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Discuss Tenchi Muyo!: Maternity

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Re: Discuss Tenchi Muyo!: Maternity
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Well, there's the final chapter to this particular story. I threw you guys a bit of a curveball with that ending, didn't I? Yeah, I'm kinda surprised at it as well, seeing as I didn't come up with the idea for that ending until just a few days ago. I hope it works out to people's liking.

Also, I know some El Hazard fans might call me out on how this ending contradicts the beginning of EH, particularly how Ifurita is still suppose to be in stasis at the beginning of EH. Well, I won't give any spoilers right now, but I do have a rough idea of how to fill in that little hole that I hope works out.

Finally, I should give Jibril some credit at helping me write one small part of this chapter. Seeing as I've never seen somebody with Aeka's hairstyle before, I had difficulty finding the words to describe it, and Jibril helped with that.
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