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Started by Surgeon Of Death, November 07, 2014, 11:01:28 PM

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I don't want to create too many threads for anime that I probably only watched here in this board, so for the purpose of getting some activity around here what are some anime that you are currently watching?

I just finished Kimi Ni Todoke S2, a fairly popular shojo anime, it was pretty good. I'm just a sucker for romance anime after watching Toradora and since this was recommended to me. I just don't like the ending too much. I guess I should get started on reading the manga...

I also finished To Aru/A Certain Magical Index S2, quite a step above Index S1 and leagues better than Railgun. I just can't seem to find myself too interested in the magical side of the story though even though the title suggests its mostly about magic and the show always seems to tend to get better whenever the story calls for Accelerator or an arc with espers. I'm also starting Railgun S2 much to my dismay since its the latest anime from the Toaru series and since I heard many good things about S2 especially since they're adapting the Sisters Arc and the Clones and Accelerator tend to be one of my favorite characters in the series.

What else.....I guess just the Steins;Gate IBM episodes,Love Live (considering dropping),Kore wa Zombie and trying to finish Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-Kun.

Anyone else watching anime other than Ai? Or maybe something I've watched?

Quote from: Surgeon Of Death on November 07, 2014, 11:01:28 PMGekkan Shojo Nozaki-Kun.

Anyone else watching anime other than Ai? Or maybe something I've watched?


Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun's pretty neat, although their character design for Nozaki was annoyingly lame. Nozaki looks like a secondary/supporting character. :damn:
They should've made Mikorin the main guy or something. The other characters are interesting to some extent. :emot-chio:

Other than that, Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu was fun to watch.
. . .  :frustrated:

Here's what I'm currently watching in terms of anime.  This isn't a huge list right now, but it's going to get massive soon enough.

-Dragon Ball Super (Dang nabbit, the Future Trunks Arc has been GODLIKE thus far)
-Tiger Mask W (Even the two episodes thus far that some would consider filler had a method to their madness, Toei is handling this one perfectly, BIG UPS!)
-Digimon Universe Appli Monsters
-Digimon Adventure Tri
-Kamen Rider ExAid (Okay, so this one's not actually an anime, but I'm still putting it here... DEAL WITH IT :smug: )

What I plan on watching at some point in the future, but definitely before we get too far into 2017.  This is where that list gets even bigger as these get added.

-Tenchi Muyo OVA 1 to 3 (Marathon, likely right after Thanksgiving in preparation for OVA 4 Episode 1)
-Tenchi Muyo OVA 4 (The moment episode 1's subs are out, I'm on this like flies on a backyard BBQ)
-Ultimate Muscle - The Kinnikuman Legacy (Ultimate Muscle 15th is next year, time to revisit this one even though Toei likely won't do anything new with it)
-JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Marathon of all four parts after Diamond is Unbreakable finishes, JoJo's 30th is next year and I therefore expect an anime adaptation of Part 5 / Vento Aureo)
-Sailor Moon Crystal (Marathon of the entire series thus far - given that the Sailor Moon 25th is next year, you KNOW that Toei is likely doing the next season of Crystal for that, likely Stars, calling it now)

Not gonna have time to marathon Naruto for its anime's 15th next year, so that one's out.  Too many episodes = it would cut into everything else and with the massive number of anime anniversaries next year, that's a BAD THING (c).  As for Sword Art Online, I'll only even consider going near it if they do something for its anime's 5th aside from just the recently announced movie, meaning if they do Season 3.  If the movie is all they do given that it's not part of the canon, I'm not going to even bother.  Same thing goes for Gundam Seed (Though I can't see Sunrise doing anything for that given the fact that they just did an HD remaster of that AND the Gaogaigar 20th next year - if they do something new for an anniversary, it will be for Gaogaigar, calling it now)... but I'm more than likely going to check out Gundam 00 for its 10th.
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Whoa it's been awhile since I've been here.
Let's see....Been binge watching Gundam since this summer. Zeta and War In Pocket are the best so far. Currently watching Mobile Fighter G Gundam (just wished the BD rips would come out faster! Same with OVA 4!).

Also watching Flip Flappers,Watashi ga Motete Dousunda,Oreshura,JoJo and Keijo.

Just wished Fall 2016 would have as cool a lineup as Winter or Summer. I miss Mob Psycho 100 and Re:Zero already.

Now that I'm feeling better, I started working on my backlog and finished up Thunderbolt Fantasy. Man that was good. The first half I watched many weeks ago, before undergoing surgery, but with everything going on and how lousy I felt, I put watching the rest on hold and just got around to finishing it. And it was well worth the wait. Looking forward to the show's next season.

The shows I'm watching with a friend

Hokuto No Ken
Seikon No Qwaser (Close to the end of this)
Moretsu Space Pirates
Bamboo Blade

On my own I'm in the middle of both Gochuumon and Bakuon!! the latter of which I picked back up after starting it with a few people. Last night DrSoviet and I started watching Tenchi In Tokyo and... I don't remember having so many gripes about it and it was just the first episode. Will probably try and remember to list them all somewhere.
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Commence me listing my early 2017 viewing lineup.  Most of these are based on franchises hitting anniversaries this coming year.

-JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (JoJo's 30th).  Gonna be marathoning it as a whole soon given that Diamond is Unbreakable just ended.  Therefore, it's time to jump in before Vento Aureo gets announced.

-Digimon Universe Appli Monsters (Digimon 20th).  It features Appmon rather than Digimon, but it is a VERY good series and definitely worthwhile if you're a fan of the Digital Monsters.  Gatchmon is mah BOI.  GATCHI GATCHI GATCHI!  :)

-Digimon Adventure Tri (Again, Digimon 20th).  Episode 4 in February.  Phoenixmon and Seraphimon comeback incoming!

-ToHeart and ToHeart 2 (ToHeart 20th).  Marathoning all three iterations of the TV series - 1, Remember my Memories, and then 2.  After that, gonna go through the ToHeart 2 OVAs, because they actually continued that one with OVAs rather than a second season a la RmM.  Gonna skip Dungeon Travelers because that one isn't exactly canonical.

-Utawarerumono (Utawarerumono 15th).  Haven't decided when I'll get The False Faces done.  For now, I'm going to get through the original series given that this one's hitting the big 1-5 this year (The original game released in 2002).

-Tiger Mask W.  I have a gut feeling that we're nearing endgame here, so this one might be over soon.

-Kamen Rider ExAid.  It's a tokusatsu, not an anime, so yeah... but if you're a Rider fan or just a video game guy / girl in general, GO WATCH THIS.  Seriously.

Given that Tenchi OVA 4 episode 1 subs might not be far off now, I'm going to get the marathon of OVAs 1 to 3 done soon, but not until I finish JoJo's.  But on the other hand, a monkey wrench is now in play - I just caught wind that the rumors of Sword Art Online Season 3 have started flying, so yup, gonna have to marathon that one (I previously said that I'd only marathon SAO if Season 3 gets announced, and it's looking like yeah, it's gonna happen).  Still not marathoning Naruto for the anime's 15th - too many episodes, too little time.  But I likely WILL catch Boruto as it progresses.
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KonoSuba Season 2 - A great fantasy parody that continues to be great.

Akiba's Trip - a surprisingly good ecchi comedy. Gonna watch episode 3 ASAP.

Youjo Senki - a dark fantasy. The premise sounds cliche, but the animation is great and the fight scenes are really good.

elDLIVE - A fun sci-fi adventure story. Not as great as the first two shows, but entertaining.

Kobayashi-san's Dragon Maid -  A very funny and creative SoL fantasy comedy. Gonna wait until the other shows are done to watch the whole thing.

I really want to watch Kobayashi-San and KonoSuba but with lack of Internet access I have to put them on a wait list for now sadly. I also want to check out Gabriel Dropout too. The only anime I'm currently watching is Yuri on Ice. ~ I'm about halfway done with it.

Continuing onward with Digimon Universe Appli Monsters and Kamen Rider ExAid.  Yeah, Timemon confirmed Appmon's version of Dio & The World... except that he's one of the good guys.  (This fight with Dogatchmon was a strength test.)  That, and they made some nice historical references in this episode, specifically involving Marvin Minsky.  Nice tribute stuff there, and an outright awesome real world reference.

Elsewhere, I'm taking a break from Dragon Ball Super until the current batch of filler ends, and yeah, the Universe Survival Arc is gonna be LIT.  I'll likely take advantage of the break in Super to get a marathon of Utawarerumono in soon, both the original and The False Faces, and then transition to ToHeart and ToHeart 2 (Most seasons for both, though I'll skip Dungeon Travelers given that's not exactly as canonical to the story as the other iterations of TH2 are).  I still haven't gotten the Tenchi OVA marathon done, but that likely won't happen until the subs are out for OVA 4 episodes 1 AND 2 now, because we're too close to episode 2's release.  That, and Digimon Adventure Tri episode 4's also coming this month, so yeah, gonna wait for OVA 4 subs before marathoning 1 to 3 given that Tri's episodes are movie length.

To summarize my current watching and will watch soon list...

Currently Watching
-Digimon Universe Appli Monsters
-Kamen Rider ExAid
-"Chain List" (See below)

Chain List (Watching in this order, not multiple at once)
-Utawarerumono: The False Faces
-ToHeart: Remember My Memories
-ToHeart 2 (TV)
-ToHeart 2 (OVAs in release / story order save for Dungeon Travelers which is getting left out)

Standby List
-Digimon Adventure Tri Episode 4 (Once released)
-Dragon Ball Super (Once Universe Survival Arc begins)
-Tenchi Muyo! OVA 1 to 4 (Once OVA 4 episodes 1 and 2 get English subs)
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Watching MaidDragon, been enjoying the manga for months and I'm enjoying the anime adaption so far.

DAAAAAANG, Digimon Universe Appli Monsters and Dragon Ball Super have continued to impress me greatly.  As of last week, I am watching DBS again now that we're out of the filler zone and the Universe Survival Arc has started up.  On the Appmon side of things, still waiting on English subs for this episode (Should be out soon!) but we just got Gatchmon's Ultimate form Globemon... just plain BEAST.  *Points at his new profile pic*

Likely going to take a breather from ExAid for now and focus on Super, Appmon, and get through ToHeart in order as noted before.  At this point, I've decided to save Utawarerumono for April and watch that alongside Digimon Frontier for two reasons - one, both hit their 15th anniversaries that month, and two, we're likely to get Tenchi OVA 4 episode 1 English subs soon as talked about in the main discussion, which combined with the impending release of episode 2 and Digimon Adventure Tri episode 4 means OVA marathon time sooner than later.  Can't put too much on my plate right now, 5 at once is enough (Even though once out of the original series and Remember My Memories, ToHeart as a whole shouldn't take THAT long TBH)... but as a result, I'm able to add Dungeon Travelers to the queue.

So the lists now read as...

Currently watching / Will watch once released
-Dragon Ball Super
-Digimon Universe Appli Monsters
-ToHeart (Everything from original series to TH2 Dungeon Travelers)
-Tenchi Muyo! OVA (1 to 4)
-Digimon Adventure Tri Episode 4

Backburner until April
-Utawarerumono (Original + False Faces)
-Digimon Frontier
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