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Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 12:24:03 -0500 (EST)
From: (Yagami Makibi)
Subject: Intresting information....
Reply-To: tenchi

I was reading this "Tenchi-Souran" last night, this is a doujinshi
made by Tenchi fans in Japan that is a complete novelization of
a talk between
Mr. Masaki Kajishima
Mr. Nobuyuki Ikegame
Mr. Kenichi Yadani
Mr. Ryouei Tsukimura

They are the people who made Tenchi and this reveals many
intresting things (this book or doujinshi consists of 178
pages, it took a while to read ^-^;;).

There will be some spoilers so some people may not want to
read this..... also, some of the things might be written somewhere
else (^-^;;

1. In the beginning Tenchi resembled "UY", and this is a
situation that was not used but some people might recognize
the actions made by these characters.....

-Aeka pointed the heavy machine-gun at Tenchi and Ryoko and
exclaimed, "I am goint to kill you and Ryoko! Then I am going
to kill myself!"

Doesn't sound like Aeka (^-^;;

2. Washu's story was supposed to be 3 stories long (^-^;; I guess
there is much more to be told about Washu!

3. TM might end in the 3rd series (;_;)

Please don't end it yet! (;_;)

4. Good knews Kagato fans! He's gonna re-appear in the 3rd series!
How,I am not sure (^-^;;

5. Earth used to be a resort planet for the Juraians (^-^;;

6. As some of you may know, Mihoshi wasn't supposed to be a main
character in Tenchi.  Her original role was a person who was
controlled by Kagato, since Pioneer liked this charcter so much
the setting changed (^-^;;

7. Tenchi wasn't dead (yet) when Tsunami found him floating in
Space -- his brain was alive (^-^;;

8. As it was explained (I think) the 3rd-generation Juraian ships
can not create a LHW by their own, but they can create an LHW
when two 3rd-generation ships combine powers.  The power a
3rd-generation ship can generate is enough to power a whole
planet like earth -- this shows that LHW needs huge amounts
of energy to generate, and Tenchi can do that by himself!

9.  At first, this animations name was supposed to be "Ryo-oh-ki",
much like "Sol Bianca" (a space ship's name) but someone came
up with the name "TM" thinking that it meant "it doesn't matter
if turned upside down or not" -- well I guess they didn't know
the real meaning (^-^;;.

Yagami Makibi 2nd-Class GP detective
"You'r the LAST person to tell me that!" - Kiyone
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Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 16:17:10 -0500 (EST)
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From: (Yagami Makibi)
Subject: Re: Intresting information....
Reply-To: tenchi

At 11:47 AM 96.12.6 -0700, TenchiKen wrote:
>At 12:24 PM 12/6/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>3. TM might end in the 3rd series (;_;)
>>Please don't end it yet! (;_;)
>NOOO!!!!!! The way I hope they do the rest of TM, is that they
>try to bring some aspects of TM in line (Tsunami, Washu, LHW's
>and Tokimi) in the new TV series, do a series of movies, and end
>it with a OAV series.

Sounds good (^-^)

>>4. Good knews Kagato fans! He's gonna re-appear in the 3rd series!
>>How, I am not sure (^-^;;

I've heard that the Kagato that was slain was only a copy/clone of
the original -- maybe the Kagato thats going to appear in the 3rd
series is the real one, or it can also be the clone -- who knows (^-^;;

>>6. As some of you may know, Mihoshi wasn't supposed to be a main
>>character in Tenchi.  Her original role was a person who was
>>controlled by Kagato, since Pioneer liked this charcter so much
>>the setting changed (^-^;;
>Hmm, Kagato must of really been desperate for help if he is turning
>to Mihoshi.

She wasn't that air-headed at the first, Tenchi-ken (^-^;;
I don't know how they came up with her personality -- but
Mihoshi is Mihoshi! (^-^;;

>I think there are aspects of this in Kagato's statement in OAV 5,
>that mihoshi used to be a good dectective, but was now overworked
>and demoted... That statement allways did seem odd to me.

She IS a good detective, if you ignore the huge pile of the written
explanations (about the mistakes she made) and the bills that get
sent to GP (^-^;;

>Woah, this is a interesting Trend. That means that the Jurain's
>loss of two second gen ships, Funaho & Ryu-oh is critical,
>since you need two third gen to make a LHW.

I think Funaho is a 1st-generation ship (both 1st and 2nd gen. ships
are only able to create 3 LHW's). Tenchi's master key is able to
control Ryuoh because it is a key that can control a 1st generation
ship (I assume).  In this book it mentions that "A key can control
all lower generation ships" which means that Tenchi's key must
be a key for a 1st-generation ship.

Also it mentions that Tsunami is special (^-^;;
#10 wings... wow (^-^;;

>Even more so, as it sounds like Tsunami has dissapeared, relegating
>Jurai to only a few Second and Third gen ships. (Volumes about the
>scarcity of these fleets can bve told if (as some people say) Misaki's
>and Funaho's ship is a third Gen.

Actually, look at the conversation I've translated below...

Nobuyuki Ikegame (N): So we can assume that the Juraian empoire owns
                     10, or even 20 more Funaho-generation ships?
Masaki Kajishima (M): Yes.
N: So there must be more Ryuoh generation ships as well. So we can
    also assume that the Juraian Empire's strength comes from the
    hundereds of Battleships that can create a LHW, right?
M: But the trees need a master to control them as well.
N: ? Does that mean that only the Juraians in the Ryoyal family are
    capable of commanding a ship?
-- and so on --

Also this mentions that the ship Funaho and Misaki owns are 2nd gen.
ships (actually 1.5, so better than 2nd). The loss of Ryuoh (2nd G.) and
Funaho (1st G.) probably does hurt -- but not enough to be a critical

Yagami Makibi 2nd-Class GP detective
"You'r the LAST person to tell me that!" - Kiyone
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From: (Wayne Chu)
Subject: Interview with Masaki(Re: Who gets tenchi)
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 15:24:35 GMT
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"Who gets Tenchi?", "Which one (or two) will Techi choose?"
is subject that never expires in the ML.

A book "Biographies of pretty girls" is released in Japanese
and Chinese. I have both versions of it. In this book there is
an interview with the characters designer and original planner,
Masaki(can't spell his last name). I quote parts of it here.
Masaki: The fairytales always end with "From then on, they lived
    a happy life together.". What I want to describe is the
    "happy life". Not how they beat the evil. 

DM: You think of it from the beggining?

Masaki: Yes.

DM: So, Ep. 5 & 6 are the "side stories"? Ordinary people will think
    that Ep 5,6 are main drama, Ep 7 and 2nd series are side stories.

Masaki: Ep 7 is actually what I want to make the most.

DM: Is it? (laugh)

Masaki: The stories before that are actually just prelude. In other
    words, the whole 1st series is just prologue. Then the 2nd series
    is "the happy life".

DM: Till now, Tenchi seems to keep equal distances from all
    girls, right?

Masaki: Yes.

DM: Then, the story doesn't try to make him be intimate
    with someone specific?

Masaki: ......Tenchi had totally accepted the current situation.
    In his eyes, the girls are just parts of the family......
    But he must often be considering which one to choose.

DM: Is he? (laugh)

Masaki: After all, he is an earthian. He will concern about
    social norms of earth. But these girls will not.....

DM: So, do the girls feels fine for keeping the current situations too?

Masaki: Maybe, with the exception of Ryoko and Aeka.(laugh)
    Maybe Aeka and Ryoko will gradually become used to current states too.
    After all, Keeping the situation is best for all of them. Maybe they
    will keep on this way. And bear plenty of kids unwittingly.(laugh)



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Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 22:42:39 -0700
From: Gregory Matteson
Subject: Re: I'm seeing spots!
Reply-To: tenchi

Let me throw everyone a curve-ball on this.  The VIZ "No Need For
Tenchi" comics 3-7 carry an ANIMERICA interview with Hiroke Hayashi, one of
the two credited co-creators of Tenchi. (unfortunately Animerica's
availability and timelyness tends to be very spotty, so I missed this one in
the original).  In that interview, among other things, he states that the
first 2 CD Dramas were completed before the final editing of the first OVAs.
He also indicates that he could imagine the situation not changing, and
several of the girls ending up "with child", because that is what Tenchi is
really up to.
        Mr. Hayashi's rational for the stories, especially the second
series, is that he wanted to show the "Happily ever after" part of the
fairy-tale, and in particular the mundane, day to day life, rather than just
the stuff surrounding the heroics.  Hence we see the "Family" eating
together, sleeping, doing chores, interacting, and just plain getting on
with life "ever after".
        As for your feelings about possible Tenchi polygamy or philandering,
Mr. Hayashi talks about his role in creating Sol Bianca, about the most
affirmatively pro woman feminist Anime ever (he doesn't mention that
aspect), it was pretty scary, being about women who don't need men.  Maybe
Tenchi is compensation, I don't know what else to say; after all, Tenchi is
emphatically at its roots a Male fantasy.

                                Greg M.

Denka! Kenshin-sama! Anata no kami no hogo o yokose!