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A comprehensive guide to anime production

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A comprehensive guide to anime production
« on: October 15, 2014, 11:57:13 AM »


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So I actually came here incidentally for something else unrelated to the Tenchiverse however, I thought this might be a good place to spam spread the word about this project.. although it is pretty quiet around here.  This is for anyone who is interested in a comprehensive guide to Japanese animation production, which illustrates each step and supplies the animation assets used in a real anime OVA, Santa Company, by veterans of the industry.
Art of Making “Santa Company” – A Complete Guide

It would be an excellent source for those who seriously seek the anime production career as well as and for anime enthusiasts. It would be an interesting read explaining what goes on behind the scenes of production.

The guide, which will be distributed as a DVD-ROM (Windows and Mac compatible) will contain original raw data used in the actual production, including JPEG and PSD data with layers intact. Other materials such as background and color specification tables will also be included in the DVD-ROM as a data. The reasons and intentions behind what is drawn or written in the raw data will also be explained in the separate PDF, written by Kenji Itoso himself.

This will be the first guide to feature these contents, and the material to understand the methodology and process of anime production.

Chapter 1:Various types of occupations and job details
Chapter 2:Proposal
Chapter 3:Script/Plot Structure/World Building
Chapter 4:Character design
Chapter 5:How to draw characters using Adobe Photoshop
Chapter 6:Background Settings
Chapter 7:Storyboard
Chapter 8:Layout (structure)
Chapter 9:Key Frames
Chapter 10:Background art
Chapter 11:Animation
Chapter 12:Finishing Process/Color Model/Color balance
Chapter 13:Filming (making the video)
Chapter 14:Complete production progress of the animation

Chapter 13 include the animated data and the background data for you to experiment with. From there, it will guide you through the software up to how to combine the two data to create the final animation movie.

This includes not only the explanation on how anime is drawn, but the process of planning, and the explanation on the production committee system, and about the current anime industry in Japan, and its future.

This project is new even to the Japanese audience and the anime industry, and is now in progress.

I hope this project will enable anime fans overseas to learn more about Japanese anime production!

See Kickstarter page for more pics, video clips, and details.

They're also offering the original Santa Company OVA again for all rewards starting at the $25 level. $55 gets you the OVA in 1080p digital form and the PDF guide and DVD-ROM for animation data. Higher level rewards gets you artwork and other goods.

OVA credits:

    Noel: Ayumi Fujimura
    Bell: Yuuki Kaji
    Mint: Haruka Tomatsu
    Thomas: Rie Kugimiya
    Pedro: Takahiro Sakurai


    Exective director, Producer, Script: Kenji Itoso
    (Transformers Animated, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dreaming Machine)

    Script: Naohiro Fukushima
     (009 RE:CYBORG, EUREKA SEVEN AO, Eden of The East)

    Character design: Hidari
     (VOCALOID, Atelier Ayesha, VIVIDRED OPERATION, Toukiden)

    Director: Yumi Kamakura
     (Pokémon, Inazuma Eleven, Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN)

    Drawing supervision: Hiroki Harada
    (Romeo×Juliet, WORKING!!, ONE PIECE, Yu-Gi-Oh!)

    Background supervision: Takashi Aoi
    (Xam'd: Lost Memories, Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN)

    Produced and copyright: KENJI STUDIO

The campaign ends Oct 29, 2014

Who knows, maybe after the finishing guide your walk cycles will go from :haters: to :tits: