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Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 1- Jurai Detail Summary

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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 1- Jurai Detail Summary
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ibawow dropping knowledge bombs on us again  :woop:

we really appreciate this!

Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 1- Jurai Detail Summary
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yes and I appreciate your scan project too.

we are very rare species and this anime is really unique special.

nobody knows .. until he get an idea, of the simple complex story.
so I give it to all of you here. the first 3 book.


Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 1- Jurai Detail Summary
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Book 1 Ryoko Ch 05
After Azusa come back to Jurai that days with Funaho ...
the Emperor loss his consciousness already ...

a Few day after that he wakeup .. and finally he pass away ..
end the current government of Jurai that work continually lasts thousands of years with him ...
between the funeral .. the question was ask.. who will be the next empress... and when ?
As anybody knows .. Seto mastermind every body that her daughter is going to be a good wife
of Azusa .. what that mean ... but Azusa , he very idiot .. he claim Funaho .. is only one to be
his first wife ...

that make Utsutsumi .. Misaki father ... angry so much  ....

even worse, before the Emperor pass away ... Azusa try to get his permission to make Funaho
is the first Empress .. but it's a bit too late .... 

two of them start to make a bad negotiations every day...

Damn !'s worse ... why he done that ! .. stupid .. stupid man ...

Utsutsumi in a very bad mood with his guard and maid walk down the aisle some where in the
Old Royal Palace Section... complaining Azusa alot with loud voice... and he found Seto..
his wife ...

Hey ! ... He always like that ! .. stupid ! and done anything useless !
Don't you think ?  Seto ! ...

Seto state outside the window and try to ignored ...

Hey ! did you hear me ! .. did you hear me !

Oh Anata ...  Sorry i don't think that weird sound .. is your .. voice, .....
and what you want to complain ? heh .. .. me ?
(Anata = word in Japanese that seto call her husband)

Only one replied, Utsutsumi stop .. he drunk and yelling ... annoyingly his guards and maid
... and every body... this time .. is just an afternoon.....

Ok ! Fine! .... .. huh..!
He walk with her with shame ...

Seto laughed when walk with him.. ... and

it not looking good .... not at all....
She think ...

she was worried the situations of Jurai now. both of them is her very close person.
same " Stupidity level " .. look very similar in Seto way... and she love both of them..
very fun to watch .. but not this time...

Seto was walking down the passage.. she's found two guys... talk...
it's " Tatsuki Kotono " and " Amaki Syuuzan " ..

Seto knows .. Syuuzan greed to have more power and try to mastermind Kotono
she didn't like that ....  very much...

this is the situations ... now.

In Jurai .. it's have a Main Royal House .. four of them Masaki, Kamiki, Amaki and Tatsuki
The one who will be the next Emperor has been elected from four candidates by order.

...... , Amaki Syuuzan (2rd) , Tatsuki Kotono (3th) and Masaki Azusa (4th)

the first candidates is Seto ... (surprise ...?)

Seto who have Mitsukagami (2rd gen) and good title name "Calamity Jane"
or Demon Princess of Jurai (Onihime) ... but She already married with Utsutsumi
who is the drunk ... and if it's real ... it's will look very funny like this...

Seto is an Empress of Jurai, married with some drunk .. that have a low status in jurai.
so... she is out .... and reject this way by herself.

About Syuuzan ... he is the second .. yes (.......for some reason) ...
but he got the third generation tree and not popular
he can try ... and he try every thing to become the next Emperor.

the third position is Tatsuki Kotono ... he got the second generation tree .. but no have a political 
power in Jurai business ... he can change his mind .. if the deal is .. very good.

the fourth candidate is Azusa ...
He got the first generation tree that very rare ... but it's only one thing he have..
and now .. his case is more worse ...

he make Utsutsumi in a very bad mood ... no vote for him
he claim Funaho .. is only one to be his first wife ... that very idiotic ..  ever.

Funaho not have a tree (.. and can not have one) .. no blood line ... no status , no political position
no education .... and the worse of all .. thing ... she came from somewhere whatever no one care ..
and not a Jurai citizen ...
the people of Jurai no one trust in her ...

compare with Misaki ... she not have a tree .. yet ..
but She is Seto Daughter ... it's can guarantee .. many thing.

Hi ! .. Discussions who will be the next Emperor .. huhh ? (Se)

How long you stand there .. Seto ! (Sy)

Syuuzan come to visit me..  if you in hurry .. i sorry .. we block the way (K)

Seto walk pass both of them.. Syuuzan make a weird smile ...
that make Seto more angry.

Some think wrong .. Seto ? (U)

No... nothing ... (Se)

Meanwhile ...
Seto open the door .. between hallway

Mitsuki giggle laugh and rolling on the floor with her Nanny Maid
.. look happy ?

her maid is a special one.. who have highly skilled in combat, our Misaki have terrible power
and now she only 4 year old, she can not limit her power.

not born with power .. but it's a mutant when done body enhancement.
Many Nanny Maid take an injury when taking care or play with her... with fear.. many fear..

Seto and Utsutsumi concern about Misaki so much .. her power grow every day.
if it continue like this no one can take care her, Only One thing both of them pray for ...
" the Nanny from Heaven " ... 

yay ! .. i ran arway.. in to.. that window ...

oh ... don't do that .. security guard will catch you .. misaki chan ...

mar-mi (oka-chan) .. what is .. misaki ?

Seto and Utsutsumi laugh .... she not perfect .. but she's a lovely girl. ...
if you doesn't count her power.

and this power will make her in trouble. she became a horror person ever in the galaxy
100,000 year plus after. only one man who can stop her is Masaki Tenchi ...
and it will update .. .. ect ect

(this is an actual write down in the book .. the update is OVA3 CH6 and #6 dojin...
only one word i can say .... amazing)
cut scene

Funaho .. was crying on her bed in her private room ..

Since she come to Jurai, every thing .. change. it's a culture shock.
may be she will be the next Empress ... who knows ?
she not have an education and now she need to done everything with high standard .. 
everything confused ...

Funao became to the extremely homesick for her house .... on the Earth...

she .. want to return .. to asami house
she miss that scenery.. when looks out of that doors.
she miss her father ... and ... her sister

Heeeey ! Onee - chan .... Onee - chan ! (older sister)
Huh ...?

Suddenly ... A little girl with blue hair .. same age as her sister on earth ..
Stand beside her bed ... with sad face .. look at her ... ?
Funaho not see her before ...

Onee - chan .. why yoo .. crying ... ?

You ..... ???

have a stomach....ache .... ?? pain ?? and crying ... ?

and Funao have a smile ... this  " little girl " remind her " little sister " on earth very much.

Yay ... I am Azusa chama (Sama) First Empress ...

Well, and your name is Misaki ?


Nice to meet you Misaki chan, I am Funaho.

Misaki sat on bed side by side with Funaho carefree smile.
that the first time both for them see each other.

I knows ... I Knows ! ..  Onee - chan is Azusa chama First Empress ...
.. same like me !

She still not get any idea ... but .. the adult says some thing like
" refer ... thing to be second is bad ..."
She hear that .... in simple way of thinking .... she make every thing ... the First ....

Er.. Misaki chan ... can i ask you some thing ? .. that door is lock .. how can you enter this room ?

From ... here ...
Misaki jump out of the bed.. walking to the windows and stand on a window frame.....

Misaki ... chan ?

and she jump ! .. out of that window.

Misaki channnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !
Funaho scream .. run to that windows and look down ... it's very very far from the ground. this room is
nearly on the top of the Imperial Palace.

Hey !! Onee - chan .. I'm hereee ...
the voice come from above... Funaho look up ... 

Misaki chan ! don't move ...

i'm fine ....

She disappear from the window ... and then she appears in front of the Funaho again

... you ..  are a monkey ?

Misaki is not a monkey .... ha ha

both of them start laughing ..

Few minutes later, one of the Maid noticed ..
this laughter is who ? ... and it's come from this room
after that Seto appeared .... in Funaho's room

I so sorry ... Funaho dono.

Arrr ... o-ka-chan !

Seto look at Misaki ... with serious face

I'm no excuse .. my daughter disturbed you .. Funaho dono

.. Arr .. No ! .. no.. she doesn't

Seto turn around to Misaki
I told you many time.. don't jump through the windows !.. it's very rude.

Yeah .... and Onee - chan call me ... Monkey !

Monkey ... ?
Seto looking at Funaho .. and Funaho face turn red..

Haha Haha....  Haha Haha you call her .... Haha

Mama do Ha-Ha... .Misaki Ha-Ha too ... Misaki Ha-Ha .. too Ha Ha haha
Have no idea .. but she laughing too

Hahahahaha ... Youu !

Seto done a very scary face ! .. and suddenly she hold and hit Misaki butt with her hand.
... don't .. enters .. someone .. you don't .. knows .. room ... and ...  through ... the windows

Mama it's hurt ! it's hurt !

Arr..Please don't hit her.. Seto sama ..  Errr... she not disturbed .. me ...

Seto staring at the Funao .. she notice some thing ... from her viewpoint
and she take Misaki down ...

... because Funaho dono said that .. i don't hit you any more this time...
Misaki start to cry.

Come to think of it ... It's the first time .. we talk ?

If you don't count we greeting .. yes...

you .. KUSO BABA !

.. huh ... ?

Azusa chan.. call my name like that ... is he...

Hahaha .. yes ..yes .. he did .. haha

after that both of them become ... a good friend
both of them leave Funaho room hold Misaki hand in the middle together

she found peace ... and the person ... other than Azusa
she can talk with for the first time after come to Jurai.

After that ... it's very good... Misaki come to play and study together at Funaho place.
Funaho beginning to make a friends ... high status person

but ... one day some one try to kill her , the person that extremely high status
put a poison into her food ..  very lucky she had been save before drop her life.
but after that she become homesick for her house .. again. except some time that
Misaki come to play.

Seto worry her so much .. after that the guard from Kamiki House is send to guarantee
her safety. but Funaho status and position is not looking good. she can not done a
"tree selection ceremony" and after Azusa able to make her to be the second Empress
only third generation tree is given....

...... ? .... Misaki chan .. you .. said sonething ?
Funaho .. was studying with Misaki as usual, was called by some body ... she have no idea ?

No .. i not said ..anything Funaho onee-chan .. but you is the one who said something to
Me did you ?

Funaho onee-chan .... someone is calling you .

Who .. who is it ?

Two of them leave the room .. and walk by a sense of mystery

... it from here ?

Yeah .....

now two of them.. stand in front of the "tree selection ceremony" entrance door.
security guard received alert report and the one who arrive first is Syuuzan
.. and he very angry ... same as usual
Hey !!! You ! .. You can not access this AREA  "without permission"  ... !!

but ... we were called by someone, behind that door ... right ? Misaki chan ?

Yeah .....

Funaho try to explain the situation desperately, but Syuuzan told it's only your imagination.


Called by a tree is special case .. there was several cases in the pass .. am i wrong ? Azusa dono ..

Yes .. it's five cases has been recorded in the past..

Seto and Azusa standing next to Syuuzan .... silently

Azusa (sama , cha ma) !

Seto ask question to make sure .... not only Misaki was called and
Ask to done special "tree selection ceremony" ..

in the name of the gatekeeper ...i not allow all of you open that door !

as rule : selection person and a witness three person or more
it's have no more witness to get in...

and then ... Kotono arrived...
after he knows the situation suddenly.. he turn from "enemy" to be come .. "friend"

Why not ? ..... done it's (ko)

Funaho dono... you knows what this mean ? (se)

I Knows .. and i will ...
Let's go, Funaho onee chan

Misaki and Funaho .. hold hand ... and entered that door..

and walk in to the first transferred port, Landscape Scenery is changes to the original
second generation area that was a floated platform... like Azusa did that time..
and then ... Azusa ... Seto ... and Kotono
it's transferred safely .. Syuuzan didn't believe his eye... and don't believe Funaho can do that
with Shocking Facts .. and he can not go with them ... he got only third generation

This is ... the Original Tree Area ...

Amazing.. i don't believe .. it's true

the Tree show the laser rain like pattern light.... that mean .... welcome for both of them
and Funaho can hear the illusion strange melody ..... to make her way. to the next transferred port

Misaki ... walk around by Funao ... manner and full by Funaho hand.

Passed through all the trees, but the tree that chose both of them did not appear.
and the transferred port of the First generation area .. appear .. same as Azusa.

... don't told me ... the First Generation call her ... !?
Kotono ask... no one answer.

Azusa go with Funaho .... after transferred .....

Is it the first generation area ? (Ko)

No !... it not... and it's very strange ... all of you come with me

How ... can i ? (Ko)

but Seto said nothing and go ... she transferred and ....
What the Hell ? is this place ?

after that Kotono go .. pass the transferred port with fears .... but..
he pass .. and re-group with every one..

in nobody knows area ? no one see this area before. it have .. a strange tree
difference of shape and size , some is first some is second generation.

some tree is a crystallized tree and got bloom flower, all of it made from sap jewel
some tree is plant under water completely

this one ... called me.(Fu)
..and this one call me too.(Mi)
both of them .. stop .. and Funaho talk first.

Azusa, Seto and Kotono .. stare and make an open wide-eye

It's look actually the same ... both of the Tree.. it's Twin !
One tree chose Misaki and another chose Funaho.. classified as a second generation.
but the power synchro is perfect in the Bird wing shape...
combined the power it's more than first generation .. and can make 3 sheet light hawk wing.

both of them "tree selection ceremony" is great success.


Funaho position in Jurai is a lot better and having been accepted
not only the second generation tree she have.. after she got a tree .. she automatically to be
a Jurai citizen and after she done the body enhancement ...

her genetic show .. she is the descendant of the first Emperor of Jurai Sister " Masaki "
no one dare to blame her any more.

now... everyone can said... perfect to be the Empress.

it's still have some problem....
Azusa and Utsutsumi relationship ... but both of them join the force when done the vote
in Supreme Council. (Kotono not help Syuuzan .. Tatsuki house is very clean in politic that why
this house not show themself a lot in the story)

Azusa become the New Empreor ..and has a politic forces that consisting rock-solid
start new step of Jurai history.

6 years later

Azusa marriage with Funaho when she 21 year old.

Misaki 10 year old, she enter the Fist Tournament and win every tournament
she have talented in martial arts so much and become a national idol.

in that time the TV station try to ban Funaho ... prejudice and very bias .. every news
that good with her .. will be remove... guess what ? who is the owner...

yes .. Syuuzan is

Bad Questions about Funaho was ask... by the reporter of television station in very evil way...
and that make Misaki ... cry .. between the program ..
and make some people group .. her fan club ? .. come to that television station with a lot angry

after that TV station becomes a bad guys... and no longer ask silly question .. again .. forever.
... guess what again ? who is the boss of Misaki Fist fan club ...

yes ... Utsutsumi is
just a foolish father .. who over acting love his daughter ...


4 years later

Funaho first son " Yosho " was born ..
At that time Funao obtain a high popularity from the public by her personality
contrast with the charm of Misaki .. both of them away together.
both of them popularity .. RISE.


5 years later

Azusa marriage with Misaki when she 19 year old...
and the festival for her wedding is more than twice big.

3 years later

Yosho done "tree selection ceremony" when he 8 year old...
Yosho got first generation tree and he named it's same as his mother " Funaho "
same year Misaki first daughter " Aeka " was born.

4 years later

" Aeka " (4) and " Yosho " (12) engagement was announcement by government of Jurai

7 years later

Misaki second daughter " Sasami " was born.

3 years later

Ryoko and Ryo-Oh-ki black destruction .. come to jurai and done heavy air raid attacked
this point is 700 years ago from Masaki Tenchi era...

End of Book 01 Ryoko
next update book 02 Aeka ch 01 ... not over .. 01 May 2014.

Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 1- Jurai Detail Summary
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shades of blue

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yes and I appreciate your scan project too.

we are very rare species and this anime is really unique special.

nobody knows .. until he get an idea, of the simple complex story.
so I give it to all of you here. the first 3 book.


Thank you, it feels good to know others appreciate the work we've put forward to making all of this stuff available around the globe. But, it feels even better to know that our efforts have in turn inspired others to do the same.

One of my primary reasons for providing copies of my personal collection was to give back to the community and in turn encourage others to do likewise. So it really means a lot to me, to hear that from another fan.

That said, thank you for your own contributions too. All of us appreciate the effort you've put forth. Especially because all of us know how difficult it is to translate Japanese into another language. And understand that the task is made even more difficult by translating it into a language other than your primary language.

Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki 1- Jurai Detail Summary
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I remember that pain when I try to read : Five Star Stories and Nausicaa manga original form japan
and thank for this 2 guys

Tatsumingo from Nifty Server 10 year plus ago
first one who try to summary all 3 book for the first time
I still have his original web page save in my notebook.

USSRman45 from FanFiction many years ago.
who try to upgrade tatsumingo work

that why I got an idea :its some thing in tenchi and read it.