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Started by kikai ninjin, May 21, 2022, 10:02:10 PM

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I recently found the scans of the Tenchi Muyo! RPG and Resource Book, by David L. Pulver and Karen A. McLarney. It's an interesting book with a lot of information inside like maps, lore and whatnot. The quality is fair and unfortunately I don't know who did the scans, so no credit. Also, its suposed to come with a chart/map of sorts and even tho I have it I didint scan it yet. I originally took it in pdf, so for convenience I extracted the pages as png. From Amazon's product description:

"Since its debut on the Cartoon Network`s `Toonami` programming block, Tenchi Muyo has quickly become one of the best loved Japanese anime shows in America. Now fans of the show can learn even more about it with this comprehensive resource and reference guide, which includes exhaustive episode summaries, introspective character bios, and over 500 spectacular full-colour animation images. The role-playing game included in this guide is part of Guardians Of Order`s easy-to-learn Tri-Stat System, and is ideal for both teenagers and adults. This is the book that no Tenchi Muyo fan should be without!"

The Album
Download link in PDF


Publisher: Guardians of Order
Pages: 200
Published: July 1, 2000
Isbn-13: 978-1894525084

These documents are essential to us fans of the West.  :discoursechef:

Thank you for helping out.
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Well, I went to double check the location, and if that circle sits with even a half-kilometer of inaccuracy, it's right on the undeveloped Tanematsu Summit Park https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/827780286

A scene in the OVA episode 2 however moves the site into the unknown, as it provides a view of some marina and hills which closely resembles the layout of Hayashima Town if it was somehow moved next to Yanaihara Reservoir.

Which, in my head canon, is precisely why they quickly moved the story up into the mountains.

I used to own this book.  I'm looking for a new copy...

I've seen that all over the place in my local comic stores. I think even Barnes and Noble has a copy of it. Or at least they did.

It can be found on Internet Archive. Those F**** at TF also recently provided a link somewhere and declared that they were "bringing it to you" --- a link... from Internet Archive...
...in my pants