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Mobile and Gacha Games


What mobile games do you play?

The way I play mobile games is always the same; I play the game when it comes out for a month, stop playing, come back a couple of years later to play again, then stop again after a month, then it is announced it is shutting down, and I play it a couple of times before it dies.

One of the gacha game I played, Digimon ReArise, got shut down last month, and another one I played, Dragalia Lost, is getting shut down at some point this year. I think the only one I played that is still alive is One Piece Treasure Cruise, and I'll never touch that game again because I lost my save.

Does Genshin count? Pretty much the only modern game I play these days.

Tried some Mario Kart Tour but it just doesn't feel right.

 :iron: Genshin and Honkai have a very deep pocketed following.


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