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Kickstarter Anime

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Kickstarter Anime
« on: December 04, 2012, 06:07:46 PM »


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I wrote a thread about this in the 'other' forum. Might as well mention it here.

Not going into a long rant like I did with my previous thread about it. But the Kickstarter Phenomenon continues with an anime maker doing it. Well did it since the funding drive has already ended and succeeded.

From the sounds of it, much like why other game makers (and even TV/movie makers that went to Kickstarter to help fund their projects) are going this route. The old studio/production companies have gone with 'safe' money making stuff (in the case of games, FPS, in the case of anime... well, moe~) and so, have turned to Kickstarter to get around it.

Of course before people too excited about the idea of Kickstarter, or other crowd funding sources, they were only able to get $200,000. Over their goal (excluding the amount taking out for failed pledges, taxes/KS/Amazon's take of the pie), got them a full 12 minutes of material plus dub voice acting. Unless we see a Project Eternity style explosion, don't expect a Tenchi to be funded this way. Still, it's an interesting development that could, potentially, give us anime that isn't like everything else. Yes, that's a stretch. But who knows what will come of this.