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Shrank's visit to Earth

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Re: Shrank's visit to Earth
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Shank isn't spelled with an "r".

I'm pretty certain there was never any story to be told regarding his visit. It's the same joke from OAV3: Hyper-competant and fearsome in their usual environment but woefully unequipped for this situation baddies make a very brazen move and are instantly put in their place.

Shank is scary for GP officers but to Tenchi and his wives he is as unremarkable as nearly all the suitors who came for Aeka. I don't believe he was cut from OAV4. The event is written in the novel like we should know what happened because we do.

i mean we doooo but i also find it hard to believe that kajishima would break tradition like that haha
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Re: Shrank's visit to Earth
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That Tarant is ill equipped to fight the entire Masaki household. However, what of his surrogate parents lurking in the voids of space? Would they have the manpower to march against the oppressor of their pirate kin?