Your kind of music?

Started by Washu Student, March 07, 2014, 08:46:15 PM

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I love classic and hard rock. I lean heavily towards Van Halen and Pink Floyd, as well as Tom Petty.
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Both kinds.
Country and Western.

That's a joke, son. ;)

My iPod has varied stuff, mostly rock and OST's.
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Upbeat or meditation music.
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Anime: Kanako Itou,Linked Horizon and Aya Hirano

J-Pop: nano.RIPE, 2PM and MBLAQ

Western Pop: Bruno Mars, Daft Punk,Michael Jackson,Gorillaz,Wham

Rock: Yes,Queen,Red Hot Chilli Peppers,Nightmare,UVERworld

Hip Hop/Rap:Diggy-Mo',Soul'd OUT,Eminem,Kanye West,Macklemore.

My tastes vary.

Song by song basis.
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I love 80s music, Classic Rock, Classical, but I primarily listen to J-POP most of the time.  My favorite Japanese band was BabyMetal.  I could get entranced watching the choreography, and I love the upbeat melodies.  Sometimes, I'll listen to techno or trance, and there was a time in my life when I was fascinated with Indian music.

I'm an eclectic music snob.
Mainly "alternative" but I like "good" music from any genre. Rock, Pop, Dance, Rap, Country, Soul, R&B, Funk, Jazz (vocal and freeform), World, certain Gospel, I'm big into Folk/Americana (and have been a DJ for the format).
Don't listen to much classical, but don't avoid it. If anything, classic Blues turns me off the most, but if you mix it with something else- great stuff (Like Living Colour's Shade album).
I've been buying vinyl for a while now. Sitting on my "to listen to" stack is The Breeders, Iron and Wine, John Prine, PJ Harvey, The Meters, Willie Nelson and Santigold. Gotta order the new Aesop Rock album too... my pants

Rock and Roll. Some metal. Occasionally hip hop.

Many of the above artists are on my play lists.