Tenchi in Tokyo / Shin Tenchi Muyo DRAMA CD/Images

Started by Tsukihenshin, October 15, 2012, 08:29:55 PM

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 If anyone could Translate these that would be AWESOME!

OST Shin Tenchi Muyo! - Vol.01
04 - Omake Dorama I
08 - Omake Dorama II

OST Shin Tenchi Muyo! - Vol.02
04 - Voice Of The Cicada (Drama 1)
08 - Voice Of The Cicada (Drama 2)


And ofcorse if anyone can do that Special that would be great too:)

THANKS So much
I think I was born to fall in love with you Tenchi. Everyday my love for you is becoming more and more real."  -Sakuya


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I really should get a microphone and translate some of the dramas on the fly, they're just too boring to actually type down and my Japanese is far too shitty to maintain it's thought process for that long.

omake drama #1: It begins with the main tenchi girls talking about who'll be Tenchi's bride after Sasami makes a comment to Kiyone and Kiyone goes into a dreamy mode, followed by Mihoshi commenting that she feels like a blushing bride already. Then Ryoko & Ayeka comment on Kiyone's unusual behavior, with Ryoko commenting on her big sister behavior and not being able to lower guard about her.

Skin to the school, where Sakuya asks Tenchi to join her for lunch and tenchi tries to 'cool down the situation' by saying they should invite everyone to join them. Tenchi's other male classmates, in a fit of jealously decide that they're not going to let this relationship advance. So they trick Sakuya, by saying they'll talk to Tenchi about her. And imply Tenchi has a thing for her. Drama #1 end.

Omake Drama #2: It begins with the girls discussing how to get Tenchi's heart, with Ayeka pointing out that Ryoko's aggressive tactics are why she fails at swaying Tenchi's heart and Ryoko countering Ayeka with the same commentary. Then Mihoshi suggests something to pure brilliance, the trick is to GO ON AN ACTUAL DATE. Then she starts blabbering, gonig over details and Washu points out that she's talking about a date plan(er). Then it appears Kiyone is designated match maker, I think...

Next part, Sakuya makes a grand entrance and and confidently announces herself as Tenchi's number one love interest. [She's really just trying to be strong.] Tenchi & Sakuya grean another and Tenchi comments on the weather. Sakuya works on building up her confidence more and makes some idle chat. Then starts to screw it up by asking something about protecting the planet. And even Tenchi is puzzled by it.

An airplane passes overhead, it appears the last segment ended. Sakuya must be at work and having difficulty doing it, as she lost her balance and Tenchi caught her. I guess... only real que here is the ara-aaah line her her acting very out of place, while referring to him and guest/customer.  ah, yeah she must be at work. She makes a comment about if she should quit after mentioning about Tenchi 'hugging' her (catching). Then goes back to trying to be strong. And finds herself asking why Tenchi makes her feel stronger, asking if that is what love is, then becomes even more determined.

The gingle ends, Sakuya gets ready to confess her feelings and Tenchi screws it up by pointing something fell out of her pocket. It turns out to be a love letter from(?) Amagasaki! Then the two ease droppers run away. Tenchi thanks her and comments on how beautiful the snow is. [I guess that means this it taking place about Christmas and she's probably working as a "santa-san".] Sakuya is caught off guard and admiringly agrees with him. Commenter then says "there you have it, this mission ended in failure, but keep at it Sakuya!". Cut back to the regulars girls, Washu sounds hungover, the others are going over preparations, I guess they've been planning their "date" the whole time... the end.

That'll at least give you an idea of whats happening, in volume 1. Not really in the mood to listen to vol 2 right now. Maybe later...maybe. Just don't get your hopes up. As for the other stuff, I'd suggest downloading ABBYY Finereader, OCR them and see what google or bing translator can come up with.