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OVA 4 Weirdness Explanation thread

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OVA 4 Weirdness Explanation thread
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I'm re-edition the OVA 4 Novilization and I know no one is going to read it anyways so I figured why not make a thread to clear up a lot of the confusions made by our garbage teir subbing team.

What did Tokimi actualy say about her appearence?

Ryoko: "What are you a paper fetching dog?" Ryoko said looking at Tokimi with a complicated expression. "And what is the deal with that cute little outfit?"
The actual response we mistranslated: "This look is a side effect of all three of us choushin being here in this one place. If I didn't take this form, I could easily collapse the third dimension."
"That sounds dangerous! You should probably leave then!" Ryoko glared at Chibi Tokimi.
"Huh ... I'm your aunt, you shouldn't make me feel like a burden."

What tsukiko tells tenchi about seina:

"It seems that Kiriko finally made up her mind to let Seina stay in space; not that she had much of a choice once seto set her sights on him. "
This is just to help establish that Ova 4 happens shortly after Kiriko gives up on making seina skip bioenhancement and go home in GXP.

What are ringo and Minaho talking about:

How much to spend on the Kamidake 1, and how Jurai is now borrowing it's budget for things from Seina's money that he inherited from Widow, so they might as well make him king because the intrest they will eventually owe him will be rediculous.
What does minaho mean by cerebus is back:

She means that Kiriko has finally quit rejecting Seina being in space and is back to being his overprotective gaurd dog.

What's up with minaho flirting:
She isn't and the text makes it very clear, she's being a troll like her sister and mother and just joking around, :/ a lot of this is conveyed silently in novel form and that obviously didn't make it into the show plus they also played it off in the animated version as a cliff hanger joke. but like come on... its an obvious joke. Even the girls get that she's only a mother figure at best which is why they aren't tryimg to rip her head off.

Why are they teasing tsukiko over seina:
Tsukiko was supposed to marry seina but he unecpectedly went up into outerspace. her current marriage is a sham marriage and they live seperated, kai's dad is a tennan and is kinda a nut. the man she loved and had kiriko with died on a mission in space (it's implied he may have been killed by himc and tsukiko is more or less implied as a reincarnation of ayuko rara).

Whats up with airi: She's burried in paperwork because  NO ONE FUCKING LIKES HER.  OVA AIRI IS INTOLLERABLE. Expecially durring this part of the timeline. Mikami deliberatly had everyone submit  paperwork to her at the same time and they all did it cause they knew she would rush and approve a bunch of dumb shit.

fuck if i know... that is taro.

Washu and minaho's conversation:
our translaters royaly scrood the pooch here. A. this scene is in the 3rd episode but was meant to be in the as the plot novel shows.
B. minaho is talkimg about handing over Widows Astral to Washu so she can make Fuku. it's a top secret mater so they had to talk in person.

note on minaho:
At this point in the story minaho is still set to marry kanemitsus child if it's a boy, but yuzaki hasn't had it yet, she has it shortly after and it's a girl.

cut dialoge: when yosho and katsuhito talk they were supposed to start talking about how strange it is to live past the death of your lover. it was a real nice scene but it's cut in the animation.

Random masakis: the novel doesnt give any of the masaki's who we don't already know names even if they had speaking roles.  However just from how everyone talks to eachother in the show we can finally piece together most of tenchi's family tree.

I have two daughters in space:  This is a mistranslation a bad one.  someone heard uchuu which is space when it was a similar sounding word for wives.

 "Don't you think it's about time you started thinking about remarrying and having children Lord Yosho?"
" I've already had two wives and i only ended up with a bunch of daughters ... ... ... besides I think this guy's probably going to be next. "

What is the deal with what there saying about gyokuren:
again  we botched translation here. Theyre saying it's probably not a good idea to have mikami or gyokuren help teach kenshi because they have an inherent sex appeal ability that drives men crazy. Gyokurens offended because she's married to seina now and would never stray but the fact remains her ability still drives people crazy, amane actually says soemthing like well not all of us have abilities that make other women weary of us.

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Re: OVA 4 Weirdness Explanation thread
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Oof on that first part that's a big one to miss.

Re: OVA 4 Weirdness Explanation thread
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Collapsing the third-dimension is Tokimi's equivalent of giving that existence a glomp.