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Yes you heard that right.

Kajishima said in his newest doujin that he is doing the storyboards for OVA 5 after the next GXP novel comes out in early 2018 and it will be starring Tenchi's children and Kenshi.

Also in the new -if- doujin Ryoko is very good at raising children.


Tenchi's kids?  REALLY?  OH SNAP, there's only one logical response and I just busted it out!  Blessed Based Kajishima delivering the REAL goods!   :worship:

Eff Efferson:
off topic but i love that everyone seems to have gotten a new avatar just in time for this post

Thank you very much for the good news. :)

OMG YEEEEESSSSSS! Finally ova 5 is coming to fruition Thank you Kajisima sensei! Also Dr. Soviet which Ryoko are you referring to that's is great at raising children? :emot-smugdog: :parrot: :bravo:


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