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Mitoto's probability abilities

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Mitoto's probability abilities
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From gxp vol 1 chapter 3:
Minaho arrives aboard the ship seina is taken from earth in after the pirates attack and seto captures them.
they were expecting Seto and Onnainin the guide captain was  freaking out because the ship was still messy and there is a classic build up with him freaking out only for it to be Minaho. They explain that Seto is aware of the rumors about her and how it scares people so she sends Minaho when she needs more accurate information. Anyways minaho says


loosely translated:
Minaho: Well then.... Which one of you gathered all these pirates?Was is you Mitoto?」


translating the words individually through jisho (yes that's how i translate) you get:

the natural gift of chance、Kuramitsu mihoshi's mother by/takes after、also the natural gift of chance which is mitoto has、this event's like abnormalitycircumstances and more or less was consistant was able to do──so minaho came to the conclusion。

in otherwords:
Mitoto had the natural gift of chance,  and Her Daughter Mihoshi Kuramitsu had inherited it from her, This strange event's circumstances were more or less consistent with something that could happen to her, so naturally Minaho assumed it was her doing.

so yes it isn't that Mitoto just really gets ocd and starts cleaning onto other ships, She does in fact have the same abilities as Mihoshi and Mihoshi got them from her, although she is described as being ocd about cleanliness in the novels.

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Re: Mitoto's probability abilities
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And Mitoto got it from Washu's ex-husband Mikamo, who also wound up wandering into impossible places. In fact that ability was how he met Washu.