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Small Detail Appreciation Thread

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Small Detail Appreciation Thread
« on: October 11, 2019, 08:30:27 PM »

Eff Efferson

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I'm fixing up gxp 6 and i noticed and commented on a really small continuity detail I noticed... and i wanted to share it for the people who don't read my translations but i also wanted to start a thread for people to post the tiny odd little continuity nods and details they love in the series.

anyways i really love how in the part where Erma takes seina shopping after his first paycheck, Seina buys a tiny little cat bell on a ribbon which he eventually gives to fuku that helps differentiate her from Ryo-ohki. He bought this from washu's stall.
This is obviously the same cat bell ryoko plays with on the roof top in ova 1, it's tenchi's dead chibi-chan's cat bell.
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Re: Small Detail Appreciation Thread
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Oh. That's a neat detail.
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