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Airi's pregnancy with Minaho

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Airi's pregnancy with Minaho
« on: October 15, 2020, 10:04:25 AM »

Nonsuch Ned

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Does anyone know where the story about Airi putting Minaho's fetus in stasis comes from?
Astroboynerd's FAQ (in an old entry) says its canon but I don't know where it comes from and doujin (at least more recent years), novels, and OVA 4 pretty much contradict it. If you look at any character files on either of them on the internet, it is quoted.
I can see how it was a popular idea, as the Yosho novel illustration seems to show Minaho quite young- despite the fact being that she would be about 130 years old at this point, if born naturally. And multiple sources say she was a child during the turmoil of Widow's Disaster. my pants

Re: Airi's pregnancy with Minaho
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Eff Efferson

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Possibly the gxp ban issues. I didn't translate most.of those  I figured it would all have made it into the novels or been written out
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