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14 Blades

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14 Blades
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The emperor trains street orphans under
a strict totalitarian
Within the law, these
secret guards bypass
judiciary procedure
Outside of the court, they
have their own code of law
They are called JINYIWEI,
The Brocade Guards
Their commander
and the best fighter
is given the name QINGLONG
He was granted
Inside this box houses
fourteen different
steel blades
Eight of these blades are marked:
Sky, Earth, Rank, Law, Wisdom, Trust,
Benevolence, Bravery
That are used for interrogation
The remaining six are used execution
First to kill those who disobey
the court and the emperor
Second to kill those who interfere
with the imperial administration
Third to kill those who
practice grafting
and bend the law
Fourth to kill those who commit treason
Fifth to kill guards who lay their
Jinyiwei brothers
The last of them, a Golden Sword:
Fulfill your mission or,
failing that lay down your life
These orphans are alone in the world
Under wise rule
They defend the country
Yet under fatuous rule
They become a walking terror to
the people
In JINYIWEI are involved in highly
military and political affairs
When missions go awry, they often
lose their lives
Meeting their sorrowful fate
Denka! Kenshin-sama! Anata no kami no hogo o yokose!

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Auir, what are you on about?
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Re: 14 Blades
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A movie, I'm guessing.
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