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What a disappointment the Thanksgiving event was. Just what we need, another fucking Adventure sequel. With how terrible Tri was I'm definitely going to skip this.

At least Survive looks like it could be okay even though I don't really like SRPGs.

Re: Digimon
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Regarding yet another Adventure sequel, fully agreed.  Hopefully, it's only one movie this time (And as of this moment, it looks like that's what it's gonna be) and we also get a TV series that ISN'T Adventure.  Toei's overmilking that cow at this point, and quite frankly, I'm shocked that they're even doing so given that tri episode 5 got 1 star ratings on Amazon Japan and everything, which proves that even the Japanese fans are sick of it at this point.

As far as Bandai (And by extension also Bandai Namco Games) goes, however... they've been doing great with their Digimon stuff lately.  Digimon Survive being an SRPG will be a breath of fresh air given that they've only done one SRPG before in the past, and that's Anode / Cathode Tamer back in the WonderSwan days.  And they confirmed during that stream that we do have another Digimon Story game coming afterward.  On which note, don't even get me started on Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory; I'll be sitting here all day singing so many praises about that game that it's crazy.  Best Digimon game so far, PERIOD.

Of course, while not everyone's cup of tea, the 20th anniversary releases of the original Digimon virtual pets, specifically the Digital Monster Version 20th and Digimon Pendulum Version 20ths, are great too.  I have one of the original 20ths and both Pendulum 20ths, and they're really neato if you're into that kind of thing.  All of the original lineups are available, as well as unlockable characters which include the anniversary Digimon (Dracomon, Hackmon, and Zubamon on the original 20ths, and Ludomon on the Pendulum 20ths).  Safe to say, those 20th anniversary v-pets will appeal the most to people like me who know Digimon beyond the anime.  I was really happy to see Belphemon's entire line make the Pendulum 20th lineup for example; we don't see Phascomon, Porcupamon, and Astamon pop up enough.

...but yeah, I'm gonna stop my wall of text here.  Short version, Toei is failing so hard but Bandai is succeeding nicely.  Ignore the anime for now like I'm going to and enjoy everything else Digimon has to offer beyond the anime such as the video games and so forth, because that's all good stuff.  :)

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