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Tenchi Muyo Stage Play Cast

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Tenchi Muyo Stage Play Cast
« on: May 17, 2019, 11:46:35 AM »


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I'm not sure how much people actually care about this, but it's news. It will be shown from July 17-21.

Spoiler: show
Tenchi: Kazuma Sato

Ryouko: Toa

Ayeka: Yuzurisa

Sasami: Amamiya Mia

Mihoshi: Himeki Ami

The actresses playing Ayeka and Sasami were both in OVA 4. Amamiya Mia played Fuuka and Yuzurisa played Mizune.


Re: Tenchi Muyo Stage Play Cast
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Thanks for the update!

I'm sure I'll never be able to see it, but I still like knowing these things. I wonder how the costumes will turn out...