Started by paladin313, August 11, 2012, 11:42:23 AM

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No porn or filth: this is not for that.  This is to be clean enough that you would not be afraid of a tweener seeing.

No god mod: that means no moving or using other people's characters or cannon characters to get your scene going because they are not here and you are getting frustrated. Which brings me to my next point...

Participation: please make at least one post every few days or so. I would like to have people who will be one more than once every few weeks. I want active participation.

No Mary Sue/Gary Stu: this means that you are not...I repeat NOT going to run any characters that are indestructible, have no flaws, can never be defeated, and bed every character in the story. In short, this is not the place for you to live out some twisted, perverted sexual fantasy about you and Bell, Urd, Hild, or whatever you fancy. Furthermore, if a cannon character is already involved, THEY STAY THAT WAY. No changing up partners to get your OC hooked up with them, (which falls under Mary Sue/Gary Stu status.) However, if a cannon character is not hooked up with someone, they are fair game as long as it fits with the story.

The plot of the story will be guided a lot by your participation.

Other than that, have fun!
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