Fruits Basket

Started by Kokoro, January 28, 2023, 07:58:50 PM

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So, I have a question back on my site that I'll post over here, since I may actually get an answer...

So in the fifth episode ("I've Been Fooling Myself") she and the Sohma cousins are holding hands.  But, in the plot of the anime in general, touching the opposite sex would invoke the animal transformation.  So, I'm a bit confused here.

When I watched this anime, one of the points I took away was their transformation was due to the awkwardness or stress, not the actual skin contact.

Okay, then that makes sense then.  In the scene above, there was no stress involved.

I believe it was technically "being embraced" that causes transformation, not contact. There are plenty of times where they can come in contact, as long as they don't embrace. Stress can be a part of it too, as they transform when they're tired/sick. my pants

Looks like I need to sit down and watch the series more.... :)  after I find a better (non toxic) place to live. :(  I hate being this stressed out.  It sucks when you don't want to come home.

Yes, that is certainly tough to deal with, especially when it's the end of a busy day and the abode is meant to offer respite.

I highly recommend a rewatch of Fruits Basket. The silliness of why they transform "when hugged" is sublime.

This one is like number three on my massive list of anime to re-watch once I move.  Along with all five seasons of the Tenchi Muyo OVAs, and Sailor Moon.