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photon novel 1 translation


I've decided to go ahead and do few pages of this every day since i have a better phone camera now. it's only 250 pages so if I do 5 pages a day. I should be done in 50 days. it's late so ill start with 3..

page 5:

A spacecraft was floating in the space where in the galaxy. Since there was nothing nearby to compare it too, its size could not exactly be known, but the broad spanning main bridge was about 1500 kilometers on it's own . it was a spacecraft with 11 satellites. On that ship, a great plan started to emerge. On the main bridge, a vast number of instruments displayed all sorts of measurements to make the plan successful. In the center of the junction bridge, there was a man who wore the clothes of a professor of the "Galactic Academy", a facility created by gathering the many talents of the universe. It was Professor Gene Aqua.
"Soon, Professor" a man who spoke to him from behind, gene looked back and smiled. He was covered in crystals.

Page 6:

"officer inosentooru, this is all happening thanks to you, if you hadn't persuaded the other members of the council I wouldn't have been able to complete the Galactic boundary furnace."

"It's unfortunate that not everyone responsible could be here too see this."

In the center of the Galactic boundary furnace was a negative force, a singularity point that was born as a reaction to a positive force.

"my wife's ability to negate all positive forces is dangerous." inosentooru said
"I'm sorry it has to be this way for us to achieve such results."
"It's all right, with all new technology comes inevitable casualties, Even though I was forced to quarantine my wife, I am relaxed in knowing she is in a better place."
"it's already been 300 years since then."
Gene was overcome with feelings as his eyes stared full of emotion into the endless galaxy outside the ship.
it was 300 year's ago that gene succeed in creating the boundary furnace.

page 7

The energy the boundary furnace output was called Aho and it defied all common sense. it produced "points" where it's reactionary energy concentrated. the negative energy body which later became known as the "singularity point" turned out to only be usable when channeled through a living creature with a will of it's own, much to gene's frustration. But gene managed to figure out how to manipulate the point where the negative energy concentrated. once all the theory behind it was complected, he decided to carry out a practical experimental test of it. In the early stages, the boundary was set at only one solar system. gene set up a laboratory, and made himself the singularity point. Although he remained unaffected, the power to cancel out all that power to create that energy was dangerous. Gene knew this so he used his own body. the experiment was a great success.a few years later the prototype of the galactic boundary furnace, which was the final goal of his idea, was complete. He had succeeded in making it possible to harness the energy over a diameter of thousands of light years to cover all of where humanity lived. They could use aho through crystals that were coated with a highly conductive material.

 page 8:
Several tests where carried out on them and safeguards were put in place to keep them from harming humans.They decided to use a large neurocomputer to achieve this. Although there was one instance of that happening, 300 years ago. During the final start up inspection of the boundary furnace, the facility it was in was destroyed by the hands of destructive agents, and many researchers died, what's more is that the reactor was activated by accident. Inosentooru's wife was doing maintenance inside the core of the furnace at the time of the attack and ended up being turned into a singularity point despite being quite far from the point where the reaction occurred. A human is not necessarily all that different from a neurocomputer but, for it to happen to Inosentooru's wife specifically was an odd occurrence to say the least. The process was irreversible though. The singularity point would never stop unless the galaxy furnace ceased to exist. This large scale fan could not be started again from scratch and so Inosentooru's wife was taken into isolation and placed in a place that even gene did not know. Her existence as the singularity point became a top level secret.

page 9:

"how many peoples have been sacrificed for this furnace." inosentooru said strongly. gene stared out at the galaxy again, aho was about to come out of the furnace and fill the galaxy. "professor the final inspections are all done." "all systems are good, there are no signs of any abnormalities." "the results of the simulation are also good" "the operating ration of all 3.4 billion crystals all so exceeds 97%" The researchers at the bridge reported to gene. He nodded. inosentooru cleared the system for activation. gene grabbed the activation lever that appeared and with that the world changed.

page 10:
"if you can, no you must... I want you to change the world for the better." with that powerful prayer, Gene Pulled the lever.

BTW as usual If i can't translate the page in it's entirety well I take my liberties and reword what it says. like page 13

Page 11

Chapter 1 - The fugitive

The universe was red. Dark red. As if someone stabbed a knife into it's abdomen. Red like blood flowing out. It was soaked with vicious red passion. red red red. Everything was colored red. This was a world where the universe was screaming. Although it was dangerous, there were things that were beautiful and shining even in such a world. only the light of the stars that radiated radiantly with the power to bring forth life had the power to make the galaxy feel less empty. But there were none here in the red universe. This space was different from the rest of the universe, This was light speed subspace.

page 12

In the emptiness of this red subspace was what appeared to be a flickering stars exploding throughout it Leaving what appeared to be bomb smoke in their wake. They were aimed at a small space ship that was about 300 meters in size. It lacked all the proper identification markings required by the galactic empire's laws and it's registration was unknown.

page 13:
The ship which was clearly illegally made was under attack by another ship.inside the sounds of footsteps clanged as a girl with emerald blue hair ran through the long empty hall passages. there was no one else aboard this ship but her and so her footsteps echoed as she ran.

page 14:

from how her purple costume fit her body you could tell she was at the age at which a girl was almost done molting into a woman. her eyes where panicked her breath was rough. sweat was pouring down her head past her sharp pointed face tattoo on her right cheek and down her neck.

"where is it! it has to be somewhere"
her ears cringed as the wall behind where she was running from crumbled away loudly as if it had been hit by an invisible hammer.

page 15:
The shock which began to destroy one wall after the other behind her became deafening in her ears.
the girl turned around and aimed her hands forward. there were two large bracelets  much wider then her wrist that appeared at her wrists. The metal bracelets had small printed writing on them all over their surface. as she gazed at the impact approaching her the rings began rotating with power. two more appeared at her left thy and right foot. as they rotated faster the letters on them began to glow. the atoms around her began to gather and they formed a powerful blast that emitted from her hand

page 16:

It was Aho. the energy created 300 years ago and the technology harnessing it was well established. gene and his fellow scientists had succeeded in spreading it to the galaxy. it was a revolutionary event. thanks to it universal travel was easy and so was everything else, it was like magic and it lead quickly to the unification of the galaxy. It was one of the scientists who had helped developed the galactic boundary furnace who united it. he was now known as "the emperor of the galaxy". After the activation of the reactor he led a great unification war which lasted about 300 years and put the entire galaxy under one unified empire ruled by him.

page 17:
It goes without saying but a lot of blood was shed in the process, but political conflict had all but disappeared in a galaxy filled with many different species. but as long as intelligent life exists there will be conflict of some sort. whether this was real peace could only be determined subjectively by the individuals in this galaxy.  But it helped that since the creation of this form of unlimited energy, it had been integrated into everything. even the ship that this girl was running in was powered by aho and even the energy beam she fired and the rings she was using. as the rings on her turned they accessed the aho energy furnace and drew power from it.

page 19:
the energy beam she shot out was a mild 120 million degrees . it was hot enough at only 1 percent of it's power to melt through metal however it didn't seem to work. she fired a second blast and a third at her target. a mass emerged from where she aimed. it was human in shape, the girl continued running. to the next block of her ship. she found the emergency hatch on the wall and pulled the lever with full force a shutter quickly blocked off the section she had come from.

page 20:
the girl breathed a sigh of relief.
"alright. Where is it! he has to be somewhere." The girl checked her self for signs of the thing she was looking for. she checked her hands and then checked her shoes.
she was looking for a word circuit like the one on her wrist. she checked her ankle then her throat, then her waist and then the soles of her feet but found nothing. her eyes filled with the disappointed expression one feels when they can't find something.
"Oh wait! it has to be what i picked up on Liwapo (in the dub its referred to as neris) the other day."
it was one of the last independent planetary nations that had a peace treaty with the Galactic empire.
it was a vulnerable planet that the empire deemed fine to let remain autonomous.
she had stayed there about 10 days before this in the city of Lippo.

22: "They must have rewritten this pattern when I went to get food supplies!" the girl said but she was interrupted by a head poking out of the wall. it was covered in a translucent jelly like shielding. the man who came from the wall was wearing medieval-esque armor  that covered most of his face only exposing the tip of his nose and his mouth. he made a crooked smile like that of a hunter finding his prey.
his laugh came not from his mouth but from every speaker installed in the walls of the ship. He was hacking into the audio system using Aho.

page 23:

"Did you really think those blasts would hurt me?" the figure said as it came fully out of the wall. it's shielding grew arms and they reached out for the girl. the girl only reacted by pointing her left arm forward at him activating her ward circuit.
A transparent wall came up in front of her defending her from the elongated arms that came from his shield.

page 24:
the girl ran off again undressing and checking herself as she ran. she checked her bra but everything seemed normal.
"fwahahaahha" she heard the mans voice again from the speaker he was catching up to her she looked back behind her and saw him. "Well then i guess it's come to this!"

25: the girl unbuttoned the button on her vest and began taking off her clothes she then took off her undershirt. she began to throw her clothes into the aisle around her. she suspected that they had written a tracking ahou pattern into her clothes and if she could find it and destroy it they wouldn't be able to follow her. But she was the grand daughter of gene, who created the boundary furnace and she knew they wouldn't stop trying to find her.

"koro! koro! Can you hear me! i need an update on the status of the ship"
the girl used aho to communicate to a small animal on the bridge of the ship. it talked back to her and she understood it through use of aho.

27: aho can translate animal languages. She kept running "what should i do?" she asked herself as she ran. she ran into a lift to the core of the ship. it was a place located in the lower layer of the center of the ship. where the aho for the ship was generated. " my grandfather would kill me if he knew i got cornered into such a place." if the aho sub-engine was destroyed the ship would be gone for. but she was desperate to loose her unknown pursuer.

28: "you told me to go find the sandy planet! you said there's be something there I needed to find. you said there was something important there right?" the girl cried as she remembered what her grandfather told her. "i believe what you said. I wont let myself get caught in a place like this!" "fuwahahaha you can't escape from me. how dumb do you think i am?" the man in armor appeared in front of her again. she activated the lift and he went through the floor. it seemed he wasn't actually there  he must have been performing a long distance aho attack on her by tracking her position. it was like a homing missile no matter where she ran he would find her. the man was not in 3 dimensions and he was not in the 4th but rather somewhere in the middle.

I'm getting sick of translating this already i need a break

I am enjoying this. I loved Photon, and knowing its a prequel for CERTAIN makes me love it more. Put it in the same genre as Dual: THE DEEP PREQUEL.

shades of blue:

--- Quote from: Fap_fapperson on March 15, 2018, 04:04:29 AM ---The energy the boundary furnace output was called Aho and it defied all common sense.

--- End quote ---

Calling it, the source he tapped into was what in medieval fantasy settings refer to as the 'dragon's vein', but in this case what he really tapped into was one of the choushin's energy supplies, much like the one Tsunami has established with her trees. Tho in this case it would be safe to assume he tapped into Washu's energy source. And that his 'furnace' operates similar to what Washu created on Souja, only on a much grander scale because it being being directly tapped from the source, rather than feeding off an energy source bound by the laws of that particular dimension. It even makes sense that it 'defied all common sense', given what we know about the choushin, from Clay's meeting with Tokimi.

Good prologue, looking forward to seeing what other world building extras are thrown in.

That might be pretty awesome, Shades. However, the "defied all common sense" is a normal trope in stories where magic is suddenly discovered, and it could just as easily be a sci-fi version of that. I feel Washu might have mentioned something during the Geminar info dumps if it had to do with her or Tokimi, but at the same time MK loves keeping secrets. All and all I think it could go either way. It's a fun theory, but in a way it might diminish the scope of Kajishima's multidimensional, multiversal story to have it be directly Choushin-related when there are literally infinite possibilities. I guess I'll have a mixed opinion no matter how it turns out!


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