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Started by takahata, August 11, 2012, 01:40:57 PM

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Tenchi, I am interest in your reaction to watching the AI: TENCHI MUYO SERIES.

OK, I just want to enjoy watching the AI: TENCHI MUYO series.

Ryoko tends to forget how effective Washu's anti-burglar system works.
Ryoko is getting tired of Airi taking her clothes out of the bathroom changing area.

Airi-san told me that if I use this magic wand, I will become a magical girl like Pretty Sammy.

Even L is trying to figure out why Tenchi will not marry them all.
L finds Tenchi Muyo OVA 3 more puzzling than AI: TENCHI MUYO

Sounds familiar
Did this happen in GXP episode 26?
All they want to do was to scrub Siena's back.

A little too late. Still it's the thought which counts.

Tenchi has just announced that he is coming out of the closet.
The girls are wondering why Airi always trick them into prosing for her nude calendars.
It is a bad time for Tenchi to go sleepwalking in his birthday suit.

Tenchi is not excited about the track activity of the school annual sports festival.
Tenchi is just thinking.

Sasami, Ryoko, and Ayeka are learning that Washu has volunteered them to do Junai Academy's annual nude calendar.
The girls are noticing that Tenchi is sleepwalking in his birthday suit.
They have just learn that Washu has put their bath scene with Tenchi on the Galaxy Youtube.

These Tecnhi Muyo fans are wondering if AI"s Washu is the real deal.
Washu has just told the Galaxy Police of her plans to conquer the planet Yogurt.
That'sss all folksssssss!

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Grandma is taking us  to a nudist resort planet.
Grandma has volunteer us to prose nude for one of Jurai's greatest holophotographers.
Ayeka, you have forgotten that all brides and the groom have to be naked for a Jurain wedding ceremony.
Grandma, Mitoto, and mother are taking  us to a Seniwan nudist beach.

It could be even worst if you had  call Airi-san grandmother.
I happen to be experiencing a bad hair day.
What you claim to be my daughter SASAMIII?

Kiyone is well prepare for the Masaki Beach's weekly water gun fight.
Don't wory! That's a water gun which Kiyone is holding.
Kiyone's water gun is the latest great soaker THX-138 model

Just one of those days which I had forgotten that I am on Earth.
It is often very hard for me  to remember Earth Fashion customs on occasion.
I was so hurry to please Tenchi this morning after I had got out of bed.
This is what I didn't meant by pleasing Tenchi.
Thanks Rea for covering Nobuyuki's eyes.
OK, I am sorry for forgetting the Earth custom to put on undies.

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All Seina wants  is a single night with Neeju.
The trouble is that it is suppose to be their first anniversity, not first adversity.
It seems that only Seina knows that it is Neeju's turn to be on a date with him.
It hasn't been very easy for Siena to say NO for the moment to his nine wives.

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It seems that the girls have mistaken the Kamidaki's men's bath for the women's, again

Kiyone had wished that she didn't promise to be one of Washu's  test subjects  if she loses the game.
Kiyone had wished that she didn't have made the bet with Wasu. If Kiyone loses the game, she will have to spend an entire week naked.
If Kiyone loses the game, she will have prose nude for Washu's next three nude calendars.

Everyone is celebrating the news of the Tenchi Muyo OVA 4 coming out.