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Ouroboros Saga story: Cycle part 1 (very NSFW)

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Ouroboros Saga story: Cycle part 1 (very NSFW)
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 “Are you ready?” Ifurita asked Sasami.
 “Hai.” the girl responded with a nervous smile.
 Ifurita held her new bride in a tight embrace. As their nude forms pressed against one another, Ifurita couldn’t help but admire how Sasami had blossomed. Despite the fact that she was still young, Sasami already had a full, curvy figure which almost mirrored Ifurita’s. And, much to Ifuirta’s pride, Sasami’s buttocks was just as big and round as Ifurita’s own.
 Tonight was going to be a special night for both of them. Tonight was going to be their first time making love. For Sasami, this was special because not only was it her first time, but she would be making love to the woman whom she had dreamed of for most of her life. For Ifurita, it was special because in her tens of thousands of years of life, nobody had touched her the way Sasami touched her now.
 As they lowered themselves to their bed, they did not know they were being watched. That is, until a disembodied voice called out to them.
 The two of them quickly covered themselves up and then looked upward at something that appeared before them. A glowing orb of blue light hovered at the other side of the room. The orb then took shape and morphed into a giant pale blue snake with deep blue eyes that had a cute and almost baby-ish face for a snake. Sasami and Ifurita knew who this snake was even before it changed shape into the familiar figure of a girl with alabaster skin and pale blue hair that matched Ifurita’s who bore the tattoo-like marking of a blue snake on the side of her face.
 “Sylia!” the two of them cried out in joy. The two of them ran over to embrace their daughter from the future. After Sylia had sacrificed herself during the Ryujin incident, Sasami and Ifurita had always known that she was going to be reborn through them someday, and now they had confirmation of that.
 They sat Sylia down on the bed. Of course, Ifurita had to ask the obvious question of why Sylia had come back to the past yet again (and, given what Sasami and Ifurita were about to do, they were even more curious about why Sylia had to choose this moment to come back to). Sylia was silent for a little while before she could respond. They both could tell that she was extremely nervous for some reason.
 “Well..I….” she paused for another few moments, “I’m...ready. I’m ready for my first time.” Ifurita and Sasami quickly realized what she meant by “first time” before she continued on. “You see, Mama Ifurita, Mama Sasami, I….I really love both of you, and I want my first to be with you two!”
 The two of them smiled at each other with pride. They were both happy to be the ones whom Sylia shared her first moments of intimacy with. However, there was something that Sasami didn’t quite understand.
 “Sylia,” she said, “why do you need to come back in time to do this? Aren’t Iffy and I there with you in the future?”
 Sylia bit her lip before answering. “Well, I…..I’ve decided that I really want your first time to be with me as well! I just couldn’t stand the thought of the two women I love the most losing their virginity without me!”
 Sasami and Ifurita giggled with delight at their daughter’s words. They found it rather flattering that their little girl would express jealousy for them in such a way.
 Without saying anything further, Ifurita dropped her covers to reveal her nude body and grabbed her daughter by the chin and pulled her face towards her own. She planted her lips upon Sylia’s. As Sylia received the kiss, their tongues soon joined each other in a dance. Sylia was finding that her first kiss was everything that she ever hoped it would be.
 Not to be outdone, Sasami also dropped her covers planted her own lips upon Sylia’s neck. Sylia, her mouth full, moaned as she felt Sasami suck her neck. All the while this was happening, Sasami and Ifurita each grabbed a hold of one of Sylia’s breasts and gave them a good massage.
 When the were finished kissing her, Sasami and Ifurita then began to remove Sylia’s robe. Feeling how large Sylia’s breasts were beneath that robe, they were both eager to get a look at them. As Sylia’s robe fell to the floor, the two of them gasped at what they beheld. Sylia’s body was beautiful. Not only were her breasts large and full (though not ridiculously oversized), but her curvy shape matched that of both of her mothers.
 Unable to contain themselves any longer, Ifurita and Sasami each grabbed one of Sylia’s breasts, Ifurita grabbing the left while Sasami grabbed the right, and began to suckle them hard causing Sylia to moan even harder. As they did so, they both got a surprise- milk began to pour from Sylia’s nipples into their mouths. Obviously Sylia had learned the process of using special hormones to produce breast milk, something handed down from Sasami’s mother, Misaki. Funny, since Sasami and Ifurita had both done the same thing just for this night.
 Not wanting it to go to waste, Ifurita and Sasami then both took turns allowing Sylia to breastfeed from each of them. Sylia had dreamed of one day tasting the milk of her mothers as she had when she was a baby. And now that she finally got to do so, it was every bit as delicious as she dreamed it would be.
 Now, there was something else Sasami and Ifurita wanted to see. They turned Sylia over in order to get a look at her backside. What they saw made them both “eep!” in excitement. Sylia’s rump was even more full and round than either of theirs! Now, they had to test if it was just as sensitive. They both placed a hand upon Sylia’s rump and began to give it a deep massage. Sylia’s intense moan of pleasure gave them the answer they were looking for. They would do this for awhile before allowing Sylia to do the same to both of them in return.
 Ifurita got an idea. There was something she always wanted to try someday, and now that she learned of her daughter’s rump sensitivity, it was a good time to do it. As Sylia was still breathing heavily, Ifurita turned her around, making the girl wonder what her mother planned to do next. Sylia’s eyes widened as she felt something round and soft press against her behind, and Sasami clasped her hands in delight as she realized what Ifurita was doing. Ifurita had pressed her own buttocks against Sylia’s, and she began to make rubbing motions. Sylia soon returned the favor, and the two of them rubbed their bottoms together. At that moment, Sylia realized where she got that special sensitivity from, as the experience was mutually stimulating for both of them.
 They continued doing this until reaching a point of climax, then Sasami decided that she wanted to join in on the fun. She pressed her own butt against Sylia’s and began to rub hard. Ifurita watched on in surprised as it was soon revealed that Sasami had a rather sensitive bottom as well, and Sasami soon made herself climax just as hard as Ifurita had.
 The three of them then lay down upon the bed. They formed a chain, Sylia to Ifurita, Ifurita to Sasami, and Sasami to Sylia. They put their mouths to one another’s vaginas, and began to pleasure each other. They started gently at first, but soon their actions became faster and more intense. This continued until they reached a climax, with their sweet love nectar flowing upon each other’s faces.
 As Sylia lie there breathing heavily, Ifurita moved up to her and looked her in the eyes.
 “Are you ready?” she asked her daughter, mirroring what she said to Sasami earlier.
 “Hai.” Sylia replied, echoing Sasami.
 As Sasami watched with a pleasant smile, Ifurita then held Sylia in a tight embrace. They lay with each other in that embrace in missionary position. Soon, Ifurita began to make rubbing motions against Sylia. Sylia and Ifurita moaned as they felt each other’s vaginas rub against each other. As with the oral sex, at first it was very slow and gentle. But soon Ifurita began rubbing her vagina against Sylia’s harder and faster. As their tribad got more and more intense, they soon couldn’t take much more. They climaxed together. As they did so, Sylia could feel something rush inside her. She knew this to be something sacred to her mother goddesses. This was when a goddess, much like her mothers, gave their lovers some of their own essence or DNA. And Sylia understood what would come of that.
 Ifurita and Sylia rested for a moment, kissing each other gently. Then, Sasami moved in. Not to be outdone by Ifurita, Sasami pulled Sylia to her. As Sylia lay on her back, Sasami got on top of her. Sasami sat up in the cowgirl position. Much as Ifurita had done, Sasami joined her vagina to Sylia’s. Riding atop Sylia, Sasami rubbed her vagina against Sylia’s in an intense humping motion. Sylia let out cries of ecstasy as Sasami did this. Sasami rode Sylia faster and faster until at last they both climaxed. Just like with Ifurita, Sylia could feel Sasami’s love essence enter her body at that moment. As they relaxed, Sasami’s lips joined Sylia’s in a kiss.
 Sylia now felt the need to rest. However, Sasami and Ifurita weren’t done. As Sylia watched on, Sasami and Ifurita moved in on each other. This was to be their first night of making love to each other, after all. Sylia smiled as she saw her mothers hold each other in the same missionary position that Ifurita held her in. Sylia learned that night that this was apparently Ifurita’s favorite tribad position. Sasami and Ifurita passionately made love as Sylia watched, until at last they climaxed with each other, Sylia knowing they had just traded each other’s love essences as they had done with her.
 Feeling completely spent, the three of them joined each other in a tight embrace as they all fell asleep.

                                                               * * *

 When Sasami and Ifurita awoke in the morning, Sylia was still there with them. The girl slept soundly while her mothers both looked at her happily. Though she was not born yet in their time, Ifurita and Sasami understood just how special Sylia was. She was more than just a daughter to them. It was for Sylia’s sake that Tsunami and the Snake Mother created the multiverse and all the life within it. It was the blessing of Sylia’s eventual birth that would give meaning to all creation, something Tsunami’s sisters did not yet understand.
 Sylia finally awoke. When she did, a look of sadness soon appeared on her face. “You know, I will have to return to my own time soon.” she told her mothers..
 “I know, sweetheart.” Ifurita said while stroking the girl’s hair. “But Sasami and I know that someday we will get to see you again.
 “And we look forward to the day when you will bless our lives once again.” Sasami said.

                                                                * * *

 Years in the future, Sasami (who was now fully assimilated with Tsunami), and Ifurita (who was now fully joined with the Snake Mother) watched with anticipation as a blue time vortex opened before them. Sylia, now returning from her trip into the past, stepped out to greet them both with a big hug.
 Sylia then looked down at her stomach. She could already feel it, even though it had only been after one night. Something growing inside her. When goddesses like Sasami and Ifurita gave a part of their essence to another woman, there was always one special result. One or more eggs inside that woman would be fertilized. She would be pregnant with that goddess’s child.
 Sylia now felt two presences growing inside her. Sasami and Ifurita both gave Sylia a piece of their essence, and Sylia realized that she had two fetuses inside her, one from each woman. And she knew that one day, she would show her own daughters the same love that her mothers had shown her.