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The rules of thiis game are smple.  Find an image associated with the Tenchi Muyo series.  Other series like Dual and Univese can be included. Since there is a chance that there are minors, please be careful not to use any Hentai images and any bad language.  Hee are some examples.

Ryoko is showing off the latest fashion for snowboarding.

Mihoshi is vey good in he undercover disguise as a server.

Mihoshi seems not to care being assgned as a server at Airi-san's new restraunt.

Sayuka has just learn that Ayeka and she had volunteer to prose nude for two of Tenchi's next photography class assignments.

Sayuka has learn that she has been engaged to Nobuyuki Masaiki.

Noike has noticed that she is engage to Nobuyuki Masaki.

Noike has learn that she had volunteer to prose nude with Ayeka and Sayuka for Tenchi's next two photography class assignments.


Kiyone, I have volunteer us to be the main course for the annual's Cannibal dinner.

Don't worry Kiyone. We are prosing for Airi-san's food and swimsuit calendar.

We are prosing for the month of July, Kiyone

Kiyone, Airi-san want us to take off  our swimsuits for the next few proses for her next cookbook.

Don't worry Kiyone.  We are prosing for Airi-san's parody of a cookbook.

The month which Washu is prosing for Airi-san's food and swimsuit calendar is March.

Sasami is upset because she is tired of prosing for Airi-san's food and swimsuit calendar.

Sasami's assigned month for Airi-san's month is June.

When I have join the G.P.,  I have expected to see a lot of action, fun, and adventure.  Yet, I get assigned to working as a server on this stinking backwater planet.


Pretty Sammy: "Wanna arm wrestle?"

Pixy Misa: "Uhm-hm."


Washu, I am trying to be the pesky little sister for once.

Are these your plans for Tenchi?

Do you ever notice that Mihoshi is related to you, Washu?

Call me Tokomi-chan.

Always bring a good book tablet to the beach with you.


Everyone has just found out that Nobuyuki's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves DVD wasn't the Walt Disney version.

"Airi-san had station us at this Nudist resort world for 100 years after you call her a grandmother, Kiyone."

Kiyone, this nudist resort world was recommended by Airi-san.

Kiyone, all of the Seniwan hot springs onsen are mixed bath, and nudist.



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