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GXP 16 and 17 pictures and quick read though summaries

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Re: GXP 16 and 17 pictures and quick read though summaries
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A question: Who was the copy of Seina that you mentioned earlier?

I haven't read that far yet. the story switched off of seina's perspective when the look alike showed up. it's probably a glamor spell.

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Re: GXP 16 and 17 pictures and quick read though summaries
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chapter 7:first read through summary

this is a light readthrough so EXPECT really bad errors and i just genuinely am assuming whats going on as i go and may make some mistakes... at first i thought it saidsomeone was in the kamidake and that marci called the girls to her.... so.... i make errors on myfirst readthroughs. rememeber when i thought seina slept with souren and i hadn't read ahead a chapter to find they just put him in seina's bed?   yeah... so take some of the plot with a grain of salt.

darling in the background

marci diplos calls the girls and tells them she has to meet with them immediately.

petit washu seals back up the seikishi in a cacoon and  fuku kirche miki and D come over to her

fuku comes out over there and greets her.

she feeds her candy or something like it... and plays with her until M,K, and D come up to her

"what's wrong?"
We  felt something odd... something has entered the kamidake. do you know anything about this"


washu takes them into a strange place in the kamidake
full of huge buildings and weird surroundings.

one of the girls thinks to herself: that building, it's shaped like kagato's snake that i saw in an article once

snake may mean the souja, its japanise so .... there is no SAID kiriko or thought kiriko's  after sentaces. THESE NOVELS DONT HAVE THAT and there is no context here for who thought this.. .btw  they don't use quotations either they use <brackets > and (for thoughts)

the horizon was a flatland and there was a runway around all the facilities it looked like an airport or air force base.

"hey look in the sky!" amane said somehow she is there so i assume this is FKMD and the kiriko's

washu is messing around with some settings and expands the area i think it seem she sent the seikishi to be stored in this area.

washu explains that  like kamidake has DF and K as secondary operators the seikishi has  ryoko amane and neiju registered as secondary operators

they then meet with marci and I actualyl forgot what her job was... hakurens liason i think.... uhm... there told hakurens given them the base on racepshi to use i think and give them a manual on it

-------the machine translation here is confusing me...

the scene cuts... somewhere... and agirl in a hood i think the girl from the cover of the next book is talking ona videos creen with someone...i think shes on racepshi too.

ok i dont understand this part this is a standard shadey figures discussing things segment sorry


the chapter ends with another seperate private shadey meeting discussion...

I don't think anything in it is of any value to try and pick out...

three people are named but they haven't been in the story before so.... I don't have their names translated right...
there just speculating on something having to do with the outcome of the fight set for tomorrow.

end of chapter
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Re: GXP 16 and 17 pictures and quick read though summaries
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Eff Efferson

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chapter 8 first read through:

battle without honesty and battle of empire

I have fuck all idea whats going on here  i think the kamidake has been taken to hakurens base,

erma brings up that washu's network replaced the GP and the academies networks after seina fucked them up. a weird callback i think she may be telling washu this...

it cuts to the sajyu souren and  kaguya who are all still scared shitless over kiriko.

i really need to re name translate this section  the names are all off

kaguya and uhm I honestly have no fucking idea who this is escort kiriko to a space port district where the  renza battle ethics committee lands to meet her

kiriko is met by one of the kings of renza, I have no idea which one for some reason the translation says "i'm king of the kingdom kingdom..." THANKS GOOGLE THATS WORSE THEN ANY POSSIBLE MISTRANSLATION EVER.

the king is rude to her.

one of the people around  her says: excuse me masaki kiriko please calm down!"

"I'm not angry! I'm appalled. I know there is no diplomatic relations between our nations but is it standard for you to be so rude to princesses from other countries!"

ooo... ok so some shit went down.

Kiriko was like do you honestly expect to come in here treat me like shit and expect me to get on board your shitty little space ship with you.
oh and her gaurdian goes off
"what the hell are you planning do you think your just going to take me off of racepshi and abduct a member of the royal family of another country? are you really trying to assasinate me.. I'm amazed..."
"why would you think that?"
"I hope youthe fact that my gaurdian unit is going off means this conversation is being recorded"

like thousands of gaurdian went off around her...

honestly i have no idea whats going on in this chapter but kiriko was not happy and has to be restrained by her the other person with kaguya  they leave the meeting in a limo.

on the way back they have a discussion

"kiriko that was an amazing number of gaurdians"

"I don't even really need to use them... I alone would have been enough to take them down."

the others are suprised.

ok so the other person seems to be souren ugh i got to redo the names badly
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Re: GXP 16 and 17 pictures and quick read though summaries
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Eff Efferson

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ok so last two chapters the fight with kiriko and the 4 heads of state begins its the clasic and in the left corner kiiriko drink ur sake masaki. chapter. with an announcer.. then the battle starts at the end of the chapter its a short chapter... and the final chapter is seto azusa funaho and misaki on jurai watching the battle.

kiriko fucks
she ends up destorying their ancient artifact weapons ripping off arms and ripping off all 4 of their heads which is a super humilating thing in their culture.


wrecks them

end of book
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Re: GXP 16 and 17 pictures and quick read though summaries
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Eff Efferson

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GXP 17 : first chapter read through impressions:
souren and sajyu are in awe in as they watch the end of the battle with amane and the others in the kamidake.

wormwood wolf also apparently copied the ancient relic weapons that the renza mechs used against it and kiriko used those to just fucking decimate them.

later after words kaguya crys because she is terrified by kiriko and amane comforts her, the two apparently behave a lot alike and have quickly become good friends, is kaguya actually a yayoi? that can't be right sajyu is the yayoi.

i think kaguya has been training against kiriko to learn to fight better... yeah i would be crying too...

washu calls to say here investigation is complete and they are confused as to what she means

she analyzed one of the cores of one of the knights. it was exactly like zinv's core

when asked why she neveer got zinvs core open its because it looked like it had been sealed 3 times over and zinv activly was putting up a fuss about it.

"what is it like inside?"

"there are alot of parts that can't be analysed."

"no way that's magic crystal technology!" one of the renza girls interjects.

"what's that?"
"before i tell you there is something i have to discudd"

washu changes into her adult form for this because petit washu is just not serious enough for this very serious situation.

hence the pic of her.

"Regarding the contents of the main unit, there are some matters that conflict with Jurai 's confidential information on it, and among you only Kiriko is qualified to know what that is , but at this time it is necessary for all members to share this information Judging from that, I got permission from jurai.Of course, you will not be allowed to talk about this after this.While Kiriko will have to decide how to judge  this information and act after knowing it "

"...... how classified are we talking...."
kiriko said voice trembling
"this is something that is only to be known by the emporer of jurai and by the heads of the galaxy federation."

"are you joking?!" amane shouted

"why are we being allowed to make such a high level judgement call?!"

"because this is our first contact with the renza federation... and seina's life is at stake... and he is a first generation master and kiriko a second, all of you are qualified to be top members of the galactic federation in the near future.

"Although the piracy forces on the Galactic Federation side have declined, still more time is needed to establish relations with renza , in a sense, Seina is like being captured by the criminal seal " we need you to make the decision, do you want to go and retrieve seina and violate the laws of renza again and leave leave them to their pirate problem or do you choose to say inside recepshi and remain uninvolved until something gives."

they decide that the kamidake and wormwood wolf are sisters so theoreticly... they could fuse and be extremely compatible and miki's crew should be able to control wormood wolf very well and so should kiriko's crew and they can train in an accelerated space before doing anything... so they decide... .

"We are Seina 's wives, our husband's safety is our top priority." miki says. the others agree. they wait for kiriko to back up their decision on the matter."

kiriko looks to souren " ... ... What about you in souren-san's group" are you dissatisfied here,you can come with us and leave this place."
kirko knew that if they did this souren and the rest of seina's renza waifu team would be deemed traitors

"Please do not hesitate because of us, it was requested of us by  Ms. Hakuren  that were were to work to make Kiriko 's will be realized"

"Thank you. Thank you ... ... Washu- sama, that's it, so please continue with the explanation."

"It seems that the opinions of everyone have been unified ... OK."
Washu launched a huge monitor in the center, changed her appearance to Petit Washu , and changed her costume to teaching clothes.


"Well ...... The armored knights Kiriko acquired are Heavenly Knight class 12 and Aquius Knight class 16. In conclusion, all the Royal trees in the unit are larva-fixed trees like ZINV The problem is.... that the trees of all the units are a type of clone. "

"From a single cell, cloning from genetic data can not produce a powerful Royal tree, but there is actually a way to make it possible. and cloning is easy even developing civilizations can do it... but... it requires the cloning to be done before the seeds begin to grow. it is the same the same as the mechanism by which the twins are born."

No way! Is such a thing possible ?"

 Jurai does not do it, so there are cases of occurrence in nature, so we do not have to bother experimenting."

"An example of occurrence in nature?"

"Oh! funaho and misaki"

"it also seems that these 5th gen seeds have been divided by cutting the seeds.."

kiriko gets super angry hearing this

"in theory 5th gen seeds can maintain their power after being cut into up to 4 pieces to make new ones... but after that they die. and if 4th or higher 6 divisions. after 6th if you cut it it just fucking dies"

"How have i never heard of this!? how did you learn that just by analyzing this seed."

"Actually... i know because an old disciple of mine studied and thoeriesed this... but it was only a theory... and now that i've analysed it. i can easily conclude they were right"

(kagato?!) kiriko knew who she was talking about and kept it to herself she would tell amane and the others later
"it seems the split seeds are unstable as is.Therefore it is difficult to age freeze it, the clones missing parts are then treated with various chemicals and supplemented with various materials, but this process that stabilizes the structure as a seed and at the same time makes sure it does not produce a new generation, it is like cloning seedless fruits.  And that's why they hid it in this thing... it keeps it confidential so other people dont try to do it too and make unauthorized copies. the shell is designed so if it's opened up it's supposed to destroy all evidence. so there's nothing to take out"

"that's terrible that's like what tarrant tried to to do fuku chan!" miki  raised her voice

"that's horrible.... their just like us when we first got fuku.... they only think of them as a tool!" kiriko's anger awoke.

"in the end people are often just heartless to anything that isn't themselves"

"this can't leave here... ever"

if other nations knew they could do this. well jurai had requests to give some places some and they actually did for some places with trees under the 5th generation... jurai always refused on the grounds that the amount was small ...but if this was known it would cause outrage for them not giving them to everyone who asked when they had the ability to do so.

"even so...jurai is unsure what to do knowing all this ... that's all there is to the matter, now that you know what is your decision."

"since it was known here, is there any possibility it might be leaked to the galaxy federation?"

"There is speculation but if so it's just a matter of time before we find out."

so seina's retreival was time sensitive.

"so shall we have a majority vote?" amane said

"Well ... the best priority for me is still the safety of Seina.Of course I have sympathy for the Royal tree of Renza and that it also affects the trees of Jurai..." miki was the first to say something

"what do you think we should do" kiriko asked kaguya who also was partnered to a tree of her own int he form of her mech moon night

of course it had no visible will but she shared the same bond as kiriko did to mizuki. it had no visible speech but definitely had emotions she could since.

wormwood wolf speaks up and says something like  (not bothering to fix this katakana mistranslated) "those girls earlier they were crying"

"which ones"

"the ones we fought when you took off their heads"

effectively ripping the heads off was separating them from their master.

there's  a lot of dialog and careful consideration and then

"we will leave that decision up to what ms kiriko decides."

They also decide that kaguya shouldn't send her mech in for repairs and should instead have washu do it."

i think she decides. lets see what happens with on renzas' side and what their attitudes towards us are for a bit first before we decide."
im not sure if they decided yes or no...

but the next chapter the people who do repairs discuss this decision not to turn it in for repairs.
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Eff Efferson

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chapter two starts with a fake book excerpt thats a first for kajishima:
── Manufacturers involved in armored knock development exist to the extent that they can be counted in large numbers. However, there are three manufacturers dealing with things that used descendants of the original five-sacred machine, which is also the brains of the Armored Knight and also the energy generator. Its predecessor was a research organization under the jurisdiction of the Five Oya. However, when the kingdom became enormous, and it became almost the current form of the criminal controversy, their anticipation and interests became complicated and maintenance troubles became many obstacles. For that reason, it separated from the royal family and made it independent as a private company.

At first, what was an independent manufacturer of Kaisei, Suika, Flaming Flame, Flame Mirror, and Polish was consolidated into three companies at the end of consolidation. After the integration, manufacturers of flower cherry system disappeared, and changed their names as Kae Suiten , Hikyakuten, and Sharaba. Today, all three companies were formed to form a federation of companies called Sanshi ─ ─ (extracted from the history of Mr. Akuten)

basically theirs a conglomerate of the three companies that do knight repairs called Sanshi
this first scene is a gathering of them

"they've refused to deliver their knight for repairs? is there any sign they have tried to open the unit?

"no opening  signal has been recieved." a beautiful woman next to mr akebane answers
"well maybe it's too early to tell... it would take anyone quite a while to open it if they tried"

not sure whats going on here. i think someoen came in and asked if they want to announce a new model of knight coming soon cause they got some good data from watching the fight with kiriko's mech... may be totaly wrong on this

the secretary leaves evenutally i think the machine translation says her name is takuma bobo.... but i didnt name translate using the readings for new characters
but this is her

and her name is takuma for sure now that i read it

she gets in a conversation with some people donno whats going on

"It's better to come in contact with Masaki Kiriko soon If she does not return the main unit, you can just check and see if ther is no abnormality by visiting this place rather than maintenance.If it is permitted, malfunction Please leave the program. "
 dunno how to interpret that...

i think then it goes to karens father and he says something like i would not mind lettign that seina fellow in as a leader of renza it wouldnt be so bad if we added a 6th and broke with the tradition of 5 rulers.
"Oh ... ... that is for the future , is not it a bold idea , is not it too early to make it a point of contact with Galactic Federation ?"

"To get Yamada Seina in the party as a whole is the same as breaking the tradition of the five houses and monopolizing the window with the Federation, do you think that the members of the House of Lords will approve it?"

"At least flower cherries and balls will approve"

Hanasaka is gone in the kingdom, but the strength of the old king family, Lotus family is still strong. There is a high possibility of being approved if there are Ao Len and Zhu Lian, who is a member of this party, and another one. And Shinjyu is the queen of polished ball. If Seina acknowledges the entry party it is highly likely to endorse. Of course at the present stage it is still fluid but not realizable.

so at least one of them is now considering just bringing in seina as one of them in order to get ahead of things and make ties with the galactic federation and they think two of the others will approve.
 also its reading whatever gyokurens name is here now that she is queen as Shinjyu... so it seems she has now become queen.

also they don't know if seina is still alive or dead.

"It is trivial - what is important is what white flowers brought Yamada Seina for what purpose "

"It was pirate deprivation, oh, in order to achieve it certainly, we should not be stuck in the near future"

note to self white flowers is hakuren's real name mistranslated... correct that.

It was a huge giant dome shaped hall.

The whole is dim, and the height is close to 80 meters, and although its shaping can hardly be seen, luxurious decorations are slightly visible. However, the place where people are actually located is about a half meter long, a semicircle part a little long. It is a feeling that the room without the ceiling and the front wall is building with a pounding inside the huge dome.

The room is surrounded by paintings and art objects that are still decorated like art museums, in the center a little behind the sculptures and complicated workmanship, gorgeous east shop built with several types of stone There is a rustic seat of the wind, and in front of it there are twenty people sitting comfortably, like a velvet cloth with silver threads or gold threads, the framework is still a wide sofa decorated with complicated sculptures and gold leaves The wind passenger seats are lined with a considerable interval.

Though there are thousands of people in size enough to accommodate it, there are fewer than ten people there. There seems to be about four people in the ritual seat, but since the lace is finely woven, it can not be determined at all by the silhouette only. And three people in the audience seating ahead. One of them is a man with a butler-like style and seems to be a guest who was invited to a slightly out-of-place place in the sofa.

The audience are watching the material images before the battle of Seina and Kiriko who were projected on a huge hall outside the room .

it changes scene and describes it in way too much detail

these two are watching kiriko's fight

Spoiler: show

The two guests are fairly contrasting, one is a young woman in high school age, a strong red hair straight, T-shirt with long sleeveless cardigan, daub dub like pants wearing pants, shoes are sandals It is. Although it is a beautiful and fearless pretty girl who is lovely, she is watching the image as if she glared with half-ey while eating baked sweets similar to tea and rice crackers.

" ... .... cook"

The man next to it is a scattered head of sandalwood, a forty-something of an appearance such as an unpainted beard, a fielder. Showa 's hippie is perfect clothes, she smiles with grinning, barefoot on the sofa and goes to bed with Goron, eating a large amount of cakes on the table in a casual way. Occasionally, I tried to wipe my dirty hands with a cream on the sofa and in a panic, the butler was presenting a wet towel.


" ... .... "

There is the same thing as a fan in Konso, and the noble person uses it as a simple manifestation of intention. The man 's hands shake trembling with the man' s absence, occasionally closing the sound of a big fan held in his hand passing through.


The sound should have reached the man's ears, but there is no appearance that I mind at all, and the girl next door is the same.

" ... How about you?"

I saw the end of the material picture, asked the butler terribly.

" ...... "

, The man pierces the shoulder of the girl next door with bare feet.

"Well, this person's sword, it's definitely of battlefield"

The expressionless expression like a doll was intact, but the girl started talking with a cool voice.

"Is it a sword on the battlefield?"

"It is not a one-on-one like a battle but specialized in a battle or a many-to-one battle, that is, I think that the situation of four to one is the other's intention."

"Well, that means that the baby chari is a cowardly enemy ploy !


The butler was indignant, I heard that the folding fan folded as well from the guest seat.

" ... Hydrogen"

Regardless of the other party's strategy, it is ineffective to a large extent, in the first place it can not bear the power of ourselves, it is just a result of drowning in the advantage of a few. The girl was expressionless, but at a position invisible to the butler, he smiled only with his mouth like a little fool. And poke the girl again as the man prompts ahead.

" ... ... As I later decided to see the movement of the opponent's armored knight remarkably improved, I took the head and weapons and provoked provocation of the armored knight's practice training It is speculated. "

"What a shameless shit! What kind of redneck of a federation is so barbarous!"

At that time, I heard the sound of striking a fan at Pampang. And the butler turned beside that and turned to the girl again.

"If you are you, will you win that one?"

"I can win"

The question of the butler answered the girl with full confidence, the next moment,


The next man gently kicked the girl and she tossed the artwork as it was and sank into the wall.

" ............


Too much happenings and those in a brilliant clash, the butler and the guests at the ryokan just stare at the disaster.

However, the girl came out while collapsing the hard - hitting wall and ran to the man. It seems to be quite injured if it is normal, but the hair is disturbed and the clothes are covered with a little dust.

"If you kick it please wipe that dirty leg!"

── You do not want to kick.

The butler and the guests of the guest seat squatted at the same time in the heart, but the girl began to wipe the man's foot with a wet towel handed down from the butler.

"What a shameless shit show! What kind of redneck of a federation is so barbarous!"
 one comments also the dude is the girls father and she is kicking her with his bare foot... and she's like eww and then the buttler wipes off his foot or something i have yet to see why i should care about this scene
The name of the man is Yagiri. And my daughter instantly hurts. Both of them are known mercenaries.

A gust of wind happens in the hall, the butler's body is blown away . But what was scattered from the butler's body is yellow liquid, carbon fiber pieces and special gel.

the buttler was a bioroid but someone seems to be attacking them... but they take them and their gaurdians out and he begs for their life and they spare him and then do a dance or some shit not sure whats going on here or why i should care so im only lightly paying attention.

Spoiler: show

" ... ... You also know the word" biased probability "?"

"Well, of course it is ... that most mercenaries are concerned about luck."

For those engaged in battle, the element of "luck" that can not do anything with their own competence is the subject of fear. Many mercenaries believe faithfully, such as amulets and jinx.

" Yamada Seina attracts the pirates because of its" bias of probability. "That is why the ladies of the royal family who went to bring them to the studio ."

Spoiler: show
"Listen carefully to people's story. I told you I wanted to see it."

" Then do you give me to slash Yamada Seina ?"

I ate three disagreeable cakes in total, and the instant haze which is breaking a bit is smiling and smiling. However, unlike before, it does not release violence.

"That's why I'm telling you not to cut it .... Haa, it's okay now. Instead, keep the neck well properly"

"Of course it is ... Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... ... Oh, so what are you going to do after you cut YamadaSeina ? Yes, yeah ... I know that my father would not keep me away from this degree, I will notify my disciples to refuse buying and accepting mail orders. "

ok i think later he goes to meet someone and they are trying to hire them to find seina... and cut off his head.

end of chapter disection
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ok so... seina clone last book  was barigaru's intelegent pet cobald, a glamor spell casting elf like monster. this might be the cat on the cover

the girl with read hair on the cover seems to the the philosophers stone... It malfunctions and develops what seems to be an astral and a flirty personality and only seina can see her .... i think... pretty sure

the blond on the cover is jovia a magic user.
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Chapter 3: "Wiser's Will"

chapter opens with seina eating he thanks the cobolt who serves him the food although she is called a cobolt she looks like a long haired lady

"I was suprised when you turned into me" it cuts back to the end of the last book when the cobolt showed up as seina.

"wait... that's me!"

"ahaha you suprised him good one nana"
"thank you master"
it changed into a white fox like bipedal animal. --- maybe it says with 10 tails? maybe thats just translation jibberish----

"this guy is nana- cobalt my pet demon"

"pet demon?"

"by the way don't let it fool you just cause it's cute its male, although I can make him transform into a girl and put dress on him if you want its kinda funny."

"uh no thanks I'm not into that....still that's an amazing skill"

"actually he pulls it off with a magic artifact, its not so much a transformation as it is magic that fools your visual and tactile senses"

" an artifact? so I could possibly use it to do that too?"

"hah you can barely do anything right now but when your all better I'll show you how. "

"so are cobolts usually this intelligent?"

"usually there dumb as nails, but I used a technique i learned at school to use the magic crystals to give him a sort of auxiliary brain linking to that body. Actually if he dies his memories and intellegence are stored and transferable to a new body but his personality might change."

this reminds seina o tarrant tried to do experiments on fuku but he figures he will ask nana how he feels about it.

"its hard to find a compatible creature, rejection is high, but the change is very noticeable."

"This body is the 7th generation far. all my other incarnations have liked serving master and this one does too."
"7th generation?"
"you have to start out on smaller demons with smaller lifespans and gradually collect intelligence in what's called a philosopher's stone it's taken me 25 years to get this far."
" I am much more intelligent. and much younger. compared to me that thing is a baby." the philosopher stone in seina chimed in unprovoked.
he told it to keep silent and talk later

"have you ever heard of such a thing."
"I've heard of things like that in stories"
"hah well it's a pretty common name for things."

barigaru leaves after a bit and then seina and nana talk some small talk and then he has to go to the bathroom

then he eats again and when he's left alone he talks to the philosophers stone which is acting weird

the stone informs seina it doesn't think barigaru is dangerous and hasnt told anything that seems like a lie yet

" I know I asked you to talk a little more... but can you change how it sounds?" the stone talked in a weird monotone sounding female voice by default.

" how about i try Tsukiko 's voice? Of course just as a temporary measure. ... ... I'd like to adjust my dear husband 's preferences "

"your ....dear... husband?"

Seina was a bit nervous, not from the cold.. . in the recalling bad memories kind of way.

"The name philosophers stone "isn't hot at all. It's confusing with the same name, and it's not very "human" or "feminine" in the first place. For the time being please call me (temporary). I'd like to build an appearance if you don't mind "

------its late 2 b continued --------
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seina wonders if the magic has finally corrupted the philosopher's stone installed in him.

"Well ... ... i certainly might be broken. In sence that,I can no longer function as a "philosophers stone", I can no longer access Washu- sama's data bank "

Hey, hey! That's bad .... "

"Yes, there are some other problems too. I can't tell our current location. There are also magical and other influences affecting me in this regard, as for the topographical data on ZINV's location, the basic data is still present in me  but it is an inaccessible state.
and as I reported earlier, my detection functions are malfunctioning. "

"Is it possible to restore those functions? "

"not at the present stage. I am broken as NB but i have changed into something else ... No, it may have evolved. an independent personality has formed "

"an, independent personality !  Maybe you're an AI with an astral like Kirche and Miki senpai? "

"There is no way to distinguish in this place whether or not i have an astral. However, the presence or absence of an astral is only an indicator of how others will treat me legally. what's important is that I recognize the existence of myself as an independent being. the only thing that matters is  how you perceive that. "

"well i guess... you think therefore you are."

" I am sorry but I seem to have formed due to the past input into your NB and the philosohpers stone..."

"Well... i was kinda hoping i would be free of airi's funny acting NB but so much for that..."

"I'm sorry."
"It's not your fault."

"we need to decide on my appearance... should i use tsukiko as the base?"
Suddenly the appearance of Tsukiko appeared seina's vision. philosopher's stone (tentative unnamed) was sending visual data directly to his brain.

"Hey... HEY!"
seina covered his own mouth though as he hear someone come up the stairs.

Nana came up to check on him

"are you alright? i heard you talking to yourself."

"Oh no... I'm fine, Please don't worry about me."

nana left.

"He is cute, what a lovely man! But Seina, that is a Baron Gal 's demon, so don't go getting any strange feelings for it. "
"Don't say such things with tsukiko's appearance and voice! it's creepy!"
"that is already my first priority I am just going to use tsukiko as a base."
"ok understood... good to hear... but why are you using tsukiko as the base."

"I wish to use the ideal base to appease you're senses"

"that's weiiiiiiiird"

"what... do you not like you're wifes mother? aren't you going to be married to her in a hundred years or so... around your 5th or 6th wave of brides?"

"Don't speak like its just some preset event... and where did you get such a high number!"

the first round was 4 people... seina had no doubt hakuren's crew would be second.... and third fuku's crew.... there were a few stragglers after that but nothing all that solid anything after the third round just didn't seem realistic to him.

"oh but it is. ... hmmm maybe i should borrow from some of the others you like too... maybe from Souren, he's an elf right... maybe I'll throw in some elf features."

"some fantasy creature elements would be cool... but..."
the image changed . the ai was a breath taking beauty now.
"hmmm ms. washu is my creator i should adopt some of her features too."
her golden hair quickly changed to red.

"is this face ok for you?"

she turned to seina with mischievous smile common to washu and airi but it was different from airi's in that seina felt no evil intent from it.

she then adopted amane and gyokuren's body shape and seina was taken a back.

"oh what's wrong seina? i'm only a picture." the ai reached out to him"

"" ...... Ah ! I can feel you're hand! "

----------I hate to say it but... im guessing that philosopers stone is the 4th older woman teir waifu-----

to be continued

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ok resuming quicker then expected

seina realizes the stone waifu can touch him and  then in typical tenchi she forces his hands on her breasts and he feels the warmth and her heartbeat all in his head very strongly.

"Can you feel my heartbeat? "

thump thump

" Washu was my mother technically did you forget she was a philosopher? I I don't have to just be a virtual image in front of you, its possible to make men and women and children using the medical culture tank in the kamidake, we could even use your genetic information to have a kid♡ would you like to try that? "

and then seina realized she isn't real just in her head. and if he actually did bang this waifu it would look super weird to anyone who saw cause it would just be him... also he realizes it would be no different from how kenneth used to have virtual sex with sex robots using people's personal data.... I thought that was always just implied but here it's explicitly stated.

Men and women's work is also an event in the brain to the last. It is real just for himself, same as virtual sex Kenneth had illegally had. Anyway, if we do not hold back, dignity as a person will be pulled up by everything.

"No i couldnt do that.when you think of it objectively that's too empty. and there's no way i could ever justify that to kiriko or any of the others"

the stone tries to convince him that she may just be in his head but she exists too.

"Why are you so set on this?... wait... are you programmed to be that way?" seina remembers NB's dubious programming

"To begin with, I was made for helping Mr. Seina. I exists only for you, to serve you ... and I am a woman. does that help you make a conclusion? "
"I'll admit the first two statements are correct but as fro the third why are you even a woman in the first place?"
"I'm a mechanical assistant i build myself around your tastes, and that's how i interpreted things when you asked me to speak more normally to you."

"yeah but i was expecting you to be more of a guy..."

"would you rather i be an old man or a shota? or where you thinking more of one of your friends? do you really want one of them in your head?"

"The bride in the brain has various problems! Beyond that there is still room for friends in the brain to have sympathy for this situation! "
Having a waifu in my brain will just cause various problems! besides that I wouldn't mind having my friends in my brain at least they would have some sympathy to offer me for being in this situation."

the thing basicly says she is a woman by nature and instinct not by design and she can not change that.

then it brings up something like (i think) how seina's luck is corrected by certain women so naturally if she has been created it was because she was one of those meant to fix his luck.

and the she hits him with

And we are all equal. Unlike other wives and wife's candidates, they are together at any time. Then do not you think that it would be better to love each other than to catch up with one another? "

we are all equal. However unlike the other wives and wife candidates we are together at all time, don't you think that it would be better if we loved each other (i dont understand the rest possibly: considering that we don't have to ever catch up with one another.

"STOP IT DON'T SAY ANYTHING MORE OF THIS." seina says unconsciously and forcefully which conveys exactly how he feels to the stone waifu

"but... I..." she gets sad
""If ...... if really I bother you  Seina-san then that is that...... You hate me ......  If you like i have a self-destruction function, it will leave only minimum functions is enabled"

"Is it  a self-destruct? or is it like a Reset .....? "

"Some auxiliary functions are self-destructive. it will Destroy and delete the functional parts of each one   and will leave only the minimum response functions like before. Data and functions that can not be accessed now should recovered soon .... So "

"eh? ...... but what about you? "

"... I 'm sorry. I can not help you ... I 'm sorry. Even though my mother made me with high performance intellegence. Even though I tried hard, and studied a lot to help Mr. Seina ... and even though only 52 days, 10 hours and 22 minutes and 35 seconds have passed since I was born "

---- you know how i rant on how anal kajishima secretly is about the tenchi timeline...  he just put an exact number on how much time has passed since seina gxp 14 and GXP 17 down to the second--------

the stone waifu bursts into tears.

but you said you don't need me... I'm sorry."

It's not that! I didn't say i don't need you but don't you think talking about having children with me is going too far? and this suddenly too"

by this point seina no longer acknowledged her as his NB and now recognized her as a real person

"since my sister Fuku became a wife of Seina, I also wanted to be that, ..I wanted to be that ... ... But I can not help you"

(oh is that so?)

(Nevertheless, it is still impossible to determine whether the program's quasi-personality is human or whether it is a program or not... how toublesome)

I'm troublesome?

you can read my thoughts?

Anything you think
seina still continues to think to himself though

(It feels like I'm thinking desperately for excuses  ... but ... if the marriages continue in the future It's just that ... ... )

Even if there was a choice to refuse in the first place, the reason why she does not accept her sinking in front of her is already lost. After all she was a "thing" created for Seina, and became a "person" who could be said to be Fuku 's younger sister.

In any case, he should educate her properly in the future, Seina has that duty.

"I understand. You do not have to self-destruct. matters not whether, there is an astral. I can not kill an ego that germinated my heart "

"I'm happy! Thank you very much. So, please give me a bride ... "

"Wait a minute! calm down. Shouldn't we begin by knowing each other first, before you use the word bride? I think we should have a firm  foundation established before say anything like that "

"But I know lots about Mr. Seina. From the day i was installed,  I knew what you did felt and saw, I was there when you woke up in bed with soure, and all those times you ran to the toilet this past week. "

It seems that it was recorded not by function but by instinct.

"aaaaaaaaaagh! Do not speak any more! it's making me reconsider the self destruction thing "

Seina, who once again knew that he was all known unilaterally, including black history, seemed to be a little scared of its innocence of honesty, the existence of a wise maker stone (provisional) with individuals It is.

"That can not be helped. Even if I look back, I have something to come by far. It's okay! For young men it is normal "

" ... .... Thank you for comforting me. I'm glad I want to cry ... ... But now you will not be able to do any secret ... ... "

"That makes me feel easy. Accepting yourself is a matter of growing. I also have that role "

"Anyway, do you understand that you don't need to hurry? Man and women relations, children, and so on are not things for right now. "

"If Seina will accept me, I will wait. Me and Mr. Seina are always together at any time. so there infinite time for it "

"good... also what about your name? "

" will you give a name ? "

she said a smile that looked like a sunny day outside.

"I came up with it just now, but how about 那由多 (nayuta) cause your way better then Nana. (7 but also the kitsune kobald) "

1. an extremely great number (often said to be 100 million)​Buddhist term, From Sanskrit “nayuta”
2. 10^60 (or 10^72)​

Of course,  it is a unit of numbers, but also, a nice feminine name.

"Yes! Yes! It's a nice name. I'm happy. I'm happy. "

"I'm glad you liked it. I'm glad ... .. but this is going to be a problem to explain to Kiriko ... ... "

"I'm the same as Miki and Kirche . NB has a will, isn't that enough to explain it to her?"

" ... What? Wait a minute! Is it the same as Kirche ? "

"What's wrong with that? "

"well, ... assuming you have an astral, you can not get married to the person who created the program."

Of course, that's only until after a certain amount of time.

"I call " Washu" my mother? So even if I'm acknowledge as an Astral AI, there will not be any problem with marriage "

"Well, that ... ... That's good"

"Yes ♡ " it ws the same as the expression that Kiriko showed at the wedding

Spoiler: show

"Even so, I know him. Certainly Washu 's access to the data bank is not possible, is not it? Are you also instinct? "

"Yes. The fundamental knowledge necessary for everyday life is maintained, and access to the personality domain of witchcraft is possible, so that data bank can be used. The substitution of the lost function will become possible by magic in the future "

Nakuta dropped an oversized bomb again, finally calm down.

" ... ... Ha? ...... Now what? I feel like I heard something amazing? What? "

"Access to the area that monitors and monitors the sorcerer system becomes possible and became friends with the personality that is there. But first of all, you made a chance to give Mr. Seina a chance? You do not remember? "

"I? ... ... Well , that sinks with a magic caught ... ... Oh! Come to think of it as something and astral linking. So I heard a voice ...... How about a sorcery "

seina then asks what systems are still functional and she drops a bomb on him and tells him that while her science data systems are no longer available she now has access to magic ones... and she has access to the magic system and the personality he made friends with inside of it when he was unconcious."

"oh right! the astral link!".... so what your saying is... you are now an encyclopedia of magic?
"yes... and that means you can use some amazing magic if you just ask."

"wait does it know why I've gotten such a large magic organ"

""First of all, I will explain from what kind of person she is. She was born and was lonely because she was not recognized by others until today, she wanted someone to know of her existence "

"  the conjecture that magic was a system of life support is correct. it is a thing  made by a scientist living in a certain era of the universe which has already passed, it is a thing which was made by a scientist, but that scientist also did not know until the end how the thing called magic was made "

"Then how did they make magic? "

"There were several satellites on a planet of ice of  in a solar system found durring planetary exploration, on one there was atmosphere but it was sparse. The location from the sun was far, the planet was not ice though, even without a heat source, etc. there was mild and mossy life breeding "

"In other words, that moss generated magic and prepared the environment? "

"Yes. Fortunately the scientist was a plant-based higher life, so it seems that something it was able to have some form of  intelligent communication with the magical plants that can be said to be the original species "

----------- sounds a bit like maybe what's going on in those odd tenchi ifs called I havent grown anything since elementary school---------

"like a royal tree? or like a dryad?"

"a detailed record is not left. However,  the scientist and their team who knew that the original species was generating water and heat necessary for life tried to use it for planetary development. they noticed the infinite potential of magic and succeeded in incorporating it into their daily life support system. However the compatibility with scientific civilization was bad and it began to erode the original civilization gradually "

"Many civilizations have been destroyed by the erosion of the magic, but the human race has not been destroyed. they simply abandon science civilization and switch to a life using a magic system. However,this results in regression an early civilization, but when the improvement was applied by the disciples of the scientist later on, they were shocked to find that with advanced scientific places it didn't erode . so they incorporated her into the system for that purpose and to keep an eye on things "

"I see. So that's why you do not see it on planets other than ones with early civilizations ...... What does it mean that no one knows her existence anyway? "

"Since it is a surveillance program in the first place, it had no personality to begin with. It came to have advanced intelligence by accumulating and evolving a lot of information as universal collapse and re-birth occurred several times. But since the magical civilization is stable, it does not develop beyond the initial civilization class. But since she was built with interstellar navigation level technology, the sorcerer civilization has no way to access her with anything in the first place "

"So since i had the philosophers stone ... but isn't there an incompatibility? Even if I am from an early civilization, my Bio-Enhancement makes me one of the people from a developed civilization right? "

"She said" it was a miracle. " just like you're personal data did with Kirche, you passed through a hole in her system and reached  her center "

"huh... ... you mean when i joined the academy ? ... Is that something that happened? "

"Her wish is that she wants us to cooperate in problem solving "

"Cooperation? Is that possible? "

"magic is currently used only in early civilizations. However, there was never a limit intended in the system. Do you remember what it said when you first talked to it? "

"increase your seeds. To the earth. To the stars. Fill the universe. My children are going to lay paradise. "

"Yes. The original purpose of the magic system was to enable activities in all places. If there was a thing called magic, in theory you could live even in outer space. The universe itself would become a place for life. "

Spoiler: show

"That is to make the cosmos full of magic ... ...why does it need my help? Why isn't she doing it? "

"She is a surveillance system. Moreover, Mr. Seina is her only point of contact with outside. And it is the driving force to spread magic to the universe, its part of the survival instinct of the plants which originally became the origin of magic"

"so ...... magic and the and system are like cars, she is a GPS, no driver's license, no intuition but she can give me a sense of direction? "

"Because it is a precious fantasy world, will not you express it a little more emotionally? In other words, write a new item to the magic encyclopedia and make it completely indispensable to enable activities in the universe. That means Mr. Seina wants him to live as his owner, a magician "

"Well, that expression is more fantasy, is not it? ... But I waited for a moment! I am certainly in a position to get science and technology, but it will yakes a tremendous amount of time to make such a thing to make science compatible with magic ... .... "

At that time Seina remembered what tenchi told him, Tenchi  and him would infinitely continue to exist, and he remembered things about his own body.

"That's right. That's why she said that it was a "miracle""

" ...... I always get  involved in ridiculous things"

" Do you really think so? Seina you said that developed science and technology is the same as magic right? Seina previously went into space with the power of science.  now you just have to go out into space with magic "

"To space, ... ... certainly I was really excited at that time. I felt like my world was expanding all at once, and I was able to go to places impossible to reach by earthlings "

more then that he was also able to go to places that were impossible to reach even by those out in space.

"Now you can  accomplished that with your own power. Don't you think thats kind of romantic? "

"I will not deny it. But what about compatibility issues with science civilizations? That turned out to be the biggest bottleneck, and what if i cause a major magic pandemic ... ... I'm confident that because of my bias in probability I will do so. "

"your confidence is sad. Although we call it external magic, and internal magic,

the original name  for external magic was mana, internal magic was ena.

In fact it is mana alone that is erroneous,  and incompatible with science and technology "

"Oh ... ... Is it a  in the magic difference whether it is taken in the body or not? "

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