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Tenchi Info Part 8 (Not us)

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Tenchi Info Part 8 (Not us)
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 Q:   Although the marriage ceremony of southwest was held in the last talk of GXP to the moon, why was true ?? at this time?
A:    He was watching marriage relay, though it was embarrassed, although it was loud.
Q:   Although ?? is the translation which has many star systems in ??, is the Galaxy league centering on ?? a talk in a galaxy? Or has it reached to another Galaxies, such as the Andromeda Galaxy?
 A:    It is only in a galaxy. ???? is in a frontier district very well. The inside of a galaxy also still has about [ a half ] unidentified underdeveloped ??, and it is still difficult to go even to another Galaxy in practice. Though it is, it is the kind of an exploration adventure.
 Q:   After ??? united with an image of a deity, did fortune give the main computer of an image of a deity? Or is it ?? Was there any power of manipulating an image of a deity also in a clone and others again? Although it only cries together, and it merely kicks and is possible ....
A:   It is the direction of ?. Fortune was controlling energy. a clone and others -- tension control ...., i.e., "aid", was carried out
Q:   ? of ?? in the computer unit of an image of a deity -- a larva -- what is the reason currently fixed? ? [ probably the direction of ? which ripened makes a mistake in the rate of energy making a mistake in being markedly alike, and boiling the processing speed as a computer markedly too, if compared with a larva ]. Is it for making it a perfect robot, as self as volitional ? is not budded? But when it becomes so, it is ? [ it will be said whose will it is ] to have chosen southwest as a partner.
A:   The greatest reason is miniaturization. a larva -- although it is called the body, it is ? of ?? of the first generation and -- if the purpose of use comes out to that extent and there is -- a larva -- the difference of the body and an adult (since it grows up throughout life, although it is an adult, it does not become precocious with where) is not meaningful at all
Q:   although the ??? + image of a deity was developing ??? of six sheets, does a rider's difference look practically equal simply in military power compared with ?? of dual ! (rather -- degradation)?
A:    Since it does not know with which portion it was felt as degradation, it answers and is hot. However, the direction of GXP of an enemy's (naval fleet) technology and performance is a top.... It is ? [ it is numerous ]. Since the purpose of use completely differs from a dual original robot, is a crab type tank unavoidable?
 Q:   Is the core unit of ?? which appeared in DUAL! ? of ??? Why is ??? which can be developed two sheets supposing it is ? of ???
A:    Since three sheets do not necessarily always develop, please think at grade.
 Q:   What thing is really the trial for going up to the ?? whole family's universe?
A:    Not a trial but originally it is how to tell a child the fact. Therefore, the result is .... which becomes a trial in many cases.
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