Perhaps she had other plans for Ayeka and Sasami. However, an arranged marriage of Tenchi to a daughter of a member of the Holy Council would be immediate, guaranteeing Jurai the use of Tenchi’s power.  That is exactly what happened. Little did Tenchi know that within 12 hours of the message being received by Seto the largest armada in recent Jurian history was organized to transport the Royal Highness and his Queens to Earth. Also equally impressive was the High Council attending him, all of their eligible daughters traveling with them. Within 13 hours the whole Jurian ruling class was traveling to Earth to witness a wonderful plan unfold, organized by Tsunami herself. Seto was pleased indeed. It was going to be the Return of Jurai.

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Tsunami, I know thee not
Tsunami’s Prey
Chapter 3

   Jurian starships have been known to be some of the more artistic craft in the universe. Their ships are organic and very powerful. While the price of such aesthetic beauty is costly and calls for lengthy construction…or growth if one prefers, they are the most powerful ships in the galaxy. If one was to be standing on Earth’s moon they would be greeted by a powerful display of these ships.

There were hundreds of them, each casting their dark shadows onto the surface of the moon. They differed in size and length. However, the Flagship was the largest of them all. One could see a grand dome covering vegetation while strong organic beams cradled the dome. It was on this ship that the most important members of Jurai society were stationed on their journey to Earth.

Seto was on the Jurian Flagship. There was no one present on the bridge of the ship. It actually resembled more of a Royal court than a bridge. There was a large rectangular reflection pool in the middle of the bridge. Wooden plants outlined it. There was a large tree behind a throne on the back of the room.

However, whatever political function the bridge might function, it was also the center of command. Seto would be nowhere else and she was glad that the other ruling members of the Jurian society were not on the bridge to disturb her. Such a rare occasion as this offered her time to scheme, to contemplate, and reflect.

She was standing proud. It was true, she was known as the devil princess. She was highly influential in her society, held responsible only to the Emperor. She was dressed in a long red robe with white flower embroideries. It suited her well. It contrasted well with her pale skin and rich green hair. Her red lips were curved into a small smile. She had her hands clasped behind her back.

Seto was looking out into the passing space. Earth could be seen in the distance, such a beautiful contrast with the stars and the moon looming so large below. How wonderful. Seto was most excited by the message she received a week ago. She had received a message from Tsunami herself. The result was that the entire ruling body of Jurai was on journey to the planet Earth. It did not require her much to persuade the ruling class to make this journey.

The great goddess had summoned them.  It was everyone’s hope that they would be given an audience by Tsunami herself. She was the protector and Goddess of Jurai. Never before though, had the goddess taken such a direct route with a politician.

Seto’s smile grew into a grin, she was the politician contacted and this would only solidify her power and influence. Soon, as per request of Tsunami, Ayeka and Sasami would be sent back to Jurai, Tenchi married to a noble’s daughter and the glory of the Jurian Empire would reach higher levels yet.

On Earth , Masaki Residence

   Tenchi woke up refreshed. It was early morning and he quickly rose out of his slumber. He looked out of the window that was on the right of his bed. The sky was a wonderful morning pink. The birds were singing and nature was greeting him in its singular beauty. Throwing off his blue bed covers, Tenchi got out of his bed only to realize that something was strangely different about this morning. “Well, that certainly is different” Tenchi said out loud.

Ryoko had not latched on to him this morning. ‘Granted, she did do something quite inappropriate last night, Tenchi quickly thought. Speaking of last night, it was weird. There was the dream about Sasami. The seduction by Ryoko and finally there was also Ayeka to remember as well.

Tenchi realized that it was probably another mystery to write in his long list of weirdness and decided rather than stand in his bedroom scratching his head, he would change out of his blue pajamas and prepare for work at the shrine. It was going to have to be a quick breakfast. He had to attend to the shrine and pay his respects to his mentor, evan if he had surpassed the old man in ability.

Meanwhile, on the bottom floor of the Masaki Residence, two devious girls are plotting

In the family room two women sat close to eat other. They were on the blue couch in the Masaki family room. One woman had on a red and white Kimono and an elaborate hair dressing with immaculate purple hair. The other woman had on a yellow and blue dress, her hair was cyan and very spiky. They were Ayeka and Ryoko.

“Ayeka….” Ryoko whispered conspiratorially, “I think we can discuss this now, Mihoshi is helping distract Tsunami in the kitchen by helping her cook breakfast.” Ayeka frowned and replied, “That’s strange…why doesn’t my sister materialize breakfast like she did yesterday?” Ryoko just shrugged, “I guess she enjoys it, plus, Mihoshi distracted her into fixing breakfast by suggesting it.”

As if to emphasize the point, pots could be heard clanging and Mihoshi talking to Sasami. Ayeka smiled…they could begin their plan to diminish Tsunami’s growing influence in Tenchi’s life without being caught in the act. “You know Ryoko, this might all seem silly because she just is still the lovable Sasami, but I cannot help my feelings…she wants Tenchi too. I cannot let that happen.” Ayeka rationalized. Though Ayeka’s mannerisms were quite calm, her hands were clenched in her lap.  Ryoko smiled and comforted Ayeka, “Relax. Your not betraying her…you knew Tenchi before she did. I knew Tenchi before you did…that’s why he should be mine and not anybody else’s.”

Ayeka just huffed, but the point was taken. She had been available and made her interests known to Tenchi before Sasami ever did. Ryoko had a point, despite her delusions for Tenchi, it was her right to have him, sister or not…Tenchi was just too important to give up. The dream Tenchi was having the other night had to be about herself. Ryoko mentioned he was having a wild dream, and Tsunami seemed upset by “some” dream. Ayeka smiled to Ryoko, ‘Perhaps this will be easier than I originally thought’ Ayeka told herself.

Ayeka’s inner thoughts were interrupted by Ryoko. “Here is the plan as I see it. Tsunami is in the way so we need to get her off of this planet. We need to tell Jurai that Sasami is Tsunami. She will be forced to go back and do whatever it is goddesses have to do when her people need her.” Ayeka’s eyes widened, ‘Sasami would never forgive me for this. If I plotted to send her back to Jurai and away from the man I love.’ Ayeka thought, ‘but she should have thought of that before she disregarded the feelings of her older sister by going after the man she loves!’ For Ayeka, it was a dirty, but necessary deed.

Tenchi was the greatest noble in the universe but it was more than that. Tenchi had captured her heart and to have him yanked away would kill her. If she did not act now, Tsunami would gain the upper hand. The yesterday picnic Sasami had with Tenchi attested to that.  Ayeka finished her mental tirade and noticed Ryoko was looking at her questioning. Ryoko knew what she was asking Ayeka to do…it was a betrayal of sorts but necessary. “You are a devil Ryoko. However, I shall make the necessary arrangements with Washu and contact Jurai tonight, informing them of Sasami’s true nature.

Jurai has no clue that Sasami and Tsunami are one in the same. Armed with this knowledge I shall strike a bargain with Seto to arrange me to stay here while having Sasami go back to Jurai. As the daughter of the Emperor, Sasami would have to comply with an order to return. My reward for giving such revealing information. She is a real power behind the thrown that woman.” Ayeka finished.

Ryoko looked Ayeka in the eye ….she held out her hand and both girls shook hands. Neither laughed, love made people do strange things, even sacrifice their friends for it. Now…to find Washu.

Mihoshi was wearing a pink t-shirt with gray pants. She had her usual ribbons in her hair and was helping Sasami prepare lunch. Mihoshi was doing her part well of playing a decoy. She had kept asking Sasami a million questions about anything. Sasami would answer each one precisely and accurately.

 Ever since Washu showed them the footage of the picnic each girl agreed that Sasami was a threat to Tenchi’s love. “Well…Tsunami” Mihoshi giggled before continuing, “ I mean Sasami…it’s just eh, well, um, you dress and look like Tsunami, but…anyway, it looks like breakfast is ready!” she finished rather cheerfully. Sasami was bent over peering into the oven window, “Yes, Mihoshi, you have finished your task well.”  Sasami said. She then stood up and glanced knowingly at Mihoshi before continuing, “Yet, I am afraid it was all in vain.”

Mihoshi acted clueless and just glanced at Sasami blankly, “Uh…why?” Mihoshi asked in a high pitched voice. When Mihoshi looked into Sasami’s eyes, they were stern, cold, and void of feeling; it made Mihoshi uncomfortable seeing that look in Sasami. It made Mihoshi uncomfortable. Finally, Sasami responded in a monotone voice, “Because I can do anything.” Mihoshi started to glance down on the floor nervously. ‘Does she know?’ Mihoshi thought. She began to sweat drop.

Yet when she looked up at Sasami again she saw that her face was beaming with warmth, compassion, love, and happiness. “Huh??” Mihoshi said out loud, puzzled. Yet, Mihoshi did not have to wait long for her answer when she saw Sasami clasp her hands together in front of her chest and smiling said, “Good morning Tenchi, breakfast has been prepared specially for you.” Mihoshi seriously thought about passing out.

Hours later, Late Afternoon at the Masaki Shrine.

The sun was well on its way to reaching its zenith. However, the temperature was absolutely lovely. The leaves rustled in the air as the sky gently swayed them to and fro. The clouds graced the blue sky, rivaling the greatest works of human art in beauty. One could see the long stretch of stone steps leading up to the Masaki shrine. They had been recently swept.

The stones were an ancient grey. They had been worn smooth by many years. The stones near the Masaki shrine had also been recently swept and washed as well. Tenchi did an excellent job. The Masaki shrine was a traditional one. It had a broad traditional Japanese roof with many elaborate carvings. There were many trees spread here and there on the shrine grounds. It made for very beautiful grounds. The rich greens of the leaves and the calming presence of the trees made it a place of self reflection.

Tenchi Masaki and Katsuhito were both enjoying a cup of tea in his quarters in the Shinto shrine. They were sitting down on the floor facing each other across from a small wooden table. The window centered to the right of the table shown a warm golden light into the room. The room was rich in tradition and had wonderful, simple, bright Japanese wood adorned with rich paper. The floor was made out of strongly weaved straw known as tatami. In short, it was a beautiful traditional Japanese room.

Katsuhito was, if appearances were to be trusted, a very old man. His hair had gone gray many years ago. Glasses shielded his ancient eyes from the world. His face and body were very thin but hid the soul of a fierce and strong warrior. Time had given this warrior a crown of wisdom and Katsuhito wished to pass this crown to Tenchi, his great grandson eventually.

Though Tenchi knew of his disguise ever since the end of the Goddess War, he usually kept the façade up, it made instructing Tenchi easier. Either way, that was the past and now for the issue that was at hand. Katsuhito had asked Tenchi to join him for a cup of tea as soon as Tenchi finished his chores. It was an ancient gesture that spoke of hospitality and the wish to have heartfelt conversation.

Katsuhito had allowed a few minutes of quiet to pass after pouring Tenchi’s tea. It allowed him to collect his thoughts and prepare to what he had to speak to Tenchi about. Katsuhito cleared his throat and Tenchi looked up from the spot on the table he had been staring at for the past minutes….obviously deep in thought. Katsuhito had to smile at the seeing the dark, deep, and intense brown eyes looking at him.

 “Tenchi…” Katsuhito began in a deep firm voice, “How have the girls been handling the assimilation?” In truth, Katushito already knew the answer, but he wanted to hear the opinion from the man which was at the center of the girl’s hearts. Tenchi looked down and sighed after hearing the question.

Katsuhito grimaced; he knew this bore heavily on Tenchi, a man who considered the feelings of others perhaps too often than was normal or expected. However, it did keep the boy…that’s wrong; this boy fought a goddess war the old warrior could hardly have won. The boy was a man and his consideration kept from hurting the feelings of the girls who loved him.

“Well...” Tenchi began uncertainly, “They do not seem to be taking it well.” Tenchi paused before continuing, scratching his head pondering the matter. “It is not just spring fever that has gotten into them this time I am afraid, but jealousy. The assimilation has made Sasami…eh, Tsunami’s intentions towards me more clear as well. Tensions between them and her are visibly rising.” Tenchi finished.

Katsuhito merely readjusted his glasses before responding to Tenchi’s statements. “Tenchi, remember when I mentioned that there was a time to fight?” He began. “There is also a time for a man to fall in love. Your time for fighting has passed and now you must attend to other duties.” Katsuhito finished, eyeing Tenchi carefully to gauge his response.

Tenchi merely looked down but was in now way cowering away from the issue they were discussing. The old man could see the strong deliberation going on inside of Tenchi. Katsuhito knew Tenchi was no longer the somewhat immature boy the girls first met; he had become quite the man. Tenchi finally looked up and stared deeply into Katsuhito’s eyes and finally spoke in a firm but kind voice, “I fought hard for my way of life. You are wise; the time for me to fall in love has already passed. Yet the time for me to reveal to all who I love in my heart is still not upon us.”

Katsuhito had to chuckle. Perhaps the crown of wisdom was being passed to Tenchi sooner than he would like. Tenchi had become as cryptic as himself in keeping secrets. It was evident that this particular secret would not be revealed today. Katsuhito merely rubbed his chin in response and smiled, one could not blame him for trying.

Katsuhito then remembered the other issue he wanted to talk to Tenchi about and suddenly became deadly serious, the smile disappearing from his face. Tenchi notice the change and gave him a puzzled look. “There are some things I need to speak to you about Tsunami….” Katsuhito said before being interrupted by no other than Tsunami herself.

“That shall be revealed to him all in good time Yosho, not now and by me.” Tsunami said in a kind but firm voice. Tsunami was standing at the entrance. She looked marvelous, the sunlight from outside almost making her glow in beauty. She was adorned in what had become regal attire, something she seemed to always wear since the assimilation. However, this was lost on both Tenchi and Katsuhito who had bewildered looks on their faces.

 Exactly how could she stand by the doorway without them noticing? Tenchi could not help but ask, “How long have you been there and without us noticing?” Tsunami smiled, her eyes beaming with happiness and put her hand up to her mouth, giggling. “My dear Tenchi, long enough to be able to say that the time for all my secrets to be revealed is not yet upon us.” Tenchi smiled and laughed, seeming to understand.

However, Katsuhito looked fairly displeased. He was beginning to understand the girl’s annoyance; she was interfering with all manners concerning Tenchi lately. In other words, sticking her noise in other peoples business. It was most disconcerting. However, before he had anymore time to mull it over Tenchi had invited Tsunami to have tea with them and it seemed his chances at having a private conversation were at an end.

‘Are they?’ Katsuhito suddenly pondered, “Tenchi, I just remembered, the stones at Funaho need attention, would you please clean them?” he asked Tenchi. He saw Tenchi merely smile and realized that his Great Grandfather wanted a private conversation with Tsunami. It was not long before Tenchi had gotten up, paid his respects and left.

“Yosho, it would have been pleasant to have tea with Tenchi.” Tsunami commented to Katsuhito, gracefully sitting down where Tenchi had been sitting. “I suppose it had to be done; you want to talk to me privately. You must realize that I have responsibilities concerning Tenchi. His business is my business dear brother.” Tsunami finished in a cold almost threatening manner.

Katsuhito nervously readjusted his glasses, feeling uncomfortable under the cold look in Tsunami’s eyes. ‘I should not be surprised that she can sense my thoughts’ Katsuhito thought to himself. Katsuhito decided to stall for time to think and stood up to get another cup for Tsunami. When he was walking towards the cupboard he could hear Tsunami pouring herself a cup, obviously using Tenchi’s cup. Deciding his stalling was not working, Katsuhito sat back down at the table.

 “You are making your point clear Tsunami, even down to the finest subtleties.” Katsuhito began, watching Tsunami gracefully drink out of Tenchi’s cup. “You are different now Tsunami. I do not remember you being this possessive. Sasami has changed you.” Katsuhito finished, trying to gauge exactly who this new person was in front of him. His sister and his goddess were both in there somewhere.

Tsunami sat her cup down on the table before responding, “My dear silly brother. You cannot mention one part of me without realizing the other is present. You talk as if I am some bad influence on Tsunami. You really sound like our sister Ayeka chastising me for hanging around too long with that ‘devil woman’ Ryoko. I think Tenchi is the only one who has realized I am one person not two.” She finished, obviously amused by Katsuhito.

His sister was obviously avoiding the issue, and Tenchi leaving would be pointless if the conversation continued like it was, so he decided to be direct. “Tsunami, please, why will you not let me tell Tenchi about your other plans for him? It has become obvious to me now that your plan for Tenchi is far beyond the mere savior of Jurai. Considering my service to you, I deserve the truth.” Katsuhito said, coming as close to pleading as he could.

Tsunami took another sip of tea before responding, “Since you are having trouble seeing me truly as your sister, I will speak to you as Tsunami. You already know the answer to the question. You have served me well in settling here on Earth, giving me Tenchi. Ryoko has done her part well. Ayeka has done her part as well, bringing me to him.” She finished coolly before continuing.

“I can sense your thoughts on that last part. You seem surprised? Ryoko was necessary in order to give me Tenchi and my body. I would not have had Tenchi tainted by the politics of Jurai. That is why you needed to be removed from Jurai and allowed to raise family elsewhere. As for my physical body? You forget that I am Sasami. I am your sister and you have known me for a long time. I am possessive and jealous brother. Tsunami saved me from certain death even if she used it to her advantage. However, our goal was and is the same, and now that I am one person, and my love for Tenchi, that man, has become infinite. Surely you already knew that too.” Tsunami finished.

Katsuhito nodded his head, and rubbed his chin before responding. “I understand now, Tsunami, Sasami. Regardless of your planning and extraordinary feelings for Tenchi you are also still Ayeka’s sister. Why do I mention that fact? You need to understand why I hope and pray that Tenchi chooses Ayeka. She has had such difficulty with love. I gave her much pain that was tragic. However, when she discovered true love, her love for Tenchi she has been denied that as well so far. Surely you can see the pain you sister is in. I know Tenchi has made his choice in his heart, but I know that he would respect my wishes if I asked him to marry her.” Katsuhito finished.

Tsunami did not respond, she looked him coldly in the eye, her face completely devoid of emotion. Katsuhito suddenly looked down at the table when he heard a loud cracking sound. The cup Tsunami was holding cracked to pieces, her two hands crushing it. He could see the pieces and the tea spread all over the table. Her grip was powerful indeed.

Tsunami finally did reply and her voice was void of emotion, “Pardon me for breaking the cup, but please be careful brother, many things break if you are not careful.” She finished with the thinly veiled threat. Tsunami then stood up and calmly and gracefully walked out and left.

Katsuhito was stunned and a little scared. Tsunami was obviously threatened and worried by his last comments. ‘Or should I say…Sasami?’ he thought. Indeed, the assimilation had changed things. Even the ever compassionate Sasami had given a deaf ear to his plea for Ayeka.

However, her reaction, though discontenting, was very revealing. While Tsunami, Sasami, or whatever she had become knew everything about him, she obviously did not feel as confident with Tenchi. Otherwise, she would have merely informed him that Tenchi already had chosen herself and asking Tenchi to marry Ayeka would be pointless.

After all, she did mention her love for him was infinite. That is why she chooses not to invade Tenchi’s inner privacy. She does not know who he loves.’ Yosho concluded. He had to talk to Tenchi about this. Ayeka had suffered enough at the hands of love. She would probably wither away and die without Tenchi.

 Tenchi was the only man who could probably survive the wrath of a goddess if he loved another woman. Yet, would that other woman survive that wrath? It was a matter he would speak to Tenchi on, and soon.

It is a pity he forgot that Tsunami knew all his thoughts. She would have to persuade her brother not to talk to Tenchi and possibly harm her chances with him. Not that it would happen anytime soon, for the Royal Family of Jurai was about to arrive.

In Washu’s Lab, Ayeka and Ryoko seek to put their scheme in action.

When Ayeka and Ryoko found Washu deep in the lab they were not pleased. Once they both agreed to contact Jurai, they did not want to waste anytime entering the lab. The lab was cleverly hidden in what looked like a common closet door. Once you stepped through the closet door is was evident that there was far more than brooms and sticks behind this door.

There was a grand garden behind the door, circling around a clearing in the center of what one would guess as a room. In the middle of this room was a pillow where the mad scientist Washu would sit, overseeing her experiments. Unfortunately for Ayeka and Ryoko, she was not in her usual place. She was nowhere to be found and they had been looking since morning.

The only place the girls had not looked was Ryo-oh, Ayeka’s tree that was damaged in a fabled battle years ago against Jurai’s ancient and dead nemesis, Kagato. It had grown into quite a tree over the years and would soon be fit to be taken outside of the lab. The girls finally reached the tree, and strangely enough, found Washu trimming its leaves.

Washu was on a ladder dressed in a tan shirt and shorts. Her hair was tucked into a bun, a common look among gardeners. She was leaning on top of the latter toward a branch, cutters in her hand. Washu apparently annoyed at having unexpected visitors threw her cutters into the air where a dark black hole appeared and swallowed the cutters. Washu jumped down the ladder, which disappeared shortly after, and she put her hands on her hips, waiting for one of the girls to speak.

Ayeka, as if the spokesperson, was the first to speak. “Little Washu” she began with a polite exasperation, “What ever brings you to this place in the lab? I have to make a most urgent call to Jurai.” She finished. Washu began crackling, almost mad, but it was apparent from her laugh that she was not happy.

Soon, tears started to flow down her eyes which she quickly whipped away on her arm, she quickly returned to normal before speaking in a sad voice. “I am afraid, Ayeka, that your plan will not work. Tsunami has already summoned Jurai here. Ryo-oh has informed me that the whole ruling class of Jurai has just arrived. It seems that Tsunami has beaten us at our own game.”

Ayeka, as soon as her shock wore off, began to cry. Ryoko could only wonder at the true lengths of Tsunami’s power. Washu just shook her head, “Well, rather than looking shocked, we should make due the best we can, and prepare for the new company. I am sure we will know what Tsunami has in mind very soon.”

Meanwhile, at the ancient tree Funaho, Tenchi was attending to its care.

Funaho was a large tree. The ancient bark was smooth and grey, with branches spread everywhere, rich with green and life. There was a small reflecting pong surrounding the tree with a small set of stones set across the pond leading to the tree. Tenchi was bent down on his knees facing the tree gently washing and polishing the stones that lead to the ancient tree known as Funaho. The young man was at peace.

However, he did sense in the back of his head that tumultuous events that he sensed even before Tsunami’s assimilation was upon him. Tenchi’s peace was interrupted by a certain female voice behind him. “Funaho loves being near you, Tenchi.” Tsunami paused before adding, “As do I.”

Tenchi stood up and brushed the dirt off of his knees and turned around. He was wearing brown pants with a brown shirt. He scratched his head, tilting his head to one side, gauging how to respond to Tsunami, he decided to smile. She was already smiling at him, arms resting at her side, standing at the edge of Funaho’s reflecting pond.

 She looked even more beautiful than she did at the Shinto shrine. The look of warmth, compassion, and love in her eyes did not escape the notice of Tenchi. It made Tenchi forget what he was going to say.

Tsunami put a hand up to her mouth and began giggling. She loved seeing Tenchi speechless around her. “Come here Tenchi, sit with me and regard the beauty of Funaho.” Tsunami waited for Tenchi to walk to her. Her smile widened at him again once he reached the edge of the pond. They both sat down together.

“You know, Tenchi, I have many secrets I want to reveal to you.” Tsunami stated to him. She felt herself blush when she looked at Tenchi on her right. He was giving her such an intense stare. Tenchi could not hold his curiosity and excitement. “Is this about what Yosho wanted to tell me about?” Tenchi blurted out.

Tsunami started laughing; it was a gentle and pleasing sound to the ears.  She then looked down at Tenchi’s hands. They were clasped together in his lap. It was the Sasami in her she knew. She just could not resist touching the man. She reached down and took one of his hands in hers; she closed her eyes and placed it up to her cheek, leaning her head into his cradled.  It hurt her so much when she could not be in his presence.

It was times like these, that even as a Goddess she would get impatient with her plan. Her ultimate plan. ‘Well…I have waited till the beginning of time’ she reminded herself, ‘a little more time will do me no harm.’ She began to feel Tenchi’s hand sweat and sensed his nervousness. She opened her eyes and looked into his now bewildered eyes.

This is something the Sasami and Tsunami before the assimilation would have never done, being so direct. She also noticed the small sweat drop trickling down his neck. It was something that he would do when he was around Ryoko. ‘Oh, how terrible of me’ she thought to herself, ‘I have made him greatly nervous. Only Tenchi could make me feel so emotional.’ Tsunami gently placed Tenchi’s hand back into his lap. She was blushing very deeply and felt slightly insecure at her plan.

 She would not invade Tenchi’s privacy. She knew Tenchi very well, better than any of the girls, or any human for that matter. However, she refused to look at the part of Tenchi’s heart that revealed who he loved. If he did not love her back than her ancient plan who be useless. “Tenchi” she began, not letting go of his hand yet, “I will reveal to you more secrets than any mortal has known. Yosho is wise for his time but he still knows very little. That is why I want to tell you these things myself.” She said in a calm voice, soothing voice.

Tenchi looked down and noticed that her grip did slightly tense on his hand when she mentioned the word Yosho. Tsunami knew that Tenchi liked honesty and that event  though the other girls loved Tenchi very much, they did terrible jobs telling Tenchi how they felt. Tsunami decided not to make that mistake and continued. “I am sorry for grabbing your hand like that earlier. Even a goddess can grow impatient and want to touch a part of the man she loves.” She paused to gauge his response.

 Tsunami smiled when she noticed that Tenchi was no longer tense. “You know that you are no accident Tenchi. I needed a champion to defend my interests from the evil that would harm good. I allowed Yosho to escape Jurai so that he could spawn you here on Earth, a place of my choosing. The secret Yosho was going to reveal to you is that when I was just Tsunami, I loved you.” Tsunami stopped to look into Tenchi’s eyes.

They were wide, but not in surprise as she expected. It was more as if Tenchi had guessed this much but was surprised by the honesty. It did not take long for Tenchi to respond. “Tsunami, you have labored much for my welfare and the welfare of good. You saved Sasami and my life. I gathered that you might have loved me, but was I created to love you?” Tsunami’s eyes went wide at Tenchi’s question, and then she smiled. “No, Tenchi. I put every good thing I wanted to defend from evil in you. I grew to love you because of that over time. As for Sasami, I have always loved you. You are a free being. You can love and do what you love.” Tsunami responded.

Tenchi grinned and nodded his head, honestly understanding. Tsunami, still grasping Tenchi’s hand, brought his hand to her chest, where her heart beat. Tenchi did not know why but he had a distinct sense that this had happened before…like in a dream he could barely remember. She smiled at Tenchi remembering the dream; it had served its purpose well.

“Tenchi” she began, “My heart beats only for you now.” she almost whispered from the intensity of the emotion, her eyes almost began to tear. “Yosho and some of the others are going to try to force you to choose. Part of my conversation with Yosho in the shrine consisted of this.” Tsunami smiled, she had outmaneuvered Yosho and the girls at the house easily.

Yosho would have a hard time explaining his desire for his grandson to marry Ayeka now. Her Sasami side was honestly surprised that Yosho would have said such a thing, but now was not the time to dwell on that. She blushed when she felt Tenchi’s other hand rest on her shoulder. “I knew they would try sooner or later, but why are you giving me an advanced warning?” Tenchi asked confused.

She looked at his hand on her shoulder, holding his hand closer to her heart, her beat picking up. “I called all of ruling Jurai and they are almost here. The girls will not listen to me now that I am both Sasami and Tsunami. They will listen to Jurai.” Tsunami spoke with urgency before continuing, “I want you to be able to choose without someone forcing you. You know I want you to love me.  I realize now is not the time for you to tell others who you love, and even as much as it hurts my heart…let me know either. I do not know who you love Tenchi, but I do not want you under pressure. Just trust me Tenchi.” She finished, almost pleading with him.

Tenchi tightened his grip on Tsunami’s shoulder and grinned. “I could always rely on you, my dear Sasami, for looking out for my feelings and you have always protected me as Sasami and Tsunami.” He responded. “I hate to leave right now, but I need to prepare myself for our arriving guests. I trust you with my life and will trust your judgment here.” Tenchi finished.

Tenchi let go of her shoulder and Tsunami reluctantly let go of his hand. Tenchi quickly stood up and looked down on Tsunami. She smiled and he bowed, and ran off like a crazed school boy toward his home.

Tsunami stood up and watched Tenchi run off into the distance. “Tenchi…I am glad that you trust me” she said out loud. “Ayeka and the girls tried to betray me because they love you. I knew they would try to reveal my true identity to Jurai. That is part of the reason I sent for Jurai in the first place….but I knew the advantages it had for me as well. So who betrayed the other first?” Tsunami asked herself.

Then her hand went to her chest where Tenchi’s hand used to be. Her face was beaming with happiness remembering the touch of Tenchi only moments before but slowly hardened into cold and steel.

‘I am so much more jealous and possessive than I used to be before the assimilation. All my feelings as Sasami, even the negative ones have spread to every part my goddess.’ She thought to herself. ‘Well, the girls better pray that Tenchi is in love with one of them. There is no hope for them if he is not.’ Tsunami, after thinking such new things did not know what to call herself, Sasami or Tsunami.

She was truly both, but she never imagined the extent of the change in her. As if to emphasize the point, she looked up and saw Azusa’s flagship slowly drifting past the clouds. Jurai had arrived.

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Tsunami’s Shadow Chapter 4

The Royal Cruiser loomed large in the sky. The ship gently pushed through the clouds.  One could hear the gentle roar of the ships engines, slightly shaking the earth below. A small brown speck could be seen separating from the large ship. The small speck began to descend towards the ground below. It was evident that it was a small transport, and a luxurious one at that.

It resembled the head of a wooden spear, smoothly carved and beautiful to gaze upon. The transport was none other than the Royal Transport of Jurai. As soon as the transport landed softly in the Misaki Pond, the Royal Cruiser, which loomed so large above, disappeared. The Royalty and Nobles of Jurai had arrived.

It did not take long for Emperor Azusa, his wives, and the nobles to file out of the transport. However, instead of finding Tsunami waiting for them like they expected, it was instead, Tenchi Misaki. He was dressed in his usual attire. He had on a black coat with his family seal proudly displayed. His pants were a plain light blue. He looked simple, and that became painfully evident contrasted to the regal robes the Jurains before him were wearing.

Tenchi was thankful for the quick warning from Tsunami. It appeared to him that there were twelve noblemen, the Royal Family, and last but hardly least, Seto. Tenchi was surprised that the noblemen, who he would have supposed to look down on him, seemed very pleased to see him. In short, everyone was grinning like fools, including Tenchi. Seto was the first to break the silence. “Tenchi, I present you the Royal Family and the nobles of Jurai.” She finished, making a large bow to him.

Tenchi, not wanting to be rude, quickly responded. “Welcome to my home. I know it is not much, but I will accommodate you the best I can.” This was followed by general laughter from the group of noblemen. Seto merely smiled and said, “You’re in luck Tenchi because the nobles shall be staying in their private ships up in orbit.” Tenchi had to laugh too and silently thanked his lucky stars. ‘Really’ he thought to himself, ‘Like my house was not crowded enough.’

Tenchi was not alone for long in greeting the visitors by his humble home. He was going to invite them into his house but his gesture was interrupted by the girls arriving on the dock, only Tsunami was missing. Tenchi looked around and began to scratch his head, his nervous habit. As a matter of fact, Tenchi was surprised. None of the girls looked happy.

Their faces wore the same mask, teary eyes and quivering mouths. Ayeka and Ryoko both flanked Tenchi’s side and grabbed his arms. The nobleman’s smiles quickly disappeared and it became apparent to the Jurai Royalty that they were going to have a difficult visit. Tenchi, not quite understanding why the girls were so unhappy, was about to inquire about it when he was interrupted by non other than Tsunami.

It was an interesting situation to say the least. There was the Emperor Asuza standing at the center of the dock, flanked by his two wives and Seto, the noblemen standing behind them. Facing them was Tsunami, who had blocked their view of Tenchi, standing in front of him and the girls.

It was stunning to see the goddess and they were shocked to see her in human form. She also looked so….real. Everyone on Jurai for thousands of years had been accustomed to Tsunami, but as a living tree and in rare instances, an astral human form. Never what appeared to be flesh and blood? The entire group from Jurai had its eyes wide. This was unusual.

Tsunami had made her appearance as a matter of dramatic effect. She was standing proud with her regal clothes flowing gently down to the dock. You could not see her hands as they were concealed by her goddess robs. Her eyes beamed radiantly and she had a wonderful smile on her face.  She could tell that Tenchi was confused as to why the girls, especially Ayeka and Ryoko, seemed distraught. It was time to alleviate that confusion in Tenchi and state her true reason for requiring the presence of Jurai.

“I am glad to see every single of you. I thank you for your patience at being summoned in such an unusual matter.” She began in a sweet and calming voice before continuing, “I could have appeared to you all on Jurai, but I wished to gain your complete attention.” In response, the Jurain Royal family nodded their heads. They seemed to understand, as did the nobles, who also nodded their heads.  Tsunami was absolutely pleased. This was a moment she had been planning for a very long time. “I am Sasami.”

There was a collective gasp and a deafening silence greeted her response from the nobles and the Royal Family. Azusa was being held tightly, his wives holding his arms to keep him from falling down from the shock. Seto no longer was wearing a grin. The color from her face had drained. She immediately began to sweat. Things were not as she expected.

Seto was the first one to speak, her voice revealing her inner turmoil, “How can this be?” The Emperor immediately spoke after her, “Sasami, how can you also be Tsunami?” Confusion was evident in both of their voices.

Sasami was enjoying this. If she had not merged with Tsunami she might have giggled uncontrollable. Instead she felt like smiling and giving a small chuckle. The rulers of Jurai were no longer their own masters who had to occasionally consult the goddess for direction. They were her servants…and they knew it. Yet, this was a time for answers and not sociological reflection. “Well, to begin with, my story is a long one.” She began. “However, I Tsunami merged with Sasami when Ryoko attacked Jurai. The assimilation was a long and laborious one. Only recently was it made complete.”

She paused for emphasis, to let the truth sink in before continuing with the obvious. “I am both Sasami and Tsunami. You may call me either.” She finished.

Seto was still shocked. The rest of the Jurain elite were too shocked to even compute this and all resembled stone statues. However, Seto was always able to recover quickly from whatever fate had thrown her. She would never have maintained power otherwise. Her eyes thinned in a new formed suspicion. ‘With the assimilation comes a merger of personalities…a new person’ she paused in her thoughts looking at Tsunami.

She looked just like Tsunami. ‘Who is this that stands before me?’ she finished to herself. As if reading her thoughts, Tsunami looked directly at Seto and asked her “What other concerns do you have Princess Seto?” Seto was not one to stall and immediately stated her concerns.

“Tsunami, why have you commanded yourself and Ayeka back to Jurai? You informed me that Sasami and Ayeka shall not marry Tenchi. I have brought the noblemen here with their daughters, so that Tenchi might select the finest among them to be his bride, so that he might still be one with Jurai.” She finished with urgency, as if begging Tsunami to have some sort of purpose behind this besides the recent and shocking announcement.

Seto noticed immediately that the smile had left Tsunami’s face. ‘What have I done?’ Seto thought to herself and immediately the answer came to her, ‘Oh no, I have assumed too much.’

Tsunami was most displeased at Seto. In fact, that would be an understatement, she was very angry at Seto. Tsunami knew from the very moment that she relayed her message to Seto that this would happen. However, to be confronted with the issue made her angry. That was the reason that she became very unhappy the night after she entered Tenchi’s dream. She knew what had happened as soon as the message was relayed by Funaho.

It was a mixed blessing, she was pleased that her ancient plan was now in the final stages, but very unpleased at having to deal with this. There was a time for happiness, and there was a time for anger. This was the time to deal with her anger at having Seto assume too much. Tsunami was most pleased that Seto had already realized this. Tsunami was also almost pleased to sense that Seto was becoming afraid. The best course of action would be to allow the silence to sink in. Let the rulers of Jurai sweat a little bit.

Tsunami glanced to her back to see that Tenchi was being held up by Ayeka and Ryoko. He was staring at the ground and looked…betrayed. Tsunami knew this was part of the plan and she hated it. ‘There is no other way’ she told herself. Tsunami almost gave into the need to break the stoic look on her face and consolidate Tenchi. She decided against that and instead decided to look back at Seto. Tsunami no longer felt angry…she was enraged.

The Emperor was becoming nervous. Exactly who was this in front of them? It looked like his grown daughter, but he would be stupid to deny that Tsunami was not in there as well. He freed his left arm from Misaki to stroke his beard. He glanced quickly to both his wives to gauge their response. They were giving him a pleading almost bewildered look, especially Misaki, but he smiled reassuring at them. However, his eyes gave away his concern as well.

Looking to his right he saw Seto standing rigid, waiting for the delayed response from Tsunami. ‘Apparently, Seto did not obey the command as she wished.’ Azusa thought to himself. He had never seen Seto that disturbed before. Then he decided to glance once again at his daughter to see what had Seto so disturbed.

The Emperor did not like what he saw in his daughter. It was difficult for him to look at her. It was horrible; he had to look away towards the ground. ‘What did this assimilation do to my daughter?’ he thought to himself. Sasami had such a stoic face and was glaring very coldly at Seto. Emperor Asuza had never seen such a powerful cold gaze; it was if no life was inside those eyes.

When Azusa looked up again to gaze at his daughter he found her looking at him worriedly. He became puzzled, gone was the coldness in her eyes but in its place was warmth. As if reading his mind she calmed his fears and made him feel peace again. “Don’t not be alarmed Father.” Sasami began, “I am still the daughter you knew, but I am also Tsunami. I still cherish you.” Azusa had forgotten the cold gaze he had witnessed only a moment before. He rubbed the back of his neck in relief.

‘I am here to pick up my little girl from Tenchi.’ He thought to himself. He was relieved, now with Tsunami on his side, Tenchi would not marry any of his daughters. ‘How difficult…he is a good man. He has fought so hard for a place that is not his true home. Though I would never tell the boy this, he is nothing but a noble barbarian. Being raised on Jurai could have made him so much.’ He had no idea how wrong he was.

   Tsunami had decided that Seto had waited long enough for her response. The Sasami in her wanted to ignore Seto entirely, but her knowledge of politics dictated a response. She had to be somewhat amused at Seto. She needed to be humbled. What she schemed, wanted, and plotted for quickly became a reality for Seto.

It was time, Tsunami decided, for behavioral correction. Tsunami prepared herself for her reprimand on Seto. She looked directly into Seto’s eyes. “These women will not be prospective brides for Tenchi. As for the entire fate of myself and Ayeka, that will be announced later.” Tsunami began with considerable force.

There was an immediate gasp from not only the nobles, but everyone. Tsunami decided to continue, but at a more conciliatory tone, so the others would not be concerned that something was amiss.

“Seto, my dear servant, we must talk about this later in private. I only asked you to bring the ruling class here.” Tsunami paused, smiling warmly at Seto. “We must refresh all of you. I am sure you had such a tired visit. I also appreciate you ruling nobles being present for my announcement. You are welcome to bring down you daughters from orbit. I have no qualms with them meeting Tenchi.” Tsunami looked at the nobles, smiling widely before adding, “Yet, nothing more.”

Tsunami then turned around to gaze at the Tenchi who was standing behind her. Her heart faltered. Tenchi looked terribly confused and horrified. The gaze he gave her was pleading, as if to explain why she had done this. It almost made her cry, this was necessary to gain his love. She was almost tempted to look into his heart, but she loved him too much for that invasion. “Trust me Tenchi.” She whispered to him warmly and lovingly.

 His pleading eyes immediately began to fill with hope and trust. Much to her chagrin, she also noticed that Ryoko and Ayeka had pressed closely into Tenchi and were holding his arms. She was tempted to glare at them, but decided against it least Tenchi become more upset. She let it pass this once before giving Tenchi a request. “Tenchi, why don’t you give a tour of the Masaki grounds for our guests? I am sure they will show you the utmost respect.” She added at the end, loud enough for everyone to hear.

Tenchi smiled understandingly and bowed to her. It was good that no one could see her hands through her robes; she was clenching them in fists when she saw that the girls were practically escorting him while he went about his request. Tsunami turned around again to face the lake. At least Seto was not entirely stupid. She had apparently sensed her desire to speak with her in private. ‘Now that the others are occupied’ Tsunami thought, ‘It is time to tie the loose ends.’

Tsunami gave a sinister smile to Seto. Seto was standing rigid. She was suddenly more interested in her wonderful patterns on her beautiful, red, royal garb. The designs on them were complex but predictable. At that moment, Seto envied the pattern and wished her plan had gone the same way. Seto looked up from her pattern but was still avoiding looking at Tsunami.

Instead she was looking to the right of the house, where there was a bridge built across from the small pond. She could barely make out a crowd of many people walking into the hazy forest. ‘I am alone with someone I no longer know.’ She contemplated to herself, ‘I have no support.’ Seto felt very afraid and glanced up into the blue sky, wishing for it to give her strength. She finally felt brave enough to glance at Tsunami.

What she saw terrified her to the core of her soul. This was not a benevolent entity she was dealing with. Seto had thought she had seen the true nature of anger and hate in her walk of life. Yet, Seto was feeling many things from Tsunami. ‘It is as if she wants me to feel it…as if to intimidate me?’ Seto pondered incredulously to herself. ‘She just stands there looking at me. I feel like I am a convict being condemned.’ Seto felt hopeless, but she was going to wait for Tsunami to make the first gesture. She had no other card to play.

Tsunami was standing tall and proud. Her royal robes of white, blue, and golden buttons making those the others wore looking like mere rags. The gentle light reflected from the pond could be seen on her body. It almost made her look like she was glowing. Her blue hair was immaculate and long flowing. It was almost as if possible that everything about her was so perfect that it provided yet another source of intimidation.

 However, the most intimidating thing about Tsunami was her small smile she gave. It was not the smile but the eyes that made Tsunami threatening. They were cold and cruel but a new edge was behind them…retribution. Tsunami smile widened into an open grin, revealing her clenched white teeth. Tsunami, feeling that Seto was now put into the proper mood, prepared for her rebuke. Then she would let herself calm down.

“Dear servant…” Tsunami began in a monotone and unemotional voice, “I fear that you have grossly over estimated your importance.” Tsunami paused, giving the veiled threat time to sink in before continuing. “You did not perform matters as I had commanded you. It told you that Sasami and Ayeka are not to marry Tenchi. Yet, I only asked you to bring the nobles and Royal family here did I not?” Tsunami asked, clearly asking a rhetorical question, so she continued with her reprimand.

“Yet, what I find here is nothing but a charade. A pitiful attempt to marry the most valuable asset of Jurai away to...” Tsunami paused, to calm herself so she could maintain her sick, continual, monotone voice. “…undeserving women.” Tsunami had finished her small reprimand and now was the time for punishment.

   Tsunami grinned again at Seto. It was becoming clear to Seto that this was not a discussion, but something much more dreadful. Seto did manage to interject a quick plea, “Please Tsunami…I meant no disrespect. Who…what are you?” Seto almost screamed in fear and her knees were beginning to buckle in fear. Tsunami began to laugh; it was a laugh that the ancient Tsunami would never bellow. Something had changed in her.

   Tsunami decided to let Seto in on the secret. “You know, Tsunami at one time had to readjust her ancient 22,000 year old plan?” Tsunami stated as a matter of fact. Seto’s eyes started widening, after all these years she never thought she herself was capable of being manipulated. Yet, here was the proof. She was beginning to feel like a pawn in a grand game of chess.

    Seto’s knees buckled and she fell on the deck, her hands breaking her fall. Tsunami began walking toward her and stopped inches away from Seto’s body. It was all very intimidating, Seto panting on her hands and knees, staring at the deck seeing Tsunami’s royal robes only inches away from her. It was very quiet and one could only hear the leaves rustling in the wind. Tsunami decided now was the time to end what she started with Seto.

“You see, the assimilation with me, Sasami had an unforeseen consequence.” Tsunami stated. “I needed a body but the effect of human emotion on me was never factored in, so seven hundred years ago my plan had to slightly change.” Seto looked up from the ground where she had been staring at in disbelief and interrupted Tsunami, “You mean you attacked Jurai on purpose to gain Sasami?”

Tsunami looked into Seto’s eyes and laughed lightly, it was a sweet and innocent    laugh, which is what made it so menacing. “Oh, you do not understand what I am telling you.” Tsunami brushed the question aside casually. “My original goal had only been to secure something I desired. Yet with the human emotion I suddenly felt the need to secure everything for that desire.” Tsunami simply stated, letting Seto take it as she may.

Seto looked baffled, and decided to voice her frustration, “What are you trying to tell me Tsunami? I realize that is whole thing is part of an elaborate scheme, but what is it that you originally desired?” She began to pant from the stress, starting to sweat profusely.

Tsunami only let out a small sigh. “That is a secret which I will not give you. You have assumed too much of your own worth and power…” Tsunami said with firmness. Tsunami bent down and pulled her hands out of her robe to grab Seto on the shoulders. Tsunami paused a moment and stared directly into Seto eyes.

“I have told you these things to let you know that something larger is at stake here. If you truly love Jurai and me then you will understand. However, I am still going to punish you for taking many manners into your own hands for all these years.” Tsunami stated calmly. “I am cutting your lifespan in half.” Tsunami paused, greatly tightening her grip on Seto’s shoulders.

Seto yelled out in pain from the grip and tried to pull away. Tsunami only continued and in the most menacing voice said, “Also, if you ever meddle in affairs concerning Tenchi again without my consent, I will destroy all that you have fought and worked for.”

Tsunami lightened her grip on Seto and began to hug Seto. Seto could not respond, she was crying and shaking in fear. Tsunami began to stroke Seto’s hair. It was time to change tactics. “Hush my child, for I am a Goddess of light. I offer you redemption.” Tsunami stated lovingly. “You are gifted Seto, but very misguided. If you obey me completely and become a devoted servant, I will offer you more life and influence than you could have gained by yourself.” Tsunami felt Seto stop crying and felt Seto’s hands shakily reach behind Tsunami to return the hug.

Tsunami and Seto hugged for a few moments more before Seto broke the hug gently. “Tsunami…” Seto began, “I am so sorry for the awful things I have done. Rest assured that I will never betray you. I will gladly die right now rather than forsake you. I realize that now that you not only wish to secure Jurai but the whole universe for good of everyone.” She finished.

Seto felt herself being pulled up to a standing position by Tsunami. They both stated at each other once they were standing. Tsunami smiled, “I know dear child. You just need direction and I have seen into your heart and know that you have changed your ways. Continue on this new path and few will match your influence.” Tsunami stated warmly, her eyes glowing with love.

Seto smiled back, “Yes Tsunami, and I will no longer question you. I shall work to regain the portion of my life that has been lost. Sasami has made you even better, and I will mention this conversation to no one.” Tsunami smiled back and patted Seto on the shoulder before responding, “I would have it no other way Seto. Now, go join the others and think about what I have asked of you.”

Tsunami watched Seto happily walk across the pond bridge and into the forest that lead to the Masaki shrine. The woman was blinded by assumptions and her threat to her plan was eliminated. Tsunami had gained a most powerful asset and had quelled the independent nature in the woman easily. Threats were most effective if used right.

It was almost too simple, but Tsunami knew the weaknesses of people well. Tsunami would be able to maintain her loving image to all Jurai while letting Seto do all the necessary dirty work to fulfill her plan. She did not dare allow Tenchi to think anything ill of herself. So that left Seto with the dirty deeds to do. Tsunami walked over to the edge of the dock and stared into the pond water. Knowing Seto, she would enjoy every minute of it.

Tsunami brought her hands to her face to look at them. They were shaking. Hugging Seto had been very difficult, and almost impossible for her to do. ‘I still want to terrible things to her.’ She thought to herself. She was going to allow the noble daughters to meet Tenchi to appease the Feudal Jurai elite, but hated it. She knew that emotion probably came from what was Sasami. That tight grip she gave Seto earlier almost became more violent. It was filled with such strong emotion.

She was glad that she waited longer to complete the assimilation. The plan was for the assimilation to be instantaneous. Yet, she needed time to learn how to control such emotions. ‘Around Seven hundred years’ she thought to herself. She was supposed to have been complete when she met Tenchi, but when she reevaluated her plan long ago; she supposed that introducing herself to Tenchi as a child would be more effective.

 She could get past his defenses easier. It also allowed for her to form a deeper bond with the man. She would grow up under his wing. She hated the risky part of that plan. The other girls had a running start on her in other areas because of it. Tsunami hugged herself with her hands and looked down on her reflection in the pond. ‘Yet now the playing field is mine to command’ she thought satisfactorily to herself.

 For the second time that day, Tsunami suddenly felt doubt about Tenchi. ‘No…’ she told herself. ‘I love Tenchi far too much to enter his privacy. That is the only thing that could cause my whole efforts to falter is if he…’ She could not even finish the terrifying thought.

Tsunami still had control over her emotions, but the merge with Sasami had caused her human emotions to become omnipotent with the rest of her. They were just as powerful as the rest of her. Tsunami felt a tear slip down her cheek. If Tenchi rejected her the only thing that would stop her from destroying herself would be to protect his wellbeing.

Yet it was not the time to focus on such doubts. The time for her to win his affections was fast approaching. She could only imagine the conflict that would erupt between all the women in his life because of it.  ‘Now, to convince my parents to have tea with me.’ Tsunami began walking where the others had gone before her.

Late Afternoon at the Masaki Shrine Tenchi is greeting the Noble Daughters.

Tenchi really did not like doing this. He had shown the Jurain guests his families’ entire grounds. He later brought them back to his house where Seto and the Nobles left to fetch their daughters. Tsunami at that time went to have tea with the Royal Family. At the same time, much to the annoyance of Ryoko, Ayeka had convinced Tenchi to change into some Jurain robes before the nobles came back to present their daughters.

Ayeka, apparently, saw no threat in him meeting the daughters anymore and wanted to show him off it seemed. ‘Well, that is not fair to Ayeka.’ Tenchi reprimanded himself, ‘She just wants me to look my best.’ He thought quietly to himself. His garb was provided to him by the princess of course. It was completely white except for red and gold embroidery. He felt so odd walking up to the shrine wearing it.

Apparently, Ayeka and Ryoko had beaten him to the shrine while he changed clothes. He could see them standing at the top of the shrine stairs. They were both staring down at him lovingly…and protectively. When Tenchi cleared the last step, Ayeka and Ryoko each took one of his arms, serving as his escorts. He then understood why there were being so guarded.

There had to be at least a hundred women on the shrine grounds. They were all dressed in Jurain garb, but far less ornate than what Ayeka would wear. It was extremely crowded. ‘Thankfully’ Tenchi thought to himself, ‘I will not have to be marrying anyone of them.’ Tenchi suppressed a smirk at seeing the saddened faces on the Jurain daughters. He thought they would have been elated not to marry a man they never met, not to mention he was just a backwater farm boy.

Tenchi was surprised, their faces seemed slightly sad, and the multitude of the women kept looking from his right to his left, as if amazed. Then it dawned on him. ‘They are amazed that I am being escorted by Ayeka and Ryoko…’ He thought to himself, ‘Especially Ryoko.’ He began to meet each and every one of them. It was so taxing having to bow so many times and say the same boring introduction. ‘Tsunami does not wish to insult them, so I should show them the same courtesy’ he rationalized to himself.

The noble daughters, it seemed, wanted to persuade Tenchi that he should marry them despite what Tsunami had said earlier. Ryoko glared threateningly at every single girl who happened to catch Tenchi’s eye. One noble daughter actually tried to touch him, but Ayeka pinched that woman’s hand. He heard the noble girl mutter to herself, “What a hunk.” Tenchi only bowed his head. ‘Would will this ever end?’ he thought to himself.

As if fate had heard his thoughts, matters became worse. The girls became more insistent on actually conversing with him. Tenchi actually had to restrain Ayeka with his left hand when one noble daughter offered him a “test run” of herself. Tenchi began to panic but almost fainted when Ayeka whispered into his ear, “Don’t worry Lord Tenchi, when you have tea ceremony which each one of them tomorrow…I will protect you.”

 Tenchi seriously thought about passing out. He may not have had to marry them, but wasn’t all this consideration beyond the call of duty?

Meanwhile, the Royal Family and Tsunami are engaged in a private conversation

 The tea had recently been served in the inner sanctum of the ship Tsunami. There were in the center of a grand sanctuary. The walls glowed a peaceful blue and in the center there was a grand Jurain tree. It was Tsunami. Surrounding the outskirts of the large sanctuary was a reflecting pond. The Royal Family and Tsunami were sitting underneath the tree at the table.

 “It has been a long time since I have been in this ship.” Asuza stated quietly. He was still dressed in his royal garbs, but his posture had relaxed. While he may have been the presence of a goddess, she was his daughter. The same could have been said about Funaho and Misaki, who were also visibly relaxed. All of their shoulders were comfortably sagged. Tsunami on the other hand was quite formal, sitting rigidly and straight.

She was sitting across from Asuza who was flanked by his wives. She was however smiling in-between sips of her wonderful cup of tea. She was content to listening to her parents rambling and would answer their important questions. She knew them well and as a result did not have to mettle in order to achieve her means.

“Why did you decide to merge with Sasami?” Azusa finally blurted out, immediately sipping tea afterwards to hide his impatience from today’s events. Tsunami merely smiled to him from across the table and sat her tea down gently on the table. “I wished to save the life of your daughter.” Tsunami spoke sweetly.

Misaki could no longer hide her emotions and blurted out, “Oh what a wonderful thing to do!” The over emotional woman was preparing to leap over the table and hug Tsunami with all her strength but was stopped when she felt her husband put a hand on her shoulder.

 Funaho only responded with a short and dignified, “Thank you.” Tsunami smiled and began sipping her tea again. Funaho, looking inquisitively at Tsunami decided to ask the question on her mind. “How was Ryoko able to get past Jurai’s defenses? Could this assimilation have been prevented?” Funaho gently finished, genuinely concerned. Tsunami’s smile disappeared and she once again set her tea down contemplating her answer.

Tsunami did not want to openly admit to her parents that Tsunami had indeed allowed the attack to come. Rather than lie, she decided to tell a portion of the truth, “It was the only favorable outcome that could have come out of her assault on Jurai.” Tsunami finished. Funaho smiled and once again thanked Tsunami for her consideration. The whole conversation was amusing to Tsunami.

She finally decided to quell their insecurities. “My dear parents, I am still Sasami.” She paused for emphasis, “You can call me whatever you want. Sasami or Tsunami, it will not matter.” She put a hand up to her mouth to cover her giggle. Her parents were honestly dumbfounded on how to digest this information.

Asuza visibly breathed a sigh. He spoke for both Misaki and Funaho, “It is one thing to be told this, but I am glad to see that you are still Sasami.” The emperor then straightened up his body and began to sit rigid. The moment for formal questioning was to begin and he was the spoke person Misaki, Funaho, and of course, himself. He put his hands in his lap and closed his eyes in concentration.

 Tsunami, sensing the importance set also put her hands in her lap and her face became stoic…waiting for the Emperor to inquire about the more important matters at hand. It was the questions Tsunami wanted to be asked.

“Tsunami, why did you order Ayeka and Sasami back to Jurai? You have forbidden Ayeka and yourself from marrying Tenchi.” He asked, genuinely confused. He opened his eyes and then stared straight into Tsunami’s eyes before he continued his questioning. “Tell me, daughter, and goddess….why?” Asuza finished with as much emphasis on why as he could muster. Knowledge was power and he did not have any knowledge concerning this matter and it made him feel powerless.

When he saw that Tsunami was not answering him, but merely regarding him inquisitively, Asuza decided to speak again. “Tsunami, tell me, do you feel as I do? Tenchi is a man of good heart and respect, but without the noble upbringing is still nothing but a gentle barbarian who does not deserve either you or Ayeka?” He finished, hopeful he was right.

Tsunami narrowed her eyes on Asuza and her face tensed. The Emperor could sense that he had said something terribly wrong. He looked to his wives and they both gave him a confused stare back. When he looked back at Tsunami he felt a chill go down his spine.

Gone was loving gaze that his daughter used to give him. In its place was a cold and deadly stare. The cold stare reminded him of ones he received from men who hated him. This inconsistency from loving warmth to coldness disturbed him. He would have to discern the reason for this.

Tsunami was not long to respond. “I have known of your thoughts for a long time father.” She began coldly. “However, I wish to take issue with them now that your voice them openly.” Tsunami stared intensely into the Emperor’s eyes, daring him to show any sign of defiance. When she found nothing but confusion she continued passionately. “I told you once that if you took me away from him that I would hate you forever.”

Asuza gasped and was becoming horrified at the direction of the conversation. Tsunami ignored this reaction and decided to continue. “Do not misunderstand my dear father, I only wish to impress on you that I think very highly of Lord Tenchi of Masaki.” She paused giving emphasis to his formal title. “The reason that I commanded for myself and Ayeka to be taken away from him is we do not deserve him and by the standards of our culture show our worthiness. Until that time of proof, neither Princess Ayeka nor I shall be allowed to marry him.” Tsunami finished sharply with much conviction.

 The emperor was flabbergasted and was beginning to think his daughter had lost his mind. He was so amazed by this train of thought that he temporarily forgot his daughter was also a goddess and it showed in his next retort.

“Sasami, how could you? He is just a brave peasant boy! Why evoke the Royal High Council’s rules of courtship onto yourself? Are you mad?” Asuza finished rather hotly, visibly upset at his daughter.

His wives both tensed. They did not like Azusa’s opposition to Tenchi, but there reprimand fell short on their tongues because Tsunami beat them to it. Tsunami had a look of pure rage. She reached across the table and slapped her father incredibly hard. Funaho, sitting on his left, had to balance him from the slap.

Tsunami seemed surprised by herself. She looked at her hand worriedly as if it had grown a will of its own. She quickly regained her composure and sat back down across from the table. Asuza reached to his cheek where she had slapped him, emotionally hurt as much as physically. The slap had said more than an thousand words.

Misaki broke the awkward moment. She started laughing and patted her husband on the back. “You’re lucky she beat me to hitting you for what you said!” Misaki quickly whispered into his ear. The Emperor immediately felt a bead of sweat trickle down his neck. Funaho while steadying her husband only nodded her head in agreement, she also broke out in a smile.

Asuza, finally recovered bowed his head in shame for his outburst. “I am sorry for the things I have said. Who am I to deny you what you love? He must truly be special to earn so much devotion from you and Ayeka.” He paused, “Please do not be too angry with me for asking this Tsunami. You realize that the Rules of Courtship are very vicious when multiple suitors are involved? How can Ayeka out perform a goddess? If you win…you will have the whole blessing of Jurai while Ayeka will be forbidden to marry Tenchi. Jurai will condemn her for not truly loving Tenchi when she does. She is your sister. Why are you doing this?” Asuza asked with genuine concern.

Tsunami began to smile widely. “Ayeka and Sasami are not good enough for Tenchi. I knew even as a little girl I could never repay his kindness.” She paused to let them digest what she was telling them. “Tenchi needs two things right now. He needs to be left alone to gather his thoughts and shown that I love him very much at the same time.” Tsunami’s eyes filled with intense hope and warmth…almost tearing.

 “Only as Sasami and Tsunami can I feel worthy of Tenchi.” Tsunami once again paused for emphasis. “Who will win? That is only for Tenchi to freely decide.” Tsunami leaned in closer to her father, staring him intensely in the eyes. “Yet until he decides…I will make every effort for him to love only me.” Her eyes fought back tears and she paused to keep herself under control. “I want Lord Tenchi of Masaki to marry the goddess of Jurai.”

 Tsunami leaned back to her sitting position and gauged the Royal family’s response. They looked bewildered. The Emperor, Azusa, stroked his beard in contemplation.

He finally responded. “I understand my dear child. Forgive me for my inconsideration. Soon both you and Ayeka shall be engaged in a ferocious trial to win the legal right to have Tenchi’s heart.”

Soon Ayeka and Tsunami would be engaged in a vicious fight for that we they both held most dear. Tenchi Masaki.

Special Thanks for Tankor for preliminary reviewing of this chapter. I also thank the patience of my many fans. This chapter is crucial in the development of the story. Therefore I spent much time on it. Please Review (kindly) and send comments to
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Chapter 5

   Jurain ships could be seen escorting the Tsunami. Tsunami herself was standing alone on the bridge of the grand ship. It was much grander than any other ship in the Jurain fleet. The bridge was completely surrounded by a glass dome. The floor was circular with beautiful polished wood. The bridge was deceiving to the naked eye for it looked more like an observatory. However, behind its elegance hid secrets no mortal knew.

Tsunami was glazing out into the depths of the universe. To a mere mortal it would have presented itself in great wonder. Yet, Tsunami knew the secrets that the many stars hid. The beautiful view would have captivated a normal mortal with all its beauty. There were innumerable points of light that defied the black that tried to swallow them. None of that was of concern to Tsunami. Her dark pink eyes reflected on pale yellow star that seemed relatively insignificant compared to the beauty of others.  Tsunami’s eyes moved to another star that was much brighter. It was the star of Jurai.

Tsunami clasped her hands behind her royal robes. “Soon…it will begin”, her gaze fell on the Ryo-oh, contemplating the events that lay ahead.  Yet, Tsunami was not completely confident. Something was happening on Earth…something, her intuition was telling her, she had not foreseen.

Meanwhile in the private royal chamber on Ryo- oh

Ayeka was in her royal garb in her personal chamber. Her chamber resembled the interior of a tree.  The walls were a wooden brown and richly embroidered. The most stunning feature of the room was the large purple bed that stood in its center. The sound of nature could be heard from outside her chamber. However, none of that was of concern to the lonely princess. She was lying completely flat on her bed but despite the exhausting circumstances…she was far from sleep. The covers were covering her white night gown…but the sheets showed signs of a restless person. The glare from her bright dark violet eyes staring up to the ceiling could be seen in the dim lighting. It was apparent that the princess was in deep contemplation. Mostly about the events that tore her from Tenchi.

   Ayeka hugged herself…as if she willed herself to make Tenchi’s presence real again. ‘They are trying to tear me away from him’ Ayeka thought bitterly to herself. It only happened twelve hours ago. When her parents informed her that Tsunami had initiated the Jurain tradition of courtship…it had shocked and hurt her. Saying goodbye to Tenchi on Earth was almost impossible…however she managed even to fake a smile. She could feel tears starting to pour down her cheeks as she remembered. Ayeka was scared and her inner thoughts intensified. ‘How am I to compete against a goddess for Tenchi’s love? She is making my proud heritage my prison….’ Ayeka’s train of thought immediately halted at the realization. ‘Ah, so this is what love brought her to do?’ Ayeka knew what she had to do and said it out loud. “Tenchi would never approve of this if he learned of what is really going on around here.” Ayeka’s hands clenched her sheets for emphasis. ‘I will find a way to reveal all this to Tenchi…until then, Tsunami may just find herself losing to me in the game of courtship after all.’ Ayeka thought to herself. She fell asleep renewed and determined.

Meanwhile on Earth the noble daughters are having tea with Tenchi in the Masaki Shrine Courtyard…

It was a bright and beautiful day. There was a very long rectangular table in the center of the Masaki shrine grounds. The table had a white silk cover over the table. Also, there were red pillows placed on the ground for guests to sit on while they sat traditionally to partake in the ceremony.  There were many noble daughters in richly adorned kimono’s sitting at the table. It was a formal event….well, it had started as one. Though as time progressed it became very informal. Mostly the fault of the noble daughters themselves.

Tenchi was surrounded by the daughters, sitting in the center. He was dressed in a traditional grey robe.  Ayeka had promised to stay and help fend off all these women. Though she was now light years away. These noble daughters made him nervous…though he dare not show any of it. What was it about woman that made them more fearful than the worst battle? ‘I though Tsunami told them I was off limits?’ Tenchi looked around and much to his dismay noticed that each noble daughter was staring at him with stars in their eyes.

At least Ryoko was at his side. She would occasionally growl if a noble daughter tried to flirt too much. Tenchi quickly glanced behind him to notice an adult Washu was standing erect with her arms crossed…she had a stern glare aimed at the noble daughters. Tenchi noticed Mihoshi was standing next to Washu…and she was dressed in her GXP blue uniform. Her face was unusual….it was almost threatening. When he glanced down he noticed that Mihoshi had attached her pistol to her belt, her hand resting on the handle. Tenchi felt sweat go down his neck.

Keiko was the most beautiful and powerful of all the noble daughters present. Her family was only second to the throne. She was very elegant and highly intelligent. Her hair was adorned in a traditional Japanese manor. The color of her hair was a dark black with not one strand of hair out of place. Keiko’s eyes were a deep dark violet. The eyelashes were very long and sensuous. Her skin was delicate and pale.  Her lips were thin and a luscious red. Matching her lips was a deep and rich red kimono. It was adorned with silver embroidery. Every part of her being exuded femininity and extreme beauty. She also made sure she used her powerful position in society to secure her seat next to Tenchi. She had been instantly attracted to Tenchi when she first met him. It was if he was some sort of magnet. ‘It’s not just lust…I am falling in love with this man. Keiko thought to herself. ‘Tsunami shall be defied….’ She thought to herself. Keiko began to giggle…making her blush when Tenchi turned to look at her.

Ryoko had enough of the woman sitting on Tenchi’s right. The noble daughter would just stare at Tenchi. Ryoko grabbed Tenchi’s right arm and prepared herself for a verbal tirade. She leaned across Tenchi’s chest just to get a good look at the woman. Ryoko did not like what she saw. ‘When will Tenchi quit attracting gorgeous women?’ she thought to herself. Yet, before Ryoko could launch into a verbal tirade the other noble daughters were going to have to command her attention. Unlike the noble woman sitting next to Tenchi, the others were starting to become nothing but a mob of uncontrolled admirers. They were all the same really, being noisy and trying to get a remark out of Tenchi. The daughters were all saying something to the effect of “Would you like to test me out?” Ryoko noticed that Tenchi had put his hand on her arm…as if she was some sort of body guard. Ryoko smiled to herself…maybe she was.

Later that day at Funaho, Keiko, a noble daughter contemplated the previous event

   The noble daughters had failed to attract Tenchi. It had been because of Ryoko. The noble daughters were amazed that Ryoko, the feared space pirate, proved to be a serious competitor for Tenchi. In was also likely that Tsunami held special feelings for the man as well. Yet, that was not of concern for Keiko at the time. Keiko had come to this old, ancient tree for comfort and reflection. She was standing in front in the tree, merely inches away from the bark. The pond that surrounded the tree was very still. Keiko placed her hands upon the ancient tree as if to gain wisdom from it. The leaves began to rustle as if her touch had agitated the tree. Keiko withdrew her gentle and graceful hands from the tree and sat down, staring at the ancient bark to contemplate her

‘Who am I?’ Keiko thought to herself. Immediately, the answer

Keiko Yamaharukaze

---- incomplete/the end
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The Rise of Tsunami
Prelude to Greatness

   Sasami was almost sixteen years old. She opened her eyes yearning to be alive in this wonderful home. This was Tenchi Masaki’s home and nothing had changed since the first day she sat foot here. Even the goddess war did not change things, well, except it made Tenchi a man mature beyond his years. Sasami stood up from her blue futon. Sasami went to her drawer and changed into her favorite white kimono. Tenchi had given her this kimono. Before she could think of the matter more Sasami could hear light breathing coming from her right. She looked down and saw Ayeka, in her deep purple grown sleeping deeply. Sasami’s mouth almost dropped. Was Ayeka sleeping with Tenchi’s work bandana? Sasami bent down to get a closer look. Ayeka was curled into a small ball, sleeping like a baby. Ayeka was definitely cradling something. She only groaned to herself, ‘Really, she was supposed to clean that!’ she thought, annoyed at the strange perversion Ayeka had given in too.  Sasami reached down and lightly tugged it out of Ayeka’s hands. Sasami quickly left the room before Ayeka could notice it missing. ‘Ryoko is a bad influence on everyone!’ Sasami laughed to herself but then froze when she saw Tenchi.

   Tenchi was in the hall, head looking up at the brown wooden ceiling while he walked towards the restroom when he accidentally bumped into Sasami.  Tenchi looked down and was temporarily surprised. “Oh sorry, Tsu…” Tenchi stopped and quickly corrected himself, “Sasami…” he gave off a nervous laugh. Sasami was wearing a simple white kimono. Her hair was the very mirror of the goddess, yet she still kept her red stones in. Tenchi thought she was really cute. Tenchi also noticed, albeit uncomfortably, that he could see himself completely reflected in her pink eyes. Then he looked down and noticed that Sasami had his bandana in her hands. ‘Ah, how sweet, she cleaned it and was bringing it to me.’ He smiled and held his hand out.

   Sasami visibly relaxed when she saw Tenchi smile and hold his hand out for his bandana. ‘If he only knew where it’s been…’ she thought amused. Sasami was trying to get a good eye full of him but he had already said his thanks and was going to the restroom to prepare for his chores. He was the same caring man but since his father had remarried and moved out he had become much more assertive. Sasami backed up and leaned herself against the wall thinking. ‘Ryoko and Ayeka are never allowed to fight….well, at least when Tenchi is around.’ She thought to herself. ‘Tenchi does not put up with it anymore…he could silence a storm with a whisper.’ She laughed to herself. It seemed she was getting more poetic about Tenchi as she got older.

   Moving away from the wall Sasami walked down the middle of the hallway admiring the house. It was splendid and so simple compared to what she had when she was younger on Jurai. The rooms all had simple wooden floors. The wall was constructed of white plaster with wooden cross beams as support. While the first floor was really a large square built around a living room. The upstairs stairs was nothing but a long hallway ‘Much more personal’ she thought to herself looking at it. ‘Indeed, and more so considering who lives in it’ Sasami heard Tsunami point out in her mind.  Sasami already knew who Tsunami was referring to. She wanted to talk to Tsunami more about Tenchi but was reminded by Tsunami that she should make breakfast for Tenchi. “Oh, I almost forgot about it!” she said to herself aloud. Sasami ran quickly down the stairs, through the large living room and into the kitchen.

The reminded served its purpose well. Tenchi had complimented Sasami on the good meal. It was bonus that Mihoshi was gone on patrol. Washu was in the lab. Ryoko and Ayeka were asleep. Sasami smiled to herself. She was glad that she convinced Tenchi to start getting up two hours earlier than the rest of the girls awhile back.

Sasami had said goodbye to Tenchi an shortly ago. Sasami looked out of the kitchen window. The sink was below the window, where she was currently washing his special plate and glass she had purchased just for him. ‘Fit for a king’ she thought to herself examining the polished shine in the plate, she could see her reflection. It was almost like a mirror. It always took her much longer to clean his utensils, glass, and plate than the others. Everyone had their quirks Sasami had thought to herself awhile back thinking on it. You see, it only took her about five minutes to clean the others.

Sasami looked out of the window. It was a bright green outside and the sky was a deep blue, not a cloud in sight. She always enjoyed looking at the greenery and seeing the forest line near the home. It was gorgeous. However, her revelry in the outside environment was interrupted by Tsunami in her mind. ‘Looks like you have finished with the dishes.’ Sasami looked down and her wet hands from the soap and water and had indeed noticed she had finished with the dishes. ‘You should probably prepare breakfast for the other girls…they will be getting up soon.’ Sasami rubbed the back of her neck and started preparing breakfast for the other girls.

Later, the girls had gathered for breakfast.

   Ryoko was dressed in her usual attire. It was a blue kimono like dress that had yellow horizontal stripes across it. Ryoko was looking down at her dress, inspecting how the fabric would tighten when she was sitting. ‘I wish Tenchi was here….’ She thought sadly to herself. ‘Does he not want to be around me anymore?’ Ryoko was depressed. It was about two weeks ago when Tenchi informed the others that  he was going to start getting up earlier so that he could get more down in the fields. That meant that he would not be having breakfast with them. She even offered to get up early with him, but he asked her not to do that.  Ryoko looked at the others who were sitting on the floor next to the table. Ryoko, not really hungry decided to apologize for not eating and phased away from the others.

   Ayeka knew that Ryoko was depressed. It did not take much of a guess to tell why. It even made Ayeka depressed. Tenchi was no longer spending breakfast with them. Ayeka was sitting across from where Ryoko had been sitting. Curious as to the moods of the other girls Ayeka started looking around the table. Mihoshi and Washu were sitting across the table, to the right of where Ryoko was. It seemed everyone was depressed except for one young….woman. Ayeka looked to her right and there was Sasami, looking beautiful in her white kimono happily eating. When Sasami noticed her sister looking at her she looked up at everyone and her happy expression became one of concern. “What’s wrong? Is breakfast bad? I noticed Ryoko left but….” Sasami sadly said, apparently unable to continue. 

   Ayeka was the first to respond. “Dear sister, the food is wonderful, but with Tenchi being so busy lately I am afraid that it has dimmed our mood.” Mihoshi and Washu nodded their heads in agreement. Ayeka was shocked to see the usual happy Mihoshi act deeply depressed.

Mihoshi took out her pink cube and immediately changed into her Galaxy Police uniform. The uniform was a cute navy blue suit. Mihoshi also gave her apologies, stood up from the table and left the house. A short moment after the sound of her patrol craft was heard. She was going into orbit. The deep rumble from her engines accelerated until the house shook from a sonic boom. Mihoshi was depressed and had left.

Washu was also depressed. She was dressed in her old academy school uniform. It had a wonderful golden eagle embroidered on the front of uniform. It was white and blue. However, none of those details interested Ayeka. Washu had pushed her rice bowl away and merely got up and walked into the large family room. The sound of a cabinet door opening and shutting could be heard. Washu had gone to her lab, depressed.

Ayeka, though depressed earlier was felt even worse. Curious as to why Tenchi spending less time with them she decided to ask her sister. “Sasami…” Ayeka began sweetly, “Why is Lord Tenchi no longer spending breakfast with us?” If anyone knew something…it would be Sasami.

Sasami looked up from her bowl. She had been staring down into it ever since every one started leaving. She looked very upset and like she wanted to cry. Sasami closed her eyes as if she was having a conversation with herself. She only did this rarely in front of the others…it just did not look normal. When Sasami opened her eyes again she did not look sad anymore but just….neutral. She finally looked over to Ayeka. Their eyes meet and it was the first time Ayeka finally realized that her sister was the same height.

“Ayeka…” Sasami began, “Tenchi has no idea you all feel this way…” Sasami paused, to gauge Ayeka’s response. Ayeka only stared back at Sasami, confusion evidently written on her face. When it was apparent that Ayeka was not responding, Sasami continued, “I asked Tenchi to get up earlier in the mornings…” Ayeka immediately cut off Sasami with a gasp. This was something that Ayeka had not expected.

“Sasami!” Ayeka began; shock was evident in her voice, “Why would you ask Tenchi to do such a thing?” Ayeka paused, waiting for a response. Sasami was not responding, she only looked down and closed her eyes again. Ayeka had no clue that Sasami could have been the reason. ‘I thought Tenchi was distancing himself from me…and us.’ She thought to herself, ‘Yet it seems my sister has something to do with this?! The only real time we have with Tenchi is in the morning!’ Ayeka was beginning to get angry.

It was ridiculous to Sasami. The girls should have just asked Lord Tenchi why he had been getting up earlier. He had also been coming home a little later as well. Tenchi had been doing that ever since Nobuyuki moved out the previous month. It was as if being the head of the household made him more distant.

Sasami finally spoke up again. “Ayeka…I am so sorry. I only thought it would be nice to give Tenchi a quiet breakfast.” Sasami pleaded, her eyebrows twisted downward and her eyes a bit watery.

Ayeka could not stay mad at such a moving expression of sadness on her sister’s face. “Sasami, I understand. I will talk to Lord Tenchi about this when he gets home tonight.” Ayeka replied.

Sasami glad that Ayeka was not mad began smiling. She got up and began clearing up the dishes. She would have to prepare Tenchi’s Lunch soon.

A Few Hours Later at the Masaki Carrot Fields, Tenchi is taking a break near a tree.

   Tenchi was proud of the work he had done. There were some days when one could not just get any work done. One the other end of that, there were other days when one was very productive. Tenchi was standing next to a tree near the edge of the field, looking over his work. He was dressed in brown pants and a brown long sleeve shirt. It was his typical work clothing.

Tenchi looked down when he felt something nibble on his dirty brown shoe. It was Ryo-oki, the strange little spaceship cabbit. It was such a cute furry little animal. Tenchi noticed that it had a happy blank look in its face while it nibbled on his shoe. The yellow eyes it had were glazed over and its cat like face gave a blank smile. He started laughing. He bent down so that he could pick it up with his hands. When he put his hands around its warm body it began meowing insistently.

“Well, the carrots are not ready yet!” He said bringing the cabbit up to eye level. It’s fuzzy long ears began drooping. He smiled even wider. “So, what else brings you here?” he asked the cabbit. ‘When she is around that means only Ryoko or Sasami is near’ he thought silently to himself. As if the universe was emphasizing that thought Tenchi felt a strong warm breeze on his back. He looked down and suddenly saw his shirt start to compress near his chest.

Ryoko materialized out of nowhere. She had Tenchi around the waist and had curled around him floating in the air. “Tenchi!” she exclaimed with obvious enthusiasm. Her yellow eyes gleamed in the clear day. His facial features were being reflected in her eyes.

“Ryoko…” Tenchi began disappointment in his voice. ‘Really, how does she get past my defenses?’ he thought to himself. He felt her arms tighten their grip on his waist. He also felt her face nestle into his chest. The warm breath going through his clothes tickling his skin underneath. ‘She only gets this close when something is bothering her….’ Tenchi thought concerned. He decided to ask her. “What’s wrong Ryoko?” the slight concern evident in his voice.

When Ryoko had heard his question her depression had slightly lifted. ‘This is a good sign….he seems concerned.’ She nestled even closer to Tenchi, almost squeezing the air out of him. ‘I wish I could hold this man forever’ she thought to herself. Ryoko suddenly felt a wave of jealousy. Confused, Ryoko look up from Tenchi’s chest and saw Ryo-ohki looking displeased on top of Tenchi’s head. Ryoko started laughing.

Tenchi was confused. Ryoko was acting weird again. ‘Then again, she is foreign.’ He thought somewhat amused. 
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