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Tenchi 202 - MK's Q&A from Website 2003

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Tenchi 202 - MK's Q&A from Website 2003
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PDF for easy viewing and as ODT file for easy editing (use Open Office, it's free).

Okay, this collection of Q&A was never known as the 202, like a sequel to the 101 book, but it's the closest thing the fandom ever got.

I had this stack of HTML files from years ago, all badly organized. Part 1 of 6 comes from a website by Kajishima's friend whose website was his proxy to the fans around 2003 right when GXP was being released and right before OAV3 was - and they did several Q&As answered by MK himself. The original web address was: but it was up for less than a year.

After part 6, which I call Addition Parts, look to be also from his website but I don't know the order from the disorganization of the files.   Some questions may even be repeated but I didn't want to lose anything.  An english translation, unknown author, is at the bottom.  Some parts look to be babelfish translated and some by a human. Whether the answers correspond in order is unknown.

I'm not sure how relevant these answers are anymore or if there are any nuggets rarely known, but it's always nice to have a citable source down the road.

P.S. Saving webpages as HTML files is about the lousiest way to go.  It saves a HTML file and a secondary folder that NEVER seems to stay together.  Alway try to save in PDFs or something.
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Re: Tenchi 202 - MK's Q&A from Website 2003
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Wayback Machine link for anyone wanting to look around that mostly empty looking Kajishima Onsen homepage.