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Re: tenchi memes
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I probably shoulda posted this here when I made it years ago but I made a sequel to that Ryoko Adventure post.

Even made a lil funny script for it when I posted it on my DeviantArt:

"That space pirate again of all places!"
"I've found you, taker!"
"Taker? I think you're the thief around here! You're putting the blame on me? Ha! You're not even good enough to be with Tenchi!"
"I'll make you eat those words!"

Re: tenchi memes
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I remember this, and it's still great. But now I have to wonder that wouldn't Knuckles (not seen until the third game) be lined up with Washu? Were this to switch Knuckles (red) over to Washu, think of the possibilities!

Tails (blue's partner) as Mihoshi
Sonic (blue) as Kiyone
Cream (tan) as Ryo-Ohki
Blaze (purple) as Ayeka
Amy (pink) as Sasami
Rouge (gem thief) as Ryoko