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What video games are you currently playing?

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Re: What video games are you currently playing?
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Can we just get a full Medabots x Digimon crossover game already? It's cool that they're doing something for the VB and Omedamon was in the gacha game, but I don't really care about either of those.
^ This. I don't care about ReArise either, and while I'm enjoying the VB personally, a crossover game needs to happen. Perhaps next year given that 2022 is the 25th anniversary for both? The fact that the crossover is now canon just screams of potential for a full game. On which note, I plan on importing Medabots Classics Plus from the Japanese eShop on the same day I put my preorder in for the Medabots Dim Card; haven't decided if I'm going Metabee or Rokusho yet, though.

...come to think of it, Habu did say in an interview that the next Digimon Story will involve a third Digital World (Aside from the Digital World and Digital World Iliad), and Omedamon is noted as coming from "the Digital World of another dimension". Could it be...!
It's the complete opposite for me. The only game on my radar is the DC Superhero Girls licensed game, and not because I think it looks good but because it is the only game that even managed to catch my attention. It looks like one of the shitty licensed games I played as a kid and that's the only reason I'm even slightly interested in it.
Sorry to hear that. But yeah, most of the games that I was looking forward to last year (Guilty Gear Strive, Digimon Survive, and iM@S Starlit Season) got delayed into this year (Shakes fist at COVID-19 in Strive and Starlit Season's cases; Bandai Namco noted that with Survive, the delay was because they had to change game engines and had nothing to do with COVID), we only got one new fighting game last year and it was a very niche one that didn't strike my interest (Granblue Fantasy VS), and most of what we did get last year was remasters, remakes (Final Fantasy VII Remake and Resident Evil 3), DLC for games that were already out (Shakes fist at COVID-19 again), or a long overdue port of a pretty darn good arcade game (Mobile Suit Gundam VS MaxiBoost ON; which reminds me, I still need to pick that up).

I mean, our personal opinions aside, considering this year better for video games overall compared to last year is something that should be a "by default" thing in hindsight when you think about it. The only big AAA releases I can think of that came out last year were Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Doom Eternal, FF7 Remake, Cyberpunk 2077, and The Avengers... and Cyberpunk and Avengers fell flat on their faces pretty hard, leaving FF7 Remake to carry most of the year. Everything else was either a standard remake (FF7 Remake is like a brand new game given how different it is in terms of gameplay and so forth, so I consider it to be a completely different beast from a typical remake), a remaster, a localization for something that had been out in Japan for a while, or got delayed into 2021, resulting in a pretty barren year overall. Getting to the release of the Digimon Pendulum Zs in November (Probably the most exciting thing for me last year) was a massive slog for me as a result, and the many, many delays to the anime and tokusatsu that I was watching because of COVID certainly didn't help matters at all. I can't remember any other such year in recent memory where I was that bored for as long as I was.

TLDR 2020 for video games was mostly "ports, remasters, remakes, localizations, and dropped balls, and nothing much new". 2021 is "back to business as usual" from the looks of things.

On another note, going back on topic. Got Flamedramon on the Vital Bracelet right now, and he should be Digivolving into Sagittarimon tonight or tomorrow morning with the eventual goal being Magnamon. Shroudmon and UlforceVeedramon will follow, in that order. As for actual video games, I'm fiddling around with a randomizer for the original Legend of Zelda and should be starting my first randomized run of it soon.
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