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Title: A Tenchi Q&A small update (Not us)
Post by: Auir on February 26, 2013, 02:56:40 AM
 This update should have some people excited, if I translated this right...
Q: In OVA 13, Washuu told Funaho "I will not cooperate with anybody", but she gave a new-model warship (Fuku) to Jurai in GXP.  Is there some kind of explanation for this?
A: The Kamidake [II] was ultimately given only to Seina himself, so Jurai was only keeping the ship's hull ,brought there by Ryo-Oh-Ki, in custody.
Q: Please explain the differences between the passage of time on Earth and in the [rest of the] galaxy.
A: Please think of the passage of galactic time as almost the same as (*)the passage of time on Earth.
* - [more literally(?), 'an Earth year'.  With the Earth year/galactic year retcon in TM!, I took the liberty of assuming that wasn't meant literally.]
Q: Would it be acceptable to think of ancient/prehistoric civilizations as "A civilization that was destroyed before the birth of the current culture (sentient lifeforms) in the Tenchi world, among the civilizations that have been born and disappeared in the long history since the creation of the universe"?
A: At least at the Academy, civilizations that had gone beyond the stage of unmanned interstellar round-trip travel, but had regressed to a stage before interplanetary travel for some reason, are considered destroyed.  This means that there are some circumstances where the sentient lifeforms themselves were not destroyed.  The chronological definition of 'prehistory' varies depending on the area in which a particular culture existed.
Q: Are GXP's Tarant Shiunk and Shiunk from Agga Ruter blood relations?
A: There is no direct relationship, but please think of them as related.
Q: What happens to a Royal Tree that loses its master for some reason (the master's lifespan, accidents, etc.)?
A: After the death of its master, in most circumstances, the tree is planted to serve as both grave marker and gravekeeper.
Q: What are Lady Seto's Thirteen Divine Admirals doing most of the time?  Also, with the exception of Kanemitsu, has there been anything established about the remaining (twelve?) admirals?
A: Some of them are in informal[? temporary?] retirement, while others are missing after being married off to foreign worlds, using military training as an excuse to play around, or on maternity leave.
The ones we definitely know about are...

    * Lady Seto's husband, Utsutsumi (13th Holy Defense Fleet).
    * Minaho Masaki (3rd Holy Defense Fleet)
    * Kanemitsu Hirata (7th Holy Defense Fleet) - it's very likely that he's serving as a substitute until his wife returns from maternity leave.

The rest of them are kind of... a secret.
Q: In OVA #13, Washuu says "This reminds me of somebody..." when she's embraced by Misaki, but who is she talking about?  Could it be Naja Akara?
A: It's Mihoshi.
Q: In Volume One of True Tenchi Muyo!, the passage "Tens of thousands of years later, the people of the galaxy came to understand.  The only thing that would be able to stop [this] was Tenchi..." is on page 185, but could we receive a little more information about this?
A: This will show up in [OVA] series 3.