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Minaho and Kiyone (No, not us)

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Minaho and Kiyone (No, not us)
« on: February 26, 2013, 02:09:16 AM »


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Q: Although I think that Suiho and Kiyone will have the difference of hundreds of or more years-old year although it is a sister In fact [ how many ] is it separated? Since 遥照 was talking with AIRI for the first time 100 which comes to the earth and dozens of years after, AIRI is to the earth immediately that back.   Although he wants to think that it flies off and comes and two persons loved each other haze escorted about in 100   loving each other immediately, since it loses and there is also no between .... し it will probably be unpleasant also in AIRI truly し there are also three children between hazes ..
A: -- there is a remarkable difference It is [ hazes or the children of those ] merely in the earth and an academy not to a reason but to each other.    It is were not able to meet directly frequently because of position-busyness. And AIRI    It is said that he wants to also enjoy fully the proposal of wanting to carry out makeup love, and the newlywed feeling after second marriage.    It is from a reason. A child so and so, such as an obstacle of Suiho who wants to presume upon a father in passing, and an obstacle of Seto    It is the cause which was not made.

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