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Shin Tenchi Muyo Washu Novel Detailed Summary (and GXP1 Novel Summary)

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Book 3 Washu Ch 03  Sub 03/04 (x4 longer than normal ..)  :chord:

Akara Naja 

Next day... In the morning ...

Washu awakened from dead sleep .. finished her breakfast with everyone .. and waiting for Naja as her promised,
Naja will pick her up and guide to the Academy Office at 08:00 .. but .. She didn't come .. and nobody at the front gate.
even in this time. It's pass 08:00 already...

Maybe .. She suddenly busy in this morning .. (who knows ?), She is a celebrity ? .. and Yesterday, She able to capture Washu ..
The Most Genius ever since the beginning of the Academy .. Isn't ?

[Whew ....]

Today is a Shining Day ... Good Sunlight. Washu drinking a tea on the terrace while listening "the story" from her maids,
looked up into the clear blue sky.

Okie ...

Huh ?

It's 20 minutes ... from here to the Department of Philosophy Office Building .. If I take a walk .. Isn't It.

But .. Miss Akara ?

Please, Tell her .. when she arrived ...

Washu got her footwear .. and Start waking from this terrace, go out of the house and not listen to every body ....
Who try to stop her.

The "region" that the Department of Philosophy facilities is locate in the Academy, have 4 seasons
and in this time is "just" starting of the spring season ... opposite with her home town, at Kana Mitsu ..
in this time is just starting the autumn season.

Good start and cheerful ..  for Washu to "Do something" fresh and new.

About 30 minutes later,

Washu take a walk slowly, under the tree shade all the way .. with a good view of the location.
because .. We are actually inside the Department. There is nothing looked like a fence, Only a lined of a large tree
more than 10 kilometers far ... and it's actually continues from here .. all the way... but .. it's really weird.
All the way .. She not see a things look like a building ... and in the finally.

About 1 kilometer ahead .. Something looked like a buildings of Campus ? but it's look more like a giant tree than
a normal building .. appear on the horizon.

What is that ! ...Ahh... Nooo.
Washu "sigh" in her heart.

Not Again ...

In front of a large tree that looks like the entrance of campus... It's supposed to have a gate .. but it's doesn't.
It have 2 giant robot stand like a gatekeeper instead, .. and on top of that trees.. it have a very big banner ..

"Welcome ! .. Washu chan "

.... unlike yesterday,  .. her name was changed !
At the feet of both giant robot ..

Crowd of the people ... all around the place.

Students dressed up in full formal uniform, several hundred of them... (checked)
Brass band ... (checked)
Elementary school student with flag in his/her hand... (checked)

A Cavalry (Walk in the Parade by Ride A Horse) .. Over 20 horses with full heavy dress, this is the open air area ..
not in the limited indoor area like "the airport", yesterday.
so, horse in the parade for today is ok ?

And .. a lot of "news report" team .. reporter, cameraman, sound record team , team crew,
a live broadcast satellite network, mobile car, ect.

Only One Person ... Can do that .. It's very clear with no doubt.
Akara Naja ... She make Washu headache again.

From this point .. Where Washu is ... in front of her is a slope and on top of the small hill is a campus ...
and all of this crowd of the people is in the middle... that why ? ..Washu can see .. where Naja is, in the crowd that have
over A 1000 people. Washu use her raw power .. calculate .. human behavior, movement flows .. to "forecast" the blind spot.

Not be seen by anyone ... Washu slowly move herself pass many group of the people... to the hilltops
But .. how much ? She can .. She cannot "forecast" .. something that not have a logic ... children for example.

Washu watching A Boy, Who Boring and Standing next to A Man .. that would be his father .. very carefully.

A Man is OK, but his child ... !

Before She can think more than that .. A Boy .. Suddenly, Walk away from his father to the position that
Washu was hiding .. lucky ?, Washu hiding in the shadow with a good condition .. ?

Ahhh ... I wonder, Where is that girl now ? .. Is She arrived ... Yet ?
Father .. just speak ...

I know ! .. Onee chan (Big Sister) was there !
A Boy point his finger .....

Washu knows, She was found and should have jumped out from the shadow at the timing .. but She didn't do that.

Some Say ... "A Genius can not win A Lucky"
that true, She is very intelligent and She think A Boy not see her ... that Why ? She is not moving.
But ... No time to re-act with a word of that boy, Now.

Please ! ... I'm begging you ! .. don't do that to me...
She think, for crying out loud ... at that moment. because She have no idea, What ? will happen to her.

Hey ! .. You ! ... ...

Not Akara Naja, Who show her picture to A Man ... but
this group of student look familiar to Washu.
A student, Who said that is a student, Who ask Naja about her welcome ... yesterday.

Did you see her ? .. A girl in this picture.

Washu bite her nail ..

A Man is pointing his finger towards at the Campus.

What ? ... Really !

Every Student start running ..  towards the Campus in hurry ... and said.
Oh ! ... Hey ! Thank !

After that Washu walk out of the shadow, deep bow for "thank you" to both of them and running towards the Campus
about 1 km to the nearest building. without shielding or hit another group of people .. almost there is an area
like a park....

Desperate ! All of You ...  No body can found me anymore ...

.. Now, Washu was running faster than the "short distance running" women's academy record.

Fufufu ..Oh ..Oh

Smile along with take a breath
In her mind .. It was being fearful that she might be found by Naja .. "good plan".. again, but ..
this time she gonna win !

That is the reason "Why ?" She do that ... and .. In that sense of motivation ..
Is a good "qualities" for the Department of Philosophy.

Wowwww !!!

Washu ran ... and then She stop ... When She seen another side of area that overshadowed by Campus landscape.

The "Scenery" ...

An old "Snowflake flower" Trees ... is every where and spread entry area ... far as the eyes can see ..
This tree is very "unique" .. not like other type of trees in Jurai territory, Only Available in this Star.
A Pure White Flower .. drop like a snow fall ... when it's full bloom ... it's feeling very special.

In front of her ... Washu. The down slope .. and then the smooth ground from there... look like a very large field area.
the sea of a trees ... spread a few kilometers away ... from this point. 

the Jurai Giant Tree in the middle .. is the building of Campus, with countless branches and leaves shave in "scientific"
pattern ... On top of each branches ... is a real building and a garden, Colorful flowers bloom in
the foreground addition with pure white of "Snowflake flower" trees in the background.
... perfect ? (Yes ?)
.. except .. only one thing ...

Hey !!!
You ! ... Why you are here ?
this is a forbidden ground ... get out ! .. now ! ... Chii ! Chii !

The Shitty Man has been called her out, not to be friendly .. when Washu take a walk and look around the campus.
At the first moment .. Washu thought , He is a professor or something .. but look at his uniform ..
He's wearing a "student" uniform of the Department of Philosophy .. She knows ..
because She seen that kind of uniform .. before.

If She knows .. the Shitty Guy like this is actually a student of this Department ..
She will stay home at Kana Mitsu and never let go.

first time .. and both of them become an "enemy"

But .. Come to think of it .. Every Student in this Department .. is an elite, isn't he ?
Let's give him a try ...

I'm sorry ... I would be here because // , I have a business to done ... Where is the Office ?
Office ?

Yeah.. Office, .. I come here for done a registered document .. I was admission .. here.
that Man began to laugh out loud... after he listen to that ... explanation.

You ? .. A freshman ? .. Hahaha .. Hey .. Hey listen ... I tell you what ? ...   
Around Here .. is the place that you can not actually belong but i'm .. the place that is only for
"a person who has been chosen", an elite of an elite of the galaxy ... Children like you ?
.. I do not think so .. Or ? .. You come to the wrong place huh ?
An Ancient & Literature major department is in the next city .. not here.

He think ... Washu is just a silly girl .. young and stupid, ..  perhaps.

Washu was wonder ... He actually don't know, Who ? she is. .. that mean ..
Yesterday, He doesn't read or watch a TV program that called "the News" ?

There she is !!!! ... WATCH OUTTTTT !!! [BAMMMM]

Suddenly ... the Shitty Man, Who standing in front of Washu .. were pushing ? by "a flying kick" so beautiful.
He was screamed out loud and jump out of the Screen frame ....

Is that not good enough for you ? ... Washu chan ? ... 
It's Her, Akara Naja .. and She stood in front of Washu chan ... Now !
Washu looking at Naja like She found a "ghost" in the middle of the night
Why ? She doing that .. Why She "flying kick" somebody so suddenly, Is that really OK ???

What ? .. What do you mean .. not good enough ?
Eii~~~~~~~ tryyy So hard to done this commemorate for You ! .. Washu chan ! ..
I'm done it through the night ! you know !
Naja complaint to Washu chan, Her eyes is full of water .. and then She starting to crying out loud.

I don't need that ... you are so annoying ...
A counter-attack from Washu ... only one word, Naja freezing like a stone for a moment.
But .. I think, If I told you .. I don't need that .. You still done it for me did you ?
Washu stare at Naja like .. She was a trouble kid.

You are a little evil ! Washu chan ..
It seems ... Washu chan win this time.
A Shitty Man .. Who had been kick by Naja ..  finally comeback to the Screen frame, look Very Angry.

What da fuck is you try to done !!! .. Why you kick .... me ... ... ... [Ugh], ... Naja ... kun ?
that weird ? .. A Shitty Man .. saw her .. his face change from bright red angry .. to .. white .. like a paper ?

Waa ri na Cray. (Waa ri na : A Sorry .. but not that much)
Between both of them ... It have something .. something actually "WRONG" with the shitty man in the past ..
and his name is Cray.

After that he lost his angry .. and try to explain .. something.

this is .... err .. forbidden ground .. we not allowed .. the person that not in the department ...
He speak that to Washu, Naja step in .. look very bad mood ...

Come with me, Washu chan !
She completely "Ignore" Cray .. and push Washu to walk away.

Hey ... Did you hear .. what i try to say ? .. we not allowed

What ! ... not allowed what ! .. What is you problem !?

No, ... Errr ... So ..  the Department of Philosophy ... not allowed ...
His voice is lower .. and lower... Naja look at him .. like she try to kill him more .. and more.

Louder ! ... What is your problem ? .. Speak it like A Man ! ..

No, I .. Errr
He .. Cray .. He look like a real shit .... (feel very sorry to said that .. but it true)

That too loud .. What happen here ? .. Oh ! .. Naja kun ...
the Department of Philosophy High Rank Professor that just walk pass this area .. is a Professor Iwai Ikuma
He didn't knows Washu was there ... and when he walk closer.

You !! ....
Look at Washu ... that stand next to Naja .. He move his eyebrow up and open the wide eyes .. with wonder.
Ohhh .. Professor, Nice timing ! ... Look at her ! ..I Already told both of them .. We are not Allowed the outsider person
to walkin here .. What is she thinking ? .. Why she do that ?
Cray .. Report that with Professor Iwai very carefully polite ..

Professor ...

Washu ! .. It's You !

Everyone ignore Cray, Like .. He doesn't exist .. and Professor Iwai approaching to Washu.

Yes, It's Me ... nice to meet you.

Welcome ! .. Welcome ! ... Hehaha .. You look beautifuler than I see you on live video !

////  .. Oh and Thank You to provide that very beautiful house for me.

You like it ! ... Very Good then .. Hahaha, This is a very good day in my life. You are here and I joint your Research.
Together, We will be the best Research Team in the Galaxy.

.... Joint research ? Professor ? .. What do you mean ?

Cray .. Still standing between two people ..
By the way .. It is very "rare" event that somebody will collaboration with Professor Iwai, Even that people is
a teaching classes teacher .. or other ordinary student... to be an "assistant" of Iwai, Is very "Honor" for a student.
Huh ?? .. When did you standing here ? .. Ah .. Never mind ... I'll introduce you .. later.
Washu chan, I'm very happy that you were here this year .. that mean you supposed to be 18 years old already .. right ?
the Records of the youngest person ever .. must be change this year. After you done a paper work completely...
We "hold" that for a very long time .. you know ?

Yes ! ... Professor, It's 4 years .. Since She took the qualification ... and finally this day has come ! 

4 years ...... ...... ago ?
Cray .. very surprise and sad when he knows that from the words of Naja.

.. Oh, Hey .. Cray as you also knows, because She can not register properly until She 18 ...
Wait ! .. .. Hmmmm, Your records is not an official anymore ... I think.
Naja look at Cray with cold eyes .. He shut his mouth completely.

Well Done ... Very Good irony .. I think. Now He must be thinking .. about his position.
Iwai .. "Whisper" said that, Naja answer that by used her finger done a "V" sign.

Professor !, .. We still have a lot of paper work to done .. May I ?
Naja .. bow to Iwai, and start walking towards the Campus with Washu.

Ahhh !! Ahh! .. I forgot something, I must tell you before both of you had finished Washu's paper work.
Washu chan, Your class is "Class 6" same as Naja kun.
Iwai turn back and said that outloud when he walk away on the opposite direction .. He yelling pass Cray,
the Shitty Man .. after everyone left him behind ... and He knee down with no power ... by the way,
Cray is "Class 9".

A Girl .. only 18, freshly admission, Start 3 class above than Me ? ...
that's not true ! .. it's impossible !

Cray .. knee down and speak with himself like crazy about 3 hours, alone .. in that field.
this was the first time .. both of them see each other  ...
Next Update ...
not over Sun 5 Oct 2014

Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Washu Novel Detailed Summary (and GXP1 Novel Summary)
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This section .. is a very ridiculous hard to understand .. not guaranteed, it is a proper summary...
- Update V2 : on Wed-Thu and Fri Sat 10 Oct 2014 with a lot of headache ..

Book 3 Washu Ch 03  Sub 04/04 (Final)

Akara Naja 

As soon as both of them finished "paper work" and walk away from the Office ... together.
Naja cannot hold it anymore .. and then she laughed out loud.

Did you see his face ? .. Washu chan, Cray is absolute stupid ! Hahaha ..

His name is Cray ?

Yes ! .. the lowest level in the Department of Philosophy !

I'm sorry .... Naja. I broken your record ... the Youngest record ..

I'm not studying here for the record .. So .. It's fine !
(From this point, I think .. Cray's Youngest Record .. is broken .. twice, First Naja at 18 and Second Washu at 14)

Suddenly ... Naja look so sad ..  and the black cloudy float on top of her head.

Why ? ... Why ?!

What wrong ? ..
Washu .. was wonder ... what wrong with her now !

Why ? ... I'm not be ... A MAN !!! (very loud)

Huhhhhh !?

Naja .. Shout with angry, Very loud to the Clear Blue Sky .. in front of the Department Office ... 
Other people .. every one on the street hear that .. a couple point his/her finger and start laughing ..
What is she said.

Heoy ... ? .. Why you say that ? .. You are A Girl, nothing wrong with you !

No ! You are wrong !! ... This is an important problem !!! .. Because, You are A Girl and you are so perfect
... Washu chan !

Ha ha ! .. Well, Yeah .. I am.

Naja sooo .. serious with that, .. but when Washu start to laughed ... She start to laugh too.

Fufufufu ~~ fufu ... And People around that area too ...

Strange ? ... But, When I take care that little Cray (guardian student ?) .. before, then changing my position to take care you ... now !
My "point of view" is change to different angle ..  I'm a completely new person !!

No, You are not ....

Washu, whisper tweet while think about .. What is ?
Naja done to her yesterday and Naja done to Cray today.
She is completely the same personal .. ?

What ? .. Did you say something ?

No, Nothing...

Hey ! ... You knows what ? ... the Welcome Party .. for you, It's not starting yet.

So ?

Let me think ..  Hmmm .. What's about .. now !

Suddenly ... 2 People Popup himself at the stairs of the Campus !!
And Entry of the Garden became a festival .. all of them is waiting for Washu ! .. the accommodate ..
over a 10,000 people party !

No Way !

Come On !

Naja catch Washu hand before She runaway ... with a good smile ..

This is a payback time .. just for you ... [Heart Icon]

A few weeks had been passed ...

.. As Washu imagination when She actually arrived at the Department of Philosophy, Classroom.
Because nobody forced the student .. to done .. "something", and most of them came from super rich family.
Every Student is ... "LAZY AROUND" and done nothing... like a paradox... and this is horrible.

the Class system .. is separate by results of finished product... 
Nobody helping you, but in the opposite way .. Nobody forced you to done anything.
However, .. for Washu .. this is just a relaxing time ..
the time for slowly keep up with changes in the environment but some time she still thinking
about every "cute fish" in that farm and her mother ... at Kana Mitsu.

You make that for eat-out today ?
Butler talk to Washu .. Who standing in the kitchen prepared a breakfast and a lunch in the same time.
but  ... this time is just 04:00, it's still dark outside .. of course.

I cannot sleep ...

Well .. I see, but Washu sama ... that is my job.

I know ... I not tell anyone .. and nobody can kick you out of your job.
Washu said that for stop her Butler.

Yes .. that's true. She never ever said that "I want to change this person".
While looking at her meal .. Butler think, He can done a lot more "good" meal than that. 
He yearn to done something for Washu .. Make she said "Wow .. This meal is perfect... " .. something like that ..
In the other way .. Washu like a little kid that opened the refrigerator in the middle of the night .. and find something to eat.

Huhhh , well ? .. goodnight ...

For him this is really hurt .. but before he walk away ...

You knows what ? ..
Some say ..
If they can not making a meal of their own .. every meal properly, it is so poor for the children next generation either.
That why ? ...
I had been taught  .. when I was young to making a meal by my own course...

Remember the time .. Washu was smiling so kind while saying .. like her mother... and It is a wonderful gentle.

Sorry ... It's my another bad habit ... My mother always said ...
If you can cook a very good food, You can live anywhere .. you knows ?

Yes ! .. because, Food is a basic of Human being !!!

... !!!

Suddenly, .. Somebody said that out loud from the back .. and jump out from the shadows.
Yes .. It's her .. Naja.

Naja san !!... Why you are here ? .. You suppose to returned home last night ?
Well .. Well .. Well, At that moment ... After I "test" your slider in your bath room ... I think, it's not good enough.
So .. I've been "re-construction" your slider and you're shining new hot spring pool, thrust me .. this is better !
Mikoto chan also confirm that !!

Ahahahaha~~~~a .....
Washu was stunned and fainted .. her face turn white like a paper.
Butler .. "sigh", when he hear that .. what Naja done to this house bathroom.

Thank for Naja ...
Currently, the Size of Washu's bathroom (Japanese Onsen) is spread over several tens times compare with the old one.

Please ... Don't "re-construction" this house without permission ...

Well .. Well, Don't said something like that ..... Right ? Everyone !!

Naja said that answer to butler .. She done that with no guilty at all .... .... hang on a second ? ...  Everyone ??
Yes ... and a lot of children came out .... from hiding place.

Kids ? .. from our neighborhood  .. every ? .. everyone of them ?

Her take care of the children level is the same as Washu ?
All child are very cute and done everything Naja said .. 

I'm Give Up ! // ... do whatever you want ... This is very .. "rare", to see somebody that can play at the same level
as a little kid.

He was right...

So ...
Naja start a survival game with childrens in Washu's new bathroom ..
Naja vs Washu ... both of them divided the childrens army force in to half.

Washu chan .. this is not just for fun .. it's serious, you knows ? ...

Fufufu ... prepare your self ... Naja san ??

the Conversation .. is weird and "no meaning" at all, after this pointless conversation is ending.
the battle .. is began !


Oh ... Hey ....

Naja talk with Washu ... both of them sitting down with slightly injured ..

Did you still remember, ... What I said a little while ago ...

"Come to think of it ... this is my second time that change my point of view ?"
After I talk with Mikoto chan  ... I think Mikoto chan sacrifice herself for her sister are very precious way of life ...
I can not compare with her.

This is your .... reason, You done all of this "thing" is just ... your experiment .. "the meaning of life" ?

There ... Stay Still ...
Stop ... that ! .. It hurt ... Ouh !
[Whew] .... Naja .. Before all of you leave ... Make sure, there is no children injured.

Yes ! .. Yes ! .. I will check it... now.
Naja said that ... , Washu hold a lot of bag full of first aid kit .. and both of them check every children again.

Are you ok ?

Yeah, I'm ok..

Well, Good ..

Hey !! ... People of the bathroom !! .. I will ask all of you again ... there is nobody get hurt... right ?

If You need my help ... You knows where I'm .. right ?
Without saying the destination , Washu walk out of the bathroom pass the kitchen ... and cut through the garden ...
In this Morning ... Washu start her bright new day with fresh and cool wind blowing through her skin ...

Another few weeks has been passed ...

Naja introduce Washu to various persons in many places, ... but in the hard way .. mostly of time
She take it to the limit .. Absolute weird person or in the maniac place by default.

It is "NO" exception around here at the Campus, Most of "the Bachelor of Philosophy Department Student" came from
any Society and Class ... He/She is the human symbolic status of the Special Class.
In the proper old traditional style ...  of the Academy .. "pass the secret way and meet them with full surprise"
As you can see ...  Some time to avoid the trouble that can occur, if you done that in front of the crowded.
.. Many "Weird Way" to meet somebody in his/her personal area ...this is not necessary to follow but very useful for Washu.

I was wonder ? ... How many "Friends" did Naja have ??

And ... Something .. more than that is ...

It's called human nature, How much you like the oily food .. If you are tempting to eat only one of those
for a long time .. again and again .. and never change, you will be "sick of it".

So, ... Washu would like to explore the new location as normal, Some time .. She decided to go out ... alone.
.. and there was a place ... Washu .. see it many time .. when She take a bus, pass it and take a looked at that Landscape.
Today .. She come to that place with Naja ....

Oh, There it is ... !

This place ... make Washu feel ... nostalgic , far away from residential area .. there is a "ranch" with old observatory on top of the hill
and look like it's "out of used" now.

Actually ... the place where Washu was curious .. is a Deep Space Navigation School.
Now a day .. It's easy to done a navigation between interstellar space a machine, that why it's out of business.
but for her ... this place still have it's own "Charming" for a person who crazy to performs an observation as a hobby.
.. Yes .. a "hobby" ... because you can actually go to that star .. done some thing like an space observation ..
If Somebody Knows ... You done that ... he/she just assuming you are an history archeology student .. not a science student.

Well ..., Not be wonder ... some people collection the antique as a "hobby" .. right ?

Approaching All Around this Observatory, Washu turning round and round ... everything appearance .. look like that is a rare thing
An Observation tool , A contents , even a "content on the wall" seems to be like the "Old fairy tales" story.

Um, do you like that  ? ... or something ?
Suddenly, Both of them was called out by the old woman.
She noticed , Washu and Naja was here when the door of the observatory is open,
and She is the only one that living in this building.
I'm sorry, I think this is a ghost building and nobody was live here.
Washu saying that word with very polite.

For Some time ... It is Good, to be alone .. you knows ?


Washu can feel something strange .. from attitude of the old woman.
Anyway .. Washu not continue in this point , Why ? ... The Old Woman said that ... for specifically to "concrete" her personal story.

Both of You are interested in an unusual thing and old thing, right ?

Yes .. and this observatory... is very interesting, grand-ma ? (can i called you grand-ma ?)
the master of thing ... when the time had been pass .. it's died and nobody remember it ...
But , Some People does .. this is my particular favorite , I don't know why ?
but .... I not done an observatory since I was relocated here.
My name is Washu chan .. Sorry .. I think a done a rude thing , enter this observatory without your permission.

... Hello, Dear ...  the Department of Philosophy  .... youngest scientist ever ? .... Washu chan.

Yes ......
It seems, Washu is very popular around here.


What a shame ... ?
For some reason ... Washu have nothing .. a money and something that can exchange to money.
She got a free item, free goods, free material, free equipment, free food, free house,
free transportation fee, free service charge .. anything is free... from Professor Iwai.

So .. this 3 months, She come to this old observatory... without pay .. 
She's decided to "do something" for the old woman for exchange... something that equivalent.

But, .. this old woman never mind that .. and She wave her hand when she stand at the fence, invited and let's Washu in ..
every time ... but ... this time is different ...

Wowww !!

Washu raised her voice .. When She enter the area that she never been before.
She walk pass the Door ... , there was a place .. that is absolute beauty, Washu "overview" the other part of
the Department of Philosophy and Many Residential Area for a lot of time ... nothing can compare .. to this room...
it's very unique.

Your Big Mansion .. not have the room like this ... Am I right ? .. Washu chan.
Washu notice for the first time, this is it .. very ... very impressive when viewed from the table...
and when perspective from the bird's-eye view .. It's like .. this room came out of the Illus of Old Era history book.

This house ... Your house ... is magnificent, rather than the observatory !

.... No, because ... It's have to replace .. 

What ! ... Replace ? ... Why ? ... It need to be replace ?
Washu look up and touch the wall, the "wall" of the Main Room Observatory 
... This is very similar to the observatory in my hometown. Actually, I lived there .. waking up and sleep.

Well, ....  So

[Sigh] ...
Fufufu, ..  .. the People of Philosophy Department ... "hobby" had been change .. So ..
this place has been changed ... after all.

You think .. this is normal ?? ... not strange ?
Hohoho ....
Old woman laughed gentle ...

At that Moment, this old woman reminded Washu to her mother .. at Kana Mitsu.

I'm sorry but ...... .... No .. I say, Because it is important grand-ma.

They Said ... ... ... , Well ... whatever.

That machine ... is still work ?
Washu said while looking at the mechanical parts .. She see ... outside the window

I Don't knows ... Since,  My husband has passed away .. No one maintenance it.

Could I, Do it for You ?

But ...

I will .. come here for study how it work , all day and night ... Thank you

the Old woman .. not allowed Washu to done that, but she cannot stop her.
Washu strongly decided to done it by herself .. and She done it ... She move herself to this Observatory .. all day and night.
maintenance that machine ... on the inside.
Since that day ..... One month has been passed ..

.... Wait ! ...  You mean .... this Ranch !! ....  Really ? grand-ma ! (Ranch = Observatory Building + Area around here)

Yeah ....

Wait a minute .... Why you not .. just tell me !? ..

I ...... I'm didn't want to say "such a thing" ... Really .....
She continue said, Part of this land is turned to ... the mortgage debt ... and it's a "default" debt ...
so .. it will taken away by a banker. (this point , I think the Old Woman Refinance her house.)

Real estate agent, who knows the old woman is no have "ability" to repayment the debt .... he is the first one .. 
Who try to take it away from her .. like a stolen ... because, she can not pay it back ... anyway...
but for her ... this place is full of memory .. memory with her husband .. an old good days

the Real estate agent .. try to sale it .. before it taken away ..  to somebody .. a good buyer .. he said.
I thought .. If I told you ..You will be sad .. like you are ... now , so ........ I'm sorry

Don't give up .. yet ... I think it have a good way ..

Washu .. san.

We still have a time .. leave it to me ...

Washu .. Go to see "her house" real estate agent .. and try to "repayment" debt of the Ranch ...  before it on "sold" by .. 
sold off her house ..

However, people who want to buy Washu house .. is does not exist at all , because that "House" is the first class property .. 
A big mansion with the whole area ... require the amount of money that no one can actually buy.

..... Lower the price, More.

No ! ..  This is NO Good !

Why ? ... I'm the Owner... Low It !..

If lowering the price .. Somebody will buy it for sure .. Yes ? .. But.

Ah, ... This is very hard to say .. , even we decline the land prices no one buy it ..But, We do our best .. please wait a little bit more.

Washu have a bad feeling .. about all of this .. She have a slight doubt .. and a lot of "question" , After that Washu house real estate agent ...
Never Ever contact her back... and the repayment date of the debt .. is just a few days ahead .. count from this day.

Then ,... This Day .. Washu decide to go to her house real estate agent office ... to "fide out" what is the "problem", but before She go out ...
Naja, Butlers and Maids .. All of them ... standing block her way out .. and cry ...

Washu chan ! .. You think .. I'm Not Your Friend .. Did You !  ... Buu buuu ! ...

Yes .... And Get Out Of My Way ...


Washu kick one of the butler ass ..
Naja and all of them was stunned ! .. everything stop ... and then "Silence" ...


I'm joking ... Naja ...
Finally, Washu open her mouth.


Washu chan .. for your Pride .. "don't do it" ... (Crying Voice)
Naja crying and said that after She knows ...  what's Washu really want to done ...

If You go inside the real estate agent office building like a "thief", You will look so bad ... You knows ?

Look so .. bad ? .... Look so "BAD" ??

Yes .. look so "BAD" ... !

[Hmm] .... Washu show Naja ... a footage of the "security camera" that record inside this mansion .....
and then ... another ...  "Silence"


Washu chan ! .. You are so cold ...!!

Ahhh ! Again ? ... Why You said that ?

Washu chan .. I'm " did " that because .. You are my Friend, Don't look at me so bad like that  .. and .. and .. Well ... ..
I'm your friend .. ! Washu chan !! Alway !

Suddenly, Naja .. reminded something .. then She hit her hand ... (Kitaah !)

Ok .. Okie .. You are my friend ... Of course, ...

Then Just tell me .. Why you need to sold this house, I will listen to your explanation in silence.

Even .. the thing I done is my fault ? .. Naja ?

Everything is good ..  If you see the real estate agent people .. what you gonna done next  ?

I done, What I supposed to done ...

I knows .. You need that ranch... but you way is too stupid, why you not .. just tell me !? seriously ?
If We are continue that, We are not "just a friends" ..

Now Yes ! .. We are ... Washu chan ..., that why I said "You are so cold ...!!" to me...


[Hmm] ...  Well, I tell you "one" thing .. "this house" ... WILL NOT be sold .. until that Ranch was taken away by the mortgage debt.
What do you mean ?

You still don't get it ! .. did you ? Washu chan ... and .. for you every people is a good guy ... except me.

Naja continue explain ... About .. The Real estate agent .. one hand is the Old woman ranch real estate agent
and another hand .. is Washu house real estate agent ... the parent company seems to be the same company ...
in the term of stock exchange ...

So ... Washu offer to "sold off" her house "pass" her real estate agent equal "guarantee miss" the repayment date .. a million percent.
Every Observatory like this "the Old Woman Ranch" is in an exclusive residential area ... Because the District of the Department of Philosophy,
Space for residents is limited because of the "Saving" and "Protection" Environment policy ... a good place to live is very shortage ..
That why ? ..

"the Old Woman Ranch" Size, Location, Wind and Sun direction .. is perfect and It's not far from Metro City .. and have a good transport service.
Not only A House .. this Ranch can jump start a big hotels business .. if you can actually buy it.

Well .. Now .. You supposed to knows, Go to real estate agent is not the "ANSWER", to stop that buying and selling .. right ?
The Place that "YOU" supposed to go ... is "HERE" ..

Naja, Said that when tapping both of her hand on Washu's shoulder ...

the Department of Philosophy ... ???

I will show you .. What ? is the "true meaning" ... of the Department of Philosophy.

the ,..... "true meaning" ??
Washu feel ... something ... something that .. real dark ... close to fear .. but it's not ... She have no idea .. Why ?

It's NOT a big deal, Washu chan ....


Professor Iwai-i-i-i-i-i-i !!!

How many time ? ... I told you ... "knock" first ? ... ... ... please.
... Naja open the door without "knock", When Iwai was standing at the entrance to the living room .. 

Ahhhh , .. even in this place ...
Washu, Said that .. with hopeless .. about Naja bad habit ..
Have A business trip today ? ... Professor ? .. We need to talk .. now !

Yes .. Yes ..I have ... and It's same as your .. "business" .. Naja kun ...
Washu chan ... you offered to exchange your house with that ranch... did you ?
Why ? You do that ? .. and Why ? You not tell us .. When we found this case .. it's almost loses both of it.

You are so mean .. Professor !
Naja look at Iwai .. not so friendly ..

Errr ... I'm ... so .. I'm sorry ....


At the Table ...

Iwai wrote "Claim Cheque" with BLANK amount .. , turn around and give it .. to Washu.

the Department of Philosophy ... Washu chan ...
It's important more than the Imperial Academy ... If this Academy ... does not exists .. the Department of Philosophy .. does ...
until the end of Jurai.

Yep !

That real estate agent .. can run "the business" under Jurai Government management...

Well, I like this part !!


And ..
Finally, ...
For crying out loud ... When Washu found the final answer ...

Revocation Document of the Real Estate Agent License Permit  .. under the name of " the Government of Jurai "
Specific for ... You can guess ? .. Who.

While writing a lot of the document for send to every agent under that company ..
Naja have a bad mood and tweet in a voice like mosquito when all of them writing all of the document... together.

Mmm, .. He taken the best part !! , that not fair !

A few hours later,

I'm sorry, it ......

Don't worry about it .. Washu chan, for this recently years .. in fact .. many students done a complaints to the Department because
the mortgage price is too high .. this chance is a "good opportunity" to fixed this problem... and tell you the true ..
the Real Estate Agent parent company .. is actually run by Cray family..

His idiot company is too annoying !! , it's done every methods to higher the price .. kick every new student to his/her bottom line
Remove the License ... and go to hell .. Haha ! .. Cray ! .. you die ! you die ! you die !

Cray ?? .. Well, ... but .. that company reflex his personal type very well... Fufufu ..

I think ... if he can change his passion from "make more money" to "research something" ... he will be the top of our class.

Ha ha ha, You are right .. Naja, His greed and the desire to make more money actually the force to make him a life...
if he loss that money .. Oh .. my .. god ..

Washu, Naja and Iwai chat with a shake body... and not try to entertain .. but ... Fufufu .. Hahaha .. You can imagination his face.

I feel like .. I understand, Why Grand-ma said that .. strange word .. She can not see herself .. a "value of life"  .. so ..

Why ?, You are .. not, just go to that Ranch and tell her a good news .. and Leave this paper work to us,...

... ... ... Yes ! , thank you ... Professor Iwai

Washu .. stare at Iwai .. and began to run .. run to that ranch .. faster as she can go ...

... .... ... I hope , She will keep her good spirit like that forever ....

While .. Both of them, Continue writing the document .. Naja, who was sitting next to him tweet in a sheep's voice.

Mmm, .. You taken the best part !! , again... You taken the best part !! , again... You taken the best part !! , again...
You taken the best part !! , again... You taken the best part !! , again... You taken the best part !! , again...
You taken the best part !! , again... You taken the best part !! , again... You taken the best part !! , again...

... When look at Naja ... She look very scary .. Iwai think ...


Washu opened the Observatory door, and explained the situation to the old woman... with .. a propose ...

Grand-ma, living alone .. is too hard you knows ? .. If you don't mind ... we live here together.

In this way after Washu bought the ranch, She was decided to live with an old woman .. wife of the previous owner.
.. and in that days .. when She move in ...

.... Why ? .. All of you guys .. are here ?

Butlers and Maids ... also came to this ranch ....
one hundred and fifty maids .. and a lot of butlers .. standing follow the lined in casual outfits ...

We are YOUR servant .. Washu sama .. not that mansion service staff, We are the part of your golden scholarship ...

Yahhooo ~~~ ! Washu-chan !!

In addition, ... for some .. nobody knows reason .. Naja was also MOVE IN .. to this ranch too.

Washu have no idea what to do .. with all of this .. idiot ..
So .. She let's it go .. do what ever you want ... 

this Ghost Ranch .. came back to live again .. with happy sound and laugh of both humans and animals every where.
Oh !! I never ever seen something like this before .. this year .. is so much fun ! Hahaha
Butler said that when He walking with laughing cow ..
Maids, Who also seems to like this Ranch very well.

While looking at the bright stars from the window of the Observatory ...

Washu fell into her bed .. with a bright night sky on the other side of the window...
This is the first time since, She came to the Academy, ..

She actually come back home and went to sleep .. 
I have a ton of problem with my new M.2 NGFF SSD ... this type of SSD make me sick of it ..
very hard to buy.. very hard to install .. very hard to config.. very hard to install windows .. ect.
but .. still want to buy it .. that weird ?

So .. Next Update ...
not over Sun 25 Oct 2014... have a nice day ... everyone.,
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Washu Novel Detailed Summary (and GXP1 Novel Summary)
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Book 3 Washu Ch 04  Sub 01/02

Sweet Shining Days [Mikamo] ...
One year had been passed ...

Since .. Washu begin to start her new life here ... in the Imperial Academy of Jurai.
thank for her "achievements" of research and public paper ... now, she has become a "Class 3" already.
And .. When the Students Upgrade his/her Class to Class 3 .. Every One of them are qualify the "Co-Professor" position automatically.
this position .. have another jobs to done .. Teaching .. another Students that lower than "Class 8"
.. Or .. for easy understanding .. Research and Teaching Only .. and No Need to learn something is the Classroom Anymore.

... Another One .. Who is came very close to Washu position is Akara Naja.

That's great !! , Washu chan ... you are promoted to Class 3
While I'm stuck at only Class 4, and work for the Federation !!

the Reason ?? ...
thanks for "shadow friends" of Washu chan ...
the elementary school pupils .. Who is the Childrens .. that met Washu when play a survival game in her new bathroom ..
So .. When every one knows, Who she is ... all of them request her specific to be a "special" instructor at school
and that rises Washu rating very well... 
Because, You introduce me in that way .. that why ? ..  all of the children studying what I teach .. very well.
But, .. the one who supposed to take a credit .. is you... Naja.

That's true, but in my point of view , if i done it my self .. that doesn't work .. Okie ?
... and .. Ahhh !! ... forget this topic for a sec ... that is not a problem !!
The problem is .... every day , I feel like I done nothing and waiting for die ...
an "atmosphere" of the Department of Philosophy .. without you is like Hell ... !
..... ??? ..... Are you alright ?
Washu said while staring at Naja

So ... Naja said an irony .. to Washu ..  Washu that seem to be .. did not understand anything.
Mooo .. You think, I went bonkers and my brain is not working probably did you ?! 

What do you mean ?

It's just a point of view !! .... , and Your point of view make you "go far" than me !

I think in the near future .. you will not said that .. and forget what you just say.

When ? ... Wahsu chan .. when ?

That why .. ? You calm in the class 4.

#$#@$@$ Ahhhhh !! .. that great ! ... you go ahead to the other side of universe ...
and left me behind ! .... so cold !!
No ... Originally of "Me" .. is not that genius ... because (Wa)
I did not have such a talent !! (Na)

Naja and Washu .. both of them look at each other face .. and the laughed.

Okie ... Okie , If you are really concern to something .. just tell me .. everything you want .. when you want..
Because I'm a big sister .. my young lady.

Thank you ..., Naja kun.

Go to Campus without Washu , ... That is not the lower point of Naja life, .. But
Naja .. "Sign" .. all days .. look like a dead man walk the earth ... , She so worry and thought... Something .. all the time.
.... about ... that man , ..  "a man that kick her life to the lower point" and he is...

" Niwase Mikamo ... you are an ass hole !! "

That ...  What ? She always worry .. and Niwase Mikamo ... is an ass hole ??
(yes ! .. He is ...)

Washu go to school .. and at school, she make her own private space area .. a small one.
by creates a "simple barrier" that other people can not go inside without her permit.
Her area is under a big tree .. like a big umbrella 10m in diameter, and thin branches are falling to the ground vertical like a bamboo
Left and Right is a high ground .. and in the back is a cliff 

One day ... in this small world of Washu.... A Young Man .. fall from the sky ... through the branches and (.. yes... yes... yes)

Huh .. ?

Ah ! ..., I'm so sorry !
Suddenly, He start running .. to the back ...
Washu was very surprised .. and He act faster than Washu, When She about to say ...

Wait !, Not that ...... ... ... .. way.

Whaaaaaaaa aaaa aaaa aaaaa noooo 
Yes .. He running in hurry to a cliff ... 
Only answer from him is that "scream" and he was about to fall off a cliff.
With Washu help .. this young man crawling up with effort, come back to the safety ground ... and take a heavy breath ...

..... I thought ! ... I .. Gonna  .. DIE .. ..
You are so clumsy .. Niwase Mikamo Kun...

... I ... Oh ... haa haa .... .... ? .. Why you knows my name ?
When A man .. name Niwase Mikamo was staring at Washu, the entry world turn to white .. and Washu stand in the middle
with long passion red hair, stunning beauty ... this type of girl ... see at first sight, nobody forget her .. never.
... yes, .... but , He don't remember ... he met this girl before ... ? .. that weird ...

Hey ! .. It's a strong sunlight, over there ... come in !
Washu said with a smile , .. and go inside the umbrella. (a tree)

... Ah, .... well ... .... ...
Have No Idea what to done ? .. next ... so .. that "idiot" standing still like paralyzed outside the umbrella.

...... What ? ...  wrong.

Errr ..... Oh ! , ...
I just entering the ladies room without knock ...
I'm sorry ...
I done a rude thing ...
I think ..
Washu listening in silence  ..

I think .. by technically ..  this is not my room, ... so

No ? ... but !

Didn't want to be with me ?

No ! ... no .. I do ! .. I really do !!

Washu laugh .. beacuse .. he act ,... so funny .. so innocent and so clumsy. 

Hmm ... I think, .. I'm activated the "simple barrier" already ... Why you can come in .. here .. I wonder ? ..
.. maybe it's broken?

No ! .. I think .. It's because of "Me" .. Before falling to your room, I just walking in a fog and thinking .. where Am I now ?
and it's alway end up like that every time .. for me it's completely "normal" .. but .. Professor Iwai Ikuma said ... It's very interesting ..
my special ability ..

Ohhhh .. If he said that / .. please beware ... Niwase kun .. He have a plan to done an anatomy analysis ... you knows ?

.. (Scary)
..  Errr
... Can I ask you one thing ?
... Why ? .. You knows my name ?
... I think .. We not see each other before .. I'm very sure  .. I think, it again and again with my dignity.

Well ... ,
In my class room .. that days is my first time ever lecture .. I have a students .. who lay down in his seats .. look very comfortable,
have a good sun shine, in the front seats  ... and sleeping .. like dead... from the start .. till the end of my class ...
... Hmm,  I think ... his name is Niwase Mikamo , perhaps...
Washu said that with a good smile ...
.. (Very Scary)
... Ahaa , .. you ? , .. Washu sensei (teacher) .... isn't ... ... .. . you.

Washu move her face up and down ....

.. (Very Very Scary)
You ! .... , I'm sorry !! ,
..... or I say !! , Errr... at that time .... I .. I .. !
I'm sorryyyyyy !!

Mikamo immediately bowed several times ... and said he so .. sorry ..

Err .. that seats over there, In this season make me feel very good .. a perfect sun light, warm , very comfortable .. and ... err.. ...
Washu only smile ... and Mikamo stop ... smile back to her ... with a little shame....

[School Bell Rang ... end of the lunch break]
... I'm forgive you, but ... If you done it again  ... , I will cut your into a little pieces ... and done an anatomy analysis
.. piece by piece .. I'm dead serious ... Okie , .. bye !

Washu done another good smile, walk  .. turn back .. wink her eye (very lovely) ... and then she leave from that spot...
Mikamo Freezing .. with absolute fear .. 

Since that day ... He never ever sleep in the class ... again.
This is the first time both of them .. meet eachother.

Every time, Washu see him .. He alway acting weird .. and funny .. and yes ..  so clumsy.
That Why ? Washu remember Mikamo .. very well.

Faraway from the "current" main campus area of the philosophy department .. a several hundred kilometers.
There was an "old" school building .. that was used .. a thousands .. years ago.
This place is a favorite place of Washu.

The Academy area ... in this time ... is just only 1 planet, and under the same "jurisdiction" (used the same law) in every continent.

Department of Philosophy Area , Is "about" the same size as .. Africa continent.
Yes , In this Era ... it's have a learning pass network and communication program .. not require "student go to a real class room",
but for teacher .. still need one of those.

So .. No matter how old ? the construction of that class room is ... it's still can be used .. if it not worse or complete destroy and can't be repair.
After professor Iwai .. go to see , What's the observatory of Washu .. look like .. He give her another building .. an old one.

the 'Old' School building made from wood .. and before that this building is a temple ... over a thousands years ago.
A 1,000 years wooden temple ? .. this temple done a special "treatment" for protection the structure .. "wood" .. from everything.
(bug, rain, storm .. ect.) .. , still .. need a repair jobs by specialist woods construction craftsman .. for some time.

So ... this old temple is a Washu's secret place.
She love this old temple so much ... because .. there was a library with a ton of book from an old Era .. keep in original condition.
if she have a free time ... she will go inside and read that old book all day long ...
... like this day .. but ?

Who is it ?

Washu hear the sound .. of somebody .. inside her library, that is no supposed to be.

Who are you ? .. Show Your self .. 

Washu sensei ? // .......

A man .. came out from the bookshelf .. over there, Niwase Mikamo ...

Oh ..., You ? .. Again ? .. Why you are in the place like this ?

.... I came here to read a book ... Washu sensei , .. but .. Why you are here .. ?
.... I came here to read a book ... ... ...

the conversation stop at that point and both of them start laughing ...

Yes .. Yes .. read a book ... in the library, .. nothing wrong with that .. Haha !

Yes .. Yes .. read a book ... in the library, .. nothing wrong  ... nothing wrong .. but this is my personal library ... ... ...

haha ... ha ... ... !!
.. #@%$#%
I'm sorry ...
I'm so sorry ...
I don't know it's your ...  I will go out nowww !!!

[Mikamo runaway !! ....]

Hey ! .... Wait ! .. We always meet in the strange place .. I forgive you ....

[Mikamo stop .... and turn back]

and // ... I'm quite surprise .. to knows, you came here to reading a book ... ?

A Book ... in the Academy, Is equivalent to an old scroll made from anime skin, papirus paper, bamboo skin, clay ... something like that
referred to the earth .. now a day, read information from this media ... you are the archaeological for sure.
Washu look at him .. feel very interesting ... , Niwase open his mouth ... to say .. Why ?

Oh .. Err .. in fact, I have this kind of room .. at my house ... when I was a child .. every time I go inside that room .. It's calm me down
I have no idea .. why ? ... but .. the feeling .. the sound, text style, drawing image .. everything is nice ..
and when I use my finger turning the page .. feel the weight of book in my hand ..

... Yes, It feel so elegant .. majestic ..  and feel like holding the " knowledge " in the hand .. it is so real ...

Mikamo close his eyes and said ...
Washu agree .. and continue after that .. and then, both of them stop ...


... and sample the smell of an old books ...... (Mi)
.............I like the smell of an old books ...... (Wa)

End at the same time ... both of them laugh out loud together ... Washu and Mikamo ..

Ahahaha , ... Okie .. okie , Mikamo kun ... I give you a "permission" to enter my library as you want, .. and promote you
to be the first member of the Book Lover .. After School Club ...

Really ?? .. Thank you ! ... ... Ah ! , but ...

What ?

I am .. the first member ... and you are // .. ?

Club Adviser Teacher ... Of cause !

Mikamo answer that with a crab smile ..... when, Washu ... wink her eye ... to answer him ... ... ( lovely .... )


Something "Good" .. happen today ? .. hmm ... Washu chan ?
Naja, She was sitting in the sofa and waiting for Washu came back to observatory , She is the first to start.

No ! .. no ..  nothing // ...
Washu just say .. no .. but it's write on her face ... yes.

Hummmm ....
Naja .. knows .. it's .. something .. because, Washu show a strange good mood...
the meal is ready, Washu sama , Naja sama...

Thank you, I'll go immediately

One of the maid called both of them and Naja ans Washu answer that ..
Washu go to her rooms for change her outfit .. like flying .. and done a small jump all the way ...
Naja stared .. What is she doing ...  and when Washu walk away from that room ...

Naja stood up !! .. and yelling with a very loud voice !!

 .. I knows it !! ... I can feel it ... !! It soooo stronggggg !! ...........    SHE GOT A BOYFRIENDDDDDD !!

Suddenly, Maids .. a lot of them .. come from every direction and standing surround Naja .. !!

Huh ! ,, Washu sama got .. a boyfriend ? .. you're joking ?

Is that true ?, I can't see anything different ... than usual ?

Yes  .. Yes  .. think so ....

I want to know , How sweet he is .. !

Goody .. Goody ..

You can not hide that from me ! ... never ! ... Washu chan ! Haha !

However, Somebody in that group said ...

Why ? .. She not got any boyfriend for this many year ?? .. what wrong ? with her .. ?
, I mean .. look at her ... her type and no boyfriend ???
Everyone ... silence ... so ...


Hmmm .. This Guy name "Niwase Mikamo"  ... ?

Naja suddenly speak that with no reason at all , When ..  Washu use her spoon drink a soup .. and she drop it, like a stone.
Washu try to act natural .. that is nothing ... keep clam .. and look at Naja .. not say anything.
but it's actually write on her face ... She knows something terribly ... is coming .. very soon .. but how bad is it ?

Naja open the Big book of profile description documentary and continue reading ?? ...
the description of Mikamo .. Washu do not know.

... Check it out ! ... Niwase Mikamo , A College Student .. Study Abroad with a special condition, supported by a goverment
by his home town planet, 27 years old ... and come from prestigious leading family ...  a special goodwill transfer student .. but
He able to entrance the academy by himself .. and came to the Department of Philosophy .. now ! .. he is an assistant
professor level .. a smart, good looking, friendly, international student and third generation of prestigious leading family ...
the "evaluation score" result after test will be "very good" .. no doubt about it !
because ... Washu sensei giving him a "private lessons" !!

Hoyy !! .. What do you mean !  a "private lessons" !!
Washu rises her voice, stand up and hit a table with both of her hand ..

"Briefly" .. of somebody information ... I just read it ..
Naja said like it's complete normal ...

It's just an accident .. he came in to my library // !!
Washu sit down to her chair ....

I see, ... You have been summoned this guy to your PERSONAL library ...
that is a stone age - cave man style .. you knows ? .. in this era, .. in the Department of Philosophy.

No ! .. #$@ ... You ! .... !!
Washu stand up ! ..

but she notice maids and .. a lot of people .. Listen from behind a shadow of the door .. with a hump sound ...
like .. Congratulations, Washu sama !
Washu sit down ... again.

... ...... .... It's just your "imagination",

I had thought .. many time .. this day ..  would come, eventually ...
but ... it is too early ! ... Buu buuuuu hoooo

Hey ! .. What are you done ? , Why you start crying ? ... hey ! 
Washu stand up ... again... and Maids at the door ... look at her with a mixed complex feeling .. "jealousy" and "blessing".

I NOT DONE anything with him, Even he ..... .... .... ..... errrr ... err...

Even he ..... ? , Even he ..... ?  , ....

Finally .. Washu had been forced ... what ?, She suspect to say.
Everyone come in like a mobbed for blessing, that she get a boyfriend  ... and ask about her future ... plan ?, engagement, marriage and have a baby ?? ....  an "imagination" of cause ....

.... No !! ... belived me // .. I not done .... anything !
How much she try to unconvinced .... It doesn't help.

but ...
One thing ...  " the information " ..

Naja seem to be ... knows every thing She and Mikamo actually done...and everywhere She and Mikamo actually go ...
Washu keep it in her mind .. "this fact" ... and not forget about it.
Next Update ...
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Washu Novel Detailed Summary (and GXP1 Novel Summary)
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Book 3 Washu Ch 04  Sub 02/02

Sweet Shining Days [Mikamo] ...

... Since that day .. the Book Lover .. after school club activities continued with ,. only two people inside Washu's library ...
this is a good time for Mikamo,  but for some reason .. he feel quite uncomfortable .. yes .. he can reduce the space
between He and Washu .. , when He actually close to her, his paralyzed and some time .. a physical disorder,
bite his nail , feeling a "pressure" ... no idea it's good feeling or bad feeling ?

Like Naja say ..
the "evaluation score" result after test will be "very good" .. no doubt about it !
because ... Washu sensei giving him a "private lessons" !!
that is just a joke but it's true ...

Mikamo is a good student, teaching him by Washu's standard is very easy ...
However, His problem .. a special ability .. that can not be repair .. no matter how he careful.
and the relation in this time is just a teacher and a student .. that done the same hobby .. not thing else ?

Washu accept Mikamo, already ..
But ... Thank for Naja, She avoid to have a romantic feeling with him ..
the feeling about him now, is just a dead slowly develop ..
that is not good .. for her ...

And ... One day, Naja start it first ... again.

How far ? .. When you hanging out with him ? ... Washu chan ... tell me !! ...

Suddenly, After Naja came to this room, She start .. a ridiculous question to Washu .. like every day ...

You are so noisy Naja, I told you .. many time .. I not done anything with him, .. and we are not hanging out together !

Are you sure !?


Washu was aware about relation with Mikami .. and think, Naja talk that topic to her just for fun, dirty joke or planking .. something
but this time Naja look so serious when she ask ... the question ..

I wonder ... , If you don't mind ... ?
Please take him with you next time ... , and Washu chan .. You knows what ?
Every time, I done a party .."Everyone" ask ? ... Where are you  ? .. Why you didn't come ?
everyone in each department want to see you .. everyone !
I knows that not easy .. but .. can you promising to me ... next time, we will go together ... three of us.

..... Yeah, sure.

Washu accept that propose with a feeling "not good enough.. with that explanation".

Since that day,

Washu began to "take" both Mikamo and Naja with her .. a lot of places ... "together"
Yes .. that not necessarily to done ..
And She can feel .. something wrong and hidden .. between Mikamo and Naja.
Naja and Mikamo starting go out somewhere together, and Naja not tell her anything .. , Where both of them go ? .. and Why ?

like this day...
Washu was left .. in the dining room  ... sitting on the table and writing a technical reports .. alone.

Hey, Naja ! ...  I was wonder ......

Washu said when she look at terminal monitor, no body response ...
She looking around the dining room ..
and sipping a tea.

.... Ahhh .. too strong ..

Another annoying thing is ... Cray

That's weird, Cray ... supposed to be "stay away" from Washu and Naja ... but
He didn't .. He hide in the shadow .. and watch Washu, Naja and Mikamo .. most of the time.

Washu can feel some thing ... bad ? .. from him but she have no idea ? ..
What ? is the dirty trick, Cray want to done... next time.

That Why ? , Washu used a trick first ... She hide in the shadow behide the pillar
invisible from Cray ... her eyes reflection , he is an "enemy"...

Huhhh !, .. You kidding me ! .. that Fucking Stupid Girls..... !! .. hahahahaha ..

He said that too loud .. he have no idea Washu was there ...

I don't believe it .. She is her best friend ... but .... She done it ... Ohhh She really done it ... for real ! .. Oh .. my goddd ... 
.. if every one see this News ... It's absolute .. epic !

In his hand ... is an .. "star entertainment" magazine ... top 3 best selling in the Department of Philosophy
Not like Washu on an usual day ... She continue listen, until Cray .. get out of the dining room and ...
when She on the way to the bus terminal.

She found ... Mikamo and Naja walking together at the backyard of Campus, Cray voice still inside her head ..
Washu had to continue watching in silence, until both of them going into private laboratory .. together.. for some reason.
Nothing else..
Only a sadness in her hart.

Hey ..., Where did you go ..... with Naja ? 

Washu .. walk close to Mikamo and just ask ... while he studied in the library .. about three hours , after "that" happen.

Akara Naja ? ... no nothing special ...

Mikamo answer like that ... make her more angry... but she continue act normal ... ?

Just .. a party..

A surprise party ?

no not like that .. it's a big party .. i don't knows what that party for ? .. why you not ask Naja herself ?

Okay .. 

and every conversation look normal ... ??

Are you free tomorrow, ... I'm not have a plan yet .. to go some where ?

Tomorrow ?, ... Arrrr ...  I'm sorry, I have a lab with Professor Iwai Ikuma .. have no idea .. when it's ending ...

Okay ..  no big deal .. I just want you to ... arrr forget it.
I'm sorry, I'm suddenly ask ....


After said a proper "goodbye" .. Washu get off the library in a hurry and go to bed ... sleep.
She did not realize ... Mikamo watched her when she get off ... with a deep sigh.


The next day,

Washu .. start the day with panic !

When she knows, last night .. Naja didn't come back, and worst than that .. Mikamo didn't either.
Some body said ... he go to laboratory of Naja .. after finished his lab..

then ,.. She run like hell to see Professor Iwai, by herself ..

Where is Mikamo ? ....  Professor Iwai !

Niwase kun .... have no idea, he separately with me .. and ...

And ... ???, What ? .. Tell Me !

Nothing .. just like every days ..

That doesn't help .. Washu very disappoint .. then She go to Naja's laboratory instead !

... that not supposed to happen ? .. is that real ? .. both of them have a secret date ... and not tell me !!

Washu run faster and faster ...

At Naja Lab, in the front of the door.

"Sorry !! , We are close ... !!"

Yes ... but , It's there all the time .. so, Washu kick the door and run inside the laboratory... like a action movie.
Voice of Iwai, Cray, Mikamo inside her head round and round ...

Wait a minute .... !
Washu stop ..

Why ? .. I done this .. I mean ... It's does not matter ... to me, What is he done .. right ? .... Ahhh.

Washu .. speak with her self .. and confuse ..
but ... some one that running be hide her, he stop and hide .... is Cray.

Oh, .. Silly Girls ... this laboratory is the place that all of them done something ..
"funny" with that junior college ... huh ?

... !

Her word not ending ... the weird funny sound of Mikamo and Naja came out of the open the door inside laboratory
simultaneous room.

Washu got an wide eyes .. she kick that door and angry yelling like an earthquake !


...What ?

and ... she run away , .... not see inside .... not listen , what is actually going on inside that room ... ??

Washu san !!
Mikamo have no idea what to do and panic ...

Naja san !! ... , Naja san !! ...

You idiot !! .,... What da fuck are you waiting for ... Chase her !  ... Now !

Oh! .. that right ...

and ..
Mikamo and Naja start running ... chasing Washu.
this is a serious problem ??? ... and we have a "witness" .. Cray , He was giggling and hide around the corner.
that why ? .. Naja, Who is running, hit him very hard .. He was anger and try to yelling .. but Naja kick him first ...
Cray flying out of the windows !

Hoey ! ...  We are in hurry ! ... Waa ri na Crayyyyy ...

but ...  there was no appearance of Washu in the Campus. How much both of them try ...

Where is Her ? ... She hide like a child in the unexpectedly place to me ... !!

Naja .. said that with no power, sweat and sitting to the ground after run around the Academy for many hour ...
this time all school dyed with orange of sunset.

.... !
Yes ... There it is .. !
Mikamo running out to some where .. and leave Naja be hide ...

Huh, .... Naja sigh .. and She run back to her laboratory .. for finished her business with .. Cray.


Washu was sitting around her knees on the old chair .. cry, in the dim room with a only light bulb and it's faintly.
this room is in her library .. 

thinking, when she see Mikamo for the first time , read a book together, ect..
..... Stupid (She think)
..... Stupid
... ??

Washu noticed ... Mikamo said that, She looked up ...

Who Stupid ?

Please, listen to me ... the story of me ....

No .. I don't

Washu san !! ... Please,
Suddenly, It was a confession

You are lie .. !

Yes ... I am ...., But, what ..  I just said is true.

Expression of Mikamo was so strong ... but, Washu was only sigh again .. and wipe her eye.

You like ... Naja did you ?

...I also like Naja .. yes, but ! .. It's different feelings .. when I be with you ... Washu ..
But, ... because I was a liar .. that why I talk with her ,... for help.

I ... do not have anything , with Naja ! ..

There were a feelings that Washu want to believe the words of Mikamo, but it is true ..
not a simple explanation reason loke that ... not enough to be able .. the clear answer .. It's have some thing
more deep than that ...

Now, Washu just recognized her own feeling ....
She need to jump and hug him .. but, She continues in silence

... Errr , Washu sensei .. you sitting in that spot is really .. ok ?

What ?

Washu .. chair is on top of the glass floor ... at the bottom is the first floor, yes ... like a cliff.

Never mind that ! ... told me ! .... What is the help you need from Naja ?

I can not told you in this time, Maybe .. She kill me ... If, I told you ..

What did you say ?!

I'm sorry ..... please believed .. me... and I will told you after every thing is clear.

Really ?

Yes .. I swareeeeeee

At that moment ... Mikamo walk to Washu .. and when he step on the glass floor...

[crackkk ... !] the glass frame could no longer support the weight of Washu and Mikamo ... then ...

.. ?
.. ?

both of them look at each other face ....

Shit ! .....

and then, both of them and .... the glass frame fall .....

Noooooooo ! ... not againnnn...


Are you alright ?

Mikamo rubbing his head ... and ask .. luckily the strong vortex wind was flowing that why both of them landing safely.
but he is actually on top of Washu body .....

You ! ... Idiot ! (Baka!)

Mikamo close his eyes .. he think Washu will slap him in the face ... but no ... She just smile ..

Because, I'm .. the one who stupid  ..... (Wa)

Mikamo close his face to her .. like he try to kiss, Washu close her eye ....

..... I'm sorry

Washu open her eyes and stare at Mikamo face, .... after that he told her ..the true,

A large rich and powerful country with alliance of 943 countries, both large and small .. declare the "Cold War" with Jurai ...
I come from that country ... More over than that ... I come for peace ... my country send me for make sure the progress
is go on and nothing wrong with that ...  the Federation Union of this Galactic ...

I am not a spy, ... same as Naja.

Mikamo looking at Washu, said it once again.

I was born .. to serve my country ...
... so

did you ... ?

whatever you are ....

Did not need any words anymore ....

(and yes .. both of them done that, nothing to see here ... )

the next day, when Washu and Mikamo appeared .. after Naja waiting for both of them .. [sigh] and [sigh] again

She said ...

I'm your friend .. both of you guys, always ! .... and next time .. don't forget about it !!

After another party of the days,

Mikamo made his propose to Washu secretly in the garden.
He tell Washu .. his "grandfather" allowed him to marriage with her .. no problem with the Niwase House, every one agree.

However, at this stage ...
Washu have a hard time ... if she accept his propose and engagement with Mikamo, that mean .... "an official politic married".

Please .... this is good for us, after that we will opening our country to the universe ...formally.

after that ... both of them was found out very quickly .. thank for Akara Naja.
She turn the party to the big engagement venue, and jerking around ... until the morning of the next day,
marriage plan of Mikamo and Washu spread across the globe ... in that day.

And Washu have a 2rd hard time ...
When She and Naja went home ... the old ranch

the intelligence officer of Jurai and Professor Iwai .. come together for official "visit".
for ... overview the current status of nation and relation between the nation .. and many thing ..

For some reason .. Mikamo came from the nation that in semi-isolation state .. and try to go in the good direction..
open the country to outside world (universe) .. His blood line come from the noble "family" and studying in the Jurai Imperail Academy
with a really special case of permit ... for exchange and make a good relation progress with Jurai.

Try to open the country ... (to Jurai)
Many people life depend on his progress .. A lot of people supported ... Every Nation want to see it's actually happen.
It is a really important between nation .. if this join success ... that mean ...

the Federation Union .. between Jurai and this country .. is really exist ! .. not just a plan anymore !
so .. in this time every discussion is a top secret ...

Well .... ,  I understand.

Washu ... still think , but Naja convinced .. , Some of your private life .. can be used as a propaganda.
"a good thing".. for show the people in that country when the opening of the country .. is really happen ..
what ? .. it should be look like...  a happiness .. 
Naja says while watching .. at Iwai ..

It's good for every one .. and for you, even me want to see it actually happen ...

Hakubi Washu sama .. in the name of Jurai government, please... support us ..
Intelligence officer of Jurai .. Who was setting next to Iwai , lower his head

Errr.. , Well .. after that .. where I supposed to lived ... ? (lived with Mikamo, or stay here with jurai .. , move to the other area , ect)
and What's about .. the entertainment news ? .. that really go out to the public .. (She mean .. in that magazine Mikamo and Naja)

Every thing about your living is the same ..  and about the information,  ..
it's - a lot - of - thing - to - clean up ... but - never - mind ... IT'S OUR JOB ...

Information Officer ... reply that and look at Naja ... She answer that with a "fake smile".

Mmmmmmm ... Washu channn .. you are so lucky !!... Jurai cover all of you two expenses !! .. not for me ! ..
I work too hard but got nothing .. bu buuu

... Naja san, for you .. in this case .. I think we count you in.

Yeyy !! Yeyy !!

Every one Laughing when all of them see Naja hide her face from the cheek under her clothes,
whey she knows .. she got a money reward this time.

Ohh , That good ! ... so don't get angry at me when I send you a bill of today,
and for some reason.. I think a can upgrade your scholarship to the next level.

Really !? Professor ~rrr !!!!

When Naja go crazy, the Jurai officer turned around to Washu and say another information ...

Start from today .. your placed will be "monitoring" under the information section, please .. keep it in your mind.
and if you want to done some thing special, please feel free to told us before you actually done it .... for your safety.

However, Washu was not aware .. the real reason that intelligence came here.
and the real reason .. that Naja had attended here as well..
Try to open the country ... or .. "forces" to open the country .. is very strong ...
between the two super power country ... in this time .. it's start to go on ...

Even the next in the line person ... Son of Mikamo's "grandfather" (a.k.a his father..) disagree to opening the country.
Situation may be reversed ... and his "grandfather" is in the "not so good health condition", that why everyone is in hurry ...

However, Washu is not a Royal of Jurai by blood line .. that why she not think about it's so much in this time.
Only , Lived and have a happiness with Mikamo .. life is good ..

Then one month later, After her "pregnancy"  was confirmed .. every thing is ready ...

You can not turn back now .. Washu chan ....

Naja soooo happy ... she want to done an "over acting" Wedding party for Washu .. but ..

"NO !"

... So, Washu wedding .. is just place in the inner ring only at her ranch .. and only people, She actually knows.

I have not thing to say, but .... That is not good enough ... , definitely !! ...  definitely !!

A little disappoint from Naja ? .... and that night ...

What happen ? ... Why you need to go ??

At that night .. Washu not go to bed yet ... after the wedding, Naja clean up her room and throws
every thing to her luggage.

How can I ? .. lived with you ... just married ? , disturb a new couple ? ..

You knows ? ... How many people actually live here ? .. with me ?

.. She was right .. 150 Maids and a lot of Butler ... but for Naja .. She was special ..

At this late hour, ... Naja need to go .. she really mean it.
and Washu knows .. Naja is really upset .. that she not allowed her to done a big show off wedding ...
after talk .. for a long time ..

Finally .. Washu hug her from behind ... and kiss her cheek.

Please .. stay with us Naja ...
because I want to show off just for you !! .. Hahaha !

You !!. .. $#@@# ....
Ahhhhhh !!!
Ok !! ... fine !!
I will stay, for mass up you new couple life !!

.. [Heart icon]
... that why she came back to herself .. again.
and continue lived with Washu at her ranch ... but for some good reason no one was allowed to tell  ..
Naja actually lived there with her...

Nine months later,
Washu give birth .. a boy.
name Mikumo .. (a beautiful cloud)
three parent
one lovely child
lived together is ...
the Best time of her life ...

Next Update ...
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Book 3 Washu Ch 05

Sad Rainy Days [Mikumo] ...

It's write on his face ... I have a serious trouble.

Mikamo acting weird, since that day ... the day that Mikumo age just only 7 months.
... and a few weeks later, ... "the bad news ever" ...on the head line of every news paper in Academy ...
the policy of his mother land ... is turn up side down.

" Closed the country " ... ? .. what the ???

That Alright ... because I have a new citizenship here, by government of Jurai.
Not thing to worry about us ...

But, Your ... family ... ?
... Mmmm, Yes ..  a little bit worry about my family,  .. but, It's a nation policy and international laws problem.
so .. I can not done anything about it.

Washu hear that from Mikamo ... but ,..

One month later,

While He carried Mikumo to take a walk ... , He just disappeared.
In a day, That ... supposed to be a bright lovely day.

In that day .... Washu was begging by Naja to have a lecture in the class room .. faraway, the next city.
and that city is very consume a travel time to go, from the ranch.

When Washu went home in the evening, Mikamo and Mikumo .. both of them are not there already.   
Mikamo sama ..  go out to take a walk with Mikumo kun, Washu sama ...

One of Butler ... told her,

This day is a Bright Shining Days .. He wanted to show, Mikumo kun .. the beauty clear blue sky at the sae site ..
and will return ... in the evening ...

Only that ... ? , Nothing else ?

Yes , Nothing else ...sir,  Washu sama...

Washu have a bitter smile ...

He go out with His son ...  at that time, Washu supposed to stop worrying ...
but for some reason, while she teaching at school .. around the day, she feel .. somebody done a dirty trick with her ..
that why ? ... She running out of the ranch , immediately !
and she found Naja ... Standing block her way ... just outside the door.

Mikamo and Mikumo didn't come back, Naja ! .. you come with me !

Washu running pass Naja, She grabs her arm ... Washu try to put it out ... and go ..

Naja !

Naja stare at her .. look like she is a completely different person.
Washu knows in the split of seconds .. what is actually happen ..

Washu was angry and said that crying out loud ....


She shake Naja hand ... many ...  many time ...

Naja look in the other way .. but her voice is very clearly ...

He went home ..

.... !
NO ...



Washu teleport jump out of Naja hand ...


Washu jump and flying in to the sky ...
She use her power , .. the power that she was long forgotten, she have no idea about it ...  until now.


She think ... at that time .. is only .. take her son back ... she actually have a proper power to done it .. but,..
at that moment, when She start using that power .....

She see the ray of light and ...
that .. " voice " .. coming inside of her head .. again.

So .. the same thing .. in this dimension .. repeat again.
.... !!?

Compare with the old data ... until now ?
.... ??!

Revise parameter already ... please make sure, it will not repeat the same thing again.
... !!

I will make sure, It will not repeat the same thing ... again.

Washu !! ... open your eyes !! ... talk to me ! ... please...  talk to meee !

Washu loss her power and drop to the ground like a stone, not feeling any sadness .. like she loss a consciousness ...
Naja see that and she try to wake her up ...

why ?.... why you do this to me ...

Washu said to the mystery voice ... but Naja think, Washu said that with her ....
She answer than ... when she crying ....

His name ... is not "Niwase" ... His real name is "Kuramitsu" ... Kuramitsu Mikamo

Washu react her head shaking ... like her in shock stage ...

Yes .. He is the "head of the state" of Seniwa grandchild, that pass away one month ago !! ...
When He was alive, He said this way is a good way to keep on going .. "open the country" even his son disagree.
but .. It didn't ..
I've been through "open the country" will be push , He not think so ... Misaka the current "head of the state",
Mikamo's father ... He suddenly called Mikamo and force him to go back to the mother land .. no matter what ?
Only you that not "acceptable" .. That Why?, He went home with Mikumo because He so worried about the future,
If he left Mikumo behide with you... what will happen next ... ?

you say ...
that why ? .. i am the only one, who remain here.

He will lived with his family in his home town ... that is the new home for Mikumo.

.... what about ... me ?

that is good for Mikumo, .. and him too, I knows that was crazy .. but, listen to me Washu chan ..

"Open the country" , that's Not the thing only one man can done, or decided, or take a decision
and what we done .. we really think, it actually good for you two ... from bottom of our heart.
He have a power now ... Washu chan, What happen ?, If he change his mind ... again and ...
start to looking for Mikumo here in Jurai ?

It's a fool, It's totally crazy .. and we ... Jurai .. is only a "coward" .. everyone ..

Naja crying .. but when she wipe her tear out of her face .. She saw Washu was already stand ...

Washu .. chan ?

At that moment of time, Washu body disappear ...

A Long Range Teleportation !!

Naja suddenly look at her arm .. she have a tracking device specific for Washu.

Where is she !!

After she confirm the location .. that, Washu is inside her personal library ...
She done a sigh of relief ....

Naja kun ... I'm ... sorry ...

Professor Iwai coming out of the tree's shadow ...

Professorrrr  ~~~~ , What's we gonna do !! .. What's we gonna do !! ... buuu bubu
Naja crying out loud ...  and running to Professor Iwai, her nose running out and blubber ??

... Poor, Washu chan .... I alway thought, for me ... she is the one of my own daughter ...

You mean ... my "granddaughter" ..

What do you say !!

..... Tsu ! Tsu !

Hey !! .. don't wipe you nose with my clothes !!! .. You @#!  ... idiot !!

Both of them done that, .. to her ..
yes .. both of them feel a lot of "guilty"... but,
A sin ... that both of them done, will never ever wipe out .. (until OVA 1, chapter 6 .. I think,)

We, ... can not done anything in this point, .. I trust in her strong type of person ..
leave her like that ... is good for her and, she will be back .. soon.

Iwai .. wink his eyes with Maids and Butlers that hiding, and look at both of them from a far distance.


You are lie .. !

Yes ... I am ....

Washu was silently stares ... at Mikamo's seat in the library ... the place, Whare ? She and Mikamo .. start...

Yes ... You are ....
At that time, ... I supposed to listen, What's you said ...

the meaning of that words, Mikamo words .. is absolute painfully ... Now, She knows ...

Imperial Academy ...
Jurai ...
Institution and the country ..
the best in the galaxy .. the most power .... 
If you fail ... they will kick you out ... 
Now, he gone ... my ... child ... gone ..
leave me alone in this shitty academy....
I'm... mean nothing !!

Washu see the " 3 red crystal jewel " .. the breast pendant ... crouching in a chair.
She take it .. and try to throw it away .. but .. she didn't..
Her tear drop ...and suddenly, Her anger just disappear ..
She .. lay down on sofa .. without power, ..  pendant drop from her hand to the ground..
the time .. gone ...


While still in a blank expression, Washu .... does not move.

Washu chan...
Unnoticed, "The Old Woman" was standing in front of her ...
She look at "The Old Woman" ... her eyes still blank ... and no power... like a broken doll.
"The Old Woman" .. seat next to her .. , and said.

Silly girl, ... in this time .. you supposed to cry ..

A large drop of tears come out of Washu eyes,
Ugh, ....

Washu hug "The Old Woman" like a baby.
I .. uhh uhh .. have  uhh .. no idea... how to  uhh uhh cry ..

... that is the first time she was cry.

Well, just cry ...

Oh ...... uhh, ah ah ... ah ..

there you go ... cry.

Ah, Ah ... ah ah hhhhhhh..h.h....


The time pass, Night and Day ..

Washu wake up in the morning  because the sun light ... falls on her face.
Last night .. She have slept too soon .. full of tear, on the sofa ... same as "The Old Woman".
but, "The Old Woman" sleeping in her pajama ? .... nearby, on the sofa with Washu.

Washu getup and out of the sofa, put a blanket cover "The Old Woman".

Thank you, O-ba chan ... (Auntie .. she mean the old woman.)

.. and in no time, Washu suddenly notice... her body, turn back to be a "children" ... again. 
.. and She found the " 3 red crystal jewel " .. the breast pendant on the side of the sofa, She pick it up softly.

[Sigh], I don't knows .. what do you think about me, but I'm not a loser ...
.... Yes, I can not done anything in this time , but...

Washu have a plan, it's floating in side her head.
Her clothes suddenly fall down to the floor .. she start walking and stumbled, rolls on the floor .. a classic gag.

Ahhh, Forget that .. first thing first .. find a new clothes !


Naja .. Sitting donw on sofa in Washu personal laboratory, for 2 nights that she didn't sleep ... not only a second.

~~~ Guess Who !!

Her eyes was cover by some body hand from behind.

Washu chan ....

Yep ! .. You are right !

[Sigh] ...

but, when she open her eyes and turn her head to the back ...

Washu chan !! ... your body !?

Arr Ha ! Surprised did you , I have this ability .. haha !

Naja didn't say anything .. she just hug her ... ,

I'm sorry... , that make you worry about me.,

Nevermind , but , hey .. now, You are actually .. Washu chan !!,  you are so small !!
..... Tsu ! Tsu !

[Sigh] ...You knows what ? ,
Who ? wipe her nose on somebody else clothes .. that supposed to be called .. "chan"

Oh !! , I'm sorry ...

She said that but ... still , wipe her nose on Washu's clothes ...

... Hey, ... I .. want to see my son .. 

Washu change the topic.. when Naja is calm, she .. stop and take a deep breath... and ...

What !!

.... I want to see my son.

But ... Mikumo kun ...

I want to see my son ! ... please, help me ?

Washu stare at Naja ... very strong ...

even ... we have three parent, one child lived together ... but, every time .. we, woman alway loss some thing ..
that doesn't fair.

I argee..

But you know, .. I didn't want an opposite way .. or destroy his life..

... You are so gentle, ... and thankyou for him.
thankyou .. that you two, count me as your family member, Washu.

come to think of it, that not easy to explain that logic to a child when he growup... "who is she ?" 

Hey, I was wonder .. he still keep announcement an engagement .. or immediately broken it, Naja ?

It's just a tool of government Washu, You are a proper couple, nobody can not change that.
... even if they see that, you body that look like just twelve ... I think , they will be very surprise.

I just worry, What will happen with Mikumo ? when he lived with Mikamo family.

I can not guarantee that either ...

Mikamo father have power now, and he can done anything he want.. maybe he change his mind again...
who knows ? Naja have the same feeling too.
What If ... I'm have a job around there, .. as an "Academy graduate student"

Yes, .... yes !! .. that's it ! ...

"Academy graduate student"

the last stage .. the higher level of each department, and when somebody actually get this position.
this is a "nerve center" of the science and technology .. of Jurai.

He or She can go to every where in this universe, for researcher .. a personal research and can done
everything .. and by technical in this state ... no one can control them.
that is an "Academy graduate student".

But, I think .. We supposed to go there for working in that position, only one person.

...... ??

Did I say something wrong ?

Washu .. whisper to Naja ear .. it's very secretly.

Washu chan ... you are an actual little evil.

Next Update ...
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Washu Novel Detailed Summary (and GXP1 Novel Summary)
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Book 3 Washu Ch 06 Sub 01/02

Cray ... [for some reason this chapter is a summary, a nearly translates is only an important section]
In the Room ....

A Man .. sitting in front of Washu, When She wearing a small glasses and type something into a computer terminal ...
It's a information that came out from monitor, that not supposed to come out... a hidden information.

And ... like every man, his eyes sight is point to Washu leg and breast as normal, Naja .. Who stand behind
in the shadows of that room .. see it very clearly... and very be annoying,
but ... in the other way, She think ...  it's "looking good" on her .. that small glasses.

Welcome to "the Information Shop" ... the most popular shop in this Academy.

Yes, I'm the information collector ..., look at it ! .. It's very clear and you can guess "who did that" !!

This is not good .. enough .. , where did you get it ? ... huh ?

What !? .. not good enough  ? ... You have no idea !
Where did I get that information from !! .. @#$#*&

that is a trap, of Washu ...
this man is an information collector,
he brought a variety of information and came here, for change it into a money...

an information business is like an item in a thrift shop ...
may be his information is an unexpected high value, who knows ?
and he said that for up the price, his information price.

an item with good back ground story equal good price .. right ?
That why ? He told Washu everything ... when She ask the question.
Between He explain ? .. where did he get it .. Washu suddenly change the topic ...

That mean ... You didn't get it by your own ... you get it from somebody else ...

What wrong with that ? .. What is the point ?

A point ? ...
"for example" .. hacking it's from original source ....
something like that ... why you are so sure this is a copy of an original content.

He .. still don't get it .. but he said in the final .. this data discs actually came from the police office ...
not from the other collector .. that why ? .. he is believed this information is true .. and original.

Oh !., You can get that information from the police ?

that make him proudly .. yes, he can get that item from many type of the people ..

.. the person, who ? understand my way , like you .. is very rare .. can we talk in the future ? .. 
his eyes look at Washu body line ... 

if you make me happy, may be you can get the information from me ...for free ... fufufu

Ohhhh , Free ? .... Really.... ? .. that great ...
Washu move her body .... and done a sexy post .. lovely ...

but .... I have no time to do that ....
and ... She put a discs in to her shirt pocket, between her chest .... another classic a dirty trick gag.
What !!! .. my disk !!

that man stood up with a lot of surprise .. and angry .. because ., he can not get it back !

yesss .. ,she done a dirty scam ... like stolen it.
but another yes .. she have no time .. because.

She want to see her son and take him back home with her
Her son in the isolation state that not necessary to go there.
Washu is very important person, that mean .. She supposed to be a "warning person" registered by the government.

by normal case of the Academy technology level .. , we have the best of the best of every technology.
so .. if Washu try to done it every thing herself, yes .. she can but it take a lot of time and money to done it.
maybe a hundreds of years.

Only one way to done it fast ...
is steal .. from every body, that why in this time ..
First thing first, She need to develop her new skill .. to be the best hacking technology in this universe.

Hey !, easy .. I'm joking ..
This disk is a totaly shit ... ,  You think this ... shit have a price ?, huh ?

Washu ask, when that man angry .. his face turn green and blue.
and more than that, She told that man .. the minus point of the discs ....
for example ...  just a copy discs, the wrong information on that discs ... ect...
(it's like .. when you try to sale a second hand fake or a copy game discs ... not a real discs, to game collector)

Ok, okea ...fine .. fine ..

So .... , you want this shit back .. go ahead... take it.

No! ... , Anything .. just pay me some money .. Okea ... [Sigh]

[Sigh] ...
Washu shrug shoulders ....


Washu chan !! .. you are sooooo  ~~~ terrible !!
but , ... Well ? ... did it's work ?

This is bad ...

Our plan .. not working ?

no .. look at this ...

Hahahahahaha, Wa Hahahahahaha ~ We get that discccc !! ... Let's Celebrate !!!

That why ? .. I hate to be an adult.
Washu , turn her age back to the children again .. and her body stunted in the corner of the room.

He look at me like he try to eat me ... that horrible ...

Naja laughing out loud at her and rolling on the floor ..

Hey ! .. C'mon ... let's see what's inside this discs ... !
For me in this time "time is money" , you knows !

Washu play the video from the discs .. that just got from that shitty collector.
this video is a "classification" for some security organize - internal used information in the center of Jurai.
but .. , it's out of date .. and for some reason, "throw it away" from that organize to outside world ...

[suddenly ... a pornography movie display on monitor .... ]


hey !! ... she said "For the first time.. it's great" ... is that true , Washu chan ?

... [ignore] ... I told you ! .... It's just a copy .. you fucking idiot !

... ... yeah .... yeah

and in the finally ... the objective of this discs is come back on monitor ..
Who is the best hacker in this Academy ...

What da fuck .....!

While looking at the monitor, Two of them was "stunned", ...
the face of person that show in the monitor, is Cray.

Oh !! .. dear !! .. I cannot cooperation with that ... SHIT !!

but, We need his technology ..

Wait a second !! ,, ... Washu chan !!

What ?

We need only his technology .. right ? ... fu ffu ffu
Naja done an evil laugh ...

On the same day.

Washu and Naja .. have a plan to visit an important places of Cray.

So, ... Naja starting to done something .. from her terminal computer.

What are you done ? .. Naja.

A Key, ...  of his security system.

... ! , What !

... ?, Washu chan ... You didn't know .. What I actually done in the Federation of Academy, Did you.
I'm in the Security Development Research , So ... that system core design is the same, only configuration is different
for some type of person ... the imperial royal family, for example.
I knows that guys, personally... who actually create that system.
and you knows what .. Cray .. don't spend his money on the top model .. just, a low price model.

Naja laughed and grinning to say ...

I knows that all ... I am the one who in charge, All Student security guard system .. entry the Federation.

So .. My Key is not a fake key, It's a real master key !!

Oh ~~~ , that is the way an adult person done .. huh .. it's so dirty.

That Why I done it my self .. because it's actually not a bad thing.

.... ?

the Federation .. have a lot of people as a research employee, ..
Only class 3 or more can "submit" the result .. and , it's me.
All of them is just ... a lazy pig, If somebody can actual develop something in the middle of the research,
everyone just copy it... nobody knows ? .. who actually did that, and I don't care ..
that why we done this way .. it is the same ... by theory.

Alright, It's not a bad thing.

But .. I want to show the people of the world, the true value of my research !! .. this key !!

... ma-ma (So ...)
Washu just ignore her.

Naja .. put the key in her hand and try to break it .. like bend a choco bar
Washu have an wide eyes and stop her.

... Okea .. Okea .. It's a very good work .. Naja kun,  very good work.
that is your .. payback time ?

Yes !!, It's my self-developed .. And I get the weak spot from the student ... he send a report to me !!

What ever ...

I'm done it !! , because .. I want to protect the original technology !! ....
Hey !! ...
Came back here !! ... Washu chan
Hey ...


On the way to Cray's house.

I think, We should develop our original security system .. what do you thing.

I agree !! .. Washu chan.

Next Update ...
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Book 3 Washu Ch 06 Sub 02/02

Cray ...
That Night ...

Naja and Washu use a real key, open every doors and go inside a new biggg mansion.
that is .. Cray's new house.

At that time he still inside his room but, never mind .. Naja kun release a sleeping gas .. after he absorb the gas.
He feel very sleepy ... he go to his bed .. and start snoring... job done.

What !...

Naja is really a "professional" expert in this fields ..
State of the Art in "defense" technology .. and her sleeping gas come from a "special" military unit.
for her ... everyone in this Academy is a defenseless target.

That is very common thing, It's developed in this Academy !!

This Academy is a really bad place... for a good guys.

It was there ...
Naja access to computer network , She found the location that label "Hidden" ... less than a few minutes.

Why ? ... you can found that so soon ?

When we inside this house, Information of the area is so exclusive.
Naja kick a cable and disconnect to network... two of them running in this house.

Where is it again ?
Washu look at her mobile terminal .. running .. and found a data disc.
...  inside the safety box .. in the hidden area... put it into her mobile terminal .. and start copy it.

?? .. Naja kun, It's not have any security ... not even a password ?

The data seems to be only "a very high compressed" files...

Finished ...

Leave it's there ... it's useless now ... !!

Washu put the disc back into a safety box and close the lid.

Two of them running out of that area immediately... , but..

Hey !! , ... Washu chan !! , Let's modify his dress !!
Naja .. want to done her evil hobby with Cray's clothes that hanging near his bed.

Come on !, We have no time to do that !

Naja not litten, She done something with Cray's Uniform (uniforms for research)

Ha ha !!

Oh! My &^*#$ ...  Let's go ! ... Now !... you idiot !

Naja and Washu "escape" from Cray's mansion .. and went home...


Thirty hours later ....

Washu still awake, She was examining the vast data of Cray.
Naja take a nap next to her and then ... , Naja awake.

Not Sleep .. Huh ?

It's .. look like a know-how data .. but .. something missing ..
maybe we not copy all of his disc.

No !! ... It's only that, His idiot habit is isolate all data and keep it offline.
I think .. no other disc to find .. everything is in this disc somewhere.
Naja put her head on Washu shoulder ...

What is this ?

Ah !! .. Ki kiki .. It's a diary !! ... his diary !! .. open it !! open it !!


? Month / Sunday
Today .. I access to research data bank of Naja kun, It's sooo easy ...
It's no protection .. and the raw data inside is like a children homework ... very disappoint ..


OH !! Cray !! .. you will pay for this later !! .. bastard !! , I will kill you !! ..
Chi !

but the plus side of this day .. I get "how to hack" know-how from Mr....

after that ...
"how to hack" know-how and the hacking already data from every where,
come out of that diary endlessly.

Hey !! ... look at that !!

Naja point at the raw data of "How to assemble special forces army weapons and equipment"
Washu shut Cray's diary off ...

You -did -not -see -it -OK ?

Yes !! .. I didn't see it...

A few days later ..

After long organize and analysis Cray's Diary data ... and its finished.
Naja goto work and shopping in down town, after that she come back with a lot of foods
... and a lot of joy ?

Hey !! .. Washu chan !! .. Washu chan !!  Big News !!

What ? .. Why you are so happy ?

Did you remember .. Cray's Uniform ?

Yes .. What worng ?

You knows !! ..  this year "the Academy Tour" for freshman students ..
that guide by the guardian student around the Academy ... Hahaha

Jump to the point ... please.

Every one see that ... Cray's Uniform !! .. but nobody tell him !! Hahaha ..
and .. and .. more than that ///
After I done the paperwork, I done .. "Thank you !! , What you say in your diary" .. for him...

You mean .. many days ago, in his diary ?
"you will pay for this" ... right ?

Yes !! ... It's a disaster !!

You stolen his credit card number ? ...

No !! ... when every one in the rooms .. a freshman .. and it's his turn to say something on the podium
his uniform blow up !! ... and he was naked .. in front of every one on the BIGGG SCREEN and
it's live broadcast all around the universe !

Oh Dear !

Naja laughing out loud and rolling on the floor ...


This is one of ... the 3 Big news of this year .. every newspaper and magazine - head line this event
and event worse than that ... every student give Cray a new nick name ... "an Octopus"..
after that every student called him that name for a decade.

(just ...
look at him ..
"an Octopus" ..  Hahaha)

After a lot of laughing ,... and rolling on the floor.
... the real Big News of Naja is ..

Engineer fighting tournament of "development the new engine" for next-generation
high-speed interstellar spacecraft ...

Now !! .. Cray is out ! .. I think ..
and We will win this grand prize !!

Yes ... She was right ...
Because Washu and Naja stolen almost anything of Cray technology ..
that he stolen from every one else around the department in a few months, .. and upgrade it.

the Emperor of Jurai .. "accept" , both of them work .. and win the grand prize.
for completed this task .. "Jurai" .. give her a permit to access "Jurai computer network system"
until the new high-speed interstellar spacecraft was finished and roll out of the mass production line.

So .. after that Washu and Naja absorbed  ... the technology, the equipment and the engine
.. every "stage of the art design" for high-speed spacecraft of Jurai.
in this time .. both of them level .. is very close to be a graduate students ..
and very close to or maybe .. higher than .. Professor Ikuma Iwai level.

One day, ....

Washu accidently found two little incidents ... of .. something, very interesting.

For some good reason, Washu have a highest security permit access of
the Information network of Jurai Tree System. .. and She done a wildcard search the word "mitsu"
for Kura-mitsu but .. the search result include .. Kana-mitsu, yes .. her hometown name.
and .. she discovery the report file.

.... this report , create by .,. Tatsuki Nishia ?

So, When "I" was arrived here ..  for the first time, he send a report about his royal space ship ?
.... It's change the basic power level ? ..what is that mean ?

What wrong !?

Naja stop her work and look into the monitor from the seat next to Washu.

Ah ! ... Tatsuki .. Huh , He is the high rank person from main family, .. 1 of the 4 Main Royal family of Jurai.
Jurai Royal People .. Want to knows , What happen.  So .. the government want to investigate about
how to assault and destroy the base of the shank guild .... flagship, that weird planet ...

What ? ... His Royal Spaceship was almost completely destroyed ?? , .. a catastrophic ??

... and, that ship is weirdly destroyed too, I see it.

You see it ?

Yep, I forgot about it .. until it's on your screen, that case .. Jurai direct ask for analysis to Iwai professor.
.. the Summary that was written in this report ... is a " confidential ", I'm very sure.
for this case ... the think, I knows.
The base of the shank guild was found by some Jurai fleet, It had a out standing scale as good as to say
that is only one country.

that why it need a lot of food, and try to take over "kana mitsu"

But ... that weird, His Royal of Jurai space ship have power more than a hundred times compare to that
planetary scale battle ship .. why ? completely destroyed ? .. if we don't knows, nobody knows ..

Washu .. see the details of damage .. in that report.

It's was fired by a few thousandth of an energy bullet.

However !! , that is the third generation battle ship of imperial house Jurai... that not make any sense.

Next, screen is a video, records when it's fight with the shank guild planetary scale battle ship.

What is that white ray of energy ?
Washu point to the screen.

What ?

Look here ...

.... ??
I not see anything.

You not see anything ?

Yes, I not see anything.

.... ??
I think, I see that before, It's like the thing royal space ship make, when it destroy .. the shank guild
a .. light hawk wings ?

...... Oh !?

Washu notice that, this video data records before the big energy bullet from the shank guild mother ship
hit Jurai ship, the light hawk wings from unknown source hit the ship first .. and then the energy bullet.

.... Maybe, this is the real cause .. why the imperial of Jurai space ship was destroyed.

and When .. Washu carefully copy all of the data like every time, the directory hierarchy suddenly change.
..and it's very weird .. because .. now the directory that copy and show on the screen is the level 0 of
the security ... the core, the deepest section of the system.

Look .... like ... you just connected the lower level .. Washu chan !! .. Whay are you done ?

I don't know ? .. I didn't do anything !?

Huh !!... the biometric data of all royalties ...
... accumulated back to the person who became the first Jurai Emperor

I don't believe it ... look at it ! ... Mr. Nishia is an adopted son, he enhancements his biological and become
a Royal of Jurai.

Washu and Naja stare at each other's face.
Suddenly !... Access to directory was blocked.

They found us !?

.... everything is normal, like every day .. every security status show.. it's normal.

An accident ??

There was no way to make sure .. at that time... but she have a copy.
Month after Month ...
Day after Day ...
Four years .... after that ...

Two of them .. standing in the land of snow.

Thank for next-generation high-speed interstellar spacecraft of Jurai, ..
Thank for The International Visa and Immigration Data Bank .. of Jurai, .. (Fake Data of cause...)
Thank for The Information network of Jurai Tree System ..

Finally ....
Washu .. look at the gray sky, ... a snow fall.

Yes !! ...
and Thank for Naja .. Who standing next to her. (alway ..)

Two of them .. are in deep emotion, and start walking to the direction, where her son is.

Next Update ...
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the Final chapter.  :doom:

Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Washu Novel Detailed Summary (and GXP1 Novel Summary)
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Book 3 Washu Ch 07

Naja and Washu ...

On a small hill ....

One side of this hill covered in snow, there was a large luxurious old mansion.

The children's room ... with a big collection of an old furniture, with a little girl in her bed .. she have a cold.
the Woman look like her mother is by her side .. and check a little girl condition with a lot of worry by touch her
hand on a little girl cheek and forehead, and tweet to her softly.

Good night, .... Miyuki.

the Woman was away from her daughter, Who ? named Miyuki.
She left that room quietly ... and slowly walk in the main corridor ... to the front gate.

this Quiet and kind personality type beauty woman is a "current" wife of Mikamo,
and this big mansion is his new house ...
her name is Koyori ...

Who are you ?

Good evening ...

... and who is stand in the front gate of this house ... said good evening is Washu ?

.. My name is Washu .. nice to meet you, I am the security guard system engineer ...
I come for checking every thing is working perfectly, ....Ms. ?

after finish induction herself .. now both of them are in the guests room.
very very nice guest room ... of this mansion.
sip a cup of good tea, sitting on a good sofa and look at the good drawing picture.

I was expected you to come here someday, It seems to be .. a very good timing ..
I heard your name long time ago .. before you are here, even two days ago Mikamo talk about you
when he saw you on the cover of the magazine, Washu dono.

Really ? .. I not expected somebody knows me .. in this country.

Well .. by normal case, I don't knows many people .. only Mikamo's personal body guard and
his private facility staff ... in the army, ... and doctor, he is so ... clumsy.

Hahaha .. Yes, Yes .. he is a good student, and alway make everyone a little shock ... when he arrived
with his special personality.

Yes, .. You are right.
So, ... In this house, we install a custom independent systems and top it up with military grades
hardware and settings, In my point of view .. it is very secure, I knew it ..
because I am the one who invent it .. half year ago.

... All entry my life this is the first time, I got a lower score point than 'A'  .. [Sigh]
Washu said that with a wry smile.

Both of them see each other for the first time, but the atmosphere is like a reunion of a good old friend.
and the one who connect both of them is Mikamo.

(long silence...)

Koyori .. open her mouth first, while staring at the snow outside the window.

Mikamo alway say, thanks for Naja and Professor Iwai ... and you .. in that Academy,
that is the best time in his life.

... for Me, Now ... He just a good old memory.

Washu .. said that in front of Koyori, .. and it's true .. for her, he just a memory in the pass.
and Koyori ... in front of everyone she alway called Mikamo .. "husband", but in front of Washu
She called his name.

(long silence...)

I want to say "thanks you" .. to you.


for Mikumo, ....

Washu dono , ... I have my own daughter, and She was born in the same year.
Did you understand ...
what is "that" actually mean.

You means ... same year as Mikumo ?

Koyori not answer that question...
It's ... just for response someone in both of our big name family , nobody can change it ..
only .. hope .. , our children in the next generation .. can change something,
.. this planet.

both of them have a strong intention and staring at each other without a word.

Koyori , ... close her eyes slowly.

For .. Mikamo, I'm  .. mean nothing.

She stood up from the sofa and laugh a little sadly ...
in this time, She think .. Washu is the real mother of that child or not is doesn't matter any more.

Please, stay in this room .. until the sun rise. (K)

She said and walked towards the door, stop.

He alway not allowed Mikumo kun..  to go outside this house,
.. but it's seems to be fine
...... tomorrow. (K)


... Good night. (K)

Koyori ... turn back bowed lightly and went out the room.

Washu looking at that door ... the door that Koyori just disappeared ..
it look like a flow of time stop at that point .. eternity.

So .... that is her propose,  .. take Mikumo out of this place, ... out of this family.
Washu think ...

Next day .. in the morning.

It's a shiney days ... , wanna play outside for a while ?
Koyori said that with Mikumo ... go outside the mansion and give him a ball.

there you go ... kick it, have some fun.

She turn back, enters the mansion and lock the gate. 
Go to the glass windows and stare sadly from behind, while Mikumo kick that ball on frozen ice.
(sigh .. )
after that she go to the room of Miyuki with a meal.

..... Miyuki ?

Her daughter .. that should be stay in this room, She just disappear ..
Only blank futon and many thing falling down on the floor.

.... No, ... Please !!! ... What am I done !!

Koyori look at security system of this mansion, She found the footprints of children on the stairs
of the terrace that go down to the ground outside,
It's her daughter footprints.

She didn't want to let her see that, when that child was taken away .. by his real mother.

Guard !! ... Guard !!

For that moment, she calls this mansion "Guardsman" .. but the order is ..
Only take her daughter back.

- I need you -
Washu and Koyori ... need in the same thing ...
... and both of her, is a mother of that child.

- This is the task that "can not miss" -
Washu and Koyori ... can not miss this task.
because, that child is an important person in both of them family.


The sun light reflection with a pure white snow ..  given a fantastic landscape,
there was a Mikumo and Washu in it.

that ball, Mikumo play .. is in the hands of Washu.
Both of them facing each other ...
Both of them have a green eyes ...

this is ,... your ?

Mikumo answer Washu's question and receive that ball .. with both of his hand.

Finally .. I can take him back ...
Washu think ... but,

Onii-chama !!!

.... ??
Miyuki !

Mikumo was surprised .. and run toward to Miyuki.

Onii-cha .. cloak ..cloak ..

Why you not sleeping .. like mother said ?

... Washu, look at her son .. how he worried about little Miyuki.
Last night ... Miyuki's mother just said that, .. with sadness of her heart.
but, this is only one chance to done.

I'm sorry ...

... ?
Washu was notice, Miyuki ... stare at her with very sad eyes.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry ...
... and She about to cry.

Washu .. knows, when ? .. woman have a sad eyes like that, every woman is the same
same ... after all.
Washu .. close her eyes along with the deep sigh.

How can I, ... done "that" to this little girl.

Suddenly, ...
Washu rise her hand ..., the snows wind blow, the ground was shakeing.
everything turning to white ... in that trouble wind noice all around ...
She said that ... very clearly.

... goodbye, ... boy.


Is that good ? .. Washu chan ?

Naja said that to Washu, when she come back to the bridge of space ship and remain silent.

Children will stay away from their parents some day,
That is good .. My Mikumo find some where he belong very soon ..
I didn't think this is too soon for him .. No, No.

He found his girl friend very fast, Ohhh man // ... I lost again !!

Dont' said something stupid like that ... , he is my son !

Well , ... go home Washu chan.

Yes ... just, go home.

Naja starting the engine of a spacecraft ...
While ... staring at Washu pass monitor, she sitting silently but reflected a joy of mother.

You are growing so fast, and healthily .. thank for that woman ...

Hey !! , If she is your son's bride .. she is your daughter-in-law Washu chan ...!!

that ... well , that very strength.
but, more than anything else .. that girl looked very happy.
that's ok... and it's not the end,
There are a lot of things else wait for me to done ...
I'm still don't have any idea ... This red jewel ...

Yes ,.... We still have a long way to go.
Naja smiled.
Washu .. answer that with only just slightly her mouth.
While, Stare at the vast jet black of the universe ..
Two of them have "no fear" to done anything under this universe, anymore.


Don't chasing that butterfly ! .. Ryo Oh-Ki (short theater)
It was a day .. on the spring.

.... I have something to told you.

That's weird for Masaki House, this day. Katsuhito ... I mean Tenchi's grandfather ?
Come to Masaki House, and have a lunch here ... but before that he said, he have something to say
with Washu and Tenchi.

Well ? .. Can we speak in my room ... ?
Expression from Katsuhito is so strong, Washu can feel that, it's an important speaking ?
So .. Washu and Tenchi enter the door under the stairs .. and warp to Washu's laboratory.

Everyone ! ... Lunch already .. !

Sasami call every body .. like every days, Katsuhito, Washu and Tenchi comes out of the door.

What are all of you guys fucking done ? in that room ?
Ryoko .. just wakeup .. and said that stupid question.

Not your business ,
Washu said that to Ryoko without care ... and after have a lunch.
when She look out of the glass door of living room.

... There ! .. look !!

A butterfly ... flying near a flower in the soft sunshine of spring, out of that window.

Myaa !

Ryo Oh-Ki !!
Tenchi stopped Ryo Oh-Ki , when she dash running to that window.

Please... don't chasing that butterfly, It's not a good thing to done .. you knows?
Ryo Oh-Ki .. understand what ? Tenchi said .. but She didn't understand .. Why ?

Myaaaa ???

It's no good, to chasing that butterfly ... Ryo Oh-Ki chan.

............ Mi ?
Mii ~~~~~ iii .....

After Tenchi said that again, She think ... she actually done something wrong ..
and about to cry.

Why !? .. Tenchi onii-chan !?
Sasami .. see that all , and She don't understand .. too ? , What wrong with that ?

Well ... You know, ... Sasami-chan
Washu ... speaking gently.

Ryo-chan fall off a cliff in the mountain and fall into the river 3 times, when she chase a butterfly.
well , she is a computer unit for space combat but actually half of her is a cat.
.. that why she have that habit.
by the way,
even she jump into a car, fall off a cliff or .. jump into a river
nothing to worry about .. because she is my best of the best masterpiece ! ..

errr... Washu chan ...
Tenchi .. take her back to the main story...

If ... it's happen in front of somebody that normal earthlings ,
they will get a big surprise .. Sasami chan.

.... but,

That's right, If somebody drive a car and hit a tiny little children that chasing a butterfly,
or somebody see a tiny little children fell into a river or a cliff ..
how can we explanation to them ?
.. she is a cat, a computer unit ?, she is ... alright to have a car crash ?

Mii ~~~~

yes .. that right. Ryo-chan.. be a good girl and don't chasing a butterflies .. ok ?
Sasami says gently
...... Mii

So .. after this point, chasing a butterflies was not allowed .. that's the new law under Masaki House
and somebody who will remain that to Ryo Oh-Ki is Tenchi.

a few days later .....

HEY !!! Don't chasing that " DRAGONFLY " !! .. Ryo Oh-Ki !!!

Mii ~~~~ ii ?

the end.


that is the other side of the story, for me it's absolute perfect and beauty ..
and that's the end of this story ... just for me, in this point.

maybe .. we see each other again in the future .. until that time,
I think you will understand the word mata-ai-masho idiom
what is that actually mean.

I don't want to say.. good bye,
so ... good night.

FYI ... for english language ... I post my summary of this 3 book in this webboard only
and I will not post my summary every where else in the future, that mean only two original copy in this world.
1 on this webboard and 2 is a text files in my personal computer.
If you see that copy every where else ... that's not me.

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Thank you for your work.
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Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Washu Novel Detailed Summary (and GXP1 Novel Summary)
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Thank you ibawow. :worship:

HEY !!! Don't chasing that " DRAGONFLY " !! .. Ryo Oh-Ki !!!

Mii ~~~~ ii ?

Without even reading through the story I know exactly where this scene took place... that same bridge Ryo-chan always, always falls in.

That said, I really got to get around to reading these. I've been procrastinating far too much.

Re: Tenchi Muyo GXP Novel Summary
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Eff Efferson

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Dude! Washu was the novel I was the most interested in hearing about! Please, please tell us about it!

Also, is Seina a cooler person in the novels? He was unimpressive in the show, I was wondering if he was cooler in the novels. Do all these women have good reasons to fall in love with him?

Thank you again for these summaries! A rough summary is better than no summary!

if anything Seina is an even bigger punching bag who stutters a whole lot.  atleast thats what im gettinf from reading up to the second chapter.  the girls reasosns for loving him are much better fleshed out in the novels so far. atleast kiriko's is so far. but jeeze hearing the details of it all is so awkward. she is 20 and "moved to tokyo" to "get a job"  he is 15
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Re: Tenchi Muyo GXP Novel Summary
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Dude! Washu was the novel I was the most interested in hearing about! Please, please tell us about it!

Also, is Seina a cooler person in the novels? He was unimpressive in the show, I was wondering if he was cooler in the novels. Do all these women have good reasons to fall in love with him?

Thank you again for these summaries! A rough summary is better than no summary!

if anything Seina is an even bigger punching bag who stutters a whole lot.  atleast thats what im gettinf from reading up to the second chapter.  the girls reasosns for loving him are much better fleshed out in the novels so far. atleast kiriko's is so far. but jeeze hearing the details of it all is so awkward. she is 20 and "moved to tokyo" to "get a job"  he is 15

Well if their reasons are more fleshed out that's great! I would love to hear all about it. Anything you translate I will read 100%!

Oh, and Masaki Kajishima's implied that being a boy and getting with adult women has been his fantasy since he was in high school. Consequently, almost all of his heroes' love interests are adults much older than them. So heads up. BUT PLEASE DON'T STOP! We need all the help we can get!!!  :shygirl:

Re: Shin Tenchi Muyo Washu Novel Detailed Summary (and GXP1 Novel Summary)
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im taking a break from chapter to to do chapter 1 of book 11 the one with washu and mikuko i got furingana all sucessfuly auto stripped now so my whole process will be twice as fast
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