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Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 1- Jurai Detail Summary

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Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 1- Jurai Detail Summary
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Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 1- Jurai 

This Novel open the story after "Tenchi Muyo - 13 - Here Comes Jurai". After Azusa (aiyaka father) come to earth and bing Tennan with him to fight
with Tenchi. He Funaho and Misaki come back again many time and Azusa don't give up to bing other guy to fight with Tenchi again but no one can win
Tenchi (I should speak no one can win Mihoshi becuase Mihoshi make tenchi win everytime HaHaHa).
And Story fade back to Azusa story where is he come from and When He meet Funaho and How he become King of Jurai.

Azusa in teenage have request from Seito to eliminate pirate and trainning himself before become King of Jurai. He go to the place that Seito told
him about pirate but that place was not a pirate group , it just a Marriage meeting for Azusa so he run away for sure (Seito really love to
do this. Like Amane in GXP anime , all guy that Seito choose for her very terrible HaHaHa).

After He run away, the coincident and fate make him run across to Kagato with Soja Ship and Ryoko with Ryo ohki. The Fight Begin Azusa got injured and can't fight to Kagato and Ryoko, He run away back to his Ship.
Naja and Ryoko use Ship with full power and Shoot all energy to Azusa's 1st Jurai Ship , Azusa also use full energy and Shoot back to them. Energy and Engergy Impact (1st Jurai Ship + Soja + Ryo Ohki with three gem).
It make space and time start shaking. Before thing go worse Tsunami appear and stop this fight by absorb all of the energy. This is the first time  Kagato meet
Tsunami an this is the point starting Kagato want to have Tsunami power for himself and Send Ryoko to attack Jurai in the future. Ryoko also saw Tsunami first time but
The Word "Tsunami" run out from Ryoko, She not speaking but sound come from three gem on her body (Washu for sure). Azusa got a lot of injured so he can't stand consciousness, he saw
Tsunami as His True Love "Mitsuki" Who die long time ago (This story will talk again later). With this situation each ship make teleport and warp to the safe place.
Azusa's Fate bring him to the Earth and helped by Funaho (the same place that Yosho and Tenchi now living )

When Azusa stay on Earth  he and Funaho fall in love to each other and Azusa happened to help Funaho from Space pirate (Who come to earth and acting like a god and request a girl every year )

Azusa tell everything about himself to Funaho.

This is the first time Azusa meet Seito and Seito was his first love and also who Azusa want to became as strong as.
And Seito fall in love to Azusa at first sight but She already have husband so she can do nothing but try to making fun to Azusa and protect him behind.

When Azusa come to Jurai first time. Seito  make fun to Azusa, and this is the first time Azusa call Seito   "Kuso BaBa クソババア" (I don't know how to write in english maybe bastard aunty ? or something). So this make Azusa can't not appear his true feeling to Seito and after this Azusa meet Mitsuki and he can show true feeling to Mitsuki and fall in love to her.

Before  Azusa bing Funaho back to Jurai together Funaho give her comb to her little sister.  this comb make from Royal tree.
And this comb will be key point to make Yosho win Ryoko when He fight on Earth in the Future.

*** more information ****
When Funaho come to Jurai , She in a difficult position but who come to help and take care her was Seito that make Funaho and Seito have a good
relationship and Misaki also love Funaho as a big Sister too. Seito tell Funaho her true feeling of Azusa, She said if her age and Mitsuki and Funaho are the same and Meet Azusa at the same time  Who standing near by Azusa must be her. Funaho understand was Seito meaning.

Utsutsumi (Seito's hasband) also sensing Seito have a good feeling to Azusa that why him don't like Azusa and Funaho and don't want Misaki become
Azusa second wife. Azusa was a king of Jurai so he can not do anything to Azusa but  Funaho not the same. Novel Vol.2 there are event that Make everybody in jurai accept Funaho and no one dare to fight with Funaho again Utsutsumi too. 

Funaho and Misaki was choosed by Royal Tree but they are not Normal Royal tree because they are twin.
That why Funaho and Misaki build only one space ship but have two Royal Tree in it (You can saw it in Tenchi Muyo - 13 - Here Comes Jurai).

Well after reading this translate
Story about Mitsuki and Azusa   ,Funaho and Misaki very complete no more information I can add sorry.

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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 1- Jurai Detail Summary
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Again we really appreciate all this :worship:

Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 1- Jurai Detail Summary
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Tenchi Ryu

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 :noah: :neg: :noah: :neg: :noah: :neg:
It's so good....SO good.

Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 1- Jurai Detail Summary
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Thanks a lot for the help. :)
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 1- Jurai Detail Summary
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I'll just echo what everybody else is saying and tell you that you're awesome, Alen :worship:

Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 1- Jurai Detail Summary
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I add new information so this time real finish.

Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 1- Jurai Detail Summary
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جبريل 無道

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Quote from: Alen
When Azusa come to Jurai first time. Seito  make fun to Azusa, and this is the first time Azusa call Seito   "Kuso BaBa クソババア" (I don't know how to write in english maybe bastard aunty ? or something).

Earlier Seto fans used the word grimalkin (which is esoteric even for native english speakers) but I feel "old hag" works better and is truer to the original meaning.
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 1- Jurai Detail Summary
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Book 1 Ryoko
(after OVA 2 or ch 13 next day..)

* () is my comment


Azusa come back to masaki house every day whole week and bring
new "marriage" candidate for Aeka - day by day

and yes...

Tenchi Fight ? with this poor guy same as ch 13
Aeka cheer up tenchi to win same as ch 13
Ryoko cheer up tenchi to lose as ch 13
(on first round tenchi clear a bill from jurai approx. 6.4 Million Trillion
aka 6.4 x 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 some thing
so no reason to cheer him to win.. again
.. please lose and send Aeka back home)

Mihoshi  ... she fall from sky as ch 13
Azusa loss because mihoshi every day same as ch 13

after loss as Funaho and Misaki says in OVA
- next time two of us will stay at masaki house all night

then all of them stay
drunk (except Funaho for some good reason)
and party ...ucking around the house every night

after drunk it's have some event you need to know
about Misaki and Mihoshi

(Misaki) Hello I am Misaki; Aeka and Sasami mom...
(Mihoshi) Ah La La (Oh dear)

never mind welcome.. welcome
you're so polite

Ah La La welcome..
I am a galaxy police ..

Ma Ma (Well Well) you're so polite too
special first class criminal detective Mihoshi

Ah La La welcome
Ah La La

Ah La La welcome
.... Where am I now ?
washu sit down .. see and wonder surprise
" maybe this is new discovery  -the evolution of communication for all mankind - seriously"

and it's continue like that all night .. every day .. 7 days a week

... no !
this happen all the time when this 2 girls start talking ...

on last night
Funaho and Misaki both argee
Azusa should end this (idiot loop); it's enough and go back to jurai

so all of them go back home
with heart warming quote from azusa to tenchi before warp back to Kirito

HEYYY.. it's not the end ! ; AND I... WILL... BE... BACKKKKK !

next day
every one sleep like dead all around masaki house include washu

tenchi looking to the clear blue sky with sasami and ryo ohki

- wonder
... azusa is grandfather father
... funaho is grandfather mother
two of them meet on earth and married on the other planet 700 plus some year ago .. ?
and my grandfather come back to earth 700 year ago ?
and many thing happen ...   ?

what the ... ?

day dream ? brother tenchi
I think ... about your father

annoying ?
no it's a complete strange feeling
only one year... Why I feel like we living together for a veryyyy long long time

tee he ; yes I agree ..

three of them go to carrot fields and have a good time
in bright sunlight of spring.

what do all of you think ?

i will comeback again on.. may be this sunday.


you know what ?
if some one done this 3 book 1 chapter every week it take
around 20 + week that mean half a year nonstop
that why no one want done it.
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 1- Jurai Detail Summary
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nice summary :woop:

Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 1- Jurai Detail Summary
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Please Remember ..  this is a summary with a lot details ..
not a direct translate ...

Book 1 Ryoko Ch 1

Mystique Tsunami..

A Space Ship .. running very fast in milky way Galaxy
nearly 99% of speed of light it have red core unit in the middle
unique design come from Jurai name Kirito

(this section about royal tree of jurai)

royal tree is logically same as some thing that
have it's own mind a high intelligence one
it's can generate it's own power source, have a network ...
look like a big computer system build on board

but if it's more than three generation over seem to be
too low power to operate as a battle spaceship.

when someone - jurai - royal want to bring or foster a tree
it's call "tree selection ceremony" process that actually seem like
a tree choose it's master more than the person choose a tree

tree generation use as status of juai person
it's exclusive
it's secret ,no give all information about a tree to anybody
(size, color, picture, what ever about it's look like)

it's plant in a shell call CORE UNIT in side a space ship shut down
from outside world

easy sum up say..
no one in galaxy except royal of jurai see it's
an actual royal tree ...

kirito is a first generation royal tree

it's have special core unit - and this unit for first generation that
special control environment, making and collect the seed
that seed when it's grow call second generation tree .. and so on up to
energy that tree can product.

and person who done "tree selection ceremony" and get a
"no one else before contract" first generation tree is only 3 cast in the past.
(for now .. on case Yosho it's will say 4 cast in the past)
(this section about azusa run away)

And now only "Human" in side a ship is Masaki Azusa, he is crown prince
of Jurai (at that time) on mission "Trip : Training to be a good Warrior !"

with a very bad mood, yelling to monitor on bridge of ship

Ahhhh Shit !!
Why we going so slow ?
Faster .. Fasterrrr !!

it's show 2 dot of object very close, like only 10 cm gap on very big screen
and how fast Kirito done event traveling near the speed of light.
a gap is still the same .. 10 cm ?

Tsukasa an annoyed old terminal ball : specific to use in this mission and
Azusa can't shut it down for some reason.
(Tsukasa is on pinup image of Book 1 not sure first or second B/W page)

Stop that young master. why you do that sir ?, it's dosn't help anything.

i know it's you ! you grimalkin bitch !! , he mean Seto and Seto is Head
of Kamiki House .. Wife ? ...

(... Wife ? .. yes .. just a wife .. and word " grimalkin " come from first
version translate on Nifty Server 10 year + ago. i want to use an easy word
not done some thing like - "require : read this book with dictionary all the time"
but it fit Seto image perfectly so i use this word with joy. have no idea about
this word ? try google and you will see)
Seto, who look serious and done Jurai big business talk all the time
have some FUN time that make her eye look a bit soft and relaxing.

that time is rapid hard attack Azusa in " Feed the Trolls " style

it start few weeks ago.

Azusa start a training trip, after that 3 days it's have someone call his ship
with emergency call. he pick up a phone. and then on communication screen show.




(go out of screen and make bang bang cla-te cla-te sound effect..)

.. look like some idiot read a bad dialogue script
and then say ARRR that Jurai !! .. after that pirate ? run away
leave a young girl to Azusa.

not a big problem... if it NOT happens every three days
and now it's happens every a ..ucking HALF day !!!
This day is still the same

priate calling..
Azusa Push a button to hang it up .. with "Click" sound.

our priate don't give up yet, they calling again.
"ok fine ! you got it. !" azusa start a space ship and then he run away.

they don't give up, and follow Azusa, terminal screen in Kirito automatic popup
with young girls crying, out loud

"Hey !.. You don't save me yet. it's my turn todayyyy .... come backkk hereee !! "

WTF ? where is a deadly enemy, this is a Warrior Training did it ? Tsukasaaaa !!

Some thing wrong ? Sir ?

You look at it ! , is that call a NORMAL ?

it's look fine, Sir. Plan on Every Days can change without warning.
by the way today program is rescue a girl from a bad guy.
what wrong with that my young master ?

.. Kill Me, Just Kill Meee

.. Sir, you can't escape this training for sure, why you not hit some girl
and done it for real...?

azusa is a crown price of jurai. every body want to hit a jackpot with
some little help from seto. and by technically emperor of jurai can actually
have.. (wow) .. many wife as he want ...

and all girls is come from low develop sector of jurai, that have a royal tree
fifth generation or later to power a colony planets. but why Seto done that ?

Seto have a little girl. she only 3 years old now but Seto mastermind every body
"she already to be a good wife of Azusa", i know that.. i have a hot-bath before
ho ho ho .... or some thing she said.

so if azusa not hit her seto daughter it's end up like that as you can see...
.. Noooo !, i know it's that bitch plan. I WILL NEVER DONE IT !!!

Don't tale me you Skip This Training ? Young Master ..

Yes ! obviously !

Azusa (hit a gas paddle ... if it have one) speed up Kirito

Beep .. beep

Some thing ahead and Kirito will hit it's if azusa not stop
so he slow down nearly stop .. and look ahead what is it ?

He see some very very big space ship look like battleship class - pirate flag ship
but it strange. it's have double white snake logo on it.

Ahhh not again...
azusa think it's seto again set a big trap at the end of this training ? mission.

azusa send a message to the pirate by all communication channel.

i am a masaka azusa. crown prince of jurai , if you enjoy
surrender in the name of galactic law again. go ahead ! do it !....
repeating ...

..... (silence)

Sir, Finished Goal of this training is far away from this point. i think it strange.

So.. What is that ? or someone want me to go in side that ship for some surprise ?

it look a bit unsafe. sir.

Hey. We are on First Generation Class of Royal Tree Space Ship,
so nothing to worry. Right ?

let's go ..
azusa teleport

Young Master i will come with you. sir !

after that two of them teleport, go in side that strange ship.

(this section about azusa fight with kagato)

inside the ship

Space Ship alarm rang all over the place.
and send a security guard robot look like a turtle to protect a ship.

azusa don't care. he draw his sword , a master key of kirito enjoying
destroy that robot like a game.
100-200 of them destroy.

azusa run deep in side a ship. and then a sub space hold open up.

it's a trap, young master !

it's inviting me, isn't it. hey.. let go inside.
azusa still don't care, he run in to that sub space hold. after that he stand
in a big room decorate in good style. wall - pillar look elegance
not thing look like a pirate room at all with some noise.
sound like a wind pipe organ.
a person, who play a wind organ stop, stand up and bow.

Welcome, Masaki Azusa The Crown Prince of Jurai.

Hey. You invited me to this room isn't you. what is you name !

With honors. My name is Kagato.
yes this is same place tenchi fight with kagato on ova1

Whatever, Pirates ! this ship is a part of plan and it's a finished line isn't it ?

...... Yes, And My Goal .. is take a knowledge from some one i think he qualified.
and done it right before this beautiful double snake the status of knowledge.

.. ? What are you going for ? Take ?
You try to say, You take something from someone but you not a pirate did you ?
if you not obey the galaxy law you are a pirate.

...... In my theory raw power is a law. some one who stronger can eliminate and
take anything he want, don't you agree in the same way ..
...... it have no place for looser that the original concept of power that I call law.
...... if you think, you have a good law. then
...... Show me your power.

Shut up ! Take This !

azusa shouting , jump and draw his light sword very hard.

kagato sword technic is very strange like he come from another world
azusa done it like he was a child fighting with adult. same thing like that
happen, before he come to jurai at the age of 10
Azusa hit an invisible wall before hit Kagato.

What !?
Power of Jurai can't pass that force wall ?
How strong of the force Kagato have ..

Kagato use right hand make shock wave hit back
Azusa Back Cover

Kagato make a light sword from his right wrist and start to fight back
the power is more over come azusa that done body enhancement
by technical every body enhancement have a limit;
but look like Kagato Body have no-limit of force and power at all.

WFT is he a real human ?

how much azusa try. when he done a little damage to kagato,
kagato just touch the floor and then he recovery and look like he stronger
every time azusa hit him.

Why ? Why he so strong ?

It's because Kagato use prototype of Ryoko Body.
that mean Washu done experiment every thing she develop on that body
with full function and no limit.

that why azusa can feel kagato actually not a human.
between fighting. Tsukasa flying and yelling around to cheer azusa

backup sir !
left left !
beware that ! my young master !
hey you can use support force from Kirito ! did you remember that sir !!

Yes.. Azusa not use a support force not like Aeka use Ryo-Oh (in OVA1 ch5)
he use his own power with Horner. (Why? you will see in another chapter)

and.. finally

two of them done crossed sword hit. (like tenchi done in OVA1 ch6)
clankkk ...

azusa sword hit the ground. he knee down. he hit on right shoulder cross body
no bleeding but it absolute pain. master key sword stop emit a light.

Nooo My Young Master !!!
azusa start to have a flash back before he die. mother .. father ..
he see seto laugh at him ... and then he saw some one. she have
a white long hair's stand alone on scenery in the bright night with
small silent wind blow. .. and then she turn back .. show her face.

in that moment with sadness in his heart.
suddenly, bright golden light blasting from his master key sword..
make a golden light bright back to Kirito out side.

No ! What happen ? How that possible ... ?

This Way ! My Young Master !

Two of them jump back to Kirito and run away.

...... this is not the end yet. crown prince of jurai.
Kagato stare silence at the kiriti out side, think some thing.

...... that thing actually work with all Jurai Space Ship.. dosn't it ?

on Kirito azusa synz with ship and create 3 light hawk wings try to open the way out.

Meowoooooo Sound Appear with black crystal space ship. it Ryo-Oh Ki.

Kagato send Ryo-Oh Ki the first generation before it break and re-product
on earth in OVA1 ch3 to attack kirito.

What the ..? ... kagato have power same capacity as Royal Tree of Jurai ?
azusa say with surprised, Ryo-Oh Ki had a power equivalent to kirito.
on Kirito monitor Display a Girl Dress in half black half red, emerald green hair
and have red crystal jewel ball on wrists (x 2) and neck glow like a flame.

... Ryoko .. and this is my partner Ryo-Oh Ki .. hey ! did you enjoy this fight ?

This time a Woman ? why ? .. are you a monster too ?

You still belive a royal tree of jurai is strongest in this galaxy did you ?
Herrm ... I don't think so ... and you must DIE .. go ahead Ryo-Oh Ki !
Ryoko wink her eye and hang up a communication.
Ryo-Oh Ki done a violent attacks to kirito.

now kirito light hawk wings not a 3 sheet at all but it bending and cancel out
Ryo-Oh Ki sound force curved remain light hawk wings to O shape
and Ryo-Oh Ki hit kirito on that center gap spot.

Tsukasa didn't see it a light hawk wings that why he yelling
Why in this time we have no protection force ?

(if you see OVA3 ch 6, you will get an idea when 2 light hawk wing direct hit
it cancel out after that light hawk wing disappear, like Z cancel out tenchi
3 light hawk wing and Z still remain 2 of it)

Kirito charge energy and then done a big shot of energy bullet

Ryo-Ohki start the rotation and make a frame while releasing energy
to rebound that energy bullet

when energy bullet hit Ryo-Oh Ki

Meow Meowoo
Landscape in that area starting to curved by tremendous "light hawk wing"
and "light hawk wing like" power mix together at tiny spots on fabric of space

suddenly, hyper dimension open up. it's a complete bright white dimension.

(this book release in year 1995 but it's actually writes down in this book
hyper dimension is a complete bright white dimension. how accurate is that ?)

in hyper dimension. The Giant Girl who have blue long hair, 2 dot pattern on forehead
floating in that space body look like a spirit body open her eye
and look at three space ship.

Who is that ? Ryoko wonder
Tsunami it's Tsunami ! kagato stunned

and then Tsunami blasting 10 sheet the light hawk wing from her body.
Azusa see this moment on Kirito bridge same time as Kagato.

the blue long hair girl .. change her appearance to another girl.
Azusa.. my little azusa..
girl with long white hair smile. azusa know it's been a long time.

You see ? .. i meet you again.

Mitsuki sama...
azusa call her name with very sad voice.

I think ... i think.. i will never hear your beautiful voice again, forever...
if I have a chance again. i will protect you far more better than that....
... is this real ? i not dreaming isn't...

and then a moment of true.

Hey ! My Young Master ...
are you all right ? Sir.

azusa open his eye, silence stare at tsukasa.
and he look around .. every thing a space ship, hyper dimension, that weird
big woman with blue hair.. every thing just disappear.

(this section is expand)

Ryoko, "link with Washu Gems function" is unfinished and unstable, till she go
to jurai and Dual with both Aeka and Yosho 700 years later. (on book 2)

Tsunami, it's her job this time after correct some thing, she close her eyes
and fade away. before her merge with Sasami and have a key role.

Kagato is a scientist who seek for unified theory of all dimensions.
now he can prove Tsunami is real. hyper dimension is real. and he need more.

all of this is just only 3 hours.
but it's a very important point in history.
see ya 1 march next week a have a no reasonable job to done.
(a job on sunday ? yes - very sick of it.  :emot-commissar:)
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 1- Jurai Detail Summary
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finally my work is done ... and I work 12 days continue ..
ahh ... forget it's

here we go...

Book 1 Ryoko Ch 2

Open that door and run away !

Now .. Kirito is floating some where in Un know soar system. near the 3rd planet
of vary far away reginal in Galaxy.

Both Azusa and Kirito take a lot damage, but azusa still "can walk" and
"talk" like nothing happen; thank for jurai health equipment that fix many thing. 

And ... it's have some thing "weird" happen. After Checking area around
Tsukasa report about 3rd planet near Kirito. it's registered as Jurai colony
and have the name call "EARTH"

Why ? why we have colony here? it's very far away from jurai ..

azusa knows on genesis era.
jurai have a "space research team" explore every direction in the univese.
may be that team done it.

Hey .. This is ... More Strange ?
in Registration application system show
this planet registered to system 100,000 year + ago but ...

register acceptance ... just ... last year ?

Azusa have complete no idea... and start rubbing his chin

Hmm, if some one want to keep it's a secret place,
why ? he register to system. why ? it's accepted just a year ago ?
why information in system look like that ?

My Young Master !.. may be this planet in the first time it's not register as
Jurai colony but to some one else ... i think .. Sir.
Really .. Old man .. Are you Sure ? So Why .....

Suddenly !
Beautiful blue planet "EARTH" show on screen

wooooow that very beauty  ... !

indeed young master ! this planet make my eye water ...
thank goodness it's jurai ...
Tsukasa use both hand wipe a tear on his mono eye
for your information, this planet in early stage of human evolution by galactic
law don't make a direct contact that agitate the local civilization, Sir.

Ok .. where is the drop point of our research team ?

.... Wait a sec ... My Young Master,
it's have an Energy reaction point on that planet ...
but NOT our research team and level of Energy consume is too high
to be a research lab, Sir.

It have another space ship around here ?

No .. No have Sir.

So .. What is it ? a crash-landing space ship ?

But ... i can't detect SOS signal, Sir..

I See........
Azusa Stand Up and Walk

Hey .. What are you try to done? , Sir.

Go There .. take a walk.
Pleaseeeee .. Don't done it , My Young Master !
Why ? .. Or, You want me to sit Here and make a blue sky thinking
what happen on that planet herrr.

Ok Sir. Okeyyy
but please change your outfit before you go there. Sir.

tsukasa give azusa a key to open old wooded box
and change outfit in his private room. mumble about what Seto done to him.
and then he warp to EARTH.

Walk Around by foot about 2 Hours in forest mountain.
he feel like, he walk on Jurai, landscape - smell - green forest anything
good and very enjoy.
Now ... he on spot that tsukasa show him a details, where high energy consume is.
it's starting to rain. but azusa outfit not wet. tsukasa give him a special outfit
from militants elite unit "fighting spirit" that have full protection by nano technology
and it's change color a bit when use force fields.
Good ... but ... it's can't protect Me from Kagato attack force.
Dammit !.. Kagato .. i swear the god, i will not forget your name..
.... ! . some thing coming !

.. one .... and four running behind.

azusa wait and see a local girl running and 4 men chasing. man wearing
outfit like a local but he have a gun. look like a space light gun use in space,
all of them is a space pirate no doubt about it.
azusa jump between the girl and pirates, the girl ran away and disappear.

HEYY WTF Are you try to done ! Kidnapping ?

Pirates don't said anything and draw the space gun.
but azusa faster. he hit all of pirates to the ground.

the Girl black hair shoulder long,
she hide behind shadow of the tree came out. walk to azusa and deep bow.

Thank you ...

Anytime ..

one of pirate still a live. he draw his gun to azusa and ....

... Watch Outttt !
Arrgg !

light bullet hit azusa but thank tsukasa outfit damage is cutting by half.

Are you All right !
Never mind ... Run .. Runnn !

two of them run away together from that point. luckily the pirates not
chasing them any more. two of them run to other side of forest
and the girl remember this is the way to go back to her home.

we are safe now...
the girl smile.. azusa try to smile back but .. he feel heavy.. every thing
turn into darkness and he collapsed to the ground.

the bullet is sleeping bullet. and it's effect to azusa



Azusa chan ... azusa chan ...

Azusa open his eye. he lay on white long hair woman's lap like a child and
he start crying. that woman use her soften finger wipe azusa tear.

My little Azusa chan ..

azusa try to stand up.. the woman face ... blur
but her smile still on her face.

Azusa chan ... let's drink some tea...

Mitsuki samaaaa !

No, I'm.. not that girl ......

Ahh !

Azusa wakeup and holding the girl hand. that girl he help from pirate.
the girl face turned to bright red, stand up, open the Japanese paper doors
and she run away.

Azusa found him self in some one house, it's old but feeling good.
he look out side the room that wide open. it's a garden full of
Maple tree, all leaf turning to bright red falling slowly to the ground.

Arrr That so beauty....

It's Very good scenery .. isn't?

Gentle Old Man come silence from behind.
he closed the sliding door both of them lower his head and start talking.

I deeply thank you... you safe me.

No.. No, You safe my grand daughter, I deeply thank you to safe her.
by the way this village is very deeply in forest. why you are here.

I .... i come for training my self ...  alone.
.. arrr sorry, i don't introduce my self yet. my name is Azusa.

nice to meet you azusa dono. my name is Asami
look like you love my garden scenery isn't you .

yes .. it's very beauty..... i yearn to have garden like this one at my house..

the girl shallow open the sliding door. slow drop a plate of food,
use her finger push-push the plate ... and then .... she ran away again.

what wrong with her... ?
azusa think. ( azusa chan ... you idiot ! )

the name of grand daugther is ... "Funaho" ... the first Empress of Jurai
at that time her age is only 14.

third days after that .. see each other time to time make azusa and funaho
more close. azusa realize, funaho not a Blink beauty like all girls
that Seto try to propose ....

Funaho is beauty in old traditions, come from real early civilizations
no political, simple, clean and silence like spring

and about the Meal, azusa very enjoy eating every thing funaho done
both test of the material and the way her seasoning is perfect.

perfect for both azusa test and for Jurai traditions food style.

fifth days after that .. in the morning

three of them have a breakfast together.
and suddenly Funaho ... say something...

azusa sama, can i ask you something ...

yes.. sure...

Who is Mitsuki ...  ? your family ... ?

I am sorry.. Funaho ! Why you said that ?

please don't mind .. she is my relatives.

Relatives !  Hahahaha ..
That why ? .. you care about her so mush ?
That why ? .. You call her name when you sleep every night ? ...
Funaho point a chopsticks to both of them.
(Please "DO NOT" Done that to Japanese or Chinese person)

Funaho ! ...   stop doing that !

Funaho stand up, open the door and run away .. again.

I am sorry, for all about this...

No.. that not your fault.

azusa run after funaho ... and then ..

if you just only play with my heart ! .. stop that immediately !

No ! i not...
azusa realize again. his outfit is look very valuable - polite talk
like Playboy - High Rank of Noble or Samurai in that Era.

... Funaho continue run .... and then she disappear

Azusa feel a lot guilty, he try to find Funaho every where and ..
at some where in the Garden, Funaho sit there .. silence...

Funaho dono ...
Azusa walk and stand in front of her.

Azusa sama ... i am ... so sorry... i

Funaho dono ... what about your family .. living alone ?

No .. i have one little sister.. she live with my uncle...

and your parents ?

My mother .. she not come back home .. long time ago...
My father .. can't raise 2 girls in the same time... so...

All .... dead ... ?

.... That Day ...... ... (that day is five days ago, the day that azusa rescue her ...)
Funaho stop ... and Crying... Hard...

I so sorry ... so sorry ... i make you reminded...
but i can guarantee he still alive ! i very sure !

weapon that come from space pirates is use by "trafficking of person"
out law organization, in that time some where in universe have an Android
or bioloid to be a good slave but it's not enough for some body.

Funaho make a crab smile ..
Thank for make me feel better...

It's will be all right ..

I sorry about that .. when i try to ask about your parents..
Funaho try to change subject

i don't mind that ....

Azusa sit beside Funaho ... and start the tales about his parents..

My father name Yotsuga Kazuki he is a police officer from Galaxy Police
come to Jurai and have an appointment with a girl some where in the city,
She is an elite from Masaki House of Jurai Name "Amame" and She have Royal Tree
then She have middle name Jurai in her full name.
to test he can handle a job or not. and She is My Mother.

In jurai every one so strong and able to protect them self,
we are a powerful military state, so .. no need some thing like
police .. but it's weird. we got one. a GP Police station branch of Jurai.
and we recruitment some GP Police officer from some where else outside Jurai
to be a Body Guard ? for some very important person.

i think some one in Jurai create this police station .. just for fun.

as a result father a police officer come to Jurai and have an appointment
with a girl and have a test. the test is simple. Jurai plan is just help .. this girl from
a bad guy. but the bad guy .. this role play by elite military officer "fighting spirit"....

.. you can imagination a result. and you pass the test ? or not you still assign to
that GP Police station anyway...

my father have no idea and he go to that meeting point. but on the way it's have
a litter accident .. a group of real drunk stand surround a poor girl and she can't
escape from that .. and no one help her. he is a real good guy. he try to help her
but drunker kick and punch him non stop.

the Poor Girl is actually my mother she just look at him and done nothing.
she think drunk guy is her friend a elite military officer. after that her friend arrived
and now she get an idea that not her friend but it' real drunker !

so she kick all drunk guy ass out and stand in front of my father.

.. Hey ! .. You have a gun didn't you. why you not use it..?

people ..stand around ... i didn't want to injury some one by accident.

... You know what ? .. every one in this planet is actually stronger that you..
i mean it... EVERY ONE.
.. Ohhh ... yes .. you are right, I .... I forgot it's..

.. Ahh .. but the Girl is save now..look like you pass a test.

Thank you ...

come to my place..  I will teach you by my self.

and she actually done it. she teach ? Jurai material arts to my father
and after that both of them become a couple.

... so your father and your mother meet each other that way ?

yes it is.
my uncle who escape from Jurai with my mother tale me this story.

azusa continue..

when my father re-assign to some where else. my mother and my uncle
taking a precedence. she throw away the royal position status of the imperial house
but Masaki House is one of fore main house  ... she can come back after other
two house of three agree. and her tree will be terminate.

but at that time she is so young, she not care and get out of jurai with me father.
have a new life together and soon after that .. she have

we have a small little house. but it a very happy house.. home sweet home.

8 year after that
that woman .. come
her name is .. Seto. she come to my house and introduce her self as a mother friend.
she come from house of jurai name "Kamiki"

After that she try to offered. next head of Masaki house is "Me". and Emperor of Jurai
at that time acknowledge that. because after my mother get out no one have a status
to over come that position. but for some technical problem my mother can't come back
in that time .. so if i come back to jurai . i go back alone.

i just 8 year a that time no one agree, but Seto not give up
She come to my house every day. to make me come back to jurai.

i said, not not go backk !

ahh .. you are full of energy

Get out of here! .. out ! .. out !

ohh ... i scary

My mother talk with my father

i think azusa chan can not escape from this.

i agree when jurai want some thing for real. event we can not escape.

seto same try to make him agree by him self.

but .. ?

seto sama not done any thing when some one not agree with her way.
but she have a solution.

by make him more angry ?

this time maybe yes .. and look like Seto same have a lot of fun to done that...
and Seto done it.. hard

after she have a free time from work. She come to my house.
and make me a lot angry. when me angry i done a puffy cheeks

she come in to my room at mid night and stare at me, silence all night.
go to my school on parent visit day and try to be my parent.
sit on my bedside when i sleep
try to break a bath room door and take a bath with me
steal my snack
tickle me !, kiss me !, chase me !
.. and moreee !
seto sama that a joy part of mother's job. pleasssseee don't take it's from me

no ! he's mine now, why you not make a new one.

azusa have no idea Seto rising some where in his heart.
same size as his bigger puffy cheeks day by day.

and that day ...

a large-scale pirate attack my home town for material resource in the meteorite
(this town is a small colony on meteorite some where)
all military force is on front line and it's not enough. some pirate come to resident area.

at that time my age is only 10 every one evacuated. but i still fight with pirate alone
outside the colony. my mother say about my blood line a royalty of tree lightning a lot
that why i fight. and i miss, pirate surround me and say.

hey kid. you can not escape for sure. give up and be a good boy.

i not surrender and think

If i have more power, I can kick this guys ass
If i have more power, I can protect everyone.

and i still fighting .. till some pirate boring and try to shoot me with his gun.

Dieee !

Don't touch my good boy with your dirty hand ...

It Seto she teleport from some where.
don't come here kuso baba (bitch) ! ran away .. ran away !

ho.. look like you worry about me  ... are you?

Seto costume is a full dress of Royal Jurai . pirate  see that the target is change

hey i said .. go away ! go arrrrg.

one of the pirate  kick me.. hard. i hit the ground and crying.
another pirate  walk slowly and touch seto breast.

.. i said , don't touch that boy with your dirty hand !

Atmosphere change completely. and Seto blasting her power.
the one who touch seto breast is instance Dead
and next one hit with seto light sword .. he dead too and so on..
most of pirate had been kill in a blink of an eye.

Hay it's Juari .. !

pirate boss arrive with a few hundred men

Capture her ! and every one will be richhhh .. !
tee hee..
seto small laugh, and she disappear with scream and shouting every where
pirate had been kill and kill and kill.. them hit the ground like leaf falling from tree in winter.
a few minute ...

she stand in front of me .. smile like every days. and look like that kill not happen.

i .... i want to be strong .. to protect my mother ... to protect every one.
that's your desire ? ... then come with me ..

She draw her hand. i grab her hand and it feel so strong.
just like my mother said. Seto have a solution to make me say .. yes.

after that Seto use her space ship "mitsukagami" destroy all fleet of pirate
catch all priate left to galaxy police.

end this war and our colony military win...

continue next week

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Don't listen to that ... Order !

So.. That why i go to Jurai and start leaving there ...
and Seto said to be a good warrior of Imperial house, i need a serious training
but .. When i arrived there, She NOT done any training and bully me more ..
all the time !

kuso baba .. thank you for all about that.. 
thank you very very much ..

Funaho laughing, her eye narrowed with sadly smile cheek.

Azusa stop a joke stare at Funaho and to be serious...

if i made you a nasty trouble ... i so sorry ..

Azusa hug her and hold tighten to his chest
Funao stop crying but her eyes full of water.

this is a very good place...
i .. want to lived here .. with you forever .. i really do..

... and this

Azusa show " A Pair of Wooden Comb " decorate with purple jewel
made from sap of Kirito, not every days using comb. it's artifacts class.

you save me ... i give this pair of comb to you .... with my gratitude.
Funaho receive and .. after look at that comb carefully ..
it's so special material, made by maestro, very clean jewel weird color.

it ... it look out ...outstanding ex.. ex.. expensive ... i cannot.. canoon#@$#@$

Funaho use both hand hold the comb and her hands start to shake...
Hurrrm ... am i overdone it's ? and she is too young ...
azusa think..

And at that time.

Crack Sound Appear about Thirty meters away and it's have
a spot of light, an fire arrow point to azusa and funaho by some body.


that "warning" from some one there. two of them hide somewhere,
Funao stare at the warning sound come from and ...

Azusa sama ... Please get out of this village ... now !

Why ?

Funao try to say nothing.

I can't ignore you now. please tell me.

Funaho open her heavy mouth .. and tales local village story...

(look like it's a real Tales of Japan : story of Susano O no mikoto
Brother of Amaterasu no Mikoto - When He Kill the Giant 8 Headed Snake
Yamata no Orochi and found a Kusanagi Sword

Recommend : Find by Google and Read it's ...very fun story)

About a year ago Giant 8 Headed Snake look like Yamata no Orochi
come to that mountain near our village, every one fear and start to
leave the village ..

to protect the shrine and the people who still remained here, we start to
done "human sacrifice " (or send a girl) to Yamata no Orochi

that why my little sister kicked out and lived with my uncle ...
she just a 3 years old girl.

every day, we lived in fear .. i mean .. a lot of fear.
and this time it's my turn .. to be an immolate this time.
... and  "human sacrifice " start ... to night.

.... i understand now.. i will save you
at that time, two of them agree to be a couple.
and Giant 8 Headed Snake is a space pirate something made for fool
people to give them a slave or treasures.

About Azusa status, damage that he fight with Kagato is nearly complete cured
because he received or charge power from Kirito Master Key all the time,
plus herb drink made by Funaho between this 5 days.

No .. you don't understand please leave.
Funaho have no idea, Who is Azusa (real identity) that why she very surprise when Azusa said....

My plan is simple ... let's kill the Snake.

I know you have a good martial arts, but it's too much !
Funaho Fear, She afraid azusa will be lose and had been killed by the Snake.

Several Hours later...

Two of them come back home and have a dinner with Asami
Funaho mixed sleeping powder in a Food and server to Azusa, Between a Meal .. He Sleep.

I so sorry .. Azusa sama...
Funaho Cry.. a Tear Drop .. to Azusa cheek ...
funaho use her finger wipe the tears, azusa can feel temperature from her hand
in that deep consciousness of his mind.

this feeling, a very sadness one happen a longtime ago but at that time
around 8 year ago. Mitsuki .. done a muffled cry in the garden (like Funaho done today)
and when both of them try to escape .. but Seto not let's them go..
it closely resembling... 

When Funaho and Mitsuki.. done that "use her finger wipe the tears on azusa cheek "
it closely resembling... too

after that Funaho takes the sword, Kirito Master Key that lay down on the floor with her

He will sleep about an Hour, Please ... runaway with him, far away that two of you can go.
Funaho said that to her grandfather, when hugging Azusa from bedside and
prepared her self to Fight with that Snake, till she DIE.

It's useless Funaho, Why you do that ? I don't believe this...

Ugh ...!
Funaho collapse.

Asami done something to make Funaho sleep. lay down next to Azusa.

Sorry Funaho...
Azusa sama, ... pleast take care... my granddaughter.

then he left the place quietly. after that Azusa opened his eyes slowly.
He not sleep. because he is one of "fighting spirit" of Royal Jurai. and now
He deep gratitude what Asami and Funaho done ...

He looking at the sleeping face of Funao....

You done that not because, i am the one of Jurai Royal Family....
You done that not because, i am going to be an Emperor...
You save me from that pirates... and many thing.
You are..... You are ...

The feeling is getting stronger and stronger,

I want to protect you .....
I want to protect everyone.....

It not should be able to ! this time ... I will fight for you and i going for the win.. !

Azusa make a simple letter left behind to Funao, he running the animal trail
track a route for Asami and use his master key connect back to Kirito..

Hey ! Old Man !... Tsukasa .. did you hear me ?!

Ohh My Young Master ! .. Finally ! you call me back, i very wo....

Hey !! stop that and i will listen to you later, now ..

Azusa is in a very hurry. he running and explained every thing to Tsukasa to search
where is a real actual location point of enemy space ship. but Kirito is broken some where
the location is unclear to make an actual spot, it'a an area.

Asami was the first to arrived at that location, it was already midnight and that area is
completely silence with no sign of human, animals or anything else. it's weird.
and then .. 

the Giant Snake ... come with glowing red eyes.
Asami was born in this era, he have no idea concept of machine, or what ever like that.
for him this Snake is legendary Snake "Yamata no Orochi".

but .. he is very brave, he yelling out loud and down swing a sword to the neck of that
Giant Snake ! the sword suddenly broken ! with metal snapping sound and high-pitched
electronic like voice "Ki-Yarrrrrr" from that snake.
it's still alive.

Monster ! ... that a Monster !

But the real identity of that Snake is a robot of space pirate...
So... It's Opening the huge mouth towards the neck and locking the target to Asami.

...... What 's ?

Light Beam emitted, Soon after that Asami is wrapped in that beam with full surprise.

but ... it have more surprise for all of them.
because .. it have a shining sheet of light scatter the Snake beam and Cut Down one
of the Robot Snake Head ....

What ? , what is that light ?

What wrong , what's going on ?

Someone Shouted in the cockpit. and another one the Pirates Boss on mother ship
monitor via satellite wonder and suddenly he think that light is something, but not
from the earth develop technology for sure !

Ahhh Shit, Why ? What happen thereeee !?

... before our pirate have any idea, What ? Attacked him another head gone.
Azusa use Kirito light sword cut it down by a high-speed movement one of
the secret trick of Jurai Material Arts.

that make him look like - he disappear.

Azusa Destroy another one and another one, till all Head is Gone.
now the Robot Snake is Dead. it's stop working.
Azusa stop and show him self, by stand up in front of Asami.

that stunning moment ever in Asami life.

Azusa sama ! it... it's you !

I sorry, i broke my promise. Asami dono.

What !? ... Who the hack are you ?

Just like i told you. i am a traveler.

but the surprise is not end yet. the Scream come from depths of the forest.
it's a girl voice ... and yes ! it's Funaho Voice !

.. Funaho dono !

What happened , Azusa sama ?

I .. So Sorry. Funao dono ...... is in the hands of the bad guy. Now.

What ???!

the pirate use a loudspeaker .. said some thing like..

Hey ! We know you are here, Come out ! Show Your Self or this poor girl DIE.

I swear the God , I will KILL ALL OF YOU !

and then He and Asami headed to the source of the pirates sound.

If this time i cannot protected every one here, i have completely no idea
why ? i still lived in Jurai ! and soon after that , two of them showed up
in front of the pirates.

Azusa sama !! Funaho see him and able to smile with full of tear.

the Pirates feel a bit surprise. Why ? he can destroy The Robot Snake ?
but never mind this time the Pirates use a soldiers robots with full combat suit.
today someone will DIE for sure.

Meanwhile, only one person only that have an idea why ? is ... the Pirates Boss.
because he see the outfits of Azusa.

He send a command to the Pirates, kill Asami first. and...

Why ? Why have somebody come from Royal of Jurai in this edge of universe ?

Yes ! Indeed ! and I am the Crown Prince of Jurai .. Masaki .. Azusa ..  Jurai...!

All of the Pirates now knew the identity of Azusa was madness over joyed
because them have a hostage that very important and able to make Azusa surrender.

So....One of the Pirates show off by Snatched Funaho Hair.


Asuza said notice, because what the Pirates done it closely resembling...
with that days, the day that his colony was attacked by pirates

This time, I not a child anymore. i can done ... anything...

Please run away.... Azusa samaaaaa !
that heart breaking voice of Funao make azusa .... some thing. he smile to Funaho
like that day. like Seto done at that time.
thank you, but don't worried Funaho dono.

...... Surrender  ! The Crown Prince of Jurai !

but between that a few seconds, brightness like daytime totally followed.

What now ! .. What happened ?

above the Head of pirate ... is Kirito, and it's have a voice.. loud voice. announcing.

This is the Kirito, The First Class Battle Ship of Royal Jurai .... In the name of
The Crown Prince of Jurai, I Recommend All of you surrender in the name of galactic law.

it's Tsukasa .. and he contact to Azusa pass Master Key Sword.
My Young Master. Funaho sama's Father is Safely now. I rescue him already.

I See....

But i still have a hostage ...

No.. you don't...

What ? What do you mean .. i don't ?

do you remember, the simple letter that Azusa give to Funaho when her sleep.. ?
After Azusa done a trick thing , Funaho warp to Azusa and two of them holding hand

Funaho dono, I so sorry for any inconvenience... thing
and Just like a said, your father is safe ... now.

Are you sure !

Yes.. I am very sure !

... Ah, thank you. thank you very much Azusa samaaa !

Funao jumped into Azusa chest and crying.
it's a very fabulous day for a girl just 14 years old from Kamakura era.

the pirates boss very angry, he start using zombie people that he capture
from the Earth by Mind Control. every one start walking toward to Azusa that hug Funaho
and stand still.
Haa.. this time is different! ..  everyone only listen to Me.

When Funaho Father's was rescued from the pirate ship he got it too
look like half sleep and waiting for order command from someone
it's a mind control ..

zombie people take Funaho back to the Pirate.

Ahhhh, Ahh .....

at this time look like this "Trip : Training to be a good Warrior !" and
what ? Tsukasa try to convince Azusa, hit some girl
and do it for real is ... very success. good job Tsukasa !

but ... this time Funaho knows a lot abound space plus
Azusa cannot lived here .. on earth.

For earthlings, life cycle of some one in space is so long beacuse, he or she
done body enhancement to prolong a life.
that mean after Funaho go to Jurai with Azusa, funaho will done every thing
to be a Royal Jurai and......

She will not able to see every one she knows or her family again.. forever.

Mitsuki sama ... am i done it right ?

... no answer appear in Azusa mind. just silence.


Azusa walking slowly to that mountain where the pirate Boss is.
one of pirates soldier show him self at the shuttle main gate.

the crown prince of jurai .. azusa sama is't you.. ?

yes .. what is your problem ...?
azusa put the hand in the pocket.. and hold a master key sword.
no .. no i am sorry, the crown prince of jurai we are the pirates but we have a law
and it's very important for us.

What ?

What are you request us to done ?

Surrender .. that will make your life .. easier.

when conversation with people of this pirates groups it's have some
natural law or local law that the pirates people can accept.

if you don't mind, Would you please pass that master key to me.
it's can use power of space ship pass through that,
we not accept that thing when you make a dual.

before he use the transfer device in a shuttle of the pirates.

What are you gone done to me ?

Dual with Royal Jurai... i don't belived my self it's real.

I am just a training warrior of Jurai.
Soldiers pirate signal by hand to security guard, the gate is opened. capsule appeared

Please don't be worry. I'm not going to done a mind control to you.
after that Azusa transfer to the pirate boss space ship with no master key sword.
the Pirate think he cannot connect to Kirito.
but Azusa have something that is not a master key and it's can connect to Kirito.
and Azusa use it's to confirm location of this pirate space ship.

... and the Wooden Comb that Azusa give to Funaho, it's a key too.
immediately he knows Funaho is some where in this space ship.

Need some help ?
the sound come.

Who is it ?

Easy .. have a good time. because you can not escape from us now.

the Pirates who look like a commander have a Joy-Easy mood.
he come from solar system no 18..  (some where what ever.)
and all entry solar system is a pirate home town. and this ship is
Star Class Battle Ship .. like you seen in the starwar.
(it's a dead star of lord vader !)

it can be said ... very large one to be a Pirates !

and now he a bit enjoy, he think he can capture Azusa already.
no master key equal no power backup from a ship .. it's easy .. Right ?
that a honor big profit to him when he come back to his home town.

Capture the Ship of Jurai ....

just a simple orders ... but.

Booooomm Bommmm mmm !

What is it !? What is it !?
our commander yelling like a child.

someone attack us sir !
light gun shot across the sky every direction but it's nothing

Kirito appear with light hawk wing.
Commander that still NOT understand what he done.

Why ? a light hawk wing ? it's have other royal ship support ?
that not possible ! ... No No No ! we have a hostages here
why it's still attacking us. it not make any senseeeee !

Voice of our commander close to scream.
A few hours later.
it's the wreckage pirate fleet every where, all of it was destroyed completely.
Azusa and Funaho wrapped in light hawk wing, two of them hugged together.
(Funaho have the Comb that why she protect by light hawk wing)
Funao seems to be accept every things as they are.
the space, azusa is the prince of jurai , ect.
but Funao you have some thing not clear about the Earth, and She stare at It.

It's look like a dream, and i live there ? some where on that circle ? (edge of circle)

How can i expand ? ... Ahrrr It's a sphere...
and it's have a ground on it's a huge one....

perfect round like a full moon (Mitsuki), very beautiful

...Mitsuki already dead ...

Huh .. ?

8 years ago...She Dead .. 8 years ago

... Ahh .. i ... sorry

but at that moment, she see... Azusa Right Eye is glowing faintly in Purple
when Azusa Hug her .. deeply

.. Before Tsukasa that little old man come, to rescue us ....
i will tales you my own story....continue from that point.

Funaho..... listen that quietly ....
Continue next week ...


This Chapter ...  consumed my life 20 hours over - 3-4 Days after my working hours
when i try to summary all of story. (chapter 1 and 2 it's not over 6 hours on Friday)

for you information
Book 1 for me is so complex , and Truly beauty - of a perfect love story.

the reason is .. the Main Point of the Story is not on a Story Base
but .. it's on a lot of Character interact each other with many deep feeling - emotion.
that why i make my own decision to done a good summary.

.. Next week update on Sun 16 Mar 2014
and it will be a " Did not finished " Chapter 04 - two or three time update till it complete.
ps .. Chapter 04 is (x 2) time longer than this one with same complex.


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Book 1 Ryoko Ch 4 Sub 01/03

the full moon (Mitsuki) , is the most beautiful

When Azusa decided to go there .. Jurai.

Seto will guardianship Azusa when he lived in the mother land form the Start.
, that mean he will be far away from Home and Family.... (but not alone)

By Common Sense .. Seto will call Azusa .. "Azusa dono" in public and "Azusa chan"
in private. but .. well.. some time ? she forgot it's  .. not thick or treated ,
but ..... she really forgot it ..... completely.

i must prepared something .. it starting tomorrow.
azusa have only one night left ... one night that he able to rest beside his family.
but .. he want to be strong ... (so.. he didn't do that ...)

A few days later.

When they arrived at Jurai. it was the Grand Welcome all entry the countries.
plus Head of the Stage that under Jurai territory, All of them come to visit.
he still a little boy ... yes , it a very big scary for Azusa. and between slow ride
in the open top car.

Azusa look at the size of that crowd.... his face turn white.

Ohh Mi goddd...

Azusa chan don't restlessly, stand still ! ... stand still..!

I Knowww !

Azusa have no idea... his head had been tied with the big ribbon... Seto done it ..
while he sleeping in the long journey from his home.

Now.. Azusa is very nervous, without noticing anything, Azusa wave his hand to
someone in a crowd. he laughing .. and every one on the roadside .. is laughing too...

OK..  Full dress of Jurai for a MAN, have a ribbon use for duty decoration. but for Azusa
it isn't ... Seto use a WOMAN Type. yes.... he very cute.

.. Every one knows, Who Actually done it.....
That's Seto good work and She standing have a good smile next to Azusa of course
Azusa started feeling the people of this countries every one is truly funny... until
he see himself reflected in the large monitor ....

he have the weird cute big ribbon on his head !

!... Who did that's ?!
His face become a bright red and try to take a ribbon off.

Ohhh .. Azusa chan .. Why You do that ?, it's very cute .. you know.

You put it's on my head isn't you .. KUSO BABA ! (screaming out loud ....!)

........ on the open top car .. that both of them stand.. it's has a microphone
so every one entry Jurai.. can here it's very clearly....
.. after that every one .... silenced ..... the car stop... every thing ... stop.
Seto who is the demon princess of jurai .. the name she received from
all entry the pirate guild in the galaxy. and every one accept that with full feared.
But That Little Boy .. come from some where .. they have no idea..
He can instead call Her ..  KUSO BABA ! 

Azusa angry and his face turn bright red, Seto starts to laugh, till her eyes have a tear.

... Go !

the Car .. continue to rides... with cheers and a big applause from the crowd
all entry the country.
Good Passion for Azusa that come to Jurai for the First Time !

That ... Low Class and Bad Manners !

Some one in the Groups say while watching the live telecast. His Name is Amaki Syuuzan.
the One who is the candidate to be the Next Emperor from Amaki House.

Seto's husband .. He is the Head of Kamiki House .. See that ... What She Done..
and He laughing with loud voice ...

Your Majesty !..

Stop ... both of you...

the Emperor of Jurai simple said...

He done not thing wrong, so leave it's

.. but ..  in that case !

... what wrong ?

he is too young, and how rude his manners to be a Jurai !

hey easy, easy... but ..
he said that to Seto ...
... ... .... Wahahaha, .... Ohh man that is a masterpiece ... Haha
the Emperor of Jurai , he don't mind and start to laugh ...
.. in fact the Emperor come from Amaki House .. but look like no one agree
with Syuuzan logic.

Fine ! ...
and then he gone.. mr poor man Syuuzan.

after that .. it's a big welcome party for Azusa. every one in that party have a
rank in Jurai (All of Them acceptable by Jurai Royal Tree.) .. Azusa still haven't got one .. yet
When some one try to ask this question to Azusa ... he think about that ribbon
and what azusa said to Seto ...  every thing seem fine... very fine !

Seto Plan that ....
and it's very successful.


After That Day

Only thing that waiting for Azusa is training to be a good "Head of Masaki House".
and Seto training Azusa by Her Self every day and All the time,  plus a special training
more than normal a lot, more than an elite jurai warrior the "fighting spirit"

So... the other people can think... some thing ... funny.

Some say ... 
Someone that a very close person to seto, said a dirty joke ..

Seto sama when you look at Azusa chan, Why your eyes turn blue and be inattentive
... you have something in your mind did you ? 

Seto answered that joke by laugh and said.

Ahhh ..What If ... I not married my husband and see him before that ....
Ho Ho Ho...

have no idea ?, she really mean it ? or not ?

Training of Azusa is not only a martial arts. the hard thing is some thing like
Japanese flower arrangement, Japanese Tea Ceremony, Painting ..
but the hardest thing of them all is ....

Japanese traditional dancing
(Haed of Jurai House .. really require this .... skill ?)

and ... the reason is ...

Hey ! It not FUNNY. i will not dress like a GIRLLL ! Nooo !

Seto said some thing like. It's a dancing the dressed must be a feminine look.
dress it and put this ribbon on top of your head ! Azusa Chan !

No ! I not dressed like that ! ... No way ! ...KUSO BABA !

This is the Training don't jump it, Azusa Chan !

No ! and Stop Call me Azusa Chan ! ...(Azusa Chan is equal to Little Azusa)
... yes , how hard he try....

Azusa CANNOT escape from that dancing train .....
and CANNOT escape from Seto ...


Three Years .. have pass.

Now Azusa is 13 Years old, and One day .. he ran away from Seto as usual.

many years pass azusa get ability to set a traps, many type of it and more advance
day by day. but it's not enough. Seto see that and reverse engineer a traps module

to be a teleport device and when Azusa touch it's ,

Azusa will teleport to Seto automatically.

.... and .. yes .. Azusa touch one of them ..  the reverse engineering traps.

Whaaaaaa Arrrrrrrr arrrrrr rrrr ... nooo ! not againnnnn .....

he think .. it's end up with Seto .. again.. like every day.. but it isn't ...
today he transfer to some where .. it's a quiet very beautiful garden  ..
he not seen it before.. and he start to look around.
... What ?

It's a Soft tone song ... come from somewhere ... Azusa hear that..

and he started to wake ... follow that sound... pass through the trees ...
and he saw the shape look like a Woman on the terrace of this quietly garden .. alone..

he stop.. and try to call her, but... he come to this quiet beautiful garden by mistake
so.. he silence.. stand still and listen to that mysterious melody ... till the Song ... End.

The Woman ... stop, put the String instrument onto her lap and gentle speak
to Azusa that stand still watching her under that tree.

Ohh... it's been a very long time... that some one come to visit me.

Azusa awake .. and turn his head to look around.

Looking for Seto sama ?, She not been here ... Azusa dono.

.. Ah ! ..... you said i ... Arrr .. Why .. ... why do you knows .. my name.. ?

You call Seto sama like that ... Every one in Jurai .. no one don't knows your name ..
Azusa dono .. 

Do you ... Arr .. I .. I so sorry .. i said that rude word .. very loud.. and ..

Azusa ... he not fear this Woman .. but he can feel some thing... some thing that
he have no idea yet ... .. after that he deep bow without saying anything... and
he turn back, look like he try to run away...

Azusa dono ... if you don't mind .. can we talk .. a little bit more.. ?

Azusa stoped ...

But  ... ?

Am i disturbing you ? ...
Said with sad voice .... Azusa knows runaways... is not an adult way to refuse
and he actually wanted to stay here a little bit longer ..

No ! .. you don't ..
I'm glad to hear that...
She said that with smile...

Her name is ... Mitsuki Jurai. the beautiful women like the full moon.

who have stretched hair that longer than her height, with hair color
" LIGHT BLUE " or " GRAY " depend on light condition. same age as Seto.
and complete tender - polite atmosphere.

Mitsuki said she lived in this garden since she birth. and originally born with illness
that why she cannot done a Royal public service.

two of them talk alot .. with relaxed feeling. but Azusa cannot stay there forever ..

what time is it now ? ..

i am .. so sorry to hold you a long time ...

nobody knows .. what time is it ..
Mitsuki shadow on the floor of terrace is extend a lot longer ..
like the gap of ages between two of them. Azusa look deep in to her eyes 
that look like abandoned puppy ....

i ... i will come back ...

Really ? ...

i came here with accident ... but to be promise ... i will ...

... i think we will never meet again.. i very happy .. but .. Azusa dono
please keep our meeting to a secret .. . and

Why ... ?

Azusa .. look at Mitsuki .. she look a bit sad again ...
then he silence .. and not ask her question any more.

I.. I will not tell anybody ... that we meet each other....

Thank you ...

Azusa leave ... but
..... away from that point ... when Azusa look back to Mitsuki.. he found.
Mitsuki still look after him and waved her hand... like forever....

.... Mitsuki sama ........ ..... ...

it's an accident .. or seto mistake or.. what ever ?... thank you...
thank you very much ..

Azusa .. thank god from the bottom of his heart ...
now he have a very good reason ... why ? he lived in Jurai.


... Today is my terrible day !

She force me to dressed and dance like a girl again .....
and this time that KUSO BABA invite some body from the imperial house
to see it ! ...

.. Azusa said that to Mitsuki with puffy cheek ...

Your cheek puffy look like the full moon .. Azusa chan...
Azusa act more like a child when he come to see Mitsuki in that garden,
and Mitsuki called Azusa " Chan " with friendly and unawares
like Seto did but result is a lot difference.

Oh ! Azusa chan .. i so sorry .. you don't like to called as "Chan" did you..

I don't mind ... I don't like what Seto called me (with " Chan ")
, She called me that beacuse she just want to bully me.

... Well .. can i call you Azusa chan from now on ...?


and you call me Mitsuki.. (call some one with name only is very close)

... i ... i will..

thank you , My dear Azusa chan ...
Ah.. and today is a Full Moon day.. let see it at the terrace....

From the terrace Overlook of Jurai Scenery is a small hill that Full covered by a forest
,look a lot like sea of trees and the Sky is a stadium of stars, decorate with Jurai Moon
(Bigger x 13 time compare with our Moon on the Earth)

shining in the sky. the moonlight is more bright that the Earth, cover all over the place.
it's the nature object working togather with a perfect harmony.

Azusa look at the Scenery in silence for a while, but the Fog come and covered all
the Sky.

... ahhh no ... the Moon

that the Fog Sealed. (Kirito)

Fog Sealed..?

It's .. the Old fairly tales
Once upon a time,

the Moon goddess, Who is very beauty and a lot of the Gods fell in love with her.
,no one can reach her on the Moon beacuse all of them is on the ground.

But one of them. the God of Water have ability to lock her away by use reflects of water,
and He want NO ONE to see her. When the Other Gods come, He make a fog or wave for hidding
the Moon goddess And When She return to the sky from the surface of the water.
He make a Fog in to the Sky for Hide the Moon goddess from every one.

that why ? the Fog come out well in the night of full moon,
when the moon is the most beautiful. and ...

Azusa was fascinated by the beauty of Full Moon (Mitsuki)
while she said this tales between looking far away in the night sky.

It's call the Fog Sealed .. Azusa .. Ughhh ... !

Mitsuki !

Suddenly, Mitsuki causing the dizziness and She slowly lay down on the Ground.

Wait ! .. I will call a doctor !

Oh.. No !.. Azusa chan ... Please, Don't call a any body ... some one will knows you are here ..

But ... ?

It is all right, .... It's all right ... I just ... a bit dizzy.

Really .... ? Are you okay ?

While Azusa try to help Her to Stand up. Azusa close up to her and he see .. some thing.

.. your eye ....

It's the First time, Azusa notice that .. the color of the left and right eyes of Mitsuki is
different. when he look at the face of Mitsuki. (long time enogth)

.. my left and right eyes color is a bit different ... i'm .....

.. ! ... it's fine, it's fine, ... please don't mind what i'm says.

Both of them walk back to the indoor garden while Mitsuki lending Azusa shoulder,
but .. the women voice come from the other side of the garden.

Mitsuki sama .. Mitsuki sama ...

this garden would have the Terminal Guardian Unit monitor the emergency of
Mitsuki physical condition.. that why ? some one come to see what happen.

please go back ..  early !

... But ...

I'm all right .. please go..

after Mitsuki sit down on her seat. Azusa leave that place...
but he not realize that one of the Maid hide in the shadows  .. and looking at
both of them all the time.

Next day ..

Azusa skip the practice in the morning and headed to the garden, he he so worried
about Mitsuki.

.. Next week update on Sun 23 Mar 2014 

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Book 1 Ryoko Ch 4 Sub 02/03

the full moon (Mitsuki) , is the most beautiful
Next day ..

Azusa skip the practice in the morning and headed to the garden, he so worrie
abount Mitsuki.

He run to transfer device and head to the terrace in the garden but .. Mitsuki
not sit there as she should be ..

Mitsuki ....

Azusa turned around and around but ... no .. it nothing .. he turn back with sad expression.

I hope .. she will be alright ...

Suddenly, That man .. appeared .. from the trees behind azusa.

Yes.. and .. i surprising that i see you here...  .. Head of Masaki House Azusa..
Oh..  i'm forget .. mud blood like you .. is NOT be a head of the house yet ...
didn't you.

standing with a weird smile.. only one in Jurai can do that .. " Amaki Syuuzan "
Azusa see Syuuzan and he .. simply said .. a greeting
Good morning, Mr. ... How are you today ?

Good morning ... ? ..
Kukkukku, Yes ! ... Yes ! Good ... Very Good. Hahahaha!

Syuuzan laugh out loud, but Azusa still ... have no idea what he done ?

.. What wrong with him ?

You come here.. training to be a good  " Head of Masaki House " ..
but you look very carefree ... while you commit that mortal sin with no sign of
feel some thing guilty.
.. that funny .. very funny .. ...Kukukuku
What ? Mortal Sin ?
I only just come to see Mituski... She look very lonely .. what wrong ?

look like you still have no idea .. about our common law here .. what wrong ?
i will claim this to some one responsibility as trainer ..
let me think ...
.. Seto is your trainer .. is she ?

Syuuzan ! , Why you said something like that to Azusa !

.. that the first time Azusa see Mitsuki said some thing with loud voice.
and Syuuzan .. stop.

Auntie .. I .. I .. arrr.. we not allow anybody come into this garden .. i .i come
for checking every thing alright .. see .. see .. that why i come here ... ?

Now .. Azusa got an real reason .. why ?
Arr... that why ?

Syuuzan ! .. You not answer Auntie yet ...

... Syuuzan ... he ashamed, silence and .. start to get bleached eyes
Mitsuki scolding Syuuzan ..  and he look completely heartbroken. that very weird.

Whhaa , What happened to Mitsuki ?

You have no idea did you ? ... it good for you Azusa ! .... but this time !
i will tell you .. i will tell you all, what your house done ! ..
and what Auntie Mitsuki done ! .. that time !

Between .. Mitsuki and Syuuzan .. talk ? (Syuuzan big mouth)
Azusa get more idea about Mitsuki special ability.

It's was the ability to understand consciousness of a Jurai Tree. not only one.. but
.. All of it's .. a residence, a goverment, a political, the Royal and the Huge Tree that
the Center of All Tree are concentrated .. every events .. that happened in Jurai.

(not reading .. not talking ...
she can look back or access all jurai tree memory include Tenju)

That mean, Mitsuki known every thing. no matters what and how Top Secret is it ?
When She still young, she have no idea .. what is a good thing or a bad thing..  that
why ? One of the Masaki House knows her secret ability by accident and he internal inform
to the Jurai Emperor, that make Amaki house status downfall.

Since then ..
Auntie not allowed to go any where and the Emperor is the " Only One " that able to come
to this garden and see her.

NO ONE else allowed to see her and NO ONE else can enter this garden ... It's a felony !
You get that ! ... It's a felony ! (a serious common crime...)
Now Azusa understand ..  he see Mitsuki silence, crestfallen.... and

I knows every thing .. the Jurai Tree Knows ..while i'm.. to be here... this garden.
.. but when i watching you ... chasing with Seto ... it.. so much ... fun....
.. i just want to make .. a little talk .. with you ... so ... i .. change that transfer port .....

Azusa hear that with heartbeat  .... what Mitsuki done...
You.. See Me.. chasing with Seto .. All the time.. ? and you change ...

... the surprise happy moment is so short ...

You see.. ! She get that ... ! that disgraceful power ... !
Syuuzan down looking at Mitsuki with ridicule eye sign.

What ? .. What .. You Say !
Azusa draw his sword.

Oh.. that ... interesting ..!

Say it Again !

Nooo .. Azusa chann !

I wonder.. it's all right ? , ... if i accept your DUEL .. Azusa dono .... !

Stopp It ! ... Pleaseee !

... Do it !

Azusa loses his mind and he draws the Sword with full rage. Syuuzan
draw his sword .. make a weird smile on his face and said...

and now .. you look a bit more like us .. the Jurai .. if we want to fight ..
it's does not matter ... where and .. it's does not matter when .. !

Don't do it ! Syuuzan !

Shut the fu?k up !
Syuuzan use his left hand slap Mitsuki face

Mitsuki !

Tchi..! and you ... wanna die or just run away ... ?

Azusa don't care now, he seriously run toward at Syuuzan.

Nooo !

It cannot stop now. Azusa swing the Sword left-right but...
he cannot hit Syuuzan... not a single one. 

...... Damn !

Are you sure ? ...  You are the person .. to be the Head of Masaki House..
why you say a vulgar word like that ?

Syuuzan is very enjoy .. make some fun when fight with Azusa ... it's a very easy fight.

Azusa channn !

and now Syuuzan hit him with light sword all body was shock and paralyzed.

got yaa ! ...

... it's end up like that when adult fight with child but ..

Stop It ! ... It's not a DUEL any more ... !
Mitsuki use her body covered Azusa on the ground.

Get out of the way !

he lose ! , he lose ! ... i not see him anymore .. i will not see him any moreee !
Mitsuka said that with full fear, it's very bad atmosphere .. every one can feel that.

Hmph ... Well..  You hear that .. did you Azusa. Fufufu, Ha ha ha
.. remember that and stay away from us. (us = Amaki house)

Syuuzan calm down a bit ...  and he walk away from the garden.

Azusa chan .. are you all right ?

I.. I don't want to lose .. Nooooo ! ... NOT that shitty guy !

it's remind him  .. 3 year ago.
that he want to be strong ... to protect everyone.

Mitsuki and Azusa left the garden ...

the Full Moon hang in the Night Sky ... No Fog .. tonight ....


After that ...

Syuuzan reported that, he found Azusa met with Mitsuki in that garden.
Azusa was to be arrested by common law of Jurai and lock him away in a "tree resin"
some where in the Imperial Palace.

and that "tree resin" made from a trees of the Emperor. (trees that plant by the Emperor
Main Royal Tree seed), it is not possible to get out not even you are a top militant leader.
(beacuse the Tree not litsen to you)

But luckily ..
Azusa get some experience when he chasing with Seto.

If you want to be a best friends with the Tree. Open you heart and speak to it.

then he begins to talk with the trees. it not a direct language some thing like
" open this prison " but he understand the feeling of trees after that the tree let him escape
with brilliantly succeeded.

Azusa have no idea. his " talk with the trees " level at that time is the level of some one
who should be the Emperor of Jurai ! Seto was teaching about it .. yes. but the power
of Azusa is so natural and top of the class in Jurai.

After he escaped from the arrest location, he try to use transfer device and head back
to the terrace in the garden. but it has been blocked by the Emperor permission.
then he jump out of the windows and go down by climb outside the Tenju instead.

between climb down, Azusa calculate the position by the memory of landscape
when he look up from the terrace of the garden. in the middle way it's has
the security barrier .. but he can simply " talk with the trees " and walk through that all.
and finally, on the terrace ....

Mitsuki ...
... who are you ?

Yes .. He found Mitsuki .. but ...
the Guy that have a long beard standing next to her is the Emperor him self !

Azusa state at the two people from the terrace and have a backgrounds with
the Night Sky light

Everything is all my Sin, Azusa dono..
I just want to protect the Jurai .. but this time maybe it's unavoidable ...
about both of you destiny ..

At that time ... I still remember that ... you spare my life ...  but i .. but i have a heart ..
i even though you don't like some think, i done grandpa.
Mitsuki sobbing .. on the Emperor shoulder.

Azusa jump... and walk ... to Mitsuki.
the Emperor gently get her out of his shoulder.

I Apologize ... It's my responsibility..... Not a Masaki House false.
Please ...  Forgive me ... I couldn't bear to lose all of you .....

Grandpa .....

Mitsuki still cry on the Emperor arm.

It's to late for your healthy now, Mitsuki.... Do must as you want.

the Emperor slow walk out of the garden... and said nothing else
it very complicated things for Azusa ... but


Azusa chan .. how did you get here ?

With out the Answer.
Mitsuki ... please .. leave the Jurai with me !

Heh ?

I wonder we are trapped in a place like this because the Tree of Jurai.
i don't care it's anymore.. i will protect you by my self.

Azusa chan ...

Azusa is so serious.

As you said that time, you want to see the world outside
Come with me. I will take you anywhere you want. we'll be together.

but Azusa chan .. what about your status .. you return to Jurai for that isn't you ?

I want to be strong ..
to protect my mother ... to protect every one.
that the only thing i want..
I don't want to be the Jurai Royal ...the Jurai is doesn't really matter to me !

Azusa still a boy..  it was good ... very good..

But.. I cannot live outside the Jurai..

[hand clapping sound] from behind.

Who is that... ? ... Ah ... no...Seto..!

Seto appear, and stand behide both of them.

You are the first one.. Who said " the Jurai is doesn't really matter "
Azusa chan ....

Stop call me " Chan " .. you KUSO BABA !

.... yes ... It seem to be, ... i can't call you " Chan " anymore ...

it's not like every day's .. Seto look at Azusa with complete serious.

You can go ... but .. you CANNOT take Mituski with you ....

Why Not ?!


......................... !!
In front of Azusa, Seto blows out her terrible power. she is the Top Elite Class
of the " fighting spirit ". It a lot of confused for Azusa. but he can feel Seto
power is stronger than that day three years ago.

He can not compare with Seto, She is his teacher, his big sister, may be
his godmother, but ... he still draw his sword and running to Seto ....

Huh ... ?

Azusa have no idea why he done that ...

Ha Ha..
Seto smiled, but her expression is mixed between happy and sad.

beacuse a person who have a good fighting spirit. when he fight, if the enemy have
the power stronger than him. he will not run away for survive but try to fight until dead.
In this case, is a very good measures.

Seto received Azusa sword that he down swing while diving.
the tremendous energy spark from the sword.

Seto laughing at Azusa between fight and whisper say only for herself
You are so strong....
No one else hear that ...

both of them fight.... till Azusa lost conscious and collapse to the ground ......

Azusa go back to the arrest location again and this time in the room.
it's have some one put the eye on him all the time. Seto come to see him
every days. he so worry Mitsuki, he try to ask Seto all the time when she come
but .. Seto answer is only silence... and just stare.

A few days later

Some one tell Azusa that he have a meeting with the Supreme Council that day
and he will be release at that time. He is just 13 year old but still hold a Head of
Masaki house position.

He did not think about the contents of the meeting or agenda. the Jurai business is
doesn't matter to him anymore and after release. He decided to leave the Jurai with
Mitsuki and he will done anything to make his dream come true.

At the appointed time

Azusa enters the chamber of proceedings in the Masaki house Area. The Other House
ten of them had been already seated in another Area. Seto sitting next to the Emperor
of Jurai and that Area separately from the Supreme Council.

the Supreme Council comment is important .. yes ...
but the Person that decided in the back some time more important than that.

A few minutes later

After Azusa have a seat. Syuuzan enters the chamber in the Amaki house Area and
he found .. it's no have a seat there. He look at Azusa and then Seto ....
Seto stand up and said...

No seat for you today .. Syuuzan ...

What the F.... do you mean ? No seat for me !? ... Seto !
it's for Head of Amaki House .. ! and i am a...

Syuuzan said that with full anger ... but ....

You just the agent of your family, Syuuzan !
your house declare this position is a vacant for several hundred years.
and ... the Real one .. the Head of Amaki House is here today.
All of you may be not recognize, Who is the Head of Amaki House .... unitl now..
may you come in .. please ..

Mitsuki ... ?
Azusa can't do anything.. it's have a barrier blocking between the Area.

Mitsuki standing behide Syuuzan.
Most of the Participants in that meeting don't know the existence of Mitsuki.
but All of them agree and surprise, the beauty of her. include Azusa chan beacuse
She done a hair dressed and in full dress of Royal Jurai as beautiful as a different person.

and the most surprised person is Syuuzan.

Auntie .. Why .. Why you are here ? you supposed to be in that garden....

Thank You for hard work as agent of our house for a long time ...

What ? ... wha...

this time i will not skip this meeting again ...

it's proper meeting with all head of the Jurai house this time.

Seto cry with joy.. and have a big smile.

Heh ? , .. Auntie .. you are ..
Syuuzan surprise .. he still not believe it's true ,Mitsuki is the Head of Amaki House.

Murmur is all over the place now.

Mitsuki is the Head of Amaki House .... ?
Azusa was stunned when he know the identity of Mitsuki but Syuuzan was very
disappointed, what on earth ? .. Why his Auntie is actually the Head of his house.
that not make any sense at all.

After everyone was seated, the Emperor looked around everyone.

Before entering the meeting agenda all of you acknowledge the Headline Already.
OK .. Good.
submitted or rejected ?

Syuuzan .. who have no seat ....wave his hand like crazy.

Why ? ... What wrong with the Head of Masaki House ? ....

Sorry... can i have a private communication with Amaki House !
Seto interrupted, request and the Emperor permit that.

the special barrier was made, in that barrier is isolated from space and the flow
of time is slower. when you in that barrier and look out ... it look like the time is stop.

Syuuzan, You send one of your Maid into that Garden to be a Spy, did you ...?

But ... the Head of Masaki House entering into that Garden, That is the FACT..

and After that .. You entering into that Garden ... did you ?
... it's the same felony.
what I'm supposed to done with you. arrested ? and lock you away ?

But... !

Let me think .... She their before Azusa chan is here in Jurai ..
don't tell me .. you send the spy for take hidden information from the Emperor
in the first place ... Or i'm wrong ... someone else send her ?
Hey ! , Did you agree with me ?
" Who actually done that is the one who took the breath out of his own. "

As soon as Seto said that, the barrier is turn off... on the right time.

I did not do that ! and if I known she is the spy, i will kick her out...


..... everyone was silence

Ok .. that mean " NO ONE OBJECTION " today Headline agenda, then Azusa dono
will be the Head of Masaki House ... but ..

the Emperor said that with full of dignity
Azusa staring at Mitsuki .. now he is the actual Head of Masaki House but ..
he still have a guilty.

Syuuzan sitting on the Floor, he make a face like he done a commit suicide ....

finally , the Emperor continue to said the main issue.

he still young and not have a royal tree .. as his position now, he need one.
I present the "tree selection ceremony" for the New Head of Masaki House.
Tomorrow !

Eh? ....

Is It Good to you ? .. Azusa dono...
the Emperor said...

If It's good .. give me a big ..." Yes ! I DO "

the "tree selection ceremony" for Azusa is approved by all big house plus the Emperor
and the Congress adjourned to Close this job to Next Day after ceremony.

every one in happy mood except only one man ... Syuuzan,
He gone without saying anything.
Continue Next Week ...
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 1- Jurai Detail Summary
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Book 1 Ryoko Ch 4 Sub 03/03

the full moon (Mitsuki) , is the most beautiful
That Night, Azusa went to that Garden by climb outside the Tenju again ...

.. Mitsuki ! ... Mitsuki ! ... ahh !

But the One who waiting on the terrace .. is Seto.

You come to this garden .... that way ? .... Arrrr...
... See you again .. in the ceremony tomorrow, Azusa dono..

Really ? you not do something like .. punishment me ... ?

Yeah, ... you have a hard time in that meeting today .. so.. it's okay.

When Azusa left the terrace by run through the garden.. Azusa nearly not belived
what Seto said to him.

I'll setting the transfer port for you, Next time if you want,
you will come to this garden in no time.

Seto look unusually gentle this time ...


The Next Day

the "tree selection ceremony" has been performed by royal tradition,
it's have a selection person and a witness three person or more (include the Emperor)
this time is Masaki and witness is Amaki, Kamiki, Tatsuki House and the Emperor
everyone wanted to see the proud moment of Azusa.

Azusa, himself done this ceremony without serious in between the process all of them
not allow to done a loud voice .. but some time it ok.
now all of them is stand on the terrace of the hollow of Tenju,
Azusa head to the door of the transfer port on the front.
Ritual of tree selection

Just walk in sequence order the Jurai Trees will choose you to be the partners.
the content is very simple, the Tree will said " yes .. i do " or just " welcome " and
you need to hear it's.. Voice of the Royal Trees.

first ..
step into the transferred port.. if it's not done a transfer
you end up with Tree of third generation area .. or nothing.

but if transferred port .. transfer you to some where else ...
(another area .. and it's a ton of them...)
you end up with Tree of second generation area .. at the first ....
When the Tree said some thing like " yes .. i do ", it's will become your partner.

the Tree of third generation is a normal case .. most of Royal Jurai get this generation.
and who step into the transferred port .. and it's work ...  is very small.


Azusa and Mitsuki walk in to the first transferred port without hesitation.
The next moment, Landscape Scenery is changes to (one of) the second generation area
that was a floated platform.

... Azusa was transferred to some area else.

I'm very happy. Azusa was elected to the second generation at least. Seto said from behide
of the groups .. Azusa, Mitsuki, the Empreor, the witness come from Tatsuki House and Seto.

After all of them transferred and transferred and transferred ...
Azusa only receiving a " welcome " message from a Jurai Tree sequence by sequence.

... Mitsuki ... can you hear ... that tree voice ? ... 
Seto whisper said to Mitsuki ... with low voice tone...

the Tree said welcome to Azusa ........  .. you .. not hear that .. ?
and ... every trees .. said welcomes ...

No Trees .. said .. become my partner or yes i do ?

Yes .. I not hear that ...

Passed through many trees, but the tree that chose Azusa did not appear.

It's less trees left , What that mean?

All trees .. said welcomes  and We can't hear voice of the Tree anymore ...
the Head of Tatsuki House said and he .. not belived it's true...

that mean ... it's only one thing ! ... ...
Mitsuki and the Empreor ... knows it will happen.

Azusa dono .... please come this way ...
first time Mitsuki said to Azusa ... about the transfer port .. that on the way back.
Mitsuki hold Azusa arm ... turn around then start walking ..

... to the first generation area transfer port.

the Head of Tatsuki House was stunned .. really ? only 3 person in the history of Jurai
can transferred passed through that transfer port and he never seen it's before.

it' waste of time... no trees in this generation will said that word ....
Mitsuki look back to Azusa

But, the destination ......
It's will be all right

Azusa can feel temperature of Mitsuki .. and both of them walk faster to the transfer port.
leave 3 person behide..

is it good ...?
i don't knows ... its her last wish...

Azusa and Mitsuki stand on the transfer port.
the Emperor nodded and said with sad voice, Seto look at the other way .... 
both of them can't say anything else ....

Then, Azusa and Mitsuki ..... disappeared.


... Amazing

Azusa standing on the transfer port .. in the first generation area.
the Sky is blue .. Lake as far as the Eyes can see .. 5 wonderful road that have
the giant trees at the end. ... it's far to big compare with the second generation.

Azusa chan ... over here !

Mitsuki wait for Azusa chan at the entrance of the road .. one of it's .. and he walk after her
in silence. until the end of the road .... where one of the first generation tree standing.

Mitsuki sama .. these .. tree ?

It's only you and me now.... Please call me Mitsuki as usual ..

.. yeah

Mitsuki turn around

Azusa chan ... this is ... my tree.

What ? .. Mitsuki ? .. it's ... the First gen
Azusa totally surprised , she get the first generation ? why ? it's the Emperor status.
or possible to become the Next Emperor ?

Azusa chan .... this tree do not named yet.. can you .. give it...

the Name ? ..

Yes.. and it's your .. now.

But ! .. i .. i don't hear the Voice... ... ! what do you mean .. it's my .. now !?

you ... already hear that .....

Mitsiki smile and said many weird thing .. that Azusa don't understand.

.... Mitsuki ?

and then she knee down slowly.....

.... Mitsuki !! what wrong ! 

It's all right ....
go back now ! .. and see a doctor !

no... i have something .. to say .. please ...

Azusa take her sleeves and move her to under the tree...
Mitsuki power is quickly loss...

What ? you want to say ... !

Azusa chan ... please..

Mitsuki .. !

Please .... give me another., ... i don't have much time...left.

Mitsuki still smile ...
Azusa get an idea, her dead is come .. it's her last ... word.... so...
he start to cry...

Frame of life ... is  fade away from her body.

Why ?... why...

Mitsuki use her hand wipe Azusa tear slow and tenderly.

I guess ... i done a lot of bad thing to you ... Azusa chan.

I don't care about it...

... your mother ... can not come back here .. it's all my sins.
What ?

yes ... like Syuuzan said ... i knows every thing.

Mitsuki ... speak slowly...

My father come from the other country ... but not like you .... my father is an intelligence
employee of Jurai ..  and he have a very close relation with pirate guild ...  he send
an information of Jurai to them... after he knows my ability ...

i still have no idea at that time .. only thing.. i know is his happy face ....
one day .. the head of stage .. that have very close relation with Jurai
come to visit ... the route was a secret .... the pirate use me ...
and done a very large scale attack. Seto caught that information in the network...
and Masaki House battle ship save them all... it was so close... to open the War.

Seto done an internal audits to make an incident .. my father is a spy and what i'm done
was discovered, the Emperor knows that....
my sins are heavy ... but i'm still young .. and i can only lived here in Jurai.

Only here ... in Jurai ?

You have no idea ... i can't lived with out this force .... the power of the Jurai Tree
5 of them .... here .. is all my life-prolonging support
It's not possible to go on some where and living ...
... but .. both of them ... was kick away from Jurai...
One of Masaki House .. who look after the head of stage..
said ... it all the pirate sins ... and it's his responsible ... not my false.
he and his sibling ... your mother ...  .... .... ...

Mitsuki cry ....

and ... i ... i .. still done nothing .....

No ! it not your false ! Mitsuki ! you get a wrong idea...

I have been living out side Jurai... but still have a happy.
my mother and my uncle too ... we laughing together when he told the story of my mother.
laughing together with that KUSO BABA ...
only one who is unhappy ... is you ... Mitsuki !
and You not make them unhappy .. Mitsuki ...

Azusa chan ..
thank for Seto and .. my grandpa ..
I was able to meet you .. again in the end .. now i was so happy

Don't say it's the End!
Azusa chan ... please name the tree....

it's your life ! ... i can not do that .. and i told you ! i can't hear the tree voice !

no .. you can ... you can...

Mitsuki turn the face towards and slowly place her hand on the cheek of Azusa.
I will alway watching you pass the tree forever....

Mitsuki ... ! your eyes... !

Right eye of Mitsuk made from sap of the Jurai Royal Tree ...

Yes.. now see... Azusa chan...
Mitsuki lost her power .. her hand fell down. ... Azusa cry and hold her hand...

Noo. no.. Mitsuki ! ... Mitsuki !

take me....  and show me the world outside.. ... you told me at that time ...

I will !! .. I will take you anywhere you want ! we'll be together !..
Azusa chan .. ah.. Azu ..... let ...dr.....tea.....
Mitsuki closed her eyes gently.

No.. you are lie... you are liee.
open your eye ... mit ....
Azusa shake his head ... still un accept the reality
he hold her hand ... and it .. cold.... the time pass.... have no idea how much time left.
and cry .. lot of cry...

and then he heard .. the song ... Beautiful and Delicate melody
firefly running through the trees...

it's .... the tree .... voice ....
I'll take you... as promise with Mitsuki... along with this tree ... together ....forever

Azusa lay down Mitsuki body inside the Tree and waiting for sap .. cover all over
her body... and then crystallize in the final

Azusa and the Tree accept...
at that moment ...

Azusa Right Eye change, it's made from sap and glowing faintly in Purple

.... Mitsuki ....

the Sun gone down .... and it's completely dark....
the Full Moon shining in the clean sky... out of rain and dew.
.... Ki

Azusa watching the moon, remember the Story .. that Mitsiki told ...

... Kirito
... your name ... is Kirito
you will become my ship... i will take you anywhere ...
along with you... together ....forever
Is it Good... Mitsuki ?

answer voice come from his mind ....

Azusa ... .... ....

it's the Vocie of the Tree ....
At that time i'm too young .. i can not protect her ...
Azusa said to Funaho when he stare at the Moon ....

But ... I think ... Mitsuki surely have a lot of happiness when to be with you...

may be ...

No ! I'm so sure ! ... very sure !

.... thank you ....

Even Azusa have a little surprise Funaho said it's very loud... but it's good.

that all...

Funaho get a dyed red eyes ... not say any thing and shake her head, she understand that.
the light spot come with excited voice's Tsukasa .. in the right place and on the right time...

My Young Master ! Thank goodness i finally found you !
All of them go in side Kirito and travel back to earth and Send Funaho back home.
Asami waiting Funaho at the front door after see each other two of them hug with joy.

Grandpa !
Funaho! thank god .. i can see you again.

Azusa looking the situation from a little far districts and then he turn back.... ?
both of them see that ...

Funaho dono, Asami dono .. i knows it's not the time to say some think like this ... but
i have some place to go ... 
Where ... ?

.... it not a big deal and i can't tell you the location. i go there for greeting.

... so .. please .. come back.

Heh ?

please .. come back and both of us will have a proper says good bye, Azusa dono.
..... Azusa not answer and walk back to Kirito...

when he return ...
he go back to the earth moon.  Tsukasa report after rescue him from that dead star....
it's have a mysterious voice talking pass a communication of Kirito come from that direction.
he have no idea who and why ?

Kirito landing next to the spacecraft on the Moon. it's the Jurai Ship .. but when look close up
it's made from metal, a very old style for jurai ship builder material.

Young Master .. I found a number plate and i check register information of that ship...

Go on .. ?

It's purchase by the first Emperor of Jurai and the owner is his sister name " Masaki "
the Registration application still use an old name of Jurai. that why i told you it's from
Genesis Era and not register as Juria Colony.
(today is the united stage of Jurai by technically)
You joking .... the first Emperor of Jurai Sister is the commander of that ship ?
Azusa leave Kirito and go inside that old ship.

Almost of the ship function is stop working and inside is rotten, but the center unit still
alive. that unit generate a mysterious voice when Tsukasa search all around the place.
the Door of that unit react and open by Kirito master key. inside is a glass dome like
that reflects the whole sky, the Milky Way Galaxy is the background with the Earth beautifully
floating in the sky.

In the center, Azusa found a small tree that planted in the small unit.

Azusa remember from a lesson long time ago that a special function of the Tree.
in other word, when Azusa use Kirito Light Hawk Wing force destroy pirate feet, this unit
can capture some of the energy .. and it's come back from long sleep.

I wonder, ... Who's in this memory unit ?
Azusa use Kirito master key react with the unit. and the memory of spirit body that save in
a tree is appear. it's call an "Astral copy ......"

"Astral copy ......"
is a special function of the second generation Jurai tree or over. it's more that just copy some
thing to the tree. but all of a personality, memory, spirit and many thing. ...
can save and re-product.

the first Emperor of Jurai Sister " Masaki " Astral Copy body appear.

Hi ! .. nice to meet you the prince of Jurai Azusa, my name is Masaki...

but the one who take a deep bow is Azusa.
Oh... My Goddd ... it's really her " Masaki ".. to be serious.

 ... Arr .. sorry but can i .. ... Er...
Thank you ! .. for hard work ... over 100,000 year ... and .. and arr ....
you come to this very far frontier ... with the research group .. for our Jurai ....
i appreciate that .. what you done .. madam..
but can i ask you some question ? ... ... what you research ? .. here ? ...
it very far away ... you knows .. ?

.... No
.. i not done such a thing .... but my brother. ... Err.. . i mean the Emperor..
calm down a bit .. is he ? and what happened in our house now .. Mmmmm .. i mean ...
i start this journey with the " HARD WAY "... ha ha ..
Mmm .. ha hermm
I come this far for making some an Innovation  ... and ....

Huhh ?.... Wait a sec ... I'm Sorry !
Don't tell me ! ... You come this far ... you just ran away from the Emperor ?

What ?

And you input the old name of Jurai into the registration application ?
that why it's not register the Earth planet properly ?

... arr ..... Well ... All Right .. All Right .. Don't mind that point .. OK ? ,
and i will give you an original idea why i ... no .. our Jurai spread all over
the galaxy and .. ect ect ect

Masaki talking .. and talking .... and talking ... ... anddd talkkkkkkk !!!
Tsukasa, he is a robot .. but he think Miss Masaki is extreme boring person.. and he can't
stand for it any more ... then he leave.. on the fifth days .. of very very veryyy long story.

the story of genesis era of Jurai.... (may be...)

in the early day of Jurai. country is small and in order to increase the space territory, 10,000
investigation team explorer in every direction from Jurai. some end up in an accident, some end up
in the battle, that mean dead in the middle of the journey and stop sending a feedback.

but not her .. Masaki , she so annoy that, her brother and parents that monitoring all the time
so she shut the communicate, run away ! and lucky found this planet that full of natural.
in that time Azusa still have no idea .. his son and daughters done the same thing in decades later.

after that Masaki plant her tree ... to take a root on Earth and lived there .. never go back to jurai
and left her space ship on the Moon with an Astral copy.

Maybe Masaki is the first person in the bloodline of Funaho dono and her Family
(it's not maybe ... she is the real one)

Azusa can't take it's anymore .. he ask for stop.

Really ... ? this just an intro ...

Yeah ! .. please !

only that ... and then Azusa leave that place in a hurry with a sigh of relief.

... yes
she although a digression a lot....(and very boring)
but in the future 800 year later. the Son of Masaki Tenchi found her .. listen to her talk
much longer than that  ... and all entry her life.

(approx 60 year after ova 1,

more details of both Mitsuki and Masaki ... and Seto-Utsumi (book 2) and Washu (book 3)
read on " Omatsuri Zenjitsu no Yoru Sayonara 20 Seiki ")
Azusa come back to Kirito.
Tsukasa that comback early and waiting for him have a big new, very big one.

Young Master ! .. Big New !
it's rare .. he look very panic...

What happen ?

About the Emperor health condition !

the bad news spread across the network of Royal Tree of Jurai.
and his opinion is


because, if the Emperor pass away.. Azusa that have a first generation tree will get
the Coronation and to be the New Emperor of Jurai...
if he can come back home ON TIME.
But ...

Funaho word still in his mind.

She told me " .. come back and both of us will have a proper says good bye "

You can pretended, you did not hear that. My Young Master !

I will ask Mitsuki in my mind .. is it OK.?

Young Master ! Why you care her so much !

I want to thankyou, what she done to me....
Azusa ignore Tsukasa and head back to the Earth ....

Arrrr Jesus ..!!
Tsukasa scream...
Azusa found Funaho sitting in the Garden, same place that she run away that time.
and silence like that time ...

Funaho dono ..

from silence .. turn to be a smile ....

Azusa same .. i think you will never !...

I'm home ...

Asami, watch Funaho for a far all the time .. come

Finally, You really come back Azusa dono.

Asami dono ..

All the people come back to the Village, Azusa dono .. thank you very much
but .. after you leave ... Funaho so worry about you .. every days..
... Oh !

Funaho .. shying .. and her cheek turn bright red.

I ... I apologize ...

For what ?

I just received the news .. my grandfather .. he in serious health condition and may be
about to die..  I need to go back ... now.

Noooo !! ...

Both of them turn around to that voice, and Funaho disappear...

I so sorry .. Asami dono.....

but Asami smile ...
Azusa dono ... please don't care about me.
What do you mean ?

Some thing .. and it good for you.... , you will see.

Azusa have no idea what that answer mean ? ...
and then Tsukasa talk pass a Kirito Master Key Sword.

Get in now ! .. My Young Master ! Hurry !

Azusa walk back to transfer port.
Suddenly ! Funaho loud voice come from some where.

Azusa dono ! ...

Funaho dono ..

Please take this give to your grandfather ...
it's a chestnut, oyster and mushroom in the basket.
.. but .. all of this is Azusa favourite food.

not a tears farewell but it's a smile ... ?
What a Silly Girl ...
.. i can't ... i can't ...

before Funaho give that basket ...

.. Asusa .... sama ... !?

Please ... come with me .... ?
Asusa said that and look at Asami ...

Asami dono.. i'm .... i'm sorry.

Asusa snatch Funaho in his arm ...

Asuza sama....

Please come with me ... Funaho dono....

yes ..
Yes .... Yes ! I DO !

I Knows .. In the Finally ! Both of You will end up like that .. ! Ha ha ha. !
Asami laughter and send two of them back ... to the sky.

the Crown Prince of Royal Jurai, Azusa.
found his best mate and end the mission "Trip : Training to be a good Warrior !"
with brilliantly succeeded.
(silence movie...)

...... And then.

The little girl sitting in a local small shrine, some one call her name and she looked back.
a girl and one guy look like samurai  ... stand still ....

she smile and running to that girl and hug.
she just only half of their height.

the time pass ..
that girl give her the " Wooden Comb " and show her another one
it's a pair of comb. the little girl start to cry ... she knows what happen next ...
so she cry ... and sleep.

after she sleep .. that girl and samurai guy .. leave...


and She wake up ! ..
Her father call her name from a far.
she so happy, not see her father for a long time. she run and jump to him with joy.

her father found she have the " Wooden Comb " .. he ask ..
she tell him .. big sister give her .. this comb.

her father knows ... he will never see his daughter again.
it's a difference feeling when stare at the comb but ....

" I see, funaho... you done that from the heaven .. did you ? ..
i hope .. you will be happy go lucky... forever. "

He said that when look up far away in the Night Sky with Smile.
the Full Moon shining in the Sky with " breaking " of the Fog Sealed.

after that the Fog Sealed tale is the common folk tale of this Region.

End of Ch 04

continue next week

sun 6 apr 2014