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Trace Carter:
Added stuff to Z

Trace Carter:
Name: Kara

Hometown: Niflheim

Race: (Human, god/goddess, demigod, demon, avatar.) : demoness

Height: 5'7

Weight: 120lbs

Gender: female

Appearance: waist length purple hair, gold eyes with slip pupils, pale skin,

Age: 190 (appears 19)

Occupation: demon first class unlimited

Main Powers: fire/lightning magic, Psychic powers

History: Lived as a normal demon for most of her life and caused a lot of misfortune to humans.  Eventually she met Z and they developed feelings for each other and were separated when Z was sent to earth.  She has a Demonic familiar named darkstar that has black cloth covering it like Holy Bell and has spiky red hair and demon wings.

Likes: Reading, doing her job, Z

Dislikes: perverts, country western music (her weakness)

Approved.  How much trouble will she be seeking to cause?

Trace Carter:
whatever Hild allows

Quite a bit then, considering, and that's going to cause Z some fun.   :smug:


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