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GXP 15 ebook?

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Where can one purchase the eBook for google to spit out a translation?

I powered through the machine translations and I was wondering where one can find the eBook to feed the google to do its magic.

theres a bit more to the magic... you have to also run it through a website to first translate all the character names into english or esle u get lots of unreadable mush.

and you have to get the ebook from amazon with a japanise ip. convert it using calibre to strip the drm and u have to add in a special code i posted somewhere on here to strip the furigana then you have to convert to rtf and paste on a paste bin in chrome hit translate this page and ur done

Fap_fapperson: when the new books come out it takes about a month after for the ebook to come out. i think its already out by now though.

i got 15

shades of blue:
GXP v15 got dumped online, in MOBI format, if anyone else wants it.


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