Oh my goddess: What if....

Started by HotelKatz, September 09, 2012, 02:53:42 AM

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September 09, 2012, 02:53:42 AM Last Edit: September 09, 2012, 09:29:14 AM by HotelKatz

I'm currently writing another fic at the moment with this as a side project. As soon as that story is done I'll focus on this.

Paladin313 beta-read the first and second chapters of this fic.

The summary is Skuld invents a what-if machine and the others ask questions and see what the answer might be. The chapters start and end with the group commenting on what they saw.

If anyone wants to ask a question, I'll try to write a chapter, if I can. I'll also send a preview of the chapter before I post it, so you can tell me how might I improve it. I'll also credit you for helping me.

Due to my beginner's writing skill, I estimate that each chapter will be 2000-3000 words. I apologize in advance for the shortness.

I have some question that might become future chapters. Feel free to give some input and opinions about the questions, but it'll be sometime before I actually start the chapters.

What if OMG was nothing more then a coma dream of Keiichi's?

What if Hagal was successful with the plan of changing Belldandy into a demon?

What if Keiichi's mom was a goddess that chose to give up her divinity to stay with Keima?

I'm currently writing a 'What-if' chapter Ceroxin asked me to write.

The question he/she asked was 'what if Mara had hurt or killed Keiichi?'

For that question, I think the perfect setting for that question is chapter 45.

I'm looking over what I've currently written and I do have to say, I didn't expect to write a 'Heroic Tamiya' bit.

I do have to ask, is anyone familiar with the procedure of how to rescue someone from a burning car? I'm using a guide I found online to help with one part, but I want to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong.

I'm now working on the next chapter. It's going to be another version of the manga's first chapter, but with an interesting twist that's a bit awkward for me to write the chapter.

I made a mistake about how I read the last question.

Next chapter will be about Lind as a kid.

Chapter after that will be what if Urd granted Keiichi's wish.

Currently writing a chapter where Keiichi was able to support Wasp of the blue lance.

Kinda surprised at where it lead within 600 words. Urd took over the chapter. Gonna have to refocus it back onto Keiichi and Blue lance.