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Yet Another Noob Introduction

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Yet Another Noob Introduction
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Heh, cut-n-paste is so very useful

Hajimemashita Dozo Yoroshikune y'all! My name is Yuuenchi. I is a gen-uine Appalachian-American (Hillbilly is so un-PC) originally from the not-so great state of WV. I like watching anime and reading manga (obviously, I wouldn't be here), I like collecting it. I wish more would be licensed, I wish I could read what is not translated, which is why I'm learning Japanese (well one of the reasons) -I have 28 vols of grammar and Kanji reference books- and I'm currently looking for a book titled "Introduction to Newspaper Japanese on used book store sites). I can recognize roughly 400 Kanji, and am working on the rest. :woot:

Let's see, I collect original manga, English translations (where possibly I buy the original J-version) I figure I have around 1000 manga (the joys of having access to a real Japanese bookstore, and Japanese bookstores selling used manga here in Atlanta) English and Japanese. Most of it is Shoujo, and less than .01% is Hentai of any form.

I also collect Anime CDs (soundtracks, drama-cds); the occasional figure; and as many Light Novels as I can identify, they make good practice material. (on the other hand, I also have Japanese translations of Hamlet, "The Golden Compass", and am working on acquiring Harry Potter, but at $60 a pop per title for 2v hardback, it takes a while to work up the courage to fork over that much money)

I also like the visual novel/dating game/gal-game culture. (I have a few games, including Kanon and Clannad for the PC, along with what Hirameki came out with while they were still around, and a few from JAST and related companies, thanks to JList). fact, along with original manga, the games are the reason I began to learn Japanese, so I could read what won't make it over here.

I've also recently come under the spell of J-doramas and K-drama (go figure).

You know you've read too much manga and seen too much anime, when you start to write your own stories (the vast majority of my projects to date are shoujo/school romantic comedy/drama) for no other reason other than you want to see how the story comes out. (Of course then there's the curse of writing fanfiction based on your own stories when you haven't even finished writing the story first.) I blame KGNE for that, I always wanted Haruka to win over Takayuki in the end (Next Season notwithstanding), even though I know that such was not possible the way the anime was set up, so I started writing stories using the name Haruka..and I took off from there. They started as potential KGNE fanfiction projects, but I quickly realized that they had little in common with KGNE other than names, so they became original works. So now, I have some 18 stories running around in my head and on my HD labeled as either "Dear My Shoujo" or "Shonen Write!" stories, or Teen Heart Manga Stories. Now, ask me how many stories I've actually finished, and you'll receive a different answer.  Most stories are multi-chapter/mutli-part such as "Chocolate Confessions" (a boy whose family runs a confectionery shop and his burgeoning romance with his classmate) and "I'm in Love with the School Ghost" (where the hero meets the school ghost during a Kimodameshi, and ends up falling in love with her. Oh, and then she finds and accidentally swallows the Philosopher's Stone, which is where things really get interesting), not to mention a story inspired by characters and themes in Eureka 7. Now, of course, once I finish them, there's the question of who would want to read this type of story, and finding appropriate outlets to promote them. I know about webcomics, but wonder about venues for anime-influenced webfiction niche. And then I found And there was much rejoicing.... :staredog:
Since this is a Tenchi related site afterall, I guess I should mention my forays into Tenchi fanfiction-dom, starting with my discovery of Gen-sao's (probably now defunct) "Tenchi Muyo Fanfiction Archive". The only completed fanfic I have to date was an intropspective tale of Aeka looking back on the events of Episode from OAV (it now hides out in, though I have some other ideas, including a tale about the Seven Sorrows of Jurai, featuring Ayeka, a story called "One Tea, Two Tea, Green Tea, Jurai Tea" that uses the Tea Ceremony as a vessel for Ayeka to explore her relations to the various members of the Masaki family.  At one time I belonged to the Ayeka Fan Club, and even half-jestingly created a secretive, paramilitary arm of the AFC, called the R.O.P.A.A (Royal Order of Princess Ayeka Advocates) -yeah, cheesy, but what can I say, I was a naive waif back then- I still miss those guys.

I'm quasi-active on a few other boards and forums (ok, so I'm a lurker on most of the boards, especially with an unstable internet connection but I'm trying).

Non-Anime/Manga related

I like Celtic Music, Bluegrass (I own a banjo, but am not very good at it), country, other, non-anime soundtracks, New Age music (it makes for good writing aids), CCM, alternative, rock; I am half-heartedly learning Spanish, Latin, German, and a few other Oriental and Near Eastern languages (including nods to Aramaic, Syraic, and Akkadian); and I am an avid reader of SF/F, Philosophy, Theology, Biology, Chemistry, and Church History. (Why yes, I have interests all over the map, but then again I have a MSLS yet work in a grocery store, so I gotta do something to fulfill that pathetic void in my life, and I aint playing wack-a-mole 17 hours a day, no matter what Weird Al says.)

So, that's who I am.

Re: Yet Another Noob Introduction
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Welcome !

Re: Yet Another Noob Introduction
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Oh hey my great grandfather was from Appalachia.

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Welcome! (from the resident lurker...)

(the joys of having access to a real Japanese bookstore, and Japanese bookstores selling used manga here in Atlanta)

!!  Dude, where?  I live in Acworth.
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Late late welcome...
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Welcome to the board! ^_^

Hope you enjoy your stay.
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