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Minor Character Appreciation Thread

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Minor Character Appreciation Thread
« on: August 18, 2022, 11:37:16 PM »


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Forget those boring, basic-ass characters like Tenchi, Ryoko, Ayeka, Sasami, etc. Let's start talking about the many lesser-known characters in the various Tenchi Muyo! franchise, with one person bringing up one character at a time. Tell us their name, which series they're in, how much screentime they have (the less the better), and, most importantly, whether or not you'd boink them (or have them boink you).

I'll start. My profile picture happens to be Mitsuki, who only appears in episodes 15 and 26 of Tenchi Universe and has about 2:18 minutes of screentime (yes I actually counted this one time), although for some reason she appears in some supplementary artwork which to me suggests that during the show's creation she might have originally had a larger role in the show. She mentions that she was "classmates" with Kiyone (presumably the Galaxy Police Academy if it existed in Universe), so the door is open to what their relationship is actually like. Kiyone seemed initially glad to see her again, so maybe in the past they were good friends, but that obviously wasn't the case anymore.

You know, I think she actually gets a bad rep for attempting to arrest Kiyone. Of course, in hindsight, she was working for the wrong side, but she was ordered to do it, and so were several dozen other officers. From her perspective, Mitsuki would've had no idea what was really going on and would've had absolutely no reason to disobey her orders. So she only tries doing her job, fails, and still gets demoted to a humiliating position by Kiyone when she and Mihoshi get promoted in the final episode (shortly before giving up the promotion? Why?). In a way, I kind of feel bad for her.

If good writing and directing weren't above Negishi's pay grade, Mitsuki should've been given a larger role and been portrayed as an unfortunate cog in the Galaxy Police's corrupt machine, having an obligation to follow her orders and arrest Kiyone despite not really knowing what's going on. Maybe at the end of the series, she could've realized the error of her ways and helped Tenchi and the others out in a way similar to what Nagi did.

Sorry, I got off topic. Would I boink her? Nah, I think she'd be the one to boink me!

Re: Minor Character Appreciation Thread
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There's just something about Yuzaki Hirata.

She's a bit nuts.

A career woman, a non-royal Juraian who rose to command the 7th fleet under Seto. Seems to be a combat expert and battle junkie.
Then she goes and falls for that doof Kanemitsu and has a kid. Lets her husband take her job while she gets the best maternity leave in the galaxy and stays home to raise her daughter.
So, every time she's featured in the GXP novels or in her brief OVA appearances she's a woman on edge- someone used to being in command and always having something to do, relegated to occasional duties and trips to quell boredom.

When she does the traditional welcome "battle" with Seina she's going nuts, getting a break from nursing a baby and goes wild.
But being set against Seina, calamity happens and he has to save her life when they bring the forest floor down on them.
And I think this is where I come to like her. She doesn't get mad, she doesn't pout, she doesn't fall in love with him. She plainly declares that she has been beaten- and immediately finds something new to focus herself on. She declares that her newborn daughter will marry Seina and starts a bizarre indoctrination program to make sure that her daughter loves Seina.
The plots she undertakes are great. Like the thing of invoking an unwritten rule that men are obliged to marry a Juraian girl if they see her naked... So she tries to fix it so he's forced to change her diaper... it don't matter that's she's a baby- you saw her naked!

It's a small issue I have with her OVA5 appearances. Her energy training Kenshi is consistent with her berserker nature, but she would not give up a chance to bring her daughter to see Seina!

and then there's... my pants