The Waifu/Husbando Game!

Started by Auir, September 28, 2012, 10:01:26 AM

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This is a game where you select 2d girls and boys from published material (video games, manga, anime, doujins, hentai, western comic books) to be your waifu/husbando. Once a girl or guy is claimed, no one else may claim him/her. There will be 1 round in total, each round will last a week. Once the waifu/husbando is claimed, they are yours for the next year.

That's the basics of what the game is. Here are some very basic rules:

1.The new minimum amount of posts require to participate in this game will be 15 post count. This is to prevent lurkers out there from joining.

2.Characters must be from released material, you cant pick girls before their show airs/before the first chapter of a manga/before the game release/etc.

3. You must post the full name of the character you wish to select and the show they are from, if you only place partial names you run the risk of have your girl stolen. Typos do not count against a player.

5. This rule is important.You may NOT edit your post until 6 hours after each round; any posts that are will be voided and deleted. If you decide to spam your posts to hide them, not only will it not count because I can't find it, I'll temporary ban you. Edit's to claim are strictly forbidden.

7.You cannot pick an entire race or species.

8.Alter egos or "dark" versions do not apply as another character, nor do younger/older versions of a character.

9.Girls must exist in published recognizable material and cannot be original creations(by you or anyone else).

10.You may divorce a waifu/husbando, but after the divorce is announced you must wait 4 days from the time posted to claim another girl for that slot. The girl must also wait 48 (2 days) hours to be reclaimed, thus giving everyone an equal chance to get her.

11.Everyone has a divorce limit of 3.

12. Have fun!

What is required to claim: name of the girl, what show she is from
What I would like to see: why you love her and a picture of her in all her glory.

Please spoiler any images you add, especially if they're NSFW/18+

The Dates of the rounds:

Round 1: October 1st-October 7th

any updates/changes will be mentioned in this post and later in the thread.

Denka! Kenshin-sama! Anata no kami no hogo o yokose!

It's October 1st so I guess now would be an appropriate time to post.

I would like to claim Washu Hakubi from Tenchi Muyo. I love her very much because she manages to be cute yet mature and have an extremely high IQ.

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Tenchi claims his Jibri as his WAIFU!!!!!!!!!!!!
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