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Trace Carter:
the teen walked up to the temple gates and closed his eyes, feeling the abundance of holy energies that filled the grounds of the old temple.  some energies were old, like a lingering scent from a flower, while others were vibrant and new, like an air freshener had just been sprayed.
"this is the place," siad the teen.

Ian whirled around in shock, and then sighed and said, "Oh, God!"  He tried, "You caught me by surprise," in Japanese, but it was real rough.

Trace Carter:
"Greetings," said Z in slightly accented Japanese, "Do you live here?"

He looked at him oddly, Scot-Irish in all his glory, standing out like a sore thumb.  "" he said, in English this time, "Lost?" and making signs like he was looking around and confused.


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