Started by Dreamr, May 08, 2024, 07:47:40 PM

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Why does this thread exist? Because Yousuke Kuroda is series director and wrote the script. Honestly, I came for the metal and blood. Found Kuroda-san getting top-billing in the credits. Was more enthused. Oh. Did I mention its full of heavy metal references? Watch a couple episodes and you can easily see his influence. Also, did I mention HEAVY METAL! Literally, spells and cities in the series are named after the greatest metal bands ever.

Seriously, though. Its not as hard-core as I was expecting. And it has the comedy side to lighten things up. Its worth a watch.

Take Tenchi, completely invert his personality, stick him in an fantasy world with a bunch of gorgeous women (of course), and sprinkle in a bunch of metal references. What could go wrong?